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Author Topic: New Hampshire & FSP-Related News (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 39832 times)


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2016, 06:19:14 pm »

(See previous post for other recent local statist news at .)

Mike Gill, Victim of Court Abuse, Tells of Other Abuses
Why Mike was Found In Contempt (Full Text)
Friday, April 1, 2016
Follows is the full text of the video "Why Mike Gill Was Found In Contempt." The evidence of corruption is clear.

A letter from Mike Gill Jr:

Today was the first day that I have been able to speak to my father, who has been in jail since last Wednesday.
He was able to tell me why he was held in contempt of court.
The morning of the family court hearing. He got into his car and someone had left him a letter on his front seat. Inside the car. In this letter someone threatens that if he does not take the deal (there have been many settlement offers) and stop creating problems that someone would "cut the heads off of his children and mail them to him one by one"...
He brought this letter into court with him and tried to give it to the judge for him to review and hopefully help get investigated. The letter was given to one of the bailiff, but the judge refused to look at it. Mike Senior was upset because family court is there to help protect children.He asked repeatedly to have this looked into. The judge became irate and ordered that our filming equipment be removed. Officers of the court proceeded to take our recording devices and left the courtroom with them. Sr, who was still vocal about the need to have this looked into, was then cuffed and taken out of the room.

This was not an incident of an irrational person mouthing off to a court official. This is a corrupt judge that knows exactly what he is doing. He is using his position of power to punish my father for his message of the corruption in our state.

I believe this explanation was needed and I am sure once he is out of jail he will be able to elaborate more.

Introduction: Mike was contacted via cell phone regarding proof regarding the corruption of his divorce hearing. This has been a long and complex situation and Mike has been unable to get the FBI, police, or the courts to even consider the information. You may appreciate better why Mike is concerned about the fairness of his hearings.

The Gates of Hell (Video)
Some of the highlights of the video are as follows.
In the video Mike Sr, who spent 9 days or so in jail (Rockingham County), supposedly for contempt of court, said regarding DCYF (NH Division of Children, Youth and Families), that one or more of the top people at DCYF are child molestors and most of them are involved in destroying families for profit. In court Mike tried to submit evidence of threats against the lives of his children, but the judge refused to accept the evidence and proclaimed Mike to be in contempt of court. While Mike was in jail, he fasted to prevent getting poisoned, but he gave in to trying to eat a potato. After eating only 2 bites he soon got a bad headache and fell to the floor for some time. He believes the potato was poisoned. He said his blood pressure went way down. But he recovered and ate nothing more. He was not allowed to make any phone calls during his unjust imprisonment, except after 8 days he had just one minute with his son. There were several teenagers who were in jail for using drugs and they were put in cells with predators. One boy was raped or beaten severely. The guards laughed about the abuse and they sold heroin to the inmates. Mike's former attorney, Walker, is trying to protect all of the corrupt officials and is trying to get Mike killed. There have been several attempts on his life, because he's trying to expose the corruption.
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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #16 on: April 26, 2016, 12:17:51 am »

Mike Gill Video: Corruption in the IRS Caught on Tape

Mike Gill Video: State of Corruption Week 19: Death, Taxes and a Cook

Mike Gill Video: State of Corruption Week 18: Search Warrant

Mike Gill Video: Discredit the Man, Destroy the Message

Public has Right to Electronic Records
In a unanimous decision, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled today that the public has a right under the Right-to-Know Law to records in electronic format. Donna Green had requested an electronic copy of budget data, a spreadsheet, but was only offered a paper copy. The Rockingham Superior Court had ruled that SAU 55 had the discretion to only provide paper copies. But, the Supreme Court reversed that Rockingham decision and ruled that even though the Right-to-Know Law is ambiguous, when read within the purpose of the statute, and the overwhelming usefulness of electronic records, the SAU must provide electronic copies.  The decision of the court is available here.

Officer McNutt and Cumlately Arrest Man for Riding Bike on Sidewalk; No Joke

Jails and the “Justice” System Punish the Poor For Being Poor

Why Private Policing Is Not Any Solution At All

Why I Hated Being A Cop

Must We Choose Between Mob Justice And The Police State?

Bottled Water May Be Needed in PFOA-Affected Areas All Summer

Federal Prosecutors to Help State Charge Drug Dealers With Homicide

Rubens Says "Harm Reduction" Best Way to Combat Drug Crisis

American Lung Association Gives Rockingham County Failing Ozone Grade

Advocates Call For More Resources To Help Kids With Incarcerated Parents

Courts and ACLU Propose End to 'Debtors’ Prison' in N.H.

Mapping an Epidemic: Where Did Overdose Deaths Happen in N.H. Last Year?

What The Data Tells Us About Opioid Use Right Now in N.H.

