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Author Topic: 30) Inspirational Articles Monthly  (Read 5892 times)


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Re: 21) Inspiring News
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2017, 09:17:11 pm »

Nashville Teens Mapped Their Daily Routes—And Got a New Bike Lane as a Result

Creating an LGBTQIA Safe Space in Rural America

Worried About Rent Hikes, 301 Families Came Together to Buy Their Mobile Home Park

What It Takes to Get Women Out of Prison—and Stay Out

Nader Calls for a Different 1 Percent that will expose “conditions of deprivation and abuse” and champion “basic fair play”

This Small Town Refused to Settle for Wal-Mart When Its Last Local Grocery Store Closed

What It Looks Like When Communities Make Racial Justice a Priority

From Grocery Stores to Labor Unions, Cooperatives Were the Answer

Tribes Find New Ways to Keep Pipelines—and Their Oil—Out of the Great Lakes

Ten Inspiring Moments from 2016

What Does a Compassionate Workplace Look Like?

How to Reduce Rudeness in the Workplace

Why 2016 Was Actually One of the Best Years on Record

The Four Keys to a Meaningful Life

Can Empathy Bridge Political Divides?

How to Combat America’s Creativity Crisis

How Adults Communicate Bias to Children


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Re: 30) Inspiring News
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2017, 10:57:35 am »

Visual learning lesson will get students thinking about solar power and unbelievable inventions

Los Angeles Finally Decriminalizing Street Vending

6 States With Criminal Justice Reform Wins to Celebrate

University of California Next In Line To Dump Wells Fargo Contracts

To Survive, the Democratic Party Needs to Stand Up to Wall Street and Global Corporations

Black Communities, not Trump Executive Orders, Will End “Carnage”

This Town Adopted Trauma-Informed Care—And Saw a Decrease in Crime and Suspension Rates

We Aren’t So Different—3 Steps to Overcome Hate and Fear

The Woman Giving Refugee Kids Free Lawyers

Why Defending Human Rights Is Women’s Work

This Invention Lets Rural Hondurans Clean Their Water—And Own the Treatment Plants

Defunding Police—How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle to Listen

How to Nurture Empathic Joy in Your Classroom

New research reveals how we learn to lie for the benefit of other people

Why You Need More Nature in Your Life

What You Can Learn from Polyamory

Can You Change Your Personality?

How to Help Students Feel Powerful at School

Why leaders can be so dismissive of creative ideas—and how to change this mindset

How Dogs Help People Get Along Better

How women’s voices can benefit business and society

Why Don’t We Prepare Enough for Disasters?


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Re: 30) Inspirational Articles Monthly
« Reply #17 on: March 20, 2017, 09:59:59 am »

(Recent article titles & links are posted above.)

My Latest Inspiration: (Update below)
Daily Family Communication

Start each supper with communication: ask everyone to share about how they can help the family be happier.

+ Step 11 + God concept
Big Book page 62: Selfishness—self-centeredness! That, we think, is the
root of our troubles. ... First of all, we had to quit playing God. It didn’t work. Next, we decided that hereafter in this drama of life, God was going to be our Director. ... When we sincerely took such a position, all sorts of remarkable things followed. We had a new Employer. Being all powerful, He provided what we needed, if we kept close to Him and performed His work well.

I agreed about the problem of selfishness, but my Reaction to that last sentence was: Yeah, right. God provides what we need IF we perform His work well. But God can always say, too bad, you didn't quite follow my directions as I intended. You didn't do your work well enough, so I won't be providing you what you need. Then I realized that's how Dad acted as my former employer: judgmental, hard-nosed, unfriendly. I then tried to improve my God concept, since I knew God wasn't like Dad, but it took me 2 or 3 years to find a better believable concept. I had been living in Denver a couple weeks and going to meetings often. Walking to a meeting one day I felt lonely, since I was still living alone and had no close friends. I had previously thought that the feeling meant I needed to find companionship, but this time I asked myself if there might be any falsehood behind that emotion, since there usually is falsehood behind most unpleasant emotions.

As soon as I asked, I realized there is falsehood behind it. Since God is always with us, I realized we're never really alone. So the feeling of being alone is an illusion. So I asked why I felt alone. Again the answer came immediately. It was because I was leary of getting close to God, because I still felt like God is judgmental, hard-nosed and unfriendly. And then I realized God isn't like that at all. God doesn't want to be a slave driver or make life miserable for us. God only wants to be our friend, help us find true happiness and give advice any time we ask for it. And it made sense then to ask God for advice as often as possible. Since then I've tried to ask God's advice often each day. And I learned later to ask for what I may need by thanking God in advance for it.

