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Author Topic: New Hampshire & FSP-Related News (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 39836 times)


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Re: 21) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #30 on: December 31, 2016, 08:57:48 pm »

New Mover David Jurist’s Arraignment for Driving on Suspended License

VIDEO: Intimidation FAIL at Portsmouth District Court

UBER Grandma Interviewed After Facing Down $6,500 in Fines for Civil Disobedience

Cop Blockers Scare Trooper Away From Pullover in Keene, NH’s “Free Streets Project”

VIDEO: State Representative Dick Marple OWNS District Court Judge

NH Supreme Court Rules Fully in Favor of Keene’s Robin Hooders!

Bill Designed to Expedite Cross-Border Travel with Canada Passes Congress

Lebanon Pastor Fears City's Camping Ban Will Drive Homeless 'Further Into the Woods'

Authorities Identify Father and Son in Dover Shooting [Caused by Stupid Meds]

Fentanyl, Not Heroin, Responsible for Majority of N.H. Drug Overdoses This Year

New Hampshire Unemployment Rate Falls in November

After a Seven-Year Fight, Antrim Wind Project Gets State Approval

Self-serving Senior Assistant AG Says N.H. Should Join States That Require Licenses for Home Contractors

Physician Assistant Who Over-Prescribed Opioids Loses License Permanently [Go after the damn drug compaines & the FDA too]

Recreational Marijuana Law Takes Effect in Massachusetts

Time For N.H. to Create Path to Marijuana Legalization

With Record Cold Weather Here, Concord is Still Without a Homeless Shelter

[Non-terrorist] Immigration Can Stem New England's Workforce Shortage

An outside review of New Hampshire’s child protective services agency

UNH Water-Powered Battery Project May Diversify Energy Opportunities

New Hampshire Woman [convicted of distributing heroin] Pardoned by Obama

Appointing Rep With Assault Conviction to Crime Committee Was Quid Pro Quo

Dept. Of Defense [Offense] Funds New Bio-Research, Manufacturing Institute In Manchester

Bill Proposes Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment for Severe Addiction

Institute to Grow Human Tissue and Organs May Bring Jobs to Manchester

About a dozen Syrians were resettled in New Hampshire last year

Help NHPR Report on Opioid Abuse, Treatment and Recovery

One Hiker Dies, Another Rescued In The White Mountains This Weekend

DHHS: Data Breach Compromises Up to 15,000 Client Records

Here Are Some New N.H. Laws Taking Effect On January 1st

Salem P.D. Reports Spike in Year-End Overdose Deaths

Check-In On N.H.'s 'Felonies First' Program

State lawmakers will consider next session a bill to impose an income tax Theft
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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #31 on: January 16, 2017, 08:15:35 am »

Last year William Saturno of UNH in Durham helped locate Mayan settlements in deep jungle, using satellite images

From civil disobedience to political action, Celebrating Ten Years as NH’s Liberty Activism Destination!

“Ransomware” Strikes Keene Man’s Computer for $2,000 in Bitcoin – How to Keep Safe

Introduction to Voluntaryism, Why in NH – Panel Discussion Video

NH’s Fifth Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Concord!

Concord Monitor and NH1 Pick Up Bitcoin Vending Machine Story

Keene School District’s New Transgender Policy Unnecessary

NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 1 – State House Testimony Videos

Epidemic of Passable Arguments re Statism etc

State Rep Dick Marple Gives Evidence for Right to Travel without License

Man Accused of Setting Fire to Lebanon Church, Stabbing 2 People

N.H. DMV Now Offering Fiendish Real ID Compliant Drivers Licenses

Maine Governor Signs Off on Legal Pot, Calls For Moratorium

Commissioner Apologizes to Families Over DHHS Data Breach Notices

Teaching pretend Tolerance at Concord High

Greed-based Giant Massachusetts Healthcare Network Buys Its First N.H. Hospital

Shaheen, Hassan Push Back on Ryan Plan to Defund genocidal Planned Parenthood

Sununu described NH as "a regulatory police state"

Concealed Carry Repeal Heads to N.H. Senate After Clearing Committee

Drug overdoses — one of them fatal — at the state prison in Concord

Durham State Rep Seeks More Local Control for Towns in the Path of Energy Projects

Greedy Business Leaders & Advocates Unite Around Call for pretended Affordable Housing Investments

N.H. Lawmaker Apologizes For Dropping Loaded Gun at Hearing

N.H. Educators recklessly Navigate The Complexities of Free Speech


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #32 on: February 01, 2017, 07:31:02 pm »

NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 2 – State House Testimony re Prostitution etc

School talk: warrants, budget, & labor contracts • Why do progressives hate the voucher system so much? [Do UNSCHOOLING!]

