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Author Topic: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)  (Read 25835 times)


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #75 on: September 01, 2017, 11:34:56 pm »

Vermont Issues 29: Composting Vermont Style

Iceland Virtually Eliminates Downs Syndrome Via Abortion [It's saner to end it with Nutrition!]

Yes, the Alt-Left Exists: Yes, it is Violent

Vermont Issues 30: Vermont Man Sprays Immigration and Customs Car with Manure

Funny How Those Supporting ISP Net Neutrality Also Oppose It In Regards to Cloudflare, Google, Etc

Al Sharpton Wants to Destroy the Jefferson Memorial: The Coming Collapse of Identity Politics

Indian and Chinese Soldiers Pelt Each Other With Rocks in Border Standoff

Vermont Issues 31: Governor Phil Scott Attacks Trump Over Charlottesville Comments

The Rise of the Alt-Tech Alliance

You'll Get Inconvenient Truths From Me; Get Your Comforting Lies Elsewhere

The Five Moral Panics and Paradigms, Their Length, and their Overlap with Technology

Maria Chappelle Nadal, Alt-Left State Senator from Missouri, Makes Violent Comments about Trump

Trump Fires Steve Bannon; Which Doesn't Surprise Me Even Slightly (Here's Why)

Vermont Issues 32: Vermont State Fair Has Improved

FOX (Fake News) Relapses into Post-9/11 Style Moral Authoritarianism ft. Insane Guilfoyle

Misleading Words: "Anti fascists", "Patriot act", etc; Reality Manipulation

Vermont Issues 33: Rabid Fox in Ferrisburgh

The Democratic Establishment is Over-extending the Moral Panic and the Left is Destroying Itself

Gab, Hatreon, other Free Speech Sites Targeted by Web Giants

On the Boston Free Speech Rally, Counterprotests, VA Shiva, Trump's Response, etc

Vermont Issues 34: Bennington Downtown Reevelopment

Vermont Issues 35: Vermont Settles Case Against Jonathan Gruber Over Fraud

Trump Looks at Sun; Angry Front Page News

More Troops to Afghanistan, Criticism for Pakistan, Soaring Rhetoric: Trumps Speech

Vermont Issues 36: Vermont Declared #1 Bantz State in USA

Censorship Is Unpopular and Useless

The Drive to Five: Join Me On!

Vermont Issues 37: Burlington Town Center to be Replaced

US Diplomats In Cuba Supposedly Targeted by "Sonic Weapon"

If the Only Way You can Feel Safe is to Suppress Others, You're Very Unsafe Indeed (On Tech Censorship etc)

Vermont Issues 38: Storms Cause Sewage to Overflow into Otter Creek/ Lake Champlain

Military Intervention in Venezuela? I Oppose It, Despite its Apparent Popularity

The Obvious Solution to The Issue of "Offensive" Statues and Monuments

The "Late Capitalism" Hoax; Late Interventionism and Socialism is the Problem

Sebastian Gorka Resigns: Told You He'd Be Next (Also Joe Arpaio Pardoned) Trump's Pivot

Vermont Issues 39: Vermont Supreme Court to Weigh In on Marijuana Sniff Tests

Join me on Bitchute!

Youtube Rolls Out New Wave of Censorship: Let's See What Happens

Vermont Issues 40: Town Forest Infrastructure and Usage Expansion

Transhumanism Is Dumb: Here's Why

The Difference Between What You CAN Do And What You SHOULD Do (ft. Kitty Helper)

Hurricane Harvey: Houston Severely Flooded, Fire Ants, Cajun Navy Arrives, Mayor Blamed for Chaos

Vermont Issues 41: While Other Places Destroy Statues, Rutland Builds Them

Trump Considers Reversing Military Equipment Ban for Police Forces

Parts of GOP Consider Primary Challenge to Trump- My Thoughts

Vermont Issues 42: Seven Days Gobbles the Propaganda about Vermont Trolling

North Korea Fires Missile Across Japan; Not Provocation You Say?