+ Roadblocks to communication
While trying to have daily family communication during supper, it's best if everyone watch out for common roadblocks to communication, at least when someone has an unpleasant emotion.
- Ordering, Directing: "Stop feeling sorry for yourself..."
- Warning, Threatening: "You'll never make friends if..." "You'd better stop worrying so much or..."
- Moralizing, Preaching: "Life is not a bowl of cherries..." "You shouldn't feel that way..." "Patience is a virtue you should learn..."
- Advising, Giving Solutions: "What I would do is...", "Why don't you..." "Let me suggest..."
- Persuading with Logic, Arguing: "Here is why you are wrong..." "The facts are..." "Yes, but..."
- Judging, Criticizing, Blaming: "You are not thinking maturely..." "You are just lazy..." "Maybe you started the fight first..."
- Praising, Agreeing: "Well, I think you're doing a great job!" "You're right!--that teacher sounds awful."
- Name-calling, Ridiculing: "Crybaby--", "That's stupid to worry about one low test grade."
- Analyzing, Diagnosing: "What's wrong with you is..." "You're just tired." "What you really mean is..."
- Reassuring, Sympathizing: "Don't worry." "You'll feel better." "Oh, cheer up!"
- Questioning, Probing: "Why..." "Who...?" "What did you...?" "How...?"
- Diverting, Sarcasm, Withdrawal: "Let's talk about pleasant things..." "Why don't you try running the world!?" Remaining silent, turning away
-- Two things to know about "Roadblocks":
- These are roadblocks when the person is experiencing a problem or strong feelings (The Other Owns the Problem). When the relationship is in the "No Problem Area" many of these are not roadblocks (e.g., joking, asking questions, etc.). Some, like name-calling and ridiculing are always risky and cause problems.
- You are not a "bad" parent because you use roadblocks. You are doing what you have been taught to do to help others. P.E.T. will provide you with more effective alternatives to begin using instead of these common roadblocks.

+ Communication differences between men & women
- In communication between a man and a woman:
- the man should listen for the woman's emotions, not for solutions to her problems unless she asks and not try to remember all the details of her statements.
- The woman should make her statement clear and to the point. If making a large and complicated point, break it down into chunks that he can fully understand before moving onto your next point. Also try not to interrupt him when he's talking.

New Relationship:

Dear prospective GF, if you like to help people, would you like to discuss ideas for a non-profit organization, or a non-profit hospital, or something like that (after our first date)?
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Re: 30) Inspirational Articles Monthly
« Reply #18 on: April 20, 2017, 08:33:49 am »

In a Bad Mood? Studies Show Why That Can Be a Good Thing

In Berlin, a Model for Creative and Affordable Housing

Winners (and Losers) in New York’s Plan to Make College Free

Self-Compassion Opens Our Hearts

No Rural-Urban Divide Here: We All Want Good Jobs and Strong Local Economies

How One Person’s Small, Brave Compost Pile Changed New York City

How to Turn Neighborhoods Into Hubs of Resilience

Doing Something Creative Can Boost Your Well-Being

How Doctors Can Communicate Better with Patients

A new study examines how different practices benefit people who worry a lot

Why to Thank Your Partner for Doing the Chores

How to Be Successful and Still Compassionate

Nine Ways to Help Siblings Get Along Better

Four Ways to Make Gossip Less Toxic

What’s the Best Strategy for Empathy?

How to Better Understand Your Child

Learning to express anger in a healthy way will help couples resolve conflicts, instead of letting them simmer

When Teens Need Their Friends More Than Their Parents

Change your life through the power of learning


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Re: 30) Inspirational Articles Monthly
« Reply #19 on: June 18, 2017, 02:59:07 pm »

Update: Rescue Dog Saves 3-Year-Old Girl's Life, Finds Her Curled Up In A Ditch

Starting a private nation in space

(I'd rather do it on the oceans, or in Antarctica or Greenland.)

1 Addicted 2 Success

2 Motivation Grid

3 Pick the Brain

4 Get Motivation

5 Tiny Buddha

6 Dumb Little Man

7 Alden Tan

8 The Utopian Life

9 Deep Existence

10 I Need Motivation

11 Become the Lion

12 MenProvement

13 Planet of Success

14 Everyday Power Blog

15 Success Consciousness

16 Life Hack

17 Motivation for Dreamers

18 Motivation to Move

19 The Positivity Blog

20 Productivity 501

21 Motive In Motion

22 Fearless Motivation

23 Zen Habits

24 Motivational Memo

25 Scott H Young

xxvi Fear of lists

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Re: 30) Inspirational Articles Monthly
« Reply #22 on: November 15, 2017, 12:00:00 pm »

Long-term study concludes that only one hour of exercise per week (10 minutes a day) could reduce depression risk by 44% [The thought of doing boring exercise is depressing. How about exercise that's fun?]

Different types of meditation strengthen different parts of the brain

Being busy is killing our ability to think creatively

The art of self-control

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Ten uncomfortable challenges that will pay off forever

Seven ways to improve your understanding of others and to be better understood

Research finds positive personality traits make people more physically attractive to others

Study finds some children may not experience lasting mental scars from bullying

Questions to ask yourself that can change your life

Are moods contagious? In a word - yes

Reading rewires your brain for more intelligence & empathy

Study suggests magic mushrooms may 'reset' depressed patients' brains

Dark humor: The funniest sign of high intelligence

Anger is temporary madness [That's why it's called being mad maybe]

Researchers discover what happens to the eyes of children when they play outside

Wellbeing enhanced more by places than objects

How our visual memories are made

Your dog can smell your emotional state, and will adopt these feelings as their own

Ease the pain of rejection with soothing touch

Robert Sapolsky and the biological case for criminal justice reform: The "punishment mindset" must go

Can we ever know whether or not our universe is a simulation?

Psychedelics more effective at reducing crime than police, says new study

The physiological & psychological benefits of nature are well documented

The way you walk may provide insight into your personality

Study suggests a tendency to daydream may indicate a higher level of intelligence and creativity

11 habits of very happy people

Website collects stories of near-death experiences
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