Video: Winchester Cops Abuse Citizen Without Cause

Liberty Party Endorses Libertarian Party of NH

New Mover Heather Mullins Makes Splash as New Hemp Lobbyist

Liberty Lobby Listens in on State House Hearings on Bitcoin etc

Video on Latest Keene Issues

More Than 2,000 N.H. Patients Getting Medical Marijuana Under New Law

More People Over 60 Are Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans

New Hampshire Ends 2016 With 2.6 Percent Unemployment Rate

11-Year-Old Somersworth Student Brought Loaded Gun to School

In 2016, State Saw Spike In Gonorrhea Cases

N.H. Senate Passes Concealed Carry Gun Bill

Most N.H. Public School Students Aren't Getting Enough Phys. Ed. [& too much brainwashing?]

Parenting from New Hampshire's Prisons

Thousands Rally in Concord for 'Women's Day of Action and Unity'

Manchester Vigil Planned, After [Fake News] Racially-Charged Signs Found Outside Two Schools

Trump Nominates Keene Woman to Head Air Force

Michael Sununu, Brother of Governor, Takes Aim at [Fake] Climate Science in State Report

Meds for Drug Addiction -- Backed by Federal Dollars & Doctors -- Raises [false] Hopes & Questions

N.H. Company Gets Clients Out Of Hot Water Abroad

Staffing Problems Could Further Delay New State Women's Prison

A Success in Manchester, Safe Station Drug Program Faces Bigger Hurdles Elsewhere

Lawmakers Who Want To Carry Guns On N.H. House Floor Won't Be Required to Take Safety Training

Authorities I.D. Likely Serial Killer Behind Two New Hampshire Cold Cases

N.H. House Lawmakers to Debate Concealed Carry, Marijuana Decriminalization


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #33 on: February 16, 2017, 10:16:52 pm »

Fundamentals of Voluntaryism [video]

Reform the solitary confinement system

Keene political news

Free The Nipple Laconia Ladies Guilty; Appeal Vowed

NH State Representative Joins Libertarian Party

Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Arrested in Ohio for Drug Trafficking/Possession – VIDEO

Liberty Lobby News

More Keene Political News

Humped, Stumped and Trumped: NH Corruption

Local Solar Energy

Research From UNH Shows Death by Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Up Nationwide

Two of New Hampshire's Seacoast Towns Mull Sanctuary City Status

N.H.'s Same-Day Voter Registration Likely Here To Stay, For Now

Repeal of Concealed Carry Permit Requirment Passes N.H. House

Peterborough's 102-Year-Old Movie Theater For Sale

Family of Man Killed By Haverhill Police Officers Files Lawsuit

N.H. 'Right-to-Work' Bill's Fate Uncertain in GOP-Controlled House


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #34 on: March 01, 2017, 01:25:47 pm »

Keene Govt News Video

State House on Cosmetology Licensing Scam

Another Keene Govt News Video

Bitcoin News, New Websites, Meetup, & Shire Bitcoin Forums

State House Hearing on Cannabis Legalization

Bad idea to dispose of your concealed carry license

Keene News Economic Development Action Plan cronyism

Family of Man Killed By Haverhill Police Officers Files Lawsuit

Refugee Resettlement Resumes in N.H., But Future of Program Uncertain

There's Strong Public Support for Environmental Protections in New Hampshire

WBIN-TV announced Friday it will cease operations in the coming months

N.H. Police Chief Scared Gun Bill Could Compromise Public Safety

Milford Castings Manufacturer Wants To Expand, Hire More Positions

Consumer Confidence in N.H. Hits 15-Year High (because Hillary lost)

A Florida-Based Think Tank Is Behind A Bill That Would Limit Food Stamp Eligibility In N.H.

