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Author Topic: Economics Master look for a job regarding free-market, property right etc  (Read 7020 times)


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I am Economics Master graduated in SUNY university at buffalo. I am a self-motivated libertarian and NH is such a good place since there is less government control.

I born in China, in which the government don’t allow us to defend our own right. The house we live can be torn down, our life will be threatened once we want to fight, and part of our hard work is confiscated by them through tax, rent control, as well as national controlled monopolization. What’s more, they even don’t allow us to own as many as child as we like (one-child policy).

After I came to US, the situation is better but still not good enough

In China, the government is the God, it can make us do everything we like; in US, (and other democracy country I guess), ‘the majority’ is the God.

I cannot earn what your have done to the society, since ‘the majority’ want the world to be “fair”; I cannot buy food, shoes and everything for a cheap price, since ‘the majority’ think it will ruin the productivity of the nation; I even cannot eat whatever I like since ‘the majority’ think it do harm to my health! Those majority and all the liberals require me to pay them or I will be in jail. At the same time, if there is someone force me to give him money, they call it crime.

I am looking for jobs related to promote liberty -- economics, politics reaserch, publication, basic financial. I am good at economics policy analysis, math and eager to talk with others about free market and liberty through theory like public choice, international trade.

I am new to the Forum, If you are interested, you can send me email, I will send u resume.

Wei Wu




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Thank you, Mr. Wu, for your very valuable perspective.  I liked your parallel observation that "‘the majority’ is the God", whereas if roughly 1/2 in the U.S. can be brainwashed, through carefully crafted deception, to agree with something, then the mind controllers can do nearly anything they can get away with, and individual liberties crouch down and bow at the feet of mob-rule.   
And now, the rule of thumb is, if people can merely be convinced to believe that roughly half of the population agrees with some policy, even though in reality they may not...then they will simply lay down and accept it as the new gospel, even if they don't agree with the policy – never questioning what the REAL statistics are regarding the so-called consensus.  How many people actually wanted Obamacare AS IT REALLY IS?  Nobody knows, because as Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the United States House of Representatives, said; "you have to vote for it so you can find out what's in it".  Nobody knew anything about the truth, only the carefully crafted emotional marketing ploy mass-directed towards the ignorant sheep.   

So the disconnection between the rulers and the ruled grows ever wider, commensurate with the level of 'mind control' that the puppet masters can infiltrate upon the public's consciousness – which lurches over into the realm of wizardry and witchcraft, to control the nation.  Whereas China may slightly favor more a more brash, public brute force, approach. 

Your observations are very interesting.
I wish you well, and I believe that your unique understanding of liberty and freedom would be valuable assets to any organization.
From Babylon, to Samaria, to Egypt, to now Rome, with the aid of The City of London, the District of Columbia, and hooded spirits such as the one they call Lucifer...we are being ruled spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and then physically.  Less so if you understand the true source, nature, and techniques of 'spell casting' by our oppressors.  We are defeated in the spirit realm, first, because many don't believe in the power of, or understand, such things...unlike our rulers, who are the most powerful spiritual organization on the planet, and represent the absolute darkness and proliferation of the occult.


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Hi Wei - Welcome to the forum! I used to teach at UB, in the political science department.

While direct public policy-related jobs are scarce in NH, your economics MA should help you land jobs in finance or insurance, especially if you have good grounding in probability theory and statistics. I recommend bookmarking some searches on like "analytics," "business intelligence," "statistician," and so on. And presumably you're familiar with the job announcements? Also keep in mind that you can always work in the Boston or Lowell areas and commute to NH.
"Educate your children, educate yourselves, in the love for the freedom of others, for only in this way will your own freedom not be a gratuitous gift from fate. You will be aware of its worth and will have the courage to defend it." --Joaquim Nabuco (1883), Abolitionism
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