Jailed Homeless Activist Died Of Fentanyl Overdose, Says Medical Examiner [drug provided by guards?]

Portsmouth Mobile Home Residents Buy The Land They Live On, A Growing N.H. Trend

Connecticut to Receive Grants to Reduce Prison Inmate Population Statewide

ACLU Challenges Constitutionality Of Manchester Panhandling Ordinance

Demand Letter Seeks $21M in Damages From Portsmouth Police

For Inmates on Methadone, Forced Detox Can Be a Dangerous Cycle

Does Carrying A Pistol Make You Safer?

Nashua Police Offer Classes on How to Respond to Active Shooter Situations
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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #17 on: May 06, 2016, 10:26:40 pm »

SWAT JackAssery: Militarization of Police Leads to Tyranny: NH Debate

Mike Gill's

Federal Prosecutors to Help State Charge Drug Dealers With Homicide

Annual Survey Counts 1,300 Homeless N.H. Residents

Granite Geek: Why (Almost) No One's Using Tesla's Hooksett Charging Stations

Report Says State Police Commander in North Country Not at Fault in Fatal Crash

Stoddard Chief: New Policies Will Prevent Firefighters from Committing Arson

CVS Offering Overdose Reversal Drug Without a Prescription in N.H.

A clueless government seeks "treatment" for the opioid epidemic without addressing irresponsible prescribing and drug industry marketing, and high level financial conflicts of interest

New Super PAC Backs Guinta's Primary Opponent

N.H.'s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open This Weekend in Plymouth

Marijuana legalization could combat America's opioid epidemic

Study Links Arsenic in Northern New England Wells to Bladder Cancer

In Maine, Proposal To Fight Opioid Addiction with Marijuana Moves Forward

Allegations Of Substandard Care Span Decades At Valley Street Jail

Another N.H. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Is Ready to Open, This Time in Dover

Hassan Likely to Veto Senate-Backed Bill Repealing Concealed Carry Permits

Hassan has issued (a misguided) executive order updating New Hampshire's goals of reducing fossil fuel use at state-owned facilities by 50 percent by 2030

43 Companies In N.H. Have Used Perfluorinated Chemicals


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #18 on: May 23, 2016, 02:06:07 pm »

NH State of Corruption

Faced With a Fracking Giant, This Small Town Just Legalized Civil Disobedience

200 Bitcoin Meetups and Counting

Sweetest Bitcoin Machine I Ever Saw (Manchester, NH)

Keene Activism & State Reps Dominate NHPR Interview About Free State Project

Police State: Manchester & Nashua (Excessive Force)

Alleged Cop Shooter Believes He Has A GPS Computer Chip In Brain

RT’s Libertarian Presidential Debate Features Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry

Concord's CORRUPT First Addiction Recovery Center Opens Its Doors

Former students at elite private schools all over New England are coming forward with allegations that teachers and school officials sexually abused them (Reasons to Unschool)

Real ID Compliant [PRIVACY INVADING] N.H. Drivers Licenses Are Coming

N.H. Launches Criminal Probe Into Police Use of Force Following High-Speed Chase [AND?]

N.H. Supreme Court: Bail Should Be Reconsidered for Owen Labrie, former St. Paul's school student convicted of having sex with an underage classmate

Dying From Overdose While Waiting For Treatment

N.H. State Trooper Relieved of Duty After Video Shows Officers Punching Driver

Campaign for N.H. Governor Slowly Gearing Up

Manchester Man Arrested, Accused of Shooting Two Police Officers

The Free State Project Makes Inroads in the Live Free or Die State

N.H.'s Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now Open in Lebanon

What Will April Jobs Numbers Reveal About New Hampshire's Economy?

Monadnock Region Businesses To Commit To 'Living Wage' Work Group

On The Political Front: Police Incidents Touch Debates on Body Cameras, Gun Access

Labrie's Bail Restored, Will Be Out of Jail Within the Week

In Opioid Crisis, Why It’s Important to Know Which Drugs Caused a Death

Potential Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Former Merrimack Landfill

UNH Expert Urges Caution as Tick Season Picks Up in New Hampshire [Map shows ticks increasing]

Supreme Court has rejected ExxonMobil’s appeal of a $236 million verdict in a case brought against the oil company by the state of New Hampshire

Bill to Install Body Scanners at N.H. Prisons and Jails

Consider Bill Giving Border Patrol Police Powers In Coos

'I Will Never Let You Down,' Trump Tells National Rifle Association

Corrections Dept. Reopening Retail Space For [Slave Labor?] Inmate-Made Products

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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #19 on: May 31, 2016, 03:27:42 pm »

New Hampshire Community Rights Network
(Link below)
Since 2006, CELDF has been assisting the people of New Hampshire to build a grassroots movement advancing community rights and protecting themselves from corporate water withdrawals, unsustainable energy development, and gas pipelines. Through codifying community rights and banning harmful activities as violations of those rights, these Towns are elevating the rights of communities and nature above the claimed “rights” of corporations.

