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Author Topic: Will be changing permanent residence to NH. Questions related to that  (Read 2136 times)


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A few questions,  My wife and I decided to purchase a travel trailer and explore the country.  We will be using NH as our home base since we are porcs and the other advantages NH offers.  We are currently in CO and have family in AR and NY so we are going to enjoy the freedom of owning our own home.  Even if it is mobile.  So my questions are:

1.  How hard is it to set up residency w/o renting or owning property in NH?  We found a forwarding service that provides a street address.  We may use that but I'm open to other suggestions.

2.  We will be looking for work as well.  I am pretty open.  My skill set is in IT and VMware and my wife does office management and medical office work and or administration.  I am open to out door landscaping opportunities as well.  We will be seasonal workers most likely due to visiting family and other travel endeavours.  It's been a while since I've hit up these forums so I'm trying to myself back in the loop.

Sidebar: since the legalization of marijuana has been passed here in CO.  There is less crime and more economic growth.  I hope to see NH be next to pass a similar bill

Any info appreciated.  TIA.
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Re: Will be changing permanent residence to NH. Questions related to that
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2015, 09:01:41 pm »

You can bring a piece of mail addressed to you to town hall in order to register to vote. You don't have to register your car or get a new license in NH to establish "domicile" here for voting purposes. Domicile and residency are two separate things. If you spend more than half the year in NH, you're technically a "resident" and are required to get an NH license and registration, though in your case it would be difficult for the state to enforce that.
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