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Author Topic: New Hampshire & FSP-Related News (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 38769 times)


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #60 on: February 01, 2018, 04:18:12 pm »

(Previous message was posted yesterday: Click here: .)

- February 1 at 1:45PM? - Liberty Forum is next week! Although the hotel is sold out, we have a block at a nearby hotel where last minute bookers can book. Go to for more information, and get your tickets to see an awesome selection of speakers, including Liberty Ladies like Lyn Ulbricht (Free Ross), Carla Gericke, Veronique de Rugy, and Stephanie Murphy. There’s going to be a bunch of brilliant guys there too ;)
- January 16 at 11:24am - "A monumental battle over federal power, state sovereignty, and individual liberty played out on Thursday in a small courtroom filled with law enforcement officers and casual marijuana users." Gilles Bissonnette, the ACLU of New Hampshire's Legal Director, "delivered a rousing defense of New Hampshire’s right to protect individuals within its borders. 'What this case is about,' he told the judge, 'is the integrity of the New Hampshire Constitution.'" Read more here:
- Join Gilles at Liberty Forum 2018 for a discussion of his work to protect and expand liberties in NH. Register here:
- Scott Lancaster I've been through that very checkpoint years ago, it went like this: "Hi, I'm officer so-and-so, are you a US Citizen?"...See More
- January 17 at 4:15pm Mike Green - I support border patrol and their federal function 100 %
- January 18 at 5:17pm - She starts about about 5:10 or so here:
- January 19 at 6:02am - What happens when a parent wants to try unschooling but their loved ones object? James Davis, an unschooling father from New Hampshire's seacoast, offers ideas on navigating this challenging situation. Unschooling – Convincing Your Partner and Family to Buy In - How do you talk about unschooling with concerned friends and family? James Davis shares his approach.
- January 19 at 6:45am - Joseph Brown - I just tell them to quiz the kids. ...See More
- January 19 at 7:48am - ... it wasn't until I begged them to STOP quizzing my kids that they realized how much they really knew ...See More
- January 22 at 5:31am - Liberty Forum 2018​ is proud to present a Free Screening of The Heroin Effect​, an award-winning documentary on the opioid crisis, featuring a discussion with Director Michael Venn, who received the Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 2017 New Hampshire Film Festival. Please consider bringing a warm coat to donate. Saturday, February 10, at 9:15pm, The Radisson Downtown Manchester, Pemigewasset Room
- January 25 at 5:15am - In 2016, New Hampshire passed some of the best asset forfeiture protections in the land. Now, government officials are being held to task. Does this happen where you are? #BetheChange #MakeYourMove - The New Hampshire Attorney General's office announced Wednesday it has returned $2,361 in cash seized from a Rochester man during a traffic stop last fall -
- January 25 at 2:26pm - Mega shout out to #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek! Come on out to Liberty Forum 2018 and hear Kate Baker from Children's Scholarship Fund, Lindsay Burke from The Heritage Foundation and Erica Smith from the Institute for Justice talk about how alternative education will affect real change for the next generation of free thinkers!
- Get your tickets at!!
- January 29 at 6:41am - Here in New Hampshire, we're swimming in jobs, education, family, happiness...and FREEDOM! We're #1 in "Freedom in the 50 States," and thousands of people are moving here for liberty. Learn more at
- January 29 at 9:10pm - JP Somersworth - Also the top opiate abuse state (after West Virginia), not to mention ludicrously expensive, with most rents comparable to Boston or New York City. So a much higher homeless rate than there should be, and a crime rate that's rising all the time
- January 30 at 10:11am - Sarah Chamberlain - Like we can really trust people who'd rank New Jersey #21. Pffft. New Hampshire is the best place on Earth. I know it. You know it.
- January 31 at 5:00am - How does your state rank in Politico's 'State of the States'? New Hampshire leads the nation for the fourth time "with its low poverty rate and infant mortality rate, as well as its high reading test scores and percentage of its population employed in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields, while also cracking the top five in lowest levels of crime, income inequality and unemployment. - The States of Our Union … Are Still Not All Strong - Our fourth quasi-annual ranking.
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #61 on: February 16, 2018, 04:40:32 pm »

- February 2 at 3:59am · Christine Butler
Happy Porcupine Day! Our FSP flag flying at Nashua City Hall! #itslikethistoo
- February 2 at 7:30am · Andy recommends you check out PorcFest XV 2018! Come and you may never want to leave. Cryptocurrency Fan Finds the Best State for a Free Life
Andy left high-tax California for liberty in New Hampshire. He aims to get involved with the liberty movement, cut his debt, and live well.
Learn More
- February 2 at 11:00am · "Heard in New Hampshire" Homeschool Edition! "Thursday homeschool snowboarding day!" ~ Paige Eden Savell "An estimated 600 homeschool supporters turned out yesterday afternoon to oppose House Bill 1263 (HB 1263), a bill that would roll back the annual reporting requirement. Nearly every seat in Representatives' Hall was taken, the anteroom and...
- February 2 at 4:00pm · 1,000th Free-Stater moves to N.H. - It's been six years since we welcomed our 1,000th mover. And they keep coming! Come live free with us. PORTSMOUTH — Nearly a decade after establishing roots in New Hampshire, members of the Free State Project are welcoming their 1,000th member to the
- February 3 at 5:00am · HAPPY PORCUPINE DAY! It's been two years since we triggered the great migration for liberty. What does this movement mean to you? What would you tell someone who is considering signing up or moving? More here:
- February 5 at 8:29am · #ThrowBackThursday to a big question: Is ideological purity a good or bad thing? Can you keep the fires of liberty burning even with muddied fuel? "But the “liberty movement” had never fallen for a candidate like it fell for Ron Paul. On Wednesday night, at a celebration held at a speakeasy – complete with a false door and a password – members of the Free State Project credited the elder Paul with building the movement while explaining that no who lacked his purity could lead it." - Courted by Cruz, New Hampshire’s libertarians ask if they need politics at all - In Iowa, Cruz succeeded beyond expectation in poaching evangelical Iowa leaders and voters who’d once backed Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Bringing home libertarian voters in New Hampshire is trickier, less akin to herding cats than to herding gas molecules.
- February 7 at 7:00am · Take a chance on a freer life - you won't regret it! Robert and Carol Choose New Hampshire over Wisconsin - Robert and his family dropped everything to move to New Hampshire, where they are enjoying the beauty, the people, and the feeling of freedom. Learn More
- February 8 at 8:24am · Here's an aptly timed piece about Ross Ulbricht from John Stossel in the New Hampshire Union Leader. You'll hear about his case from his mother, Lyn Ulbricht, tomorrow afternoon at Liberty Forum 2018. - John Stossel: Traveling down the Silk Road | New Hampshire - Give me a break. Locking some people up forever will not stop sales of drugs. But law enforcement still brags about brief successes. -
- February 8 at 2:38pm · PorcFest - Are you coming to Liberty Forum this weekend? Ticket sales start tomorrow, so stop by the PorcFest vendor table and snag your Early Bird tickets, along with a complimentary #PorcFestXV tumbler! We can’t wait to see you in June! #NHLF18 #PorcFest #PorcFest2018
- February 8 at 2:39pm · Live from NH Liberty Forum 2018! Day passes still available at come on out!!
- February 8 at 5:07pm · Thanks to Jessica and Rodger, the PorcFest XV 2018 producers, for volunteering at Liberty Forum 2018 this weekend - selling tickets and giving out these awesome, limited edition mugs! Come get yours at the #NHLF18 exhibitor area!
- February 12 at 9:47am · What a Liberty Forum! If you missed it, rest assured we will be posting videos and pictures in the coming weeks. Thanks to all our volunteers, speakers, exhibitors, and most of all, our attendees who make this event magical. - Liberty Forum 2018 Was Spectacular | What an amazing Liberty Forum! It was motivating, educational, and exciting to engage with so many liberty lovers from all over the country...
- February 13 at 6:52am · Come to PorcFest XV 2018 for a concert featuring BackWordz, led by Eric July of Being Libertarian. You don't want to miss this! Get your Early Bird tickets now to save $30 at
- February 13 at 9:31am · It's time once again to #ThankAFreeStater! This month we want to give a grateful shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Leane for their hard work and dedication. Your help organizing past Liberty Forum's and PorcFest have brought us much success. We hope you had a chance to meet them at the registration table at Liberty Forum last weekend and say hello. #NHItsLikeThisToo #ThankAFreeStater with Liam and Samantha - Here's a shout-out to Liam and Samantha, who have dedicated countless hours to volunteering and promoting the Free State Project since they moved to New Hampshire.
- February 15 at 11:06am · "I’ve always had libertarian leanings, but never saw much hope for any major changes, even in Arizona." So Ken and his family decided to move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. "I feel so lucky for the opportunity to live in such beautiful, interesting surroundings while participating in this amazing FSP experiment." Ken's Family Leaves the Arizona Desert for New Hampshire - Ken writes about his family's move to New Hampshire for liberty and recommends it to any freedom-lover who’s considering taking the plunge. Learn More
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #62 on: February 16, 2018, 05:40:28 pm »