Transgender Teen Speaks Out On Trump Rolling Back Protections, New Hampshire Bill

Police Reporting Of Unauthorized Immigrants Varies Dramatically Between N.H. Towns

Man Accused In Stepdaughter's Death Found Incompetent To Stand Trial

N.H. Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 2.7 Percent, Still Among Lowest in Nation

Brady Sullivan to Pay $90,000 for Exposing Tenants to Lead

Lawmakers Signal Support For Renewed Investigation Into Seacoast Cancer Cluster

Will Stricter Penalties for Dealers Help Stem N.H.'s Drug Epidemic? (NO, Decriminalize!)


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #35 on: March 15, 2017, 10:46:44 pm »

Why Liberty Lovers Should Move to New Hampshire ASAP – Anarchapulco 2017

Keene set to force 6 year $86 million Capital Improvement Plan

From Skinhead to CopBlock: Ideas Have Consequences

NH House Passes Historic Bitcoin Protection Bill + Cannabis Decrim Passed by Record 89%!

HB 161 would close the loophole allowing untaxed beer sales at farmers’ markets

Cop Block Founder Speaks From Jail on National Radio

Welcome to Free Keene’s Newest Blogger: Caleb Dyer, Libertarian NH State Representative

Keene City leaders sign letter against intolerance and bigotry

North Country Veteran's Death Raises Questions About Hospital Oversight

Forbidding Forecast For Lyme Disease In The Northeast

Investigation Reveals More Sex Abuse Allegations at Phillips Exeter Academy

Despite Legal Questions, Portsmouth Council Looks To Move Ahead On Plastic Bag Ban

New Hampshire May Explore Forced Treatment For Opioid Addicts

A Question Of Justice In N.H.’s Biggest Jail

N.H. Police Departments Looking For More Diverse Applicants

New Energy Projects Not Needed for N.H.'s Economic Growth

Transgender Bill Is Right For N.H.

Keene Police Chief Found Dead At Home

Virtual Reality Filmmakers Tackle Smuttynose Island Murders

UNH Study Identifies Risk Factors in Teen Dating Violence


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #36 on: March 30, 2017, 01:21:31 pm »


Local Sovereignty: We the People 2.0 Film Screening in Barnstead, NH April 2, 2017

(I expect to post the "usual" NH/FSP news in a day or two.)


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #37 on: March 31, 2017, 09:44:34 pm »

Local Sovereignty: We the People 2.0 Film Screening in Barnstead, NH April 2, 2017

Keene Police Chief’s Shocking Death A Major Loss to Community

Liberty Lobby: expand access to the medical cannabis program in New Hampshire

Hypocritical Free State Project Invites John McAfee to Headline Porcfest 2017

New Jersey Libertarian Can’t Explain Why He Still Lives There

State Representative Caleb Dyer: “Reasons I Switched to the Libertarian Party”

Cop Block Founder & Cannabis user Ademo Freeman Is Out of Jail After Major Bail Reduction!

LPNH Convention 2017 Speech: Robert Lombardo

Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Campaign for NH Governor in 2018!

Free State Project President Matt Philips Speaks to Libertarian Party of NH Convention

Carla Howell’s Keynote from LPNH 2017 Convention

Liberty Lobby: Confusing bill purports to protect victims of sex trafficking

Juvenile Charged With Killing Man, Shooting Woman In Farmington

N.H. Inmates Build Bonds With Their Kids - Through Reading

Portsmouth City Officials Divided on Legality of Plastic Bag Ban

Who Gets to Claim a Stake in N.H. Elections?

New Hampshire State Senator Scott McGilvray Dies

Strafford County Corrections Officer Accused Of Smuggling Heroin Into Jail

Veteran Homelessness 'Effectively' Ended in Nashua Area

UNH Scientists Launch Project to Assess Invasive Plants

N.H. Opioid Prescriber Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges

Made in New Hampshire: Manufacturing's Rise and Fall in Manchester

Long-Time New Hampshire Rep. Steve Vaillancourt Dies

The Hard Economics of Making Plush Toys in New Hampshire

N.H. House Speaker: Sununu's Full-Day Kindergarten Plan 'Another Expansion Of Government'

Want to Make Science Interesting? Try YouTube!