CELDF supported the founding of the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) by Granite Staters in 2013, to educate residents and elected officials in New Hampshire about the right of local community self-government. Residents gathered from across the state to seat the Board of Directors in Barnstead, NH – where the Community Rights people’s movement began. In 2006 at Town Meeting, Barnstead enacted a first-in-the-nation rights-based local law, prohibiting water extractions by asserting the rights of residents to water and to local self-government, and rejecting the corporate claimed right to take community water.

NHCRN Community Rights Awareness Workshop
Who Decides What Happens in Local Communities?
Can it be Changed, and How?
Yes! See
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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #20 on: June 19, 2016, 08:32:25 am »

SWAT JackAssery: Militarization of Police Leads to Tyranny: NH Debate

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live Running for Governor: His site says: Vote FREEMAN for Governor in the Democratic Primary on Sept 13th, 2016!: Legalize/Decriminalize Cannabis and End Enforcement of Victimless Crimes; Secede from the United States; Make Ballot Access Equal for All

Alstead Boy, 11, Shuts Down State Trooper’s Speed Trap

Three of Four Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Are Now Open in NH

Manchester Cop Blockers to Converge on City Hall Tonight

Free Keene‘s newest blogger, Ethan Glover is a longtime liberty blogger who last year jumped headfirst into Cop Blocking across New Hampshire

New blogger, Melanie Johnson, graduated law school and is already getting involved in courtroom activism here in New Hampshire

Free Keene's bloggers are listed here

The Manchester New Hampshire Police Department Condones Theft

Massachusetts State Police Beat Man On Live News

11 Year Old CopBlocker Saves Unsuspecting Motorists From Extortion Tickets (VIDEO)

A New Hampshire City is Placed on “Lockdown”

Laconia Shuts Down Bike Week Music Festival

NH State of Corruption

New Hampshire Economic News Roundup: Inflation, Consumer Debt & Rural Slowdown

Even With Bundy Behind Bars, 'Range War' Lives On For Some Ranchers (Feds stealing their land for mineral rights etc)

Before North Carolina, There Were Other Contentious 'Bathroom Bill' Fights

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan has vetoed a bill to remove the licensing requirement for carrying concealed guns as expected

New Hampshire officials unveiling a monument dedicated to those killed in the conflicts in Iraq to Afghanistan (probably ignores the foreign citizens slain by the U.S. invasions)

How Schools Are Becoming the New Safety Nets for New Hampshire's Neediest Students (UNSCHOOLING is Far Superior)

Former State Rep. from Rochester, Don Leeman, Arrested for voting in a district he no longer lived in and then trying to bribe a local employee to cover it up

Emergency Rule Means N.H. Can Regulate PFOA and PFOS

Seacoast Police Departments to Open Doors to Addicts Seeking Treatment (which doors?)

Parents of St. Paul's Sexual Assault Victim File Lawsuit Against Prep School

Police in Manchester were forced to deploy tear gas to resolve an hours-long standoff initiated by a man who threatened to shoot first responders

New Hampshire-Based Battalion Headed To Kuwait (to push U.S. weight around?)

New Hampshire Supreme Court could make it easier for out-of-state gun owners to obtain concealed-carry licenses

More and more parents accused of abuse or neglect are dealing with addiction issues

State Expands, Streamlines Background Checks For Child Care Providers

How to administer Narcan, the drug used by first responders to counteract opioid overdose

In Keene, Narcan Training Teaches Community Members to be First Responders

How New Hampshire's Local Food Economy is Evolving

How N.H. Went from Deep Red to Swing State Over the Course of a Few Elections (Did FSP help?)

N.H. Farmers Prepare for New Food Safety Law

At Concord Hospital, Therapies Help Soothe Opioid-Exposed Babies in Withdrawal

Elizabeth Warren Backs Hillary Clinton (Here I thought Warren was decent)

Meeting on blood test results from people who were exposed to dangerous chemicals at the former Pease Air Force Base

Dartmouth Grads Must Help Bring The World 'One Step Closer To Peace,' Nobel Laureate Says (any sensible suggestions?)

Students Chide Dartmouth for Lack of Faculty Diversity

The Exchange on the Road: A Conversation on Business & Sustainability

Accidental Research at Keene State Leads to New Way to Spot Human Disease

Lawmakers Approve 'Granite Hammer', a 1.5 million dollar statewide drug enforcement program to create a grant program to fund drug enforcement efforts at county and local police departments

As N.H. Scales Up Its Battle Against Drugs, Will History Repeat Itself? Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that the "War on Drugs" didn’t solve the problem

Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #21 on: July 11, 2016, 10:44:05 am »

The List (corrupt NH people opposing Mike Gill)

Ridley to Hold Secession Protest at Manchester Federal Building

First Brexit, Now NHexit!

