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Author Topic: Idaho job question  (Read 12449 times)


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Re: Idaho job question
« Reply #30 on: April 06, 2013, 06:29:43 am »

In the long run I have about four years before I make a move.  I research things as serious as this a long way out.  NH is in my top 5, always has been.  I can't just look at what's happening politically at the state level, I also need a job, and a nice house that isn't priced and taxed out of this world.  Just like FSP took the time to find the right state, so will I.  I thank those that answered my questions and offered other information.

John Edward Mercier

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Re: Idaho job question
« Reply #31 on: April 06, 2013, 11:06:24 am »

I think your seeing variants within a movement.

Being opposed to open borders fits within a constitutionalist viewpoint. Libertarians would support the open border because it supports a free market in labor. When you see individuals discuss this on the forum its really just a matter of not creating the 'fuzzy grey area' between the two.

Senators generally defend the authority of the State, but with all the contractual federal/State agreements and direct federal pork, it breaks down pretty quickly to what we have. The next level of protection would be our State Legislature, NH having one of the easiest to be a member of, and the easiest for residents/voters to interact with. Unfortunately that quickly breaks down into partisanship, and the circumstancial constitutionality issue comes to bear.


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Re: Idaho job question
« Reply #32 on: April 06, 2013, 11:59:27 am »

I did not mean to start a war when I created this thread.

I didn't really want to comment on the politics but it looks like I was drug into it when I was mildly accused of not being in it for the long haul.  I live in Illinois, so please don't tell me about states that won't change.  When I looked to moving I knew I was going to not make the money that I do here, and I would be giving up a career.  Apparently that isn't enough to show my intentions were indeed serious and that I wasn't just a body.  Like I stated I am new here and pushing my resume seemed a bit egoistic, to me anyway.  But since politics were brought up I thought about NH, and I will agree you guys have a pretty good state level and below government system set up.  Unfortunately your federal level government is horrible.  Ayotte?  Terrible.  The others vote with Obama.  Obama won your state.  Maybe I'm missing something, I more than likely am, but I prefer a state where the Federal level politicians will defend the right of the State.  Is that philosophy the wrong way?  Maybe.  I guess I've already been schooled in politics in this thread alone.  I better be careful before I ask any more questions.

I am not trying to start an Idaho vs NH war. 

In the meantime if Libertarians/Constitutionalists are going to get anywhere they need to get along.  It seems if you aren't 100% hardcore Libertarian (I don't agree with illegal immigration and open borders) then you can't be part of the club.  Now I see former hardcore RP supporters splintering off to become Anarchists and ignoring Libertarians and calling Libertarians Statists because of the desire for a Constitutionally limited general government.  There is simply way too much infighting on the Liberty front.

Just how I see it, flame away, I have thick skin.
You didn't start a war. The insecure and the snooty did. You're okay, mate.

Like I said, rather than spit on you with a hollier-than-thou attitude, they should be trying to turn you into a believer. You're right about their federal government -- one of the concerns I have about moving there. Notice how one of the 'experts' retort to that was "this isn't England". You're spot-on with illegal immigration. That's what causes tension and mess. I read an article about some refugees in NH. Don't even speak English. But that's okay because "this isn't England"!

Be careful with that common sense. It's edges are sharp and you could poke someone's ego out with it. The idea of liberty won't get anywhere with the infighting and butthurt going around like STDs.

Just focus on your immediate circle and what you can do. Let the children bicker.


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Re: Idaho job question
« Reply #33 on: April 06, 2013, 01:26:01 pm »

Suspected as much. Misanthrope shares an IP with Ambitious Ant, who was banned a few weeks ago for repeatedly violating forum rules. Misanthrope is now banned as well.

Carry on!
"Educate your children, educate yourselves, in the love for the freedom of others, for only in this way will your own freedom not be a gratuitous gift from fate. You will be aware of its worth and will have the courage to defend it." --Joaquim Nabuco (1883), Abolitionism
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