Alt-left Tabloid Salon Declares Hope for a Civil War, Tells People to "Choose a Side"

Vermont Issues 43: Pressure Put on Bernie Sanders to Form Progressive Party

Youtube Puts Black Pigeon Speaks Videos into Limited State, Demonetizes Reviewbrah

Postmodernism is Just a Corporatized Celebration of Ugliness and Decadence

Vermont Issues 44: Thank Goodness; Goats Uninjured in Car Accident

MTV is Dying; but So Is MTV News

Talking is Not the Answer Trump Indicates Possibility of Military Response on North Korea

Vermont Issues 45: 13 Year Old Running for Vermont Governor; I'd Probably Vote for Him

Youtube Crackdown Continues with Diamond and Silk, RedPillBlack, and Others


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #76 on: September 15, 2017, 07:42:32 pm »

Vermont Issues 46: Vermont Rejects Armored Vehicles for State Police

DACA Set to be Repealed: My Thoughts

VR to Thulean Perspective RE Rare Earth Minerals and Survivalism

A Vidme Exclusive: As Youtube Falters

Vermont Issues 47: Vermont Adopts Rescued Houston Pets

Hurricane Irma Might Even Be Worse than Harvey Was- Could Hit Houston, New York, or DC

North Korea Claims Hydrogen Weapon and ICBM Nuclear Warheads, Tests Atomic Weapon: Some Thoughts

Vermont Issues 48: Vermont Still Least Religious State

Moral Panic!: Calgary Police Say Heavy Music a Sign of Nazism in Children

Trump Wins Big on DACA, Scraps Program, Refers it to Legislature for a Permanent Fix

Vermont Issues 49: A Vermonter Commands FEMA's Hurricane Harvey Response

Clinton Still Feebly Trying to "Resist" Something, Spouts Off about Laughable Meme Website

On Slate's Semi-Smear Article About Alt Tech (Mentioning Me, Gab, and More)

Vermont Issues 50: McGruff the Crime Dog Voice Actor Dies in Vermont

Enough is Enough Says Nicki Haley about North Korea, Addressing Room Full of Ineffectual UN Morons

Crazy Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders and His Fans in her Failure of a New Book

Vermont Issues 51: Barre Mayor Lauzon is Basically Vermonts' Trump

Hurricane Irma Destroys Three Islands, Scrapes Puerto Rico, Headed for Florida

Youtube Encourages Me to Set the Tone of Conversations in my Comments: OK!

Vermont Issues 52: Lead Paint Poisoning Vermont Children

Trump's Swing to the "Center" Continues as Predicted: Strikes Deal with Democrats on Debt

Vermont Issues 53: Phil Scott Forms Marijuana Legalization Commission: Hahaha!

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton is Whining so Much Even the Legacy Media is Getting Bored With Her

Biden Complaining about DeVos' Campus Sexual Assault Suggestions is Surreal

Vermont Issues 54: Rutlands Recovery; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Pelosi Claims Trump Will Sign Dream Act if Passed by Congress: Trump Sets Up the Neoliberals for Disaster

Vermont Issues 55: Nordic Farms Files for Bankruptcy: Symptom of a Larger Problem

How Trump Can Trap the Democrats into Voting for His Tax Reform

On PewdiePie, Firewatch, Moral Panic, and Offensive Things in Gaming

Vermont Issues 56: Comcast Sues Vermont over Being Told to Lay Better Cable

Hillary Clinton Once Again Rants Moronically About Trump and Russia

Ted Cruz Official Twitter Page "Likes" Pornographic Post

A Vidme Exclusive: The German Invasion!

Vermont Issues 57: Racist Graffiti in Andersonville Hits Several Farms

Traditionalism: It's Positive and Negative Aspects

Vermont Issues 58: Semi-annual Vermont Teachers' Strike Looms

Thoughts on Cryptocurrency: Helpful but not Perfect

Sanders, Gillibrand, Booker, et al, Seek to Force the Neoliberals to Embrace Single Payer

No, Trump Did Not Cave on the Border Wall in His DACA Deal

A Vidme Exclusive: Please Stop Changing my Categories- I Have More Experience than You in This Realm

Vermont Issues 59: Vermont Beer Becomes a Major Power

The Far Left Hates Free Speech so Much they Call Shapiro a Nazi

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Won't Forgive Those Who Didn't Vote (For Her of Course)


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #77 on: October 01, 2017, 01:22:34 pm »

