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Author Topic: Filling the original jurisdiction State of New Hampshire Governor's seat  (Read 2053 times)


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There is a worthwhile project for reseating the Governor seats of each of the nation's states in their original, Constitutional jurisdictions, and New Hampshire needs a candidate for tomorrow's election.  It will most likely be uncontested, and whomever chooses to run will be elected.  If you are interested in this project, live in New Hampshire and would like to fill the position or know someone who would, more information can be found here:  Requirements for the governor's seat are: having lived in New Hampshire at least 7 years (next preceding) and 30 years of age ( 

The benefit I see to this project is that it will re-activate government institutions that are bound by our lawful Constitutions.  Once successful, governments can be expected to act as a reasonable reading of the Constitution could predict them to act, at a minimum, putting the average person on a more equal footing when challenged by 'government' or one of its actors.  Much more profound benefits could be achieved as well, but in my opinion the foregoing is powerful enough to justify pursuing the project. 
There's alot of background necessary to fully understand the project and its basis in law, but much can be found at the website.  If you think you might be willing to run for the original jurisdiction NH governor seat contact teamlaw at, or join today's conference call at 11am Eastern.  The conference call number and passcode can be found at the following link:
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