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Author Topic: Liberty Forum kicks off in Manchester on Thursday with a host of freedom-oriente  (Read 1286 times)


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Liberty Forum kicks off in Manchester on Thursday with a host of freedom-oriented events

Monitor staff
Monday, March 2, 2015
(Published in print: Tuesday, March 3, 2015)

For people considering moving to New Hampshire with the Free State Project, especially those coming from warmer climates, the primary complaints are about the harsh winters.

As the eighth Liberty Forum begins in Manchester on Thursday, with dozens of speakers and about 50 events scheduled mostly on Friday and Saturday, out-of-state attendees will see more than their fair share of tall snowbanks. And that’s kind of the idea, said Merav Yaakov, an organizer of the Liberty Forum.

Some of them change their minds and realize the Granite State winter isn’t so bad, and others are encouraged by meeting early movers like Yaakov.

“I was born and raised in Israel. I call myself a desert girl. I’m not inclined to this kind of weather, but I do it anyway because I get so many benefits from being here,” she said.

She said the primary objective is getting liberty lovers to move to the state sooner than later. Nearly 16,500 people have signed a pledge to move to New Hampshire and, once here, “exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals’ rights to life, liberty and property.” Once that number reaches 20,000, the participants have five years to move to the state.

With events scheduled all day and night on Friday and Saturday, the Liberty Forum is designed to show off the activity in the state, with information about liberty-driven movements and primers on activism, education, housing, recreation and current legislation. Early on, they’ll screen a documentary made by early movers, 101 Reasons, which details the ways that the state is friendly to libertarian ideals – from its lack of seat belt and helmet laws to its local control as demonstrated through town meetings.

“We introduce what we do here and who we are to those potential movers and basically convince them to move now,” Yaakov said.
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