Manchester's Childhood Trauma Response Program Attracts International Interest

Trump, Trade, and New Hampshire Manufacturing

UNH Poll: 43% of N.H. Residents Think Scientists Alter Findings to Suit Agenda

Survey: N.H. Top Place to Retire to in U.S.

Manchester Officers Credited With Saving Man's Life In Department Lobby

How An $821K Bequest Divided The Small Town Of Troy, N.H.


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #38 on: April 01, 2017, 10:06:03 pm »

UPDATE: (I overlooked this yesterday when I posted the previous post)
New Hampshire Bill Would Defend Cryptocurrencies


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #39 on: April 15, 2017, 06:22:35 pm »

Liberty Lobby: HB 614 would prevent seized assets under $100,000 from being transferred to the federal government

Manchester Marine Veteran Pays $75 Parking Fine in Pennies; Cop Lies to Cameraman

Marple charged for driving without license argued court has no jurisdiction over him

Liberty Lobby: Opposing HB 580 to regulate fantasy sports websites operating in New Hampshire

NH Bitcoiners Speak to Senate Committee About Bitcoin Protection Bill

Reasons Libertarians are Migrating to NH

Between VT And N.H., Police Reporting Of Unauthorized Immigrants Varies Dramatically

Bill Would 'Effectively Criminalize' Legitimate New Hampshire Voters

Hassan Bill Would Ease Student Debt Burden On Entrepreneurs

Lebanon Approves Policy Banning Discrimination Of Transgender Workers

Pope Dismisses New Hampshire Priest Who Embezzled Money

What Happens When New Hampshire's Lawmakers Are Too Busy For the Job?

Bill Would Let N.H. Parents Use State Funds For Private Or Home Schools

Despite Six-Figure Salaries, N.H. Struggles to Attract Enough Tech Workers

N.H. Senate Weighs Whether to Loosen State's Marijuana Laws

N.H. Businesses May Have More Tax Cuts To Look Forward To

School Voucher Opponent: N.H. Bill Is Unconstitutional, Bad For Public Schools
[Public Schools are bad for students]

In The Most Yankee of Traditions, A 'Repair Café' Launches in Peterborough

Ruling Could Allow More DCYF Lawsuits To Be Tried In Public


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #40 on: May 01, 2017, 10:23:19 pm »

Liberty Lobby: Cannabis, Drones etc

Manchester Activists Protest US Syria Strikes

NH 420 Rally Broadcasts Civil Disobedience

4/20: State Representatives Smoke Cannabis at NH State House with Crowd of 100+

Business Owner Arrested for Crossing Street at DUI Checkpoint in Manchester

Liberty Lobby: Jury Nullification & Voting

Unemployment Stays Low, Giving Job Seekers More Leverage

N.H. Commissioner On DCYF Overhaul

GOP's 'House Freedom Caucus' To Create Political Action Committee

After Its Busiest Winter Yet, Keene Homeless Shelter Seeks Bigger Space

Money to Fight Opioid Epidemic Coming to N.H.

Keene Adds Transgender Protections to City Anti-Discrimination Policy

N.H. Continues To Make Millions Off Alcohol, But Spends Little To Curb Impact

Former N.H. State Rep. Suing Her Phillips Andover Teacher Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Keene Designers Imagine the Infrastructure Behind Electric Vehicles

Synthetic opioid carfentanil was found in the blood of three NH residents who died from overdoses

Documentary on N.H. Primary Takes on Media and Its Consumers

Officials Plan Dye Testing in Oyster River


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #41 on: May 15, 2017, 09:27:32 pm »

Contrary 85 y.o. State Rep. Dick Marple Trial for “Driving After Suspension”

Liberty Lobby Videos: Hemp, E-Cigs etc

Keene Democrat State Rep. Joseph Stallcop Flips to Libertarian, Making History!

74% of NH Senate Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis & Governor Promises to Sign!

