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Author Topic: Inspirational or Miscellaneous  (Read 16047 times)


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Inspirational or Miscellaneous
« on: November 01, 2013, 09:18:55 pm »

(Last post in thread is most recent.)

Groundswell Against Sexual Assault: Photo Links

Project Unbreakable: from victim to victor
2012-03-13, Sydney Morning Herald (One of Australia's leading newspapers)
Posted: 2013-10-29 08:46:01

Grace Brown was sick of hearing about sexual assault. Having spoken with so many survivors over the years, she grew increasingly frustrated by her inability to help. Then, one night last October, another friend confessed that she too had been abused and it turned out to be the final straw. Brown went to bed determined to act and in the morning Project Unbreakable was born. The project uses photography to help survivors of sexual assault take back the power of the words used against them by their attacker/s and aid in the healing process. Participants write these phrases on a piece of cardboard and Brown, a 19-year-old freshman at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, takes their picture and uploads it on the project's website. Just as powerful are the images she creates. Amassing a tremendous amount of followers from around the world in just five short months, women and men as far as Australia, Europe and the Middle East have submitted their own photos to the site. What's especially striking is the number of people willing to show their faces, essentially outing themselves as survivors of sexual assault. "In the beginning most people didn't show their faces. It wasn't until maybe a month in. People are getting braver and it's been really amazing to watch it grow." Taking part in the project doesn't resolve the problem but it enables the healing to begin. For some, knowing they're not alone or confiding in someone can help kick-start the process and exposing the words used against you can release the hold that they have.

Note: To see powerful photos from Project Unbreakable,
click here
and here .
For the moving website of Project Unbreakable, click here .
For a treasure trove of great news articles which will inspire you to make a difference,
click here .
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2016, 05:15:26 pm »

Utah teen with no arms or legs inspiring classmates on high school dance team
2016-01-08, Fox News

New $130 million project to cut food waste from field to table
2016-01-22, Christian Science Monitor

What if Schools Taught Kindness?
2016-02-01, Greater Good

How a Disappointing Restaurant Experience Turned Into an Effort That Now Feeds 1200 Kids
2016-02-06, Daily Good

What preppers and survivalists tell us about America's apocalyptic readiness
2016-02-10, The Guardian

Where to Invade Next (doing good deeds)
2016-02-11, Rolling Stone
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2016, 03:24:22 pm »

Yuval Roth gives Palestinians a lift so they can get medical care in Israel
2016-03-10, Christian Science Monitor

Penguin travels every year to visit man who rescued him
2016-03-11, CBC

A former gangster morphs into a lawyer who helps troubled kids
2016-03-17, Christian Science Monitor

5 Prisons Improving Life on the Inside
2016-03-14, Yes!


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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2016, 12:26:34 am »

Prisoners Are Growing Their Own Food
2016-03-24, Yes!

Businesses find new opportunity in food that once went to waste
2016-04-19, San Francisco Chronicle

Breaking Down the Walls and Helping Vets Become 'Horse Whisperers'
2013-08-15, ABC News

Innocent man ends up pals with crooked cop that framed him
2016-04-15, CBS News

30 years after blast, people labor to clean Chernobyl’s nuclear traces
2016-04-20, San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press

10 Things I Learned From Dating a Cross-Dresser
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2016, 06:27:00 pm »

When my next-door neighbour discovered she couldn’t have children, I offered to carry them for her

Why US skies keep getting cleaner
2016-04-20, Christian Science Monitor

Meet the doctor who treats the homeless
2016-03-21, CNN

Palestinian ex-refugee Hanan al-Hroub wins $1m Global Teacher Prize for her work with refugee children
2016-03-14, The Independent

This New Restaurant Feeds Thousands of Hungry People Every Day
2016-04-29, Huffington Post



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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2016, 10:06:25 pm »

Los Angeles Is Converting Motel Units Into 500 Apartments for Homeless Veterans

7-Year-Old Gets Dream Wheelchair-Accessible Tree House

Muhammad Ali Wrote His Own Eulogy And It's Just Perfect

9-Year-Old Raises $500 Through Lemonade Stand To Help Pay For Her Brother's Heart Surgery