Defend Yourself Against the State
(If we can not win the daily battles against tyranny, the war is lost. 97% of the legal cases the state brings against people are never fought or argued. Police officers write small meaningless tickets with confidence that they won’t have to answer to any potential misconduct or ignorance of the law. The more people fight in court, the less incentive there will be for cities to use simple ordinances, that protect no one, as revenue collection. Turn that revenue collection into resources spent in court and you will show them reason for discretion. Reason to back away from the parking tickets on empty streets, jail time for rainwater collection, selling raw milk, selling lemonade, taking your shirt off, giving food to the homeless, singing, or dancing. You’ll show them reason to encourage the officers who proclaim to protect people to protect them from actual danger.) [See link for details.]

NHexit advocating NH declaring independence from the United States Protest Covered By Concord Monitor

Ridley Report’s Video of First NHexit Protest & Litter Pickup

NH1 Interviews Ridley for As-Yet Unaired News Package

NHexit Rally in Keene Covered on NH1

Video of Jim Babb’s Epic Rant on Porcfest’s Schism

Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings

N.H. Democrats Vote to Reform Superdelegate System In Time for 2020 Elections

Ayotte Supports 'No Fly, No Buy' Gun Bill

More Testing, Less Play: Study Finds Higher Expectations For Kindergartners
(Conventional testing is stupid, i.e. stressful and counterproductive, because it makes kids lose interest in normal learning.)

EPA Asks for Approval on Portsmouth's Wastewater Plant Upgrade Deal [We want more local control, not federal control, i.e. "the 1%"]

Officer-involved shooting that left a man dead in Peterborough following a brief pursuit

New England Methodist Conference Votes to Include LGBTQIA Community

At Democrats' Gun Sit-In, Kuster Draws Link to Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Hassan signed into law new statewide regulations for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft

New Hampshire gun manufacturer Sig Sauer lost an appeal in a US Appeals Court

Nonprofit That Sold Raffle Tickets Wasn't Registered Charity [We don't need no stinkin registration]

Inspired By the Brexit, Granite State Group Pushes #NHExit

Mother of Man Killed By New Hampshire Police Wants Answers

New Group Aims to Modernize N.H. Fish and Game

Plan for Regional Ocean Use Gets Public Comment in Portsmouth

Hassan executive order barring discrimination in state government against transgender individuals

NH Woman Asks Trump About Replacing TSA's 'Heebeejabis' With Veterans

Granite Geek: Dartmouth Professor Develops Software to Spot Terrorist Videos

N.H. Experts: Low Unemployment Doesn't Tell The Full Story of State's Economic Challenges

A Look at Recent Police Shootings in New Hampshire

N.H. To Report People With Mental Illness To National Background Check System

Police, Black Lives Matter, and Violence: A New Hampshire Perspective


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #22 on: August 05, 2016, 12:08:58 pm »

Underground drug marketplace Silk Road Founder’s Mother Interviewed at Porcfest

NH1 Reports on Liberty Candidates

LIVE Manchester Checkpoint Blocked

Why Isn’t It Gay to Be Armed?

Here’s What a NH Pink Pistols Shoot Looks Like

Concealed carry statute is written with a loophole they can drive a Mack truck through

On July 15th members of the Manchester PD and New Hampshire State gangs set up a roadblock on S Willow St

Is Bitcoin a Failure?

Candidate Profile: Ian Freeman, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Secession Protest on Unowned Land

Another Small Victory for NHexit

ACLU of NH Joins Case Against Manchester Police for Illegal Wiretapping Arrests

Dave Ridley Appears on Manchester Morning Show to Discuss NHexit

Portsmouth Bitcoin Yoga Business Frustration Solved

Candidate Spotlight: Conan Salada, State Rep, Keene – Ward 4

Victimless Crime Spree Celebrates Four Years on YouTube!

Secessionist Candidate for NH Governor Appears on Manch Morning Radio’s “Girard at Large”

State Troopers Charged In NH Assault Of Surrendering Motorist

Mike Gill
- Evidence Grab and Leverage
- Witness Protection
- Gill Attacks Judicial Corruption
- Political Corruption, The Source of New Hampshire's Drug Epidemic
- What's Going on in the Brentwood Courthouse
- Evidence in the Mail
- Corruption in the IRS

Manchester Chief says: 'Vitriol' From Obama & Media Led to Violence Against Officers

At Least 161 Drug Overdoses So Far in 2016

Many Unaware of Child Abuse Reporting Laws

Officers And Residents Talk Race And Policing In Nashua

In N.H. and Elsewhere, Slipping Enrollment Spells Steep Challenges for Small Colleges

