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PorcFest 2015 tickets price structure

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Please get your PorcFest tickets early this year. The regular ticket price in $100. The VIP ticket price is $200. However, early bird tickets started at $45. They are now up to $65. Prices will continue to rise, until the early tickets are sold out.


Ticket Prices Will Rise, Buy Now

This year’s ticket price is $100, but you can save money by buying early. There is a limited number of tickets for each price point. The sooner you buy, the less you pay. Tickets are going fast so don’t delay.

--- Quote ---SOLD OUT PorcFest Early Bird Admission Ticket $45 (Limited to 250 tickets available) SOLD OUT
--- End quote ---

Ticket options currently available:

--- Quote ---PorcFest Early Bird Admission Ticket $65 (Limited to 250 tickets available)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---V.I.P. (Very Inspired Porcupine) Admission Ticket $200 (Limited to 250 tickets available)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---PorcFest XII Patron Sponsorship $1000
--- End quote ---


Reminder-- As of the last Porcfest, they worked out a deal with Rogers so your campground admission is included in the ticket price. It's a great deal and a lot less hassle.

This is the event in June, correct? I've never been but as I am considering making the move, I'd like to visit for one of the more major festivals.

I plan on inviting two other people with me- we'd be camping. The $65 (per person?) would include camping fees, then? How would I register early? Is there a certain website?

$65 per person doesn't include the camping fee, but covers the whole event. Rogers opens for reservations on March 20. For more info: http://www.porcfest.com

Sorry, I should have been more clear. If you're not a camper, admission is $5/day which had to be paid to Roger's separately from Porcfest tickets. That's no longer the case because Porcfest worked out a deal with Roger's so anyone with Porcfest tickets won't have to pay that. Seemed much smoother since they implemented it last year.


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