Portsmouth Launches New Bike Share Program

Cartels Getting Creative When It Comes To Getting Drugs Into N.H.

Instruments Designed By Dartmouth Engineering Students Debut New Composition

Operator Behind Fatal Tent Collapse In Lancaster To Pay $15K Fine

New Investment Fund to Put Money Behind N.H. Startups

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly On Russian Hacks, WikiLeaks, & The Rise of Weaponized Information (NPR helps do the weaponizing, i.e. propaganda)

Two N.H. Residents Charged In Human Trafficking Sting

State Survey Finds No Links Connecting String of Rare Cancer Cases on Seacoast

N.H. House Reps to Have Public Hearings on Members' Online Behaviors

Substance Misuse in N.H. Takes $2.3 Billion Toll on State's Economy

Hanover Voters To Decide Zoning Change Pushed By 2 Banned Fraternities

In Manchester, Combining Social Work and Police Work to Help Troubled Kids

A.G.'s Office Focused on getting the powerful synthetic opioid Carfentanil off the streets

ACLU: N.H. Violated Voters' Rights By Tossing Some Absentee Ballots

Democratic State Lawmaker Defends Tweets At Heated Hearing (Are lawmakers against free speech?)

Conservative LGBT Rights Group Gets Off The Ground In N.H.

How Healthy are New Hampshire's Lakes? Check the Data

N.H. Foster Care System Faces Surge In Children Needing Homes And Dearth Of Foster Families (Opportunity for pedophiles?)

State Rep Calls State Oversight of Hampton Beach 'Tyrannical'

Quebec Manufacturer Announces Plans to Expand to Berlin, N.H.

UNH Police Investigate Swastika Drawings Found On Campus (probably drawn by democrats as false flag)

N.H.’s Newest Arboretum


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #42 on: June 01, 2017, 10:01:11 pm »

Forty Years of Sex Abuse Catalogued at Elite NH Prep School of Kerry, Mueller

The Shire Dude Show Is Back

Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day + Makerspace, Golf Course, Jiu Jitsu Businesses Now Accepting Bitcoin in Keene!

Artists And Activists Gather In Manchester’s Underground Club

Manchester Police Investigating Officer Charged In Hit And Run

New England Dragway to Pay At Least $100,000 for Wetland Protection Violations

Misogynistic [?] Reddit forum known as The Red Pill, has resigned from the New Hampshire house

Portsmouth's Pick to Lead Police Department is Accused of Assault in Civil Lawsuit

Hassan Steps Up Absurd Calls for Investigations Into Comey Dismissal, Russian Election Interference

Incidents at UNH Force Difficult Dialogue About Race and Diversity

Kellyanne Conway Tells Trump's Supporters To Ignore Ignorant Critics

N.H. Gun Maker Sued By State of New Jersey Over Defective Guns

Report Details Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct By St. Paul's School Faculty

Electric Gets More Affordable as Chevy Bolt Hits The Road

Labrie Asks N.H. Court To Review Law That Labels Him A Sex Offender

Carfentanil Confirmed as Cause of Six Overdose Deaths in N.H.

Spread of Liberal Conspiracy Theories a 'Worrisome' Trend

In Lisbon, NH, Outsiders have been run out of town, while the local government faced a small-scale coup

N.H. Fed., Local Authorities Weigh In On The Dumbass 'War On Drugs'

Grandparents To Get Priority In Custody Cases Involving Substance Abuse

Bill Ensures Integrity of N.H.'s Voting Process

Marijuana Decriminalization Set to Become Law in N.H.

New Hampshire Poised to Join States With Fetal Homicide Laws


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #43 on: June 16, 2017, 10:05:52 am »

The Power of Cop Blocking With Large Numbers of People

NH Governor Signs Bill Protecting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency From Regulation!

Oppressive Regimes Threatened By Free Satellite Signals – Help LRN.FM Fund More Via Patreon!

Bicyclist Traveling From Florida to New Hampshire NOW!

New Hampshire’s First Vending Machine to Offer DASH

Former FSP President Performs Stand-up

Eat Dessert First! Fri, June 16, 12am – Sat, June 17, 12am (map)
My annual Eat Dessert First event in memory of Hardy. It's a public event. Feel free to invite anyone you wish.