(See FSP Facebook News in previous post.)

Hundred Nights Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin & Ether!

Vid: Free the Nipple Appeal at NH Supreme Court

Open Letter to Libertarians

Child Advocate to Oversee N.H's Child Protection System

New Hampshire's Highest Court Will Hear Topless Case

Police Department Forms Response Unit for Gang Activity

'Bump Stock' Gun Ban Fails Along Party Lines in N.H. Senate

How Greedy Meds' 'Balance Billing' Can Blindside Patients With Unexpected Medical Debt

Greedy Company Known For Surprise E.R. Bills

Plymouth Is Latest To Try Blocking Big Energy Projects With Local Ordinance

Poor People’s Campaign in N.H. Protests Economic Inequality

A Check-Up On Medical Marijuana In New Hampshire

Local Governance Advocates Try Again To Amend State Constitution

Council on Diversity and Inclusion Wants to Create Dialogue in N.H.

Black Theater in N.H.'s (Very White) Upper Valley? Why Not?

Family and Medical Leave Bill Advances Once More in N.H.

You Asked, We Answered: Why is New Hampshire SO Against Having an Income Tax?

Big Brother and the Tax Man

Bill to Annul Convictions for Small Amounts of Pot Passes N.H. Committee

3 N.H. Mayors Announce Homelessness Coalition

After Anti-Harassment Training Draws Poor Turnout, Some N.H. Reps Want to Make It Mandatory

Upper Valley Compost Business Finding 'Pay Dirt' in Food Scraps

'Deep Fake' Videos Latest Tech Scare

What's Next for N.H. Bill to Legalize Marijuana?

EPA Chief Signals Push To Declare Wood Energy Carbon-Neutral On N.H. Visit

Councilor Says N.H. Liquor Commission Aiding Cross-Border 'Money Laundering' Scheme

Sununu Questions 'Sting Operation' Into Alleged Money Laundering at Liquor Stores


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #63 on: March 02, 2018, 02:16:07 pm »


NH Measure would secure the right of local community self-government

Plymouth, NH, Voters Adopt Community Rights Sustainable Energy Future Ordinance

Anarchapulco Displaces Porcfest as the Must-Attend Annual Liberty Event

Massachusetts Talk Host Chuck Morse Interviews Free Keene Blogger

Sununu Questions 'Sting Operation' Into Alleged Money Laundering at Liquor Stores

Opioid Drug Sweep Nets 151 Arrests Across N.H.

Exeter Police Arrest Teen in Technical School Threat [Try homeshooling/unschooling & avoid brainwashing to boot]

N.H. GOP Pushes Back on "Misguided Sting Operation" at Liquor Commission

Weare, Henniker Schools Close As Police Investigate Threat [School = Prison]

Surprise Medical Bills: Balance-Billing & Other Charges Leave Patients With Big Debts [End Medical Monopoly]

'Hunker Down' and Get the Facts [This is MSM BS; Alt Media has more real facts than MSM]

N.H. Superior Court Judge Hears Arguments in SB3 Voting Law Case

California Billionaire Behind N.H. Debate Over Victims' Rights

Critics of Proposed Offshore Drilling Hold Forum in Rye

In Wake of Parkland Shooting [deep state false flag shooting designed to bury 2nd Amendment etc], Sununu Says Congress is Right Place to Tackle Gun Reform [No reform is needed]

How Local Communities in N.H. are Responding to School Threats [proper response is to admit false flags and end compulsory school prisons]

N.H. House Says "No" to Bill That Would Allow Guns on State College Campuses [Guns allowed in state house, but not at colleges?]

N.H. Lawmakers Decry Hampton Beach Lawsuit Against State [Is it about city overspending?]

How School Shootings [by drugged students & deep state fakers] Are Changing Education [Authoritarian schooling is outdated]

Life Lessons From New Hampshire's All-Female Winter Wilderness Training

N.H. Universities Tell Potential Students Peaceful Protest OK [How do they define peaceful? Anything that agrees with their political views?]