In Laconia Fighting the Drug Epidemic is an All Hands on Deck Effort

Congress Approves Bill To Address Addiction As A Health Problem

Laconia's 'Drug Court' Focuses on Recovery, Not Punishment

Residents Can Get Blood Testing for PFCs in Drinking Water

New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development launched an initiative this week to help industries maintain their workforce

Black Lives Matter Protest Returns To Manchester

Jill Stein Brings Her Green Party Presidential Campaign To New Hampshire (co-opted of course by AGW alarmism)

Black Lives Matter Protesters Say 'We're Not Anti-Cops'

Manchester Police Use Pokemon Go to Lure Fugitives

Alcohol Summit Brings Industry, State, and Advocates Together

Like It or Not, Manchester Police Chief Says What He Thinks

Why New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana Law Shuts Out People With Chronic Pain

N.H., MA Troopers Charged with Assault for Use of Force Following High-Speed Chase

For This Group, All Politics is Local: Americans for Prosperity Grows N.H. Grassroots Footprint

What We Know About Americans for Prosperity's Operations in New Hampshire

N.H. Boosts Incentives For Wood Pellet Furnaces And Boilers

Keene State Turns to the Crowd for Document Transcription

Secret Service Investigating N.H. State Rep. Who Said Clinton Should Be Executed

N.H. AG: Police Shooting of Peterborough Man Was Justified (and we're justified in disbelieving that)

New Hampshire Joins Lawsuit Challenging Anthem-Cigna Merger, the state’s two largest health insurers

N.H.'s 2nd Largest Solar Array Goes Online in Lee

N.H. Democratic National Committeewoman 'Outraged' By Anti-Sanders DNC Emails

At DNC, Keene Woman Shares Story of Daughter's Substance Abuse

An N.H. Mom's Perspective on Gun Control in the 2016 Election

New Hampshire Backs Obama Administration in Transgender Rights Lawsuit

Minuteman Health Sues Feds Over Affordable Care Act 'Risk Adjustment' Formula

Veteran Homelessness Drops In New Hampshire

Where Homelessness in N.H. Stands Today

Are N.H. Cities Asking Homeless People to Disappear?

$1 Million in Grants Awarded for Restoration of N.H. Habitats

UNH on the Front Lines of 'Software-Defined' Networking

State Supreme Court Overturns N.H. Law That Cut Aid To Parents Of Kids With Disabilities

N.H. Hits Resistance in Investigation of Pharma's Opioid Marketing Practices (because of entrenched industry greed)

After Rejecting Ban, Lebanon Weighs Holistic Approach to Homeless Camps

Eight Years Waiting for a Home: Public Housing Assistance in NH

UPDATE: DEA, MA Police and National Guard Raided an 81Year-old Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden
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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #23 on: August 22, 2016, 09:33:17 pm »

New Hampshire Political Corruption

Major Restaurant in Portsmouth Accepts Bitcoin

NH Pink Pistols Grow in Firepower

Keene’s New Vietnamese Food Truck Accepts Bitcoin!

Three NH Democratic Governor Candidates Refuse to Debate Dextraze & Freeman

New Hampshire Ranks Most Free State in 2016 Rankings by Cato Institute [Cato is biased; NH isn't free from heroin corruption etc]

Manchester TV: Candidate [Ian Freeman] Statement to Run Multiple Times Daily

Former NH Cop Becomes Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition! [That means against convicting drug users]

Homeless At The P.K. Motel

In Boston's 'Safe Space,' Surprising Insights Into Drug Highs

Predicting Dangerous E.coli Levels in N.H. Lakes

Data Shows Racial Disparities Increase at Each Step Of N.H.'s Criminal Justice System

Democratic Gubenatorial Candidates Take a Stance on Marijuana

Final Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Merrimack [NH Likes Monopolies?]

One-third of New Hampshire’s 24 senators are retiring this year

Advocates Call on Feds to Investigate Mental Health Policies at N.H. State Prison

Shaheen Calls On Congress to Fund Research for [FRAUDULENT] Zika Vaccine

Pittsburg Food Pantry Closes, As Organizers Struggle to Find New Home

Libertarian Gary Johnson to Hold Rally in New Hampshire Thursday

Mid-Century Dartmouth Hazardous Waste Site Contaminates Drinking Water


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #24 on: September 16, 2016, 09:24:28 pm »

Reason’s Nick Gillespie said “Move to New Hampshire, you won’t be sorry!”

