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Author Topic: Ballot Mailing Update  (Read 5134 times)


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Ballot Mailing Update
« on: August 03, 2003, 07:50:40 am »

From: Tim Condon <>
Date: Sun Aug 3, 2003 2:15am
Subject: The mailing of the ballots!

Greetings Porcupines. As you all know, an FSP announcement went
out last week that the first wave of ballots (4,700) was mailed on 7/23/03.
Now we're starting to get lots of emails from people wondering why they
haven't gotten their ballots yet. Unfortunately, we made a mistake: The
first batch of ballots didn't go out on 7/23/03, but rather were finally
mailed on 7/30/03 and 7/31/03. In addition, the mail is going by 3rd class,
so it can take up to two weeks to get where it's going. So be patient,
everyone. Your ballot will get to you. If you haven't received yours by
8/15/03, *then* get in touch with me and we'll try to get it worked out.
Get ready for "Next year in the Freestate!"

--Tim Condon, Membership Services Director, the Free State Project--
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Re:Ballot Mailing Update
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2003, 05:05:52 pm »

Dear Fellow Porcupines, Free State Project Supporters, and Friends,   :D

ECL, the EEMBC Certification Laboratories, is the ballot and vote
certification company hired by the Free State Project to create a
certifiable, repeatable, fair, honest, above-board vote count
process.  Actually, "hired" isn't quite right - we volunteered as a
way to contribute to the overall effort.

We have already begun receiving and processing ballots, and ask you
to do the following:

1.  Get your ballots in to us as fast as possible.  With an end-of-
September deadline, we have only received 29 ballots so far.  Given a
five day work-week and about 6 weeks to go, we need to process about
170 ballots or so each day on average to meet the deadline set by the

Given our Certifiable Process, it takes a minimum of 5 minutes to
process each ballot.   We photocopy, scan, data entry, and correlate
each ballot carefully.  That's about 14 hours a day, on average.  
Therefore, we ask your cooperation:

2.  Please make sure your ballots are clear, easy to read, and
without a lot of extra commentary.  The ballot is not the right way
to give feedback to the FSP - its an official vote.

3.  Please make sure you follow the rules.  You MAY give one or more
states the same ranking, but do try and see if you can rank them 1-10
if you can.

4.  Please make sure you have included documentation on who you are
(driver's license copy, utility bill statement, passport, or have the
ballot notarized).  If you choose to give us your phone number, the
Free State Project itself will have to try and call you back - MUCH
delaying the voting.  ECL will not call people back to verify they
are who they say they are, the FSP does that.  That costs the FSP
directly, and takes a lot of time.  We don't want your personal
information for anything other than verification purposes, but there
ARE 5000 votes to count in only a few short weeks.

5.  If you do send checks, Federal Reserve Notes, or other currency
it will be forwarded directly to the Free State Project.  ECL is NOT
taking a fee for its services, so feel safe and comfortable doing so
if you wish.

Fellow Porcupines, we are making HISTORY, right here, right now, all
of us.  Your consideration of this is greatly appreciated.

Most Respectfully and Cordially,

Alan R. Weiss
Chairman and CEO
alan at ebenchmarks dot com
New website design coming:
Alan R. Weiss, Chairman and CEO
EEMBC Certification Laboratories and Synchromesh Computing
6507 Jester Blvd, Suite 511, Austin, Texas 78750  USA
Voice:  512-219-0302   Fax:  512-219-0402  Mobile:  512-845-1305


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Re:Ballot Mailing Update
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2003, 11:31:02 pm »

I would more and gladly send you my ballot.....heck I would even mail it tomorrow.........if I had the dang thing! >:(

Aug 19th and still no ballot!!!!

How about the 20th and no ballot.

Guess I wont be a voting in this here election. Bummer but oh well such is life.

And...................since I wont be a voting I wont be amoving either.
Choices. One, plenty of room to expand. Two, freeze em and stack em like cords of wood, thaw em out to vote and then refreeze em. Choices.


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Re:Ballot Mailing Update
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2003, 07:55:34 am »

Relax, there's plenty of time!  You don't have to return the ballot until 9/22.  If you don't have your ballot by August 30th, we'll send you a new one, by first-class mail.  That goes for everyone.  I'm sure we will have to send a few of these, but 90% of you should have your ballots by then.
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