After Florida Shooting, N.H. [duped] Teachers' Union Forms Coalition on Gun Violence

[Duped] New England Prep Schools Call for [feel-good] 'Meaningful Action' After School Shooting in Florida

N.H. Not Among States Seeking Cybersecurity Help Ahead of 2018 Elections

N.H. Unemployment Rate Holds Steady at 2.6 %

In Gilmanton, Lawn Sign Scuffle Turns Into Debate Over the First Amendment

New England Grid Operator Wants More Flexibility To Deal With Retiring Fossil Fuel Plants

Marchand Gun Platform Stokes Debate on 2nd Amendment

Sununu Vows Veto of Death Penalty Repeal [Murder by the state is still Murder]

FSP on Facebook
- February 17 at 7:00am - He quit his job to travel the country and had an otherworldly experience in New Hampshire. Check it out for a smile, because #ItsLikeThisToo!
My Life in New Hampshire - State #30 (not 29) What's going down homie. Take a look and see what happen in New Hampshire!
- February 19 at 6:28am - To workers on the Federal and State payroll... enjoy your President's Day. Come to New Hampshire for year-round sales-tax-free freedom!
- February 20 at 10:44am - If you've thought about unschooling but are worried about results, this is the article for you. In it, we also link to an episode of One Free Family - A new take on peaceful parenting where James Davis and Taylor Davis discuss the issue further - because #LibertyInOurLifetime can start with the kids!
- Comments: Jody Underwood - Just to throw in my 2 cents, I did NOT learn to write in school, neither k-12 nor college.
- February 22 at 6:30am - "Governor Sununu and New Hampshire policymakers have the opportunity to make their state a national leader in education choice. It’s time to live free and lead." [Get the damn state out of it. Do homeschooling/unschooling!!]
- February 23 at 6:20am - "People convicted for possessing small amounts of marijuana will be able to have their criminal records annulled if a bill passed by the House on Thursday clears the Senate and is signed into law by the governor... the House voted 314-24 to pass HB 1477, which allows for the annulment of charges related to possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less."
- February 23 at 9:00am - We are so happy to introduce your PorcFest XV 2018 Producers, Jessica Bearden Paxton and Rodger Paxton.
- February 24 at 8:00am - Free Staters have been holding "Suspicionless Checkpoint Parties" for years to warn motorists about unconstitutional DUI checkpoints. Now progress is being made at the State House. "A bill to ban police sobriety checkpoints in New Hampshire earned the recommendation of a House committee Tuesday, advancing a dispute over whether the stops are an intrusive overreach by law enforcement or a necessary practice to deter drunken driving." Is this happening in YOUR home state? Come to PorcFest to learn more about the advances in liberty happening in New Hampshire. Get your tix today:
- Comments: John L. Plough I bet there are bigger issues to be involved with. This is why libertarians seem so ridiculous.
- February 25 at 8:00am - Buy a beer with Dash? In the Free State, of course! And there will be plenty of ways to use your crypto at PorcFest XV 2018, the freedom event of the summer. - What do Crypto, Beer and Portsmouth, New Hampshire Have in Common? - So glad you asked! We have been mining cryptocurrencies with varying degrees of success.
- February 26 at 6:26pm - If it's good enough for John Stossel's crew, it's good enough for you! We'll be rockin' to BackWordz, gathering around the burning porcupine, and living the Free State Life this June. Get your tickets to join us at!
- February 26 at 8:34am - Time Lapse from Liberty Forum ... Stay tuned in this week for more extensive video!
Want a more interactive experience with actual human libertarians? Come to PorcFest ( where you can (with consent) touch, laugh with, and converse with these incredibly rare creatures!
- February 28 at 5:00am - Hurry over to to get your ticket
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #64 on: March 16, 2018, 02:59:44 pm »


Dave Ridley's FSP-related Videos (I never thought to post them here previously) backs bill to address excessive govt. "information fees"

By the *dates* of their grievances shall ye know them

Did Keene State College delay permissions for libertarian table? [Schools are Prisons]

NH: Educrat vs. camera

Charming Keene official invites me to public meeting, right before I get ejected

Keene: College security says I'm required to answer questions

Cops called to govt. meeting because camera, Fifth Amendment
Dave asks why are universities so authoritarian (like not allowing open-carry etc). The answer is: How else can they do effective brainwashing of students?

My Pullover, Trial, and Sentencing for “Misuse of [license] Plates”

Keene School Deliberative Session to determine budget

Free State Project
- March 2 at 6:01am ·
"New Hampshire has long embraced Bitcoin — even before it became mainstream. The state is home to the oldest bitcoin meetup and a number of cryptofriendly businesses. This is largely due to the active and growing Libertarian migration to New Hampshire. The 'Free State Project,' founded in 2001, aims to draw 20,000 libertarians to the state. Many of these members tend to favor nongovernmental forms of [everything :)] currency like digital currencies and tend to be early bitcoin adopters." Politicians are getting in on the cryptocurrency craze to fund campaigns. The Federal Election Commission in 2014 made it legal for campaigns to accept bitcoin as political contributions.
- March 3 at 7:00am - Don't be the only one at PorcFest without this awesome t-shirt - reserve yours at
- March 5 at 11:33am - Congratulations to the Granite State! According to U.S. News and World Report’s “2018 Best States Ranking,” New Hampshire scores:
• #1 – Economic Opportunity See More:
- March 5 at 4:02pm - #LiveFreeNH is right! This is why the Free State Project chose New Hampshire - and why thousands of people are moving here to protect and advance liberty. Check us out at, and come visit for PorcFest this summer!
- March 6 at 10:05am - Ben Swann of Truth In Media is CONFIRMED as a keynote at PorcFest 2018! Here's what Ben had to say about the Free State Project back in 2014:
"There's a lot of philosophy that surrounds liberty, there's a lot of pontificating, there's a lot of people thinking about it and talking about it. But here in New Hampshire, people are DOING it, and that's why it's so exciting." Head to to buy your tickets today so you won't miss the opportunity to hear from Ben Swann: Truth In Media! (CBS News Ben Swann does a "Reality Check" on Pizzagate )
- March 9 at 9:38am ·
Team Porcupine Real Estate completes first bitcoin-only transaction in New Hampshire! "Bitcoin is gaining popularity in New Hampshire, and we need to embrace the innovation. The Granite State is experiencing a real-life experiment in how an economy can adapt to this fast-changing environment." Join us in New Hampshire and buy your home in bitcoin! Manchester, NH, March 6, 2018 - New Hampshire real estate broker Mark Warden of Porcupine Real Estate recently completed the state's first-ever ...
- March 9 at 10:12am - We are proud to announce Dash as PorcFest 2018's Diamond Sponsor! Not only is Dash fiscally supporting our festival, but they are also responsible for snagging Ben Swann of Truth In Media as a keynote. Wow! Thank you, Dash! Dash is digital cash that you can use to purchase festival tickets, buy food or goods on-site, pay for add-on workshops, and more. Rumor is, there will be a giveaway for new users at Dash's site in Agora Valley. Dash Sponsors Porcupine Freedom Festival, Ben Swann to Keynote - Dash has funded the top-level sponsorship of PorcFest, including a keynote speech by Ben Swann. So don't wait! Buy your tickets today at
- March 14 at 11:30am - Reminder: New Hampshire is the BEST and ONLY place where liberty lovers can make real traction in activism. So, since you're a real liberty lover, you must be interested in financing a home here. Learn more about how! - Two of the most common questions Porcupine Real Estate receives from new and potential movers looking to buy a home are, "How much home can I afford?" and "Do you know a good lender?"
- Rodger's Birthday Fundraiser for Free State Project, Fundraiser for Free State Project by Rodger Paxton - 2 weeks left
- March 15 at 7:55am - Check out our new website at CCW!! If you're waiting on a sign to buy your PorcFest tickets, wait no longer! With Dash - Digital Cash sponsoring and Ben Swann as our keynote, the time is now :) Free State Project Early Movers: Founder Jason Sorens
- March 15 at 11:14am Remote Boring North? Not So Much!