Andover Beacon Delivering NH Liberty Party Candidate Statement to All Households

Promising Tech Community Emerges in Freecoast

New Hampshire’s Amazing, Unmatched Bitcoin Community

Ian Freeman Rated as Top Democrat for Governor by NH Firearms Coalition & Granite State Taxpayers

Alleged Drunk Driving State Rep Runs for Re-Election, Pleads Not Guilty

How to Mail a 2-cent Letter

21st Century Security is Peer-to-Peer
"I keep one in my car and one on my keychain. In an emergency, like being pulled over or witnessing an arrest, I press it and dozens of first responders are alerted. They instantly know my emergency and location." ... "The buttons can be purchased for $25 each, and they come with accessories for easy every-day carry. Here is how the retailer describes the device: The Cell 411 Panic Button connects to your Cell 411 application running on Android or iOS smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth, providing users with a quick and easy way to alert your friends, neighbors, caregivers and loved ones in the event of an emergency. It can be carried in your pocket or bag or worn on the wrist or around the neck with the available accessories. - After pressing the Cell 411 panic button, an emergency alert will be sent out to the chosen cell or group of friends you configured. Your GPS location will be sent to your Cell 411 friends in real time, so they can come and assist you with turn by turn direction."

“Flex Your Rights” Presentation at Keene State College – Full Video

“Windham Watch” with State Rep Mary Griffin Features Ian Freeman for Governor

4 Years of Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree

Keene Police Scanner: KPD Scanner Feed

Releasing Sealed Files in Mazzaglia Appeal Sets Bad Precedent For Rape Victims

Mid-Century Dartmouth Hazardous Waste Site Contaminates Drinking Water

Drug-Treatment Advocate Attacks Hassan for hundreds of drug-related overdose deaths in GOP-Funded Ad Campaign

Likely State Water Standards Not Safe Enough, Says Harvard Research Fellow

N.H. Schools Grapple With Concerns About Guns, Student Safety On Election Day

NH Resident DeLemus Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Nevada Standoff Case

Former N.H. Trooper Pleads Guilty in Taped Beating of Driver After Chase

Chessy Prout, Owen Labrie's Sex Assault Victim, Speaks Out Publicly

16 Percent of New Hampshire Dairy Farms Closed This Year

Insurer Pulling Out of Obamacare Market in New Hampshire

Manchester Schools Shut Off Drinking Fountains After High Lead Levels Found

Ponzi Scheme Fallout Motivates Connolly's Run For Governor

Near Saint-Gobain, Sick Residents Wonder Who Is To Blame for perfluorichemicals

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to Receive $33 Million for Repairs

For the First Time, Rochester Celebrates Gay Pride

As New Hampshire regulators consider adopting the EPA’s PFOA health advisory as the state’s enforceable standard, a New Jersey committee has recommended setting a much lower standard in that state

Spending By Outside Political Groups Pays Off (Mostly) in State Primary Races

Rejecting 'So-Called Binary Choice,' Union Leader Picks so-called Libertarians for President

Some Merrimack Public Water Customers To Receive PFOA Blood Tests

NH State of Corruption
- Stripping the Future Away (August 25, 2016)
- A Bugs Life: Starring Kelly Ayotte
- The Hit Judge (September 2, 2016)
- Justice Watchdog
- We Don't Quit! (September 12, 2016)


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Re: New Hampshire Statist News
« Reply #25 on: September 30, 2016, 08:45:29 pm »

FSP Health Thread page 2: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

NH State of Corruption
Recent titles on the site are:
Steve Gordon, Are You Paying Attention?
NH IRS Corruption Caught on Tape
Chain of Guilt
Police Protection
Protect the Witnesses, Not the Criminals

Phillips Exeter Kicks Off School Year Under Cloud of Sexual Assault Scandals

Silencing Scanners: Manchester Police Encrypt All Radio Communication

Apartment Fire Underscores Rising Unease Among Bhutanese Refugees in Manchester

Department of Corrections Creates Canine Unit to Search For Drugs in Prisons

N.H. Food Bank One Step Closer to Making its Own Food

Claremont Man Dies of Injuries After Shooting Involving Police

State Hands Out $1.5M in 'Granite Hammer' Grants for Anti-Drug Enforcement

Keene Activists Hold Beer Pong Eventto highlight oppressive open container ordinance in Keene; Cops Threaten Arrests

Series Finale of The Rebel Love Show

Major Shakeup at Libertarian Party of NH: Darryl W Perry Elected Chairman; favors independence from U.S.

Majority of Keene Exit Poll Participants Think Government is Too Big + Gubernatorial Election Recap

UBER Grandma Trial Date Moved Again, Facing $7,500 in Fines for Driving

Goodbye to RLS and announcing Spirit Love Productions

Attorney General Finds Ex-Rep. Kyle Tasker Sold Marijuana To Fellow Lawmakers


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Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
« Reply #26 on: October 18, 2016, 11:07:58 am »

Libertarian Darryl W. Perry Announces Limited Presidential Write-In Campaign

National Libertarian Party Attacks “Rogue” New Hampshire Chairman in Press Release

Jury Nullification Cited as Reason Not to Charge State Rep for Buying Cannabis

NH State House Crypto Commission Member to File Bill Repealing Lone Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Historic Bitcoin Local Radio Ad Campaign Launches in Keene!