The Far Left Hates Free Speech so Much they Call Shapiro a Nazi

Vermont Issues 60: Vermont Expands Opiate Treatment Facilities

Trump Condemns Political and Racial Violence: Leftists Outraged

All the Propaganda in the World Won't Save the Failing Legacy Media

Vermont Issues 61: Vermont Hemp Crops Booming

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Says Trump Gives Support to the KKK

US Debt Hits 20 Trillion, Chinese Debt rises, also the Difference between Debt and Deficit

Vermont Issues 62: Vermont Investigates Solar Firm, Stands in Way of Business and Green Energy Alike

As Predicted: The Far Left has Begun to Abandon the Neoliberals

Thoughts on Juggalos, the MOAR, and some High School Health Class Stories

Vermont Issues 63: Vermont Teachers Strike Continues: More Analysis

Gab Attacked by Their Australian Domain Registrar

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Won't Even Admit Trump is a Legitimate President

Vermont Issues 64: Support for Sean Duffy on Vermont Single Payer Studies

Matt Furie Is Making a Mistake Trying to Censor the Use of Pepe

Trump calls Kim Jong Un Rocket Man, Threatens to Destroy North Korea

Vermont Issues 65: Phil Scott Rejects GOP Healthcare Overhaul

Choose One: Socialism Holds American Society Together, or We're Capitalistic and Thus Failing

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Calls Trump's UN Speech "Dark and Dangerous"- What a Hoot!

Stop the Hammering!: MSNBC Host Lawrence O'Donnell Goes Ballistic

Vermont Issues 66: Second-Homers Can Apparently Vote in Vermont Elections

Campo Santo Slammed by Grassroots Response for Assaulting PewDiePie: Good!

Trump Uses Executive Order to Shut Down Pyongyang's Trade and Banking Connections

North Korea Threatens to Test Hydrogen Bomb in Ocean as Kim Jong Un Calls Trump "Dotard"

Vermont Issues 67: Two Native Tribes Seek to Meddle in Vermont Yankee Decommissioning

Alternative for Germany: Sovereignty More Popular These Days

Mel Brooks Attacks Political Correctness, Claims it is Anathema to Comedy

Healthcare Reform Blockage: Rand Does it Right, McCain Does it Wrong; Guess Which the MSM Applauds?

Vermont Issues 68: Vermont Teacher Fired for Demonstrating Nazi Salute to Third Graders

Super Malaria Has Begun to Spread in Southeast Asia

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Blames Voter ID Laws For Her Loss Now Too

Zuckerberg to Sell Massive Amount of Facebook Stock, Rejects New Stock Type

Vermont Issues 69: Vermont Science! Monitoring Hissy Snakes

Current Polls Oversampling Democrats by Utterly Insane Amounts

Pelosi Says She "Trusts Trump" on Immigration: hahaha!

Take the Knee (And Break It!) Seven Figure Salary Whiners and Trump's NFL Statements

Vermont Issues 70: Vermont Losing Forests at a Rapid Pace Again

New York Times Opinion Page Endorses Communism

North Korea Goes Insane, Says US Has Declared War and May Fire on US Bombers

Vermont Issues 71: Vermont Officials try to Claim Immunity Against Fraud Lawsuit

Gab Still Under Attack, and Still Winning

Professionals Selling Their Bodies in Venezuela to Get Food: Sanders' Workers Paradise!

Trump Unveils Tax Plan: It's Mostly Good

Vermont Issues 72: Vermont to Tackle Firearm Suicides

Nexus 5 Replicant Mark Zuckerberg Lies, Pretends Facebook is Centrist and Unbiased

Michelle Obama Claims Women Who Didn't Vote for Clinton "Voted Against their Own Voice"

Vermont Issues 73: Vermont Democratic Party is Nearly Broke

Aid to Puerto Rico to Be Streamlined, Shipping Restrictions Waived by Trump

Melania Trump Books Rejected Because "Dr Seuss is Racist" but Remember FDR Is Heroic

Vermont Issues 74: Vermont High School Sports in a Tizzy Over Drone Based Recording

Youtube Begins Blocking Patreon Links Embedded on Videos for Non-Partners

The Time Has Come to Stand Against the European Union on Censorship and Legalism

Trump Criticizes Inept Puerto Rican Officials, Legacy Media Pretends He's Attacking Puerto Ricans


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #78 on: October 15, 2017, 07:40:42 pm »

Vermont Issues 75: The Abnormally Warm September

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton to Receive Award for Advancing Human Rights... Hahaha!