Dr. Funk, VA Whistleblower, Says Task Force Producing Detailed Review of Care

SNHU Teams Up With Program Offering $20 million in Scholarships to ILLEGAL DAMN Immigrants [who receive welfare or compete for jobs or promote abusive religion; otherwise, if they start businesses & provide jobs, & don't promote abusive religion etc, they're okay]

Boston-based 'New Politics' Helps Veterans Break Into Politics

School Administrators in Concord Working with Students to Plan stupidass Walkout [Walkout & stayout: School = Brainwashing Prison]

Merrimack To Vote On Putting Public Water Utility In Town's Control

'Loophole' Helps N.H. Law Enforcement Net Millions Through Civil Asset Forfeiture [i.e. theft?]

With N.H. Lawmakers Focused Elsewhere, Another School Choice Bill Flies Under The Radar [a choice of prisons?]

N.H. House Kills Bill to Add Oversight for Homeschool Students [Some sane politicians there]

New Hampshire GOP Playing Defense Over Gun Debate

Supporters Optimistic As Transgender Rights Bill Passes N.H. House

N.H. Manufacturer Says Trump's New Tariff Could Negatively Affect Business

Facing Deportation Threat, This New Hampshire Family Is Looking For Answers

Who Should Have the Power to Reschedule Town Meetings?

Hundreds of jackasses Join Hanover High Walkout, Urging State Action On Gun Laws

Clean Energy Is On the Warrant at N.H. Town Meetings

Jackass N.H. House Panel Wants Pot Legalization Bill Shelved

Stark Weighs Banning ATVs From Local Roads

AG Investigates N.H. Judge for Alleged Misconduct

Despite Storm, Gun Free School Zone Debate Rolls On At N.H. State House

AG: Police Shooting in Canaan a Justified Use of Deadly Force [I'm sher]

Newport One Step Closer to Making All Town, School Buildings Net Zero [solar]

While Students Protest Gun Violence, Sununu Convenes School Safety Task Force [the only safe school is non-compulsory school]

Senate Votes to Repeal N.H.'s Death Penalty, As jackass Sununu Vows Veto

Liquor Commission Says It Could Regulate Recreational Pot If N.H. Makes It Legal [more monopolistic regulation?]
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News FUNDRAISER 3/26 7PM NEW MARKET
« Reply #65 on: March 17, 2018, 03:07:30 pm »

(See the latest NH & FSP news above.)

Stonechurch, 5 Granite St, New Market, NH
Suggested Donation $5
( )

See how to contact public officials & others to acknowledge & enforce local sovereignty. Join NH Community Rights Network!!

Supporters Undeterred As N.H. House Votes Down Local Rights Constitutional Amendment



Earlier NHCRN News from this month & earlier
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #66 on: March 31, 2018, 01:53:40 pm »


Dave Ridley's Channel

"Just here to do my job," says First Amendment foe

Cops eject me from "public" govt. event (Keene State College, NH)

Free staters turned me from secession skeptic to guy

Govt. official doesn't want to be filmed (Keene, NH)

Prison guard forbids me from demonstrating on public right-of-way (Concord, NH)

Cop meeting faces Ridley Raid! (Concord, NH)

Cop training official: "We're not killers"

Free State Project:
- March 16 at 12:01pm - Lane's Family Leaves Texas for Freedom in New Hampshire - Their plan was to move, get settled, and live calmly for a year. HA! That's not Lane and Kendall Strahan's style! These rockstars became PorcFest producers, are opening and running their own business, and are on the City Planning Board in Berlin. Their only regret? Not. Moving. Sooner. - Eli Madden: Great article. I've been eying Berlin for a while and need to check it out. Property prices are so low I could likely maintain a residence there while still renting in Vermont to be close to my daughter's Mom and school. The nearby Off-Road park in Berlin is very interesting too.
- March 20 at 10:08am - Never a Better Time to Move to New Hampshire - Things sure have changed since the early days of the Free State Project. Now a solid foundation is in place, and we're ready to welcome you to the greatest migration movement of our time! What would you DO for liberty? Come meet us and you'll know. - When Tony moved to New Hampshire in 2009, there were no Free Staters in his area. Now there are active groups in every region of the state. - Anna Mlk - Is NH one of the 38 states that allow geoengineering aerial spraying?
- March 21 at 7:55am - My First Winter in the Great North Woods - Happy Spring! Today Tiffany reflects on her first winter in northern New Hampshire and shares what she's learned. - It's been a little over six months since I moved to Northern New Hampshire. As a native of Michigan, winter is certainly nothing new to me
- March 22 at 6:00am - Are you a fan of Penn's Sunday School podcast? Or maybe Penn & Teller: Fool Us? Then you're going to love this PorcFest XV 2018 speaker announcement! Matt Donnelly, writer, actor, co-host, and do'er of all the things, will be joining us for a performance of "Hill Bill: The Psychic Hillbilly," and will also take time to answer your questions on his life as sidekick to one of our favorite larger-than-life libertarians, Penn Jillette. Matt is hilarious and incredibly talented, and we are so excited to have him join us! Head to to buy your festival tickets today!
- March 22 at 10:17am - This week is all about PorcFest! We announced that Matt Donnelly of Penn & Teller will be joining us :D Agora Valley is quickly filling up with exhibitors & sponsors, and we have plenty of room for volunteers! Check out to reserve your Agora space or become a volunteer! And ofc, buy ur tix!
Plus, we're looking to learn more about what YOU think success means for the FSP. Jobs created? Liberty legislation? Podcasts downloaded? Tell us what metrics give you that WOW factor
- March 23 at 6:10am - Matt Leaves California for the Liberty Community in New Hampshire - What will you find if you pick up and move to New Hampshire for liberty? Matt found beautiful beaches, lower taxes, and a lot more. When he lived in California, it was rare that Matt came across anyone interested in the cause of liberty. Now he writes about how lucky he is to live in a community
- March 24 at 11:17am - According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, New Hampshire posted the region's highest gains in personal income last year. Combine that with low unemployment and a low tax burden, and you've got a great place to be!
- March 27 at 6:03am - The PorcFest XV 2018 schedule is live! We've got Ben Swann, Jeffrey A. Tucker, BackWordz, Beergasm, Soapbox Idol, workshops, discussion panels, glow frisbee, two raves, and so much more! And we've only posted a selection of the kids' activities that will run from 9-8 daily - they won't be bored! Stay tuned as we add events:
- March 28 at 6:00am - Welcome to Free State Family | A Column about Life in New Hampshire - In this column, Molly will showcase some of her favorite New Hampshire experiences
- March 29 at 6:00am - Has the Free State Project ever been portrayed on TV as an alien invasion..with creepy music? Why yes it has! It's time for some FSP #TBT! We're taking you back to 2004, as the project was just getting off the ground. It was a big deal to be covered so widely on television in New England. This piece gives you a sense of the excitement in those early days. See anyone you know? - The half-hour show aired on 2/26/04 at 7:30 pm on ABC throughout most of New England.
- March 30 at 5:00am - Hey neighbor, feeling overtaxed? Come home to New Hampshire, where you'll keep more of your own money! Learn more at or come to the Porcupine Freedom Festival and see what you're missing! - Map Data Source: 2017 Tax Burden by State. Comparing the 50 states across the three tax types that make up state tax burden — property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes — as a percentage of total personal income in the state. - Kris Roadruck Wut? NH has the highest property tax in the nation... - Michelle Longley It's just made up in other ways... We've been homeowners in VT & NH, I have family in MA. NH is not any cheaper to live in. New England in general is expensive. Find a decent paying job first, them move to that area, no matter what state it is. NH lacks a lot of decent paying jobs (way too many entry level positions).
_A Brief History of NH Marijuana Legislation - Free State Project Zachary Souza Decrim is a start, and the tide is finally turning on this issue. It's only a matter of time. :)