Violence plunged after he brought the arts to a Tijuana neighborhood
2016-06-09, Christian Science Monitor

Chicago Police Officers Escort Girls Without Fathers To Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance

Baltimore Ravens Player Walks Into Shelter, Asks To Adopt A 'Dog That's Been Here A Long Time'

Watch Florida Cops Save a Birthday for Autistic Boy When No One Shows Up

Daughter Sends Balloon To Daddy In Heaven From Ohio, Found In Massachusetts Weeks Later

He Asked A Stranger To Buy Him Food

An Ice Cream Man Pulled Up With A Broken, Beat-Up Cooler. What Happened Next Is Amazing

‘Veggielante’ helps folks grow food in small spaces
2016-06-18, Sacramento Bee

$200,000 Gift for Ambulance Crew Sets Off Chain of Giving

You'll NEVER Guess How Old This Female Bodybuilder Is!

Dog Rescued From Euthanasia Is Now Training To Be A Little Boy's Therapy Dog

5th Grader Uses His Allowance Money To Donate 100 Books To The Local Jail
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #6 on: August 03, 2016, 08:32:30 pm »

(Update:) Foodstuffs: Buy a Meal from These N.H. Entrepreneurs and They'll Buy a Meal for Someone in Need

Rival Gangs Crips, Bloods and Esés Declared Peace in Los Angeles

Uber Driver Reunites Wallet Containing Life Savings with Newly Emigrated Man

How One Man Beat Depression With Exercise Will Inspire Everyone

Little Free Pantries Spread Goodies From Sidewalks, Let Neighbors Pay it Forward

Canadian woman offered to help a refugee family, appearing lost and confused at a train station

A Bolt of Insight Saved Him From Suicide; Now He’s Saving Kids in East L.A. With Meditation

Veteran Homelessness Has Dropped By Nearly 50% Since 2010

Teens Ask For Summer Jobs After Being Approached By Gangs

This Man Transformed A Bar Into A Safe Haven For Philly's Youth

Welcome To One Of The Most Humane Prisons In The World

This Syrian Refugee's Heroic Journey To Rio Will Inspire You

A Plane Just Flew Around The World Without A Single Drop Of Fuel

3 Inspiring Business Lessons From Billionaire Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey

How I Networked My Way Into The Heart of EchoSign's CEO

Sage Advice for Entrepreneurs From America's Greatest Risk Takers (five signers of the Declaration of Independence)

Buzz Aldrin Wants You to Know -- the Sky Is Not the Limit

Everyone, look at this Winnie-the-Pooh shaped cloud!

Former gang rivals providing affordable meals with ‘Trap Kitchen’

Strangers surprise man who walks 16 miles to 2 jobs with a new car
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2016, 12:52:04 pm »

Getting Stuck in the Negatives (and How to Get Unstuck) by Alison Ledgerwood

Germany Announces Revolutionary Bike Highway
2016-07-13, Yes! Magazine

Tell Us About the Revolution Where You Live [unless it's about AGW hoax, because they won't listen]

My Walking Pilgrimage

Thinking of Moving? Why Staying Put Could Make You Happier

To Thrive, We Must Be In Touch With Each Other [what about being in touch with political opponents?]

When You Don’t Have a Traditional Job, This Is How You Get Creative

Sick of “White Nonsense”? This Social Media Posse Will Come to the Rescue

Why Bicycle Justice Isn’t a White Guy in Spandex

Master Chef Massimo Bottura Is Feeding Thousands Of Rio's Homeless With Olympic Leftovers

This School Tells Parents To Stay Away And Let The Kids Problem Solve On Their Own

Meet 10 Inspiring People Who Took Risks After 50

Meet 10 People Who Prove You Can Reinvent Your Career After 50

[Help] Global Art Project Turns Slums Into Creative Hubs

A Spiritual Psychology Perspective on Addiction & Recovery [In my case, I consider my urges to overeat to mean that I need foods that provide better nutrition, rather than meaning I have low self-esteem.]

