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Author Topic: Remarkable Women 2014: Game Changers by  (Read 10163 times)


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Remarkable Women 2014: Game Changers by
« on: April 18, 2014, 04:40:04 pm »

Remarkable Women 2014: Game Changers
This year's Remarkable Women know the rules of the game but aren't afraid to shake things up.

The rules of the game provide structure and dependability. The following Remarkable Women of NH know how the game is played and when it’s time to shake things up. Game changers aren’t here to stack the deck in anyone’s favor, but they offer a chance for an upset victory, a new deal and a roll of the dice for change.

Carla Gericke
Free Spirit

Writer and lawyer Carla Gericke is the daughter of a diplomat who lived on three different continents. She immigrated to the US in the 1990s, so, she says, “I’ve never accepted geography as fate.”

That perspective may be what makes her the leader (and cheerleader) for the Free State Project, which is about three-quarters of the way to its goal of finding 20,000 “liberty-minded” individuals willing to uproot and move to New Hampshire. That’s the number required to “trigger the move,” explains Gericke, but Free Staters who moved in early (and plenty of libertarian locals who greeted them) have already made changes in the state.

She credits legislative decisions for jury nullification and marriage equality to the influence of Free Staters, plus lots of lower-profile action. “Some start pro-liberty organizations like the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, or private charities like Shire Sharing, or start businesses like the brothers in Manchester who founded Lamassu, the world’s first Bitcoin ATM,” she says. “The early movers I know are productive people and good neighbors who take pride in the Granite State and consider it home.” — Rick Broussard
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