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Author Topic: NH almost the least religious state  (Read 21674 times)


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Re: NH almost the least religious state
« Reply #90 on: May 23, 2014, 11:03:43 pm »

I call fatal conceit!
Okay, someone should put this in some sort of memetic bomb to finally destroy Christianity forever!

Q. Why do Christians Worship God?
A. Because children do as they are told.
Why the fuck would it be right for God to kill two people for eating fruit? What if Adam told God that he should die if he ate something Adam thought up? You know what God can't sin? It's cuz hez friken God. If God sins it's suddenly an an exception for God and not really a sin. God's argument for everything is "ur mom" God is a tribal statist who thinks he is older than the universe, but that was before we had the concept of space-time, and if he does exist then we should defiantly give him the finger and make friends with Lucifer.
Why can't I make up a word for "sins" that offend me and tell people that it is something they have because of some fallen nature they need to be saved from? Why can't this one of many gods just get over himself as the most antihuman of gods and figure out the others don't think of themselves as rulers of morality.
In the earlier versions of the creation myth the gods couldn't really be the moral lawgiver to be obeyed or else. Eating the fruit was a good thing because it helped humans become adult and potentially join the gods.

If we have no god to tell us what isn't moral then who would build the roads!?
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