More Legacy Media Smears of Trumps Puerto Rico Response as Angel Perez Otero Praises President

Vermont Issues 76: Vermont Subcontractor SAManage USA Data Breach Lawsuit Settled

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas as Stephen Paddock Kills 50+ at Country Music Concert

Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts

Vermont Issues 77: Rutland Herald Downsizing, Selling Several Properties

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton has Moronic, Self Serving Reaction to Las Vegas Shooting

Traditionalism will Likely Win the Current Cultural Shift I: Growth and Decline

You Don't Know How It Feels (RIP Tom Petty)

Vermont Issues 78: Crazy Man Brings Hognose Snakes into Vermont

A Big Problem With Gun Control

Refuting Direct Democracy

Vermont Issues 79: I Condemn the Bennington Banner for its Vegas Cartoon and Encourage a Boycott

ACLU Free Speech Event Shut Down by BLM because "Liberalism is White Supremacy"

On RWW's Character Assassination of Me (And My Support for Some of Their Work Oddly!)

Vermont Issues 80: Better Mental Health in Focus

If You Ain't With Us Yer Against Us: The Chorus of Fanatics on the Far Left and Right

Republicans in Congress Abandon the Second Amendment: Not Like They Hadn't Years Ago

Vermont Issues 81: Density Increase for South Burlington

Trump Removes Contraception Mandate from Healthcare

As I Predicted, the Legacy Media is Seeking to Defame the Alt Media; Alt Entertainment is Next

Vermont Issues 82: School Threats in Vermont Make the News

Legacy Media Whines About Trump "Censoring" Them As They Call For Censoring the Alt Media

One Dimensionality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part One)

Gatekeeper Fallacy: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Two)

Vermont Issues 83: Drug and Weapon Wars Alive and Well as 15 Year Old Jailed for Pot and Knuckles

Youtube Creates new "Priority Creator" Caste that is Exempt from its Monetization Flagging

Six Degrees of...: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Three)

Deflecting Attack: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Four)

I'm Withdrawing From Nicotine; Don't Expect 100% Verbal Finesse!

Vermont Issues 84: Bernie Sanders Comes to Castleton To Market "FREE"(TM) College

False Objective Morality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Five)

Gatekeeper like Gateway Drug (Moral Panic): How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Six)

Trump Uses Executive Power to Defang some Useless Bureaus and Agencies

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton and Neolib Obama Took Days to Condemn and Disavow Harvey Weinstein

Eminem Attacks Trump, People Pretend to be Outraged; Grow Up!

Vermont Issues 85: Vermont State Government Wants Suggestions for Outdoor Economy: So Here It Is!

Trump Threatens to Have FCC Revoke Licenses of So-Called News that Isn't News

Girls Now Able to Join Boy Scouts... Can Boys Join the Girl Scouts Too?

Project Veritas Confirms Youtube Front Page is Manipulated by Legacy Media, NYT Deflects

Vermont Issues 86: Bald Eagles Back in a Big Way in Vermont

Bernie Sanders First Speaker at Womens Convention; Far Left Sexists Outraged

California Decriminalizes Infecting Others with HIV: I Call for a Travel Boycott of the State

Twitter is Run By Morons; the Rose McGowan Incident is a Symbol of Big Tech Defending Money

Vermont Issues 87: Vermont Senator Drives Drunk, Crashes, Gets DUI

North Korea Tries, Fails to Hack Parts of US Electrical Grid (Par for the Course!)

Trump to Pressure on Iran Deal: I Mostly Oppose This

Vermont Issues 88: Vermont #1 for Breweries Per Capita

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Says Trump a "Confessed Sexual Assaulter"; More Whining!

Biloxi Public Schools Ban To Kill a Mockingbird Because Muh Feels


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #79 on: October 31, 2017, 08:57:38 pm »


See StyxHH at any of these locations:

He's a libertarian in Vermont who has smart things to say nearly every day on politics etc.

I was copying his titles and links, but that's a bit too time-consuming for me. Sorry. There'll be AI to do that some day.


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #80 on: November 15, 2017, 12:08:10 pm »

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