Keene-Focused Introduction to Bitcoin Video to Air on Cheshire TV

New Keene based news commentary program, Citizen Cain, streams live on Facebook

Cop Who Investigated Kyle Tasker Arrested for DUI

Final Keene Robin Hood NH Supreme Court Hearing Set For November 9th

Bitcoin Brunch in Portsmouth, NH

Trendy & stupid recommendation to paint blue line in street by Keene PD to show local support

Keene city council wanting to ban free speech, political signs on city property

Citizen Cain Keene News Comments

Court Case: Laconia ordinance prohibiting female toplessness is unconstitutional

NH Corruption

Death by Prescription; AG: American Gangster; Room Service;
50 Million Ways to Stop Mike Gill; Billy Bob; Let the Workers Hit the Floor; Stop Gill; Don't Eat the Food; Yogurt Boy, World Champion, Daddy's Boy; Dead Fish in the Milk; Red Handed; Steve Gordon, Are You Paying Attention?

$1 Million State House Dome Renovation Nears Completion

How Planned Parenthood Funding Became the Centerpiece of the N.H. Governor's Race

New Hampshire Drought Update: Struggling Dairy Farms and Municipal Mandates

Goffstown Police to Wear Body Cameras Full-Time

With Donations and State House Lobbying, Group Builds Case for Early Education [Brainwashing]

Trump's Comments on N.H. Drug Crisis; Pushback from State Advocates

Four Decades and Counting: Family of N.H. Man Convicted of Murder Still Has Hope

As N.H. Drug Deaths Climb, Fentanyl (Not Heroin) Plays A Role in Most Overdoses

N.H. Colleges Face Surge in Reports of Anxiety, Depression Among Students [so Drop Out already!]

N.H. Economic News Roundup: Household Income, Trade, and Urban Migration

High Social Worker Burnout Creating Unreliable Safety Net for N.H.'s Abused Kids

Seacoast Cancer Cluster Task Force Continues Search for Answers

Mass. Trooper's Use of Force After N.H. Chase Justified [I'm sure]

Former N.H. State Trooper Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Regulators to Look at Seabrook Nuclear Plant's Plan for Concrete Degradation

Trump Tries to Shift Focus to Opioid Crisis at Portsmouth Rally

In Nashua, Business Leaders Turn to Immigration for Economic Boost

5 Reasons (And Then Some) Not To Worry About A 'Rigged' Election [or other corruption?]

At $36K, N.H. College Grads Have Highest Average Student Debt in Nation


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Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
« Reply #27 on: November 04, 2016, 03:49:30 pm »

VIDEO: “Bill Clinton is a Rapist!” Shouted During Clinton’s Speech in Keene

Open Debate Demonstrations Planned

Libertarian Party of NH Votes to Censure LP Vice Presidential Candidate Bill Weld

Hardcore NHExiters Face Rain, Cold at Masked Demonstration in Keene

App “Cell 411” Just Added Decentralized Ride Sharing, Beating Arcade City

Open Debate Demonstrations at NH1

Committee reverses its recommendation on political sign ban on public property

Libertarian Candidates Under Attack Statewide As Election Looms

NH State of Corruption
- Hampshire: Thirsty for Jobs
- Humped, Stumped and Trumped
- Political Corruption: The Source of NH's Drug Epidemic
- Family Court: Ball and Chain
- Shaheen Caught on Text
- The Witness

Amid Talk of 'Rigged' Votes, N.H. Election Officials Say State's Systems are Solid

Supreme Court: No End To 'Debtor's Prison' In N.H.

Officer Justified in Fatal Shooting of Claremont Man

Adoptive parents of two children who were sexually abused are suing the Division of Children, Youth, and Families

N.H.-Based Firm Gets Hit By Cyberattack

Minimum Wage Debate Continues But Some States Choose Compromise

20+ People Indicted on Heroin Trafficking Charges in N.H.

What Election Day Could Mean For Commuter Rail In Southern N.H.

Plans To Watch Polls For Fraud Raise make-believe Fears Of Intimidation

Sununu Accuses N.H. Democrats of Orchestrating Voter Fraud


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Re: New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
« Reply #28 on: November 19, 2016, 08:53:25 pm »

Why I Should Move to New Hampshire: 1 Year in the Shire

Persuasion Through Moral Arguments

Keene Activism Decentralizes: SLAP Shuts Down, While Real-Life Meetups Expand

Why would private police forces be better than government? [We are the real government, so private police would not be better - Luck]

NH Libertarians Officially Recognized as Party For First time in 20 Years + “Free Staters” Win 15+ State Rep Races [Doesn't sound like good progress - Luck]

Modernizing the Shire Society Forum for 2017

64% of General Election Voters in Keene’s Ward Four Think Government is “Too Big” [If we're the government, then government can't be too big - Luck]

Return of the Activist Left? or Secession?

