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Author Topic: Libertarian Views (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 47300 times)


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #45 on: November 21, 2016, 07:16:36 pm »

(Part 8 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Texas Denying Birth Certificates To Legal Citizens

- Waco Whacko Wesley Clark Suggests Interning "Radicalized" US Citizens

- Turkey Attacks ISIS: Air Strikes on Border

- Some Problems Libertarians Face

- The Ashley Madison Debacle: My Thoughts

- September Prophecies: Shemitah, Blood Moons, Nibiru, Asteroid Etc

- Cuckservatives

- Peace Maker Obama Authorizes Air Strikes On Assad's Forces

- Obama's New CO2 Emissions Policy: 30% Less by 2030

- Doomsday Fanatics Worried Over AP Martial Law Preppers Headline

- Indiana Elementary School Sued For Punishing Student For Being Atheist

- Thoughts On Public Breastfeeding

- Hillary Clinton Being Investigated by the FBI

- The Left Is the New Mainstream: Perpetually Outraged Lefties Offended By Eminem Lyrics

- Reaction to the Republican Debates

- EPA Causes Massive Mine Waste Spill: Animas River Now Yellow

- Israel Is Not A US Ally

- Maduro Considers War With Guyana Over Essequibo

- Hillary Clinton Undeniably, Provably Broke Federal Law

- Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China: Either Accident Or Terrorist Act

- Possible Record Breaking El Nino For Winter 2015

- Sakurajima Ready To Erupt: High Alert Issued

- Donald Trump Immigration Policy Unveiled: It's Idealist Bullshit

- Multiethnic Societies Can Flourish, but Multicultural Societies Will Collapse

- Ashley Madison Armageddon: THE MOMENT IS FINALLY HERE!

- Live Fire On Korean Border: DPRK Declares State of War

- Islamists Strike Israel With Rockets, Israel Conducts Air Strikes On Syria

- The European Immigrant Crisis: Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Social Alienation

- Shanghai Composite Collapses: China's Stock Market Crashing Again

- Bryce Williams Racist Rampage: Left Calls For More Gun Control, Ignores Racial Motive

- My Critics: Lefties, Righties, And Goofies

- Why Trump And Sanders Are Rising: Establishment DNC/RNC Refuse Reform

- We Need To End The Drug War Entirely

- Transgender Bathroom Controversy in Missouri: Gender Segregation Is Pretty Retarded Anyways

- Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk, Held in Contempt and Jailed

- Syrian Refugee Crisis: Israel Should Take These Refugees

- The European Refugee Crisis Is A Prelude To War

- "Liberals" and "Conservatives" Are Hypocrites

- Crane Collapses at Mecca on 9-11, Dozens Dead: Divine Retribution/ Occult Synchronicity

- Republican Debate Reactions: Rand Redeems Himself, Jeb Bush Gets Hammered

- Strange "End Times" Cloud Over Costa Rica: Fearmongers Cream Their Pants

- Fuck The Pope

- Mars Mystery Solved? NASA September 28th Announcement

- John Boehner Will Resign As Speaker of the House

- Congressman Bob Brady Steals Popes Used Drinking Glass

- Third Wave Feminists Push for Net Censorship at UN (Cyber Violence?)

- Results of the Styx Poll: Follow Up

- Pentagon Fires Two US Soldiers For Defending Afghani Boy From Rapist

- NASA Mars Announcement: Flowing Water on Mars

- Far Left Declares You Racist if you Don't Have "Diverse" Sexual History

- Germany Allows Immigrants to Murder Their Kids, Does Nothing About Honor Killing

- Salon Defends Pedophilia, Then Whines When People Attack Them

- Russia Now At War In Syria, Attacks FSA With Air Strikes

- Palestine's Abbas Renounces Oslo Accords

- Mass Shooting in Umpqua College In Oregon: White House Predictably Responds

- Western Feminist Privilege (Wealthy Whining WestFems)

- Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombed in Afghanistan

- Russia Violates Turkish NATO Airspace: Cold War Grows Warmer

- TPP Passed: Bad Economic Times Ahead, Censorship Likely

- World War Three: The Doomsday Machine

- Israel and Palestine On Edge: Hamas Declares Third Intifada

- Terrorists Attack Ankara/ Jade Helm Connection

- RAF Gets Clearance to Fire on Russian Jets

- First Democratic Debate Tonight 8:30PM

- NOAA Winter Predictions: Warm!

- Democratic Debate Reaction: Sanders Won


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #46 on: November 21, 2016, 07:18:28 pm »

(Part 9 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Asteroid TB145 Halloween Fly By (Condition Code 8)

- West Lake Landfill Fire Nearing Radioactive Deposits

- People Boycott Star Wars Due to Multicultural Cast

- Presidential Update: Webb Drops Out/ Biden In? Jeb/Cruz Collude

- Netanyahu Declares Holocaust A Palestinian Invention

- Democrats New Slogan: "America Is Already great" Oh You Poor Fools

- How to Stop Cultural Appropriation This Halloween

- Third Republican Debate Reaction

- Obama Lied Again: Boots on the Ground in Syria Soon

- Thoughts on AI and Robots

- Europe Is Headed Towards Disaster

- New Retarded Messianic End Times Prediction

- Jeb! Is Probably Toast, Claims Nate Silver: I Agree

- Election Day: Erection Day for the Right? Bellwether for 2016?

- Hillary PAC Discrediting Sanders? The Deport Racism Debacle

- Ben Carson Lies About West Point, Makes Wild Pyramid Claims: Herman Cain 2.0?

- Obama Rejects Keystone XL: Pointless Partisan Nonsense

- ICQ Probably Closing Chat: My Recommendation

- Paris Attacks: City Under Siege by Islamic Terrorists

- Paris Attacks: Death Toll Rises, Media Protects Islam, Ignores Government Ineptitude

- States Refuse To Take Syrian Refugees: Obama Caused the Problem

- Bomb Threat at Hannover Stadium in Germany

- Obama Loves Refugees, Orphans, and Widows, So He Helps Create Them

- Trump Surges/Carson In Freefall: Possible Major Electoral Landslide for 2016

- Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet: People Worry About WW3

- Libertarianism 101

- Mass Shooting In San Bernardino Inland Regional Services: Attackers At Large

- San Bernardino Update: Shooters Were Islamists, Obama Calls For Gun Control (Again)

- Our Government Is Clueless: GOP and Dems Suggest Equally Meaningless Anti-Terror Methods

- I Endorse the Libertarian Party For the 2016 Election

- Donald Trump Suggests Banning Muslim Immigrants, Threatens