PorcFest 2017, Wed, June 21, 9am – Sun, June 25, 12pm
Roger's Campground & Motel (map)
The 14th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival!
PorcFest is an annual liberty camping event organized by the Free State Project. We hope you will join us for the festivities in Northern New Hampshire at Roger’s Campground for the most exciting liberty event of the year! See you there!

NH Liberty Central Calendar

Marijuana Decriminalization Set to Become Law in N.H.

N.H. Lawmaker Charged With Tax Evasion, Theft From Businesses

What Happens When Dartmouth Students and Incarcerated Women Meet

Expensive Bike Sharing Program Launches in Manchester

State Supreme Court Sides with Towns in Dispute Over Utility Taxes

Regulators to Hold Public Meeting on Safety at Seabrook Nuclear Plant

Opponents of Antrim Wind Project Appeal to Supreme Court (They should contact )

Groundbreaking Held For Largest Development Project in N.H. History

Five Strafford County Jail Inmates Apparently Suffered Overdoses

Council Approves Contract to Review Rapidly-Closed DCYF Cases

Firecrackers Now Legal (And For Sale) In New Hampshire

Resurrected Derry Farmers Market Aims To Be An 'Event For Downtown'

Drinking Water in Windham Shows Elevated Levels of PFCs

Digging Up Evidence of New Hampshire's Earliest Inhabitants

Since their son died from an apparent fentanyl overdose in 2015, educating others about the importance of safely disposing of extra medication [poison]

The History of Conscription & The Current Debate Over Reviving The Draft

Seacoast 'Experiment' Combines Solar Electricity and Efficiency Efforts

Ballot Law Commission Grants Libertarian Candidate a Spot in N.H. House Special Election

One Dead After Police Shooting at State Liquor Store in Hampton

Organ Donation: New Developments, Common Misconceptions, And Ever-Present Need

VA to LGBTQ Veterans: You're Welcome Here


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Re: 15) New Hampshire & FSP-Related News
« Reply #44 on: June 30, 2017, 03:35:50 pm »

Free State Project EXPOSED! [Fake News] How Libertarians Took Over New Hampshire

Third Sitting New Hampshire State Rep Flips to Libertarian Party!

Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail

Bitcoin Hits Front Page of Monadnock Shopper News, Delivered to 40,000 Homes in Cheshire County!

PorcFest is Over, Wha, Whaa, Whaaaaa

Needle Exchanges Are Now Legal In New Hampshire

At Bike Week, Health Groups Reach Out to Aging Bikers

Overdose Victims Now An Increasing Source Of Organ Donations

N.H. Nonprofits To Receive More Than $5 Million in Tax Credits [Taxes are theft]

Man Beats Woman Outside Rochester Planet Fitness, Punches Her 39 Times

Authorities Hope Video Of Dead Inmate Provides ID Clues

Nashua Expands Full-Day Kindergarten [pre-brainwashing] to All Elementary Schools

NH ACLU: Freedom Of Speech At Stake In Farmington Lawsuit

Marijuana Advocates Optimistic in Northeast Despite Setbacks

N.H. Sees Spike in Cases of Syphilis

N.H. Lawmaker Indicted For Theft, Tax Evasion [Taxes are theft]

N.H. Hair Braiders Enjoy New Freedom from Licensing Rules [Licensing are jackass laws]

Despite Risks, High Rate of Opioid Prescriptions For People With Mental Health Conditions [Most meds are poison]

Antiques Dealer's Lawsuit Over Swastika Facebook Post Raises Questions About Free Speech Online

N.H. Utilities Commission Lifts Limits on Solar Net-Metering

Sig Sauer Shooting Ranges Shut Down For Now After Bullet In Windshield

How Gerrymandering Skewed the 2016 Elections

Carfentanil Arrests on the Rise in New Hampshire

As News of Rape in Manchester School Becomes Public, Officials Explore New Policies

Police Investigating Sexual Assault at St. Paul's School

N.H. Officials: Overdose Responses Hit New High In June

Map: Which New Hampshire Towns Allow Fireworks?
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