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Author Topic: Drew Cline: A Libertarian plays devil's advocate in U.S. Senate race  (Read 9744 times)


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Drew Cline: A Libertarian plays devil's advocate in U.S. Senate race
June 18. 2014 11:11PM

Goldsmith, who has lived in Amherst since he was three (“I guess I would be considered a child carpetbagger”), is a radio talk show host and writer. He has written for television (Star Trek: Voyager), and in 2007 he published a series of Libertarian essays on New Hampshire titled “Live Free or Die.” Last year his first novella was published in the United Kingdom.

His name in New Hampshire was made as a host on WGIR, WNTK, and WTPO, all AM radio stations. He now hosts a show called Liberty Conspiracy on the Liberty Radio Network. He moved around, he concedes, because “ratings weren’t good enough.” So how does he expect to win a U.S. Senate seat? That is simple. He does not expect to win.

“I know as a Libertarian I’m not going to get 20 percent, 30 percent of the vote,” he said. “But it gives me the opportunity to talk to people and say, ‘hey, is your party still representing principle, or is there something wrong?”

Goldsmith says his mission is really to make people think about individual liberty.

“My goal is to spread the word. It’s to educate people about long-lost principles that are not being espoused in the Democratic and Republican Party establishments.”

To do that, though, he first has to get on the ballot. Even with the presence of thousands of Free Staters in New Hampshire, the Libertarian Party has not polled well enough in recent elections to qualify for the ballot.
The NHGOP is perhaps the most welcoming Republican Party in the nation to people that like freedom. Even some of the NH Democrats have been welcoming to freedom supporters.

When Shaheen was a state senator, Goldsmith vigorously opposed her health insurance legislation that imposed guaranteed issue requirements on insurers. He called the State House to talk to someone about it, and he was given Shaheen’s number. He recalls a very short conversation, ended by Shaheen. When she was governor, he tried to get her to support changing the bill after it caused insurers to leave the state.

“Jeanne Shaheen, if she saw me, she’d recognize me. She can’t stand me.”

If Goldsmith did get on the ballot, he might get into the candidate debates.

“The Democrats would be wise to get me on the ballot, but ironically, if I get into one of those debates I’m going to tear Jeanne Shaheen to shreds, metaphorically,” he said.

Goldsmith is a reluctant candidate. The Libertarian Party tried to get him to run during the last U.S. Senate race, but he declined. This year he agreed, but he is not enthusiastic about politicking. He likes political philosophy, not politics. But he knows that his party needs a standard-bearer.

His immediate task is to get on the ballot. He will be at the Free State Project’s PorcFest in Lancaster June 22-29. He plans to have volunteers collect signatures across the state this summer. “I think it is doable, but it’s going to be hard.”

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Re: Drew Cline: A Libertarian plays devil's advocate in U.S. Senate race
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2014, 03:36:40 pm »

Jeanne Shaheen's acceptance of a bill as Governor isn't likely to have a strong negative effect on her.
Independents like myself look at what the authority of the position that the politician is running for and what the issue at-hand are.

She'll more than likely face Scott Brown, who hasn't been able to find an issue to stand on.
It is that baggage that they carry with them.
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