10 Totally Bogus Stresses You Need to Let Go Of

11 Successful Kid Entrepreneurs Keeping Their Eyes on the Prize

5 Fascinating Facts About the First Man to Walk on the Moon

5 Success Stories About Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

How a $200 Bet Scared Me Off My Overweight Butt and Into Exercising Again

Woman with Down syndrome defies odds to celebrate her 75th birthday

Why drivers are actually delighted to get pulled over by these police officers

4-year-old fashion designer has booming internet business

Parents welcome ‘one in a million’ identical triplets

Woman loses 124 pounds after snapping a selfie a day

91-year-old man in hospice care knits hats for the homeless

Is Artistic Inspiration Contagious?
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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #8 on: September 15, 2016, 12:23:32 pm »

6 Ways We’re Already Leading an Economic Revolution, From the “buy local” movement to public banking

The Big Difference at Standing Rock Is Native Leadership All Around

These Minneapolis Bicyclists Will Take You on a Spirited Tour—Of Their Polluted Neighborhood

These Companies Get It Right, The Good Work Code

Free College Tops Black Lives Reparations List [Brainwashing for free is better than paying for it]

Misdirected public outrage over the killing of a Washington wolf pack may do more harm than good

The World’s Biggest School Meal Program Is Keeping Local Farmers in Business [Organic Farmers?]

How To Make Friends And Connect With People In Challenging Times

Despite Growing Income Inequality, Learning Gaps Between Rich And Poor Kids Are Actually Closing

Now You Can Do Your Thrift Shopping Online

This Detroit Tiny House Community Will Turn Homeless People Into Homeowners

Five Ways to Help Misbehaving Kids

Can Sexting Increase Relationship Satisfaction?

How to Avoid Picking Up Prejudice from the Media [like prejudice against AGW deniers like me?]

Altruists Have More Sex

How parents, educators, and urban planners can help kids reconnect with nature—before it's too late


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Re: Inspiring News (e.g. Muslims vs Christians)
« Reply #9 on: September 27, 2016, 12:17:21 pm »

Why Muslims Should Not Hate Christians

Muslims actually claim to be followers of Jesus and so do Christians, even though neither word was used much if at all in the Christian Bible.

The Quran says the Christian and Jewish bibles are God's word but that they have been corrupted. That's obviously true. The word for Hell was not originally in either of them. What was meant was death, the grave etc, not a place of eternal torment.

The Quran says Christians wrongly worship Jesus instead of the Creator. That's true of most Christians, but not all. The Christian bible actually says Jesus is our example or role model, whom we're supposed to be like, loving everyone. Muslims believe Jesus is savior, but not God, and that's correct. Jesus is a limited being, while God is unlimited. The bible never says Jesus is or was the Creator, which is God the Father. It says he is or was the Son of God, which obviously means, because he was "sinless" and loved everyone, he was like God in that respect.

The Christian religion was faithful to Jesus' teachings for about 300 years, until the Roman Empire corrupted it by turning it into a more pagan religion. It was a better pagan religion than what existed before, but it was worse than original Christianity.

Islam was somewhat faithful to the Quran's teachings for about 200 years, when it was corrupted by false Hadiths.

Zionists who want to restore a greater nation of Israel seem to be major players in manipulating Muslims and Christians to fight against each other. But all three religions should unify, instead of seeking to destroy each other. The early Christian religion was simply restoring the original meaning of the Jewish bible. The Jews had succumbed to some pagan beliefs during the Babylonian captivity.

It's possible that Brahmanism and Buddhism were founded by Abrahamites too.