Massive Bitcoin Vending Machine Expansion Hits NH: Manchester, Nashua, Salem

Libertarians Counterprotest Anti-Gun Event in Keene

Indie Journalist Dave Ridley Gets Booted From KSC Campus by Keene Police

Sexual Assault Survivor Chessy Prout Talks Activism and New Memoir

Liquor Commission Says It Could Regulate Recreational Pot If N.H. Makes It Legal

Supporters Undeterred As N.H. House Votes Down Local Rights Constitutional Amendment

N.H. House Passes $4 million Commuter Rail Study [we could do it for under 10k]

Jackass Trump Opioid Plan Includes Death Penalty for Traffickers [including those framed?]

Opioid Crisis is Taking A Toll on Those On the Frontlines

N.H. Crime Lab Reduces Backlog After Marijuana Decriminalization Put In Effect

Concord Becomes Last N.H. City to Adopt Full Day Kindergarten [prison acclimation]

A constitutional amendment designed to give crime victims more rights

N.H. Gets $300K Grant to Fight Opioid Crisis

ACLU says N.H.'s Signature-Matching Ballot Law Is Unconstitutional

N.H. House Votes to Let People Carry Loaded Guns on ATVs and Snowmobiles

What Drives N.H. Commuters To Take The Bus To Boston?

Co-ops in an Age of Inequality

At Ignorant Concord 'March for Our Lives,' Students, Grown-Ups, and Counter Protest

N.H. Joins 37 States Demanding Facebook Answers on Data Privacy

Voter Fraud in New Hampshire: Rhetoric Versus Reality

Flooding of Coastal Roads On the Rise

State Launches Criminal Investigation Into Two Claremont Police Officers

Plan to Incentivize More Solar Projects in Nashua
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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The chart below is from a video called Which Way, Westerners? at:

It looks like where there is most racial and ethnic diversity, there is least trust of neighbors. I think 41 locations in the U.S. were studied and New Hampshire rates among the highest in trust, a little below 60 on the scale, versus 50 for Lewiston, ME and below 30 for Boston. NH is a large area compared to individual cities, so the cities in NH would undoubtedly rate lower than the towns on average. But the ranking could be an additional selling point for the FSP.

Federal Judge Exerts Personal Judicial Tyranny in MA Semi-auto Ban Lawsuit Dismissal
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News: Styx for VT Gov
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Real Libertarian Announces Run for Governor in Vermont; What's stopping libertarians in NH from running?
Published on Apr 12, 2018

I, Tarl Warwick, throw my hat in the ring.

My platform has these planks:
1. I will accept no pay as governor, and no pension. I have my own income.
2. I will, if elected, refuse to enforce gun control as recently passed in hopes the legislature will help to reverse it. Vermont has no crime problem.
3. I will, if elected, fight the opiate crisis by instructing the legislature to consider decriminalizing all drugs within the state for minor possession so that addicts can seek treatment without stigma.
4. I will never join a political party while serving in office and will remain an independent. If elected I will not stop doing my normal gubernatorial work to campaign for re-election and will simply tell people whether or not I am running (I would attend scheduled debates however.)
5. I will veto any tax hikes and any opaque legislation that is overly long or convoluted.
6. I will use my online presence and presence as governor to argue in favor of the debate commission opening up to minor party candidates, and encourage the abolition of super PACs and corporate campaign donations to try and save our Republic.


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News: Styx for VT Gov
« Reply #69 on: April 16, 2018, 11:18:17 pm »


Ridley Reports

Cop supports right to record (New Hampshire)

NH: Sheriff acknowledges his right to stop Feds

Follow-up: Manchester cops and the right to record

Ed & Elaine Brown could be freed soon [falsely accused of tax evasion?]

Cops and state house lobbying (New Hampshire)

MADD vs Libertarians at NH Senate Hearing on Prohibiting DUI Checkpoints

CNN Covers Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, DASH in Portsmouth New Hampshire aka Bitcoin Village

Full Video of the Suppressed “Liberty in Action Awards” Leaks Out

Announcing Forkfest 2018 – The Decentralized Liberty Camping Festival [FREE], Jun 14-18th

NHPR’s Feature Piece on Free State Project (& Free Keene) + Full Interview Audio

Sununu Vetoes Controversial Change To Parole Rules

20 Arrested for Illegally Entering U.S. Along Canada Border

N.H. Pot Legalization Commission Gets Primer on Vaping, 'Juuling'

Tech Idea is to Harness 'Waste Heat' to Create Electricity

Renewable Energy Advocates To Unveil New Campaign In Portsmouth

Utility Looking to Batteries to Power Homes in Upper Valley

As SCOTUS Considers Online Sales Tax, N.H. Weighs In

Coakley Landfill Neighbors Vent Frustrations With EPA, State Officials

IRS Withdraws Request For Information On Alleged Bootleggers From N.H. Liquor Commission

