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Author Topic: Anyone here in the golf or landscaping industry?  (Read 1165 times)


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Anyone here in the golf or landscaping industry?
« on: June 21, 2013, 08:44:15 pm »

Hello from Florida! ^_^

I realize from my research, jobs in NH are either tourism or technology related. Living in Florida, I have extensive and very diverse experience in hospitality. However, I have managed to work my way up to being a First Assistant at a medium-sized golf club in Central Florida. I make pretty good money and the position is pretty much equal to an assistant manager position. I currently run a crew of 12 employees. With the obvious difference of all of my skills being centered around landscaping (design and maintenance). I have a lot of experience with chemicals and large equipment.

I have no formal education or much experience in the tech industry. Back in the 90's I was MCSE certified and worked for Convergys on the hardware support account for Dell computers. But, I was never happy with the job and that's why I ended up outdoors.

I am single, never married, and I have no children. So, it would just be me moving up.

Are there any technical fields that offer entry level positions? Ones that would pay enough to cover someone living on their own (I'm 33 years old, so I do not think I would fit into any roommate situations).

PS: I am a member of the job alert group on Facebook. I have not yet seen a job listed there that directly fits my experience/skills. I search around on Indeed and other job sites I see mentioned in different threads but, It seems that jobs I think match me all pay around $10/hour. That does not sound reasonable enough to live off of. I make much more than that now, and still live pay check to pay check.


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Re: Anyone here in the golf or landscaping industry?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 08:58:01 pm »

One I came across:

There are quite a few interesting openings under "golf", though of course some aren't relevant.

some also under "landscape"(ing), hospitality, etc.
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