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Re: Inspiring News (e.g. Muslims vs Christians)
« Reply #10 on: October 03, 2016, 01:01:00 pm »

(See previous recent post for why Muslims should not hate Christians)

Local Illinois businessman spends $15K posting bail for people accused of minor offenses

Michigan Student Suspended [from brainwashing] for Taking Photo Of Disgusting School Water

Advising My Laid-Off Mom About Freelance Work

A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

Strangers Become Family at This Multigenerational Housing Project

The Other Housing Crisis: Finding a Home in Rural America: Communities finding ways to give low-income residents homes of their own

Finally, Jobs That Work for Parenting, like freelance work

National Prison Strike Exposes Need for Labor Rights Behind Bars

Stop police violence


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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #11 on: October 24, 2016, 10:59:10 pm »

How this NGO strives to 'make a difference in the lives of the poorest
2016-08-31, Christian Science Monitor

The School That Put Local, Healthy, and Homemade on the Lunch Menu

8 Cities Have New Co-op-Style Black Worker Centers—And They’re Tackling Unemployment

We Need Young Farmers, and Colleges Can Help

6 Ways to Make Our Money Bring Us More Happiness

Divest From Prisons, Invest in People — What Justice for Black Lives Really Looks Like

“I Work Like an Independent Worker, and I Feel Happy”

What If Twitter Were Owned by the Users Who Love It

Why Would Police Arrest a Woman for Biking to Work?

How to Help Children Unleash Their Potential

How to Awaken Joy in Kids

Eight Ways to Help Teens Get More Sleep

What Happens When We Shield Kids from Boredom?

People Who Trust Technology Are Happier

Scaling the Empathy Wall


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Re: Inspiring News
« Reply #12 on: November 14, 2016, 07:37:50 pm »

Half of All Indigenous Languages Are Disappearing. Inside the Rush to Save Them

On a Remote Homestead, the Work You Do Is Not Just a Job—It’s Your Life

Maryland Parolees Finally Won the Right to Vote

Seven Ways to Cultivate Joy and Empathy in Math Class

How You Can Find the Good in a Nasty Election Cycle

Four Ways Teachers Can Reduce Implicit Bias

How to Stop the Culture of Complaining in Schools [Make school voluntary]

Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

Before his coma he spoke English; after waking up he's fluent in Spanish
2016-10-25, CNN News

Coast of Antarctica Will Host World’s Largest Marine Reserve
2016-10-27, New York Times

Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded
2016-11-04, New York Times

Wine and yoga-loving woman is turning 105 and she looks incredible
2016-10-29, Metro

I spent 28 years on death row
2016-10-21, The Guardian
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Re: 21 Inspiring News
« Reply #13 on: December 08, 2016, 10:02:40 am »

Get Ready for Our Favorite Solutions Across the U.S.

Most Americans Agree: God Granted the U.S. a Special Place in History

Please Stop Thinking You’re Better Than Trump Supporters

How Creative Repurposing of Industrial Scrap Is Holding Off a Neighborhood’s Gentrification

The Secret Link Between Gratitude and Performance

20 Ways to Take a Bigger, Louder Stand in the Post-Election World

This Organic Food Company Doesn’t Discriminate Against Ex-Offenders—It Seeks Them Out

How Northwest Tribes Joined Forces to Beat Fossil Fuel Initiatives

Voters Win More Solar Energy Options Despite Opposition From Big Energy

They Lost Their Jungles to Plantations, But These Indigenous Women Grew Them Back

The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory

Meet the Guy Corralling Billionaires to Fight Inequality

It Was a Blighted City Block. But This Woman Is Turning It Into a Solar-Powered Ecovillage


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Re: 21) Inspiring News
« Reply #14 on: December 27, 2016, 06:30:46 pm »

A Healthier Democracy Starts Right Where You Live

Trump Played to Anger, but We Don’t Have to Fall for Divide and Conquer

6 Solutions That Support Native Sovereignty—From Tribal Schooling to Bison Herds

The Fix-It Shop Where Neighbors Repair Your Clothes and Electronics

The Team Helping LA’s Thai Human-Trafficking Survivors Find Justice—And Jobs

How Community Land Trusts Can Fix Detroit’s Foreclosure Mess

From Growing Edible Forests to Banking Heirloom Seeds, Solutions to Keeping Your Food Local

What Can Americans Dream Now?

How to Help Kids Learn to Love Giving

How to Budget for More Happiness

Why Sex Gets Better in Old Age

Women vs the Beast (Katy Perry et al)
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