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Author Topic: Inspirational or Miscellaneous  (Read 16044 times)


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Re: Inspirational or Miscellaneous (Handle Feelings)
« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2018, 01:14:32 pm »


Feelings: Handle them before they handle you


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Re: Inspirational or Miscellaneous
« Reply #31 on: October 05, 2018, 01:42:01 am »


It's time to develop a self-reliant mentality and stop being an entitled millennial

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person (and why it doesn't matter)

Study shows that people who live in rural areas are happier than those who live in big cities

Music lessons can improve language skills

Studies have shown that thoughts alone can improve vision, fitness, and strength

Being in a bad mood can help certain people think more efficiently

Self-control is the trait that can make people happier

People who are generous and cooperative can get punished by others for being 'too good'

Autism can bring extra abilities

Much of your happiness is under your control - the product of your habits and your outlook on life

Talk therapy could permanently change depressive personality traits

Being conscientious cuts the risk of developing Alzheimer's

Are the guilt-prone more trustworthy?

How to stay motivated in the midst of challenging times

5 brutally honest truths to help overcome anxiety

Why your brain will never run out of problems to find

The healing power of an attitude of gratitude

Pet owners happier, wealthier, more fit than non-owners - get a non-shedding dog or cat

Writing your way to wellbeing

How to take a stand against manipulation

What happens to someone's brain from complaining every day? [Practice makes perfect]

From breakdown to breakthrough

How to reset your internal timer and regain patience

Psychopathic oligarchs are [sometimes] keeping us asleep in the Matrix with narratives

Corporate psychopaths threaten us all

Those who can do, can't teach: A curse of genius

Advice for lack of motivation: Give advice, don't seek it

Why it matters that teens are reading less

The psychology of denial and how to make it through a disaster

Drawing is a good way to learn

Do people enjoy your company more than you think? Who cares?

Getting to know how others see you can help you see yourself [Nah]

A physically fit mind leads to a physically fit body

Strange Contagion of suicide clusters that claimed the lives of several hundred children in Silicon Valley

Why we don't have to get emotionally embroiled in every drama that comes our way

Raising independent, capable and happier kids: How the Let Grow Project is changing communities

Tips for raising mentally strong children
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Re: Inspirational or Miscellaneous
« Reply #32 on: January 15, 2019, 11:16:12 pm »


The meaning of monstrosity has morphed dramatically over the course of history

Churches Behaving Badly: How Religions Succeed or Fail to Prevent Pathocracy

The pursuit in 'interestingness': Giving goals a fluidity that can accommodate new information

Insight, Or Why It's Not Just Your Boss Who Lacks Self-Awareness

Feeling lonely and depressed? Decrease your use of social media

Vacation is a poor substitute for leisure

Loneliness is bad for the brain

Soundscape: The importance of sound and silence

How the Big 5 Personality Traits Impact Who We Are, and Who We Can Become

People posting lots of pictures to social media became 25% more narcissistic in four months

Seeing and transforming the most negative parts of ourselves into something constructive

(Parents) Fearing fear itself

How dealing with past trauma may be the key to breaking addiction

Are schools teaching enough critical thinking skills?

Feminists find 'sexist' men more attractive than 'woke' men

Addiction and a lack of purpose

76% of people surveyed show serious signs of loneliness

Aim high: Do everything in your control to become your best self [Your best self will be your happiest]

Joy from giving outlives joy from getting

Are memories reliable? Expert explains how they change more than we realize

Women who emotionally abuse men

Attention is not a resource but a way of being alive to the world

The problem with completing household chores in a timely manner

Why children are ready to shift toward more independence around age 4

Couples show more humor and tenderness toward each other as marriage progresses

Why Most People Are Actually Mentally Ill

How the self-esteem myth has damaged society

The prolonged suffering of avoidant grievers

An alternative to the APA's new sexist guidelines for working with men and boys

Science has debunked the link between video games and real violence

You University: The Value and Art of Self-Education


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Re: Inspirational or Miscellaneous
« Reply #33 on: March 31, 2019, 09:36:21 am »


How to actually, truly focus on what you're doing

The APA guidelines are wrong. It's ok to be stoic, competitive, dominant and aggressive - but don't take it to the extreme

The 'silent treatment' is a sign of an unhealthy relationship

Benefits of garden-based learning for children

The Transcendental Treasure of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Flies in The Face of Materialism And Postmodernism

Actively religious people are happier than those who don't participate in a faith

We could use new guidelines for working with men in therapy - just not the APA guidelines

Train your mind to work smarter, not harder

Why stress is one of the best predictors of high life satisfaction

How I ditched my phone and unbroke my brain

Why stress is one of the best predictors of high life satisfaction

Stop iPhone parenting and give your children the attention they need

How to de-clutter your thoughts and emotions

The power of neuroplasticity: Boy's brain rewires itself even with 1/6th of its contents missing

Our egos blind us to our own flaws

Vivid dreams and visions of dying people suggest comfort given from the other side

Dangers of moral zealotry, one of the most insidious motives for wicked behavior

There are seven moral rules that unite humanity

How Inuit parents teach kids to control their anger

Mothers are drowning in stress

Brain perceives objects better with attention

Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method, prize-winning physicist says

How science fixed my wandering mind

Kids are missing out on climbing trees

Being 'constantly connected' through email, text and social media guarantees that you'll experience anxiety


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Re: Inspirational or Miscellaneous
« Reply #34 on: September 13, 2020, 12:50:00 pm »

Darren Thompson re Bible


See also The Bible Is Libertarian

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