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Author Topic: Data Compilation - kopies, corroboration (19-20 Stunde, 03 August 2013 est)  (Read 2118 times)


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Coordination of information - factual establishment of:

(a)  UTS/UTT (unlicensed thought (sound?) surveillance/transfers;
(b)  Targeted Sound (UPVs; background UPSs);
(c)  attacks through electrical equipment (e.g., fridge warming; sound-background; TV/internet hacking-interruption; cell phone hacking)
(d)  police reports/actions falsified; cover-ups.  "Obstruction"; "conspiracy"/"collusion".

The initial drafting of honest perception does not require conclusion of 100% absolute: (1) FACT(S); (2) CONCLUSION(S).

Some places with evidence(?):  (a) Panera's (e.g., S.Willow St., Manc; Ft. Eddy Rd. - Concord, NH - I may be "banned" there myself); (b) Baked (Elm St., Manc, NH - I may be "banned' there myself); (c) McDonald's (e.g., S.Willow St., Manc, NH; Loudon Rd., Conc, NH; (S.?) Main St., Concord, NH; "brighton", MA; Central Ave/State St., Albany -- Schenectady, NYS (and points inbetween); J.Watts (Schenectady, "NYS"); Manc polizei; Concord polizei; NH doj; (d) Cafe la Reine (Elm St. - Manc, NH); Market Basket (Elm St. - Manc, NH).

destroy their deceptive kontrol of this situation und/oder do not....

Copies; coordinate; distribute to A-a-Ls (e.g., Virginia, NH, NYS, Mass etc...).  Establish facts.  Pull their info, corroborate, get information - establish facts of their GCP attacks.  Entrapment, battery, stealing, rape, killing, entrapment, false imprisonment, GCP (including polizei) collusion with each other und foderative (federalis).

19-20 Stunde, 03 August 2013 est
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