New Food Bank Open on Keene State Campus

Concord Zoning Board Rejects Solar Farm

NH medical marijuana program more than doubled in size last year, it's a better alternative to using opioids for pain management

Rye Officials Begin Spraying for Mosquito Season

Investigators Looking into Death of Young Woman in Custody in Carroll County jail on drug charges

If Elected Governor, Kelly's Priority: Reinstate 'Concealed Carry' Gun Permits

House Approves Letting Farmers Carry Loaded Rifles in Fields [They don't need permission; it's their right]

AG Says It's Investigating N.H. State Liquor Commission's Handling of Large Cash Sales

Jackass New Hampshire Senators Support Syria Strikes

N.H. Municipalities Struggle to Keep Up With Rising Costs of Recycling

2nd Amendment Advocates Rally Outside N.H. State House

Free State Project:
- April 2 at 6:00am - Want to be in the middle of the action at PorcFest XV 2018? Join the volunteer pack! You'll work side by side with incredible people, use your skills to create an unforgettable experience for hundreds, and earn your PorcFest ticket!
- Jody Underwood Volunteering is also a good way to meet people!
- April 2 at 11:00am - You don't have to dream of joining New Hampshire's liberty community! Employers here are hiring - and boosting salaries to attract talent. Check out our blog for tips on landing a great job from out of state.
- April 3 at 6:00am - Did you know you can buy your New Hampshire dream home with #Bitcoin? Read all about it from Team Porcupine Real Estate!
- April 4 at 7:02am - What are you most looking forward to at PorcFest XV 2018? Comment on this post and let us know!
- Jenn Kaleta Hewson I’m looking forward to having fun with all the kids who frequent Porcupints
- Mary Sorens I'm hoping to share a cider with Hershel, hang out with a dear friend from Chicago, roast marshmallows with my 7-year-old
- April 5 at 9:00am - Back in 2006, a simple act of civil disobedience performed by Michael Fisher, a Free Stater, was in the news. What do you think about this kind of activism? Is there a law you would love to see challenged this way? Would you ever do something like this?
- Outlaw Manicurist. A Free State Project member intentionally performs a manicure without a license to demonstrate that licence laws are unjust.
- April 5 at 12:55pm - Last month I attended meetups all over the state! What a great reminder that Free Staters getting together in the dozens is a NORMAL experience here in NH. I'll talk about that in more detail in this month's newsletter, so keep your eyes on your inbox
- Thanks to Joël Valenzuela and our event partner Dash - Digital Cash for putting New Hampshire on the international state today with CNN International! That interview is on youtube 'Joel Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases'.
- April 6 at 6:19am - Catharine & Robert Leave Rhode Island for New Hampshire
They struggled to see a future for their family in Rhode Island, with its heavy burden of taxes and regulation, so they chose liberty and moved to New Hampshire!
- April 10 at 6:00am - This month in #ThankAFreeStater: It's a shout-out to early mover and long-time volunteer Margot Keyes! She and Bradley created the PorcOlympics at PorcFest and have hosted it every year since 2009!
- April 11 at 6:03am - It's been almost five years since Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby moved to New Hampshire. In the coming months, she'll be sharing strategies for successfully making the move and adjusting to the ups and downs of life in a new place. But first - how did she end up here?
- When Jennifer and Dave realized they lived in the least free state in the USA, they decided to get out of New York City and made their way to New Hampshire.
- April 12 at 1:18pm - We are featured on NHPR this week, in a story about new movers and what it's like to be a Free Stater, we've got a great line-up coming to PorcFest featuring Scott Horton and David Friedman, and we'll be at Libertopia [ ] and the Startup Societies Foundation Summit [ ]. See you there??
- April 13 at 5:08am - “It kind of reminds me of back in the Revolutionary War days, when they would meet secretly and talk about how they were gonna fight the British,” he said. “We talk about liberty, how we can be active, how you can get elected to be a representative, things like that. I’ve never felt like this until now.” Great piece on New Hampshire Public Radio, Cynthia and Mark!
- Free State Project Come visit the Porcupine Freedom Festival this summer and experience the great liberty migration for yourself!
- April 14 at 7:03am - If you're not buying guns with that refund, we hope you're saving up for the move to New Hampshire! The Granite State ranks #1 for freedom and #5 for lowest tax burden in the country. And we've got a whole community of liberty-minded people waiting to welcome you!
- Stephen E. Forster - NH is NOT the panacea you make it out to be??.... Yes, no income tax, yes, no sales tax.. We do have a room and meals tax... We do have a dividend tax, many hidden fees when you look for them. What we do have is a real-estate tax that is going out of sight and killing us! Its killing the elderly, the farmers and anyone that thinks he lives free in the "Live Free or Die" State... We are not living free! Check it out before you buy, try to start a business or even register your vehicles.
- April 15 at 7:59am - Doing taxes in New Hampshire is like living in Isengard... no state taxes means you're starting at the half way point in your journey. Learn more!
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #70 on: April 30, 2018, 10:38:51 am »


FSP on Facebook

- April 16 at 6:00am - In this memorable mover story, Winter describes life on the streets in Harrisburg - and the hope that brought her to New Hampshire.
- Winter's Journey from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire: While struggling with homelessness in Harrisburg, Winter found inspiration in a bookmark that came in the mail from the Free State Project. The envelope was like a strange beacon of positivity in an otherwise dreary existence...

- April 17 at 6:00am - For those who are frantically filling in numbers to pay for ALL THE FREE THINGS (not to mention bombings, imprisonment, and spying on citizens), it's our traditional Tax Day post. What are you waiting for? Move to NH and help us turn the tide.
- Carla Gericke - Your tax dollars at work:

- April 17 at 9:00am - Happy tax day from the PorcFest team :/ :) Enjoy a $17 discount on VIP and General Admission tickets today only using code 'Rebate17' at checkout

- April 17 at 1:20pm - What do you mean, there aren't tax day protests in your state? #OnlyInNewHampshire #NHItsLikeThisToo #WhatAreYouWaitingFor
- Libertarians hold annual tax protest: PORTSMOUTH - It was a small but dedicated group of members of the Libertarian Party that stood in Market Square on Sunday afternoon, on what is usually -

- April 18 at 6:17am - Liberty-minded parents often consider homeschooling and self-directed learning. But what if you free your child from school and he stares at a screen all day? James says - he might!
- The Role of Deschooling in Self-Directed Education | Free State Project: If a 10-year-old is removed from school to direct his own education, will he just play video games all day? James Davis addresses this fear with a surprising answer.
- Bianca Rose Neill - As someone who was Unschooled k-12 (whatever that means when you're unschooled) and then attended university with honors, I didn't deal with deschooling but I'm familiar with the importance of it. We hated video games in our house, we had them, but ...

