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Author Topic: Web Design Committee  (Read 4400 times)


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Web Design Committee
« on: August 12, 2003, 05:39:52 pm »

Greetings Liberty Nerds!

After the vote, the nature of the Free State Project will change.  There
will be a shuffling of the current leadership, new leaders will come in,
some old leaders will go out.

Becuase the FSP will be going through a fundamental change, the content of
the website must be updated.  To coincide with this, we will also be
moving to a faster (larger bandwith T1 line) server.

In addition to the content and faster speeds, I want to spend some time
designing a new "back end" to the FSP website.  I'd also like to see much
better structure.  For example, at the moment, all the .htm files are in
the same place.  No organization.  I'd also like to see us move to a
script (Perl, php, asp, whatever) that will eliminate the need for a
'template' to be placed on each .htm file.  Instead, the script will take
care of putting the template up so we just have to worry about basic
content.  There are many other possibiltiies as well.

The FSP BOD has already made some recommendations that are very useful in
terms of content.

So to this end, I've created a yahoo group for us to discuss all of these
things over the next cople of weeks.  This is an unmoderated group, but
anyone who joins needs approval first.  I really only want us techies in
there since we're the ones who know the nuts and bolts.  But I'd also
welcome people with great ideas for layout and content.

I'll post the ideas to last list that we have sofar, and I invote you to
you join!


Matt Cheselka
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