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Author Topic: The Great State Debate Debates  (Read 52668 times)


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Re:The Great State Debate Debates
« Reply #30 on: July 08, 2003, 01:43:13 am »

"It's not a road you're riding on, it's a path to freedom."[/color] (by RobertH)
   - Slogan in official 2003 Wyoming Vacation Directory

We in the FSP have looked at this "which state?" question from just about every conceivable angle.  In fact, years from now, we may reflect on our discussions here with a twinkle in the eye and a slight, self-deprecating smile when we consider just how really naive the lot of us were at the time.  Then, such is life.  We live and, I hope, we learn.

I could go into more statistical analysis here, or present some flashy list of factors designed to impress the socks off of you FSP'ers, but, given the degree of discussion that has taken place so far, and the resources that are available for you to consult, I don't feel inclined to do so.

In closing the short case for Wyoming, let me reiterate one primary point, without which none of us would be here:

Liberty in our lifetime

This is our goal, the treasure we hope to find waiting at the end of the rainbow, is it not?  Liberty: the right to be me.  The right to live as I see fit.  The right to raise my children as I wish.  The right to struggle and save and go home at the end of the day without someone else's hand in my pocket.  Liberty was the first American Dream, and its pursuit made all of our other dreams possible in return.

The spirit of liberty lives on in Wyoming.  It's not just a word there; it's an attitude, a lifestyle.  The people of Wyoming are among the last truly individualistic and independent people you will find anywhere in the modern world.  And it will take such a people to support the FSP's dreams if those dreams are to become reality.

Wyoming's population is also the smallest in the nation, meaning that each of us will count for more before anything else is even considered.  By interacting with just a few people each, FSP'ers in Wyoming could have a greater impact than in any other state under consideration.

With so few of us able to reach out to so many in Wyoming, given how liberty-friendly those "many" already are, and considering that it would take only 57 seats to create a majority in the legislature, is there any doubt that we could not accomplish great things in Wyoming?

The dream we call "liberty in our lifetime," can be made real in Wyoming.  The first American Dream still lives there, and should we choose to call Wyoming our home, that dream may become our reality.

A vote for Wyoming is not just another road before us.  It's the path to freedom.

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Before you post that comment, think. The people you are talking to will soon be your neighbors. Would you talk to your neighbor in the way you are talking to those on the forum?
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