- April 19 at 6:38am - Free Staters like Tiffany are moving up north because of low housing costs, remote living and beautiful views. It turns out that there's more to the north than the mountains and moose!
- 7 Hidden Treasures of Northern New Hampshire: In the North Country of New Hampshire, you'll find beautiful views, country living, and so much more. Check out these sweet finds in Littleton, Lancaster, Berlin, and Gorham!

- April 19 at 10:05am - New Hampshire ranked first in "WalletLiteracy" – the collective average of all of the sectors studied – and also placed fourth in both financial planning & habits and financial knowledge & education. What else is great about the Granite State? Find out at
- Graphic Source:

- April 19 at 1:07pm - So much going on at FSP Inc! To my east coast peeps, get your tickets to Startup Societies Summit at George Mason University, get discounted tix with code 'freestatessf'
- For my west coasters, come out to Libertopia Festival 2018 and get 10% off tix through
- Check out our full video catalogue on LBRY... or wait to see Liberty Forum videos on YouTube with the rest of the pleebs :/
- Welcome to New Hampshire, Vin Armani, who moved TODAY and will be speaking at PorcFest... get your tix at http://www.PorcFest.Com/tickets

- April 20 at 8:07am - We can't wait to hear Scott Horton speak at PorcFest! You may know Scott from The Scott Horton Show or The Libertarian Institute or
All ticket-holders will have the opportunity to hear him speak, but if you have a VIP ticket, you'll have the chance to hang out with Scott and other headliners in the VIP tent! Buy your tickets and find more info at .

- April 21 at 8:00am - It's nice to see some of our first 1,000 movers sharing their stories! Andrew managed to escape both New York (#50 for freedom) and Massachusetts (#33) to settle in New Hampshire (#1) - smart move. :)
- Andrew's Christian Libertarian Family Chooses New Hampshire: Andrew and his wife left Massachusetts, with its restrictions on freedom, and headed to New Hampshire to build their family.
- Anne Mae Joyce: Just please, you moved from another state like MA so that you wouldn't have to live with those restrictions and taxes. Please, stop trying to make our NH like the state you left.

- April 22 at 7:02am - Here's a shout-out to all the liberty activists who rocked it this week at the State House! #endthefed #legalizeeverything #stopbombingpeople
And if you're a fan of liberty, you should be in New Hampshire with us!

- April 23 at 7:00am - Long before Facebook, a small group of liberty activists read the same article online and became convinced that a migration movement was worth a try. Soon there were 5,000 of them, and their project was featured on "This American Life" and their destination announced on C-SPAN. Check out this page on the history of the FSP - the audio and video segments are a treat!
- The Early Years of the Free State Project: From an Idea to a Movement: Learn about the early years of the Free State Project, how it grew from an idea to a movement of 5,000…
- Sarah Chamberlain Ahhh!! I heard that episode of This American Life when it aired. I kept driving around the same few blocks in S. Philly in order to listen to the whole segment. I was very taken with the idea of the FSP, but then I thought,'ll never happen. 🤣 Took me over a decade to finally get here. Better late than never though!

- April 23 at 11:00am - Come join us for Freecoast Festival 2018, where the local liberty community comes together and prospective movers can see what life is really like on New Hampshire's Seacoast. Early Bird discounts are available here:
- FF18 will include a Friday evening casual gathering, Saturday speaker series, and Sunday entrepreneurship competition. All-inclusive ticket holders will also enjoy the Saturday evening catered cruise with keynote speaker! Specific event details will be released soon.
- Full price FF18 All-Inclusive tickets are $150 per adult, but a limited supply of discounted tickets are available for early purchasers. The discount is automatically applied by choosing the All-Inclusive ticket.

- April 24 at 6:44am - Hello liberty fans in California - we've got a deal for you! Come join the thriving liberty community in New Hampshire - we've got lower taxes, fewer regulations, lower housing cost, and gorgeous seasons too!
- Why I'm Leaving California and Moving to New Hampshire: With high taxes, frustrating traffic, and crumbling infrastructure, California is not the paradise it once was. Konnor is looking forward to experiencing more freedom…

- April 25 at 8:00am - Free Staters are often attracted to life in Keene and the surrounding area, which is surprisingly rural and quiet. "There are porcupines scattered around the Monadnock Region, but they can be hard to find, and they tend to be just fine with that."
- Free State Family: A Visit to the Monadnock Region: This month, Molly and her family take us to New Hampshire's Monadnock region, where they talk with Free Staters about peaceful living among liberty-minded locals.

- April 26 at 1:06pm - While spring has sprung in New Hamphire, I have to say how excited I am about next week, where I will be doing my live video from Libertopia in San Diego... Any Cali folks want to meet up, HMU in the comments :)
- Find our new public board email forum at!forum/fsp-board-open

- April 27 at 5:30am - "If you believe in personal responsibility and freedom, limited government, and the Constitution of the United States, join the Free State Project and come to New Hampshire." In the Granite State, you'll find a thriving liberty community, lower taxes, fewer regulations, lower housing cost, and gorgeous seasons too!
- I Left Illinois for Liberty in New Hampshire
Doug writes about leaving the corrupt state of Illinois, with its high taxes and strict gun laws, for the freest state in the country.


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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(See latest FSP Facebook news above.)

Browns [wrongly imprisoned for tax evasion] "definitely coming home," says supporter

Dear Jane: An open letter to the first A.I. (Superintelligence, Orson Scott Card)

Should humans avoid colonizing planets that have conscious life?

Keene’s Original Cryptocurrency Vending Machine Gets Major Upgrade

“Fuck You, Feds!” – Pro Independence Manchester NH Senate Candidate at 420 Rally

Keene Gets Third Cryptocurrency Vending Machine!

Rich Paul’s Triumphant Return to the 420 Rally He Created

Speaking to the Concord 4/20 About Refusing Plea Deals and Jury Nullification

Libertarian Party State Reps Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop Speak and Toke at Concord 4/20

Rick Naya’s Speeches at Concord 4/20 Rally, 2018 & 2017

Garret Ean Speaks to Concord 4/20 Rally About Arrests and Decriminalization

Ginger Rogers Speaks About Peace at Concord 4/20 Rally

An 'Internet Sales Tax?' N.H. Businesses Brace for SCOTUS Case

Utility Offering Discounted Rates for Electric Vehicles

N.H. Municipalities Struggle to Keep Up With Rising Costs of Recycling

Is N.H. a New Destination for Creatives? Why Some Cultivate the ‘Creative Economy'

N.H. Child Advocate Asks for Greater Authority to Protect [= Abuse?] Kids

New State Energy Policy Aims to Lower Rates, Let Nuclear & Gas Compete With Renewables

Middle School In Concord Opens Food Pantry For Students Struggling With Food Insecurity

Senate Backs Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy in N.H.