WMUR-TV’s Amy Coveno Assaults Independent Reporter on Video

Fundraiser Launched for Manchester Shooting Victim, shot for FSP flag

Manchester Drivers Mobilize With Cell 411 (for Free Staters needing rides)

Documentary Focusing on NH’s Liberty Movement Celebrates Two Years & Over 115,000 Views!

NH State of Corruption

NH State of Corruption: The Swamp

NH State of Corruption: Who Said It?

Why Don't More People Vote In This One Manchester Neighborhood?

Feds Halt N.H.'s Plan to Make Medicaid Recipients Prove Employment

Massachusetts Voters Legalize Marijuana; Maine Too Close to Call

Maine Voters OK Minimum Wage Boost

Modnadnock Area Real Estate Agent Charged With Housing Discrimination

N.H. State Rep Arrested, Re-elected On The Same Day

New N.H. Lawmakers to Begin Filing Bills

Prep School Trial Set Over Boy's Dismissal for Having Sex

Court Again Upholds Decision in Mazzaglia Case, protecting the privacy of a 19-year-old murder victim

N.H. Dem Chair Stupidly 'Horrified' By Trump's Pick of Bannon for Chief Strategist

Will the National, Local Political Shift Impact Efforts to Address N.H.'s Drug Epidemic? [by decriminalizing drugs?]

UNH Research Shows Political Leanings Can Affect Perceptions of make-believe Climate Change

Granite Geek: 3-D Printing's Hype and Evolution

Conservation Law Foundation Sues Pease Over Water Contamination

DEA Slobs Partners With Manchester Law Enforcement, Schools

Manchester Drug Court Opening Delayed

Seacoast Towns Find Fiscal Reasons to Favor Conservation Over Development

N.H. Joins 40 States in Lawsuit Against Maker of Opioid-Addiction Treatment Suboxone


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Re: 21 New Hampshire News of Interest to FSP
« Reply #29 on: December 10, 2016, 11:29:53 am »

The [FSP related] pro-Trump fake news website that’s finding an audience — with Trump’s help

Keene Area Speeding Ticket Trial Video [fine suspended +]

LPNH EC adopts resolution in support of peaceful secession

State Rep Amanda Bouldin Is Turncoat to Fellow Libertarians

Robin Hood of Keene’s Final NH Supreme Court Hearing

Become Familiar with Cell 411 Now, Handle Emergencies Tomorrow

Bitcoin Now Buys Auto Repair and Pizza in Keene + BBQ in Alstead!

A hero is unjustly behind bars and YOU can help set him free

Portsmouth Increasingly Becoming International Free Trade Zone

Judge Declines To Dimiss Charges In Weirs Beach Bare Boobs Case

NH Attorney General wants another medical examiner to help deal with the spike in drug-related deaths

UNH President Condemns Rise in On-Campus Hate Incidents

As Neighbors Legalize Marijuana, N.H. Advocates See Opening for Decriminalization

As Manchester's 'Safe Station' Program for Addicts Grows, Other Communities Encouraged to Follow Suit

Without A Syringe Exchange Program, New Hampshire Is At Risk Of An HIV Outbreak

N.H. Educators Navigate The Complexities of Free Speech

Portsmouth Residents File Suits Over Wastewater Plant

Laconia Fire Department Creates Liason for Drug Recovery

In One N.H. Jail, Inmates getting video visitation, instead of in person visits

Republicans Among Those Averse To Ending Same-Day Voter Registration

Women Sue Groom, Event Company After Being Hit By Drone at N.H. Wedding

N.H. Supreme Court Upholds Rye Beach Public Access

Shire Society Declaration
- Skip77 Sep 28, 2016
- Problem with this document is that it fails to recognize the origin of liberty and its precepts originate from God.  Individual liberty is the free gift of the Sovereign God to His creation and each person being created in God's image has inalienable rights from God and are free to exercise their God given liberty without any interference or molestation by government, groups or individuals.
- JasonKuzmak Nov 3, 2016
- @Skip77 It's probably because not everyone believes that, and to narrow the document down to that specific set of beliefs would invalidate the declaration's usefulness to whoever does not hold them. Insisting that everyone accept certain religious claims of the origin of liberty if they sign the document would be in exact defiance of what it stands for, whereas leaving mention of any gods out can potentially be all-inclusive, even allowing those gods to sign it if they wanted.
- [Luck Note: Anyone who does not accept the probable existence of a Supreme Caring Being cannot refute those who favor the Law of the Jungle.]
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