In Lengthy Memo to AG, N.H. Liquor Commission Rejects ‘Bootlegging’ Allegations

Despite Initial Projections, N.H. Overdose Deaths Didn't Decline in 2017

Officials Setting Fires In White Mountain National Forest

Solar Project Proposed for Superfund Site in Londonderry

Nashua Needle Exchange Program Aims To Make A Difference In Southern N.H.

Volunteers Sift for Data on Seacoast's Tiny Plastic Debris

Opioid Prescriptions Declined By 15 Percent in N.H. Last Year

Shots Fired at Police, Pursuit Ends in Windham Car Crash

Archaeologists to Study N.H.’s Native American and Industrial Past at Livermore Falls

Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang: Americans Need $1K-a-Month, Starting With N.H. [That's much better than wasting it on the military & wars]

Largest Fentanyl Bust in N.H. Traced to Lawrence Drug Ring

N.H. Towns Getting $700K in EPA Grants to Clean Up Sites

AG Probe Leads to Arrest of Former Claremont Police Officer

N.H House Approves Tax Breaks for Human Organ Generation Businesses

N.H. House Votes to Abolish Death Penalty, Satanic Sununu Vows Veto

Enfield Police Chief Steps Down Following Assault Allegations

AG Files Felony Complaint for N.H. Judge Who Submitted Fake Online Evaluations

Sen. Hassan Touts Net Metering Study At Nashua Hydropower Plant

Bill for N.H. Patients to Grow Own Marijuana Faces Defeat

Fugitive Suspect in Killing of Maine Deputy Captured

Petition Asks Chemical Company to Pay for Water Filters


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
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See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook (I don't have time to display it this time)

Dave Ridley's Reports (Looks like he's on a brief vacation)

State Trooper Fails to Intimidate 4/20 in Concord

From China to New Hampshire: Lily Tang Williams’ Keynote Speech at LPNH 2018 Convention

Libertarian State Reps Dyer and Phinney Speak at LPNH 2018 Convention

Decentralized LBRY Protecting Free Keene Videos From YouTube Censorship

Insane Militarized Police State Response to Alleged Armed Man in Keene Home

GOP Lawmakers Argue Death Penalty Repeal Makes Fiscal Sense [Not to mention Killing Humans is Evil]

Indonesian Somersworth Resident Facing Deportation After 18 Years In U.S.

Campaign Cash Snapshot: N.H.'s 2nd Congressional District

N.H. House Votes to Let Local Officials Have Final Say on Rescheduling Local Elections

Sununu Nominates 27 N.H. ‘Opportunity Zones’ for Federal Tax Incentives

Side Effect of Opioid Crisis: Grandparents Are Raising Kids

Union Workers Begin Strike At N.H. Electric Cooperative

Shaheen Bill Would Allow 4,000 Visas for Afghan Refugees [We don't need more abusive religions]

Marchand Rolls Out Plan To Diminish Role Of Big Donors In Race For N.H. Governor

Sununu Youth Center Used 'Unlawful Restraint," Excessive Force on Disabled Boy

Londonderry Police Officer on the Value of 'Emotional Intelligence' on Duty

Former Law Enforcement to Voice Opposition to Death Penalty [because killing people is evil?]

Merrimack Residents Frustrated After Two Years Dealing With Water Contamination

Former N.H. Law Enforcement Make Case for Sununu To Sign Death Penalty Repeal

Portsmouth Regional Hospital Opens New Breast Milk Depot

Housing Crunch a Challenge For Upper Valley Businesses

Wolfeboro Dog Breeder Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty Sentenced to Serve Jail Time [Just make her pay a fine, idiots]

AG Says Man Died from Gunshots at Imperial Buffet Restaurant in Claremont

Liquor Commission Denies Permits as it Plans Launch of Wine Shipping Business

N.H. Senators Want EPA to Allow Release of PFC Health Risk Data


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #73 on: June 02, 2018, 10:45:24 am »


See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

NH: Anti-poverty group blocks street (Cops, Poor People's Campaign, MLK)

NH: Street-blocking organizer considers my criticisms

NH: My demonstration against educrat association

Air Force Academy graduation + RidleyCam = First Amendment Audit

Air Force Academy graduation tolerant of libertarian questions, initially

Air Force major questions reporter

Air Force guy steps in front of camera while I'm asking questions (First Amendment Audit)

Air Force contractor no like First Amendment audit

Vin Armani, Showtime’s “Gigolos” Star, Moves from Vegas to New Hampshire!

NH-Based Libertarian Talk Radio Show Moves Up to #27 on National “Heavy Hundred”

Dash Steals the Show on Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 in Portsmouth

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 Celebrated in Keene at Little Zoe’s Pizza

Forkfest Update: New Restaurant in Lancaster Announces Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Local Business Owner Challenges Parking Tickets & Wins Thanks to New Keene Judge

State vs Federal Citizenship and Changing Parties to Libertarian

N.H. DMV Debuts Online Wait Times for 5 Busiest Locations

Drinking Water Conference Tackles Risks to N.H. Groundwater, Wells

‘One-Pot’ Labs On The Rise in N.H. As Meth Cases Double Annually

Tactical Gear Maker Revision Military Expanding In To Pease

Examining N.H.'s Mental Health System [Corruption/Abuse?]

Needle-Sharer Thought to be Behind HIV Spread

Londonderry Joins Other Municipalities in Suing Opioid Makers

Survey of Young N.H. Residents Tries to Find Why They Stay ... And Why They Don’t [FSP needs to reach them; get with it, FSP!]

Recycling Industry Grapples With Export Pressures, Near-Full Landfills

EPA: Don’t Eat Fish Caught Near Cleaned-Up Milford Superfund Site

EPA Will Develop Formal Limits On PFAS Chemical Contamination

Amid Debate Over Gun Policy, An Unlikely Team Finds Some Consensus in N.H.

N.H. Schools, Mental Health Centers Working Together To Help Kids [to be mind-numbed robots]

Crowd Protests N.H. Man Being Held In Psychiatric Unit at State Prison

Border Patrol Immigration Checkpoint Nets 17 Arrests over Memorial Day Weekend in N.H.

'Poor People's Campaign' Holds Third Rally At N.H. State House

Student Activism Will Push Congress To Act On Guns [or something]

N.H. Officials Find No Widespread Fraud in Recent Elections

Big Tax Break To Biomanufacturing Companies

Task Force Tackles N.H. School Safety, Avoids Discussing Guns [The safest schools are homeschooling]

N.H. Lawsuits Are Piling Up Against Opioid Manufacturers

Laconia Manufacturer Could Be Key Player In Getting People To Mars [Pipe dream]

Marijuana Legalization Backed by N.H. Democrats Chair


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #74 on: June 03, 2018, 11:03:34 pm »

Oops, I forgot to include the following item yesterday above.

Give Me Liberty or Something Else: The prickly problem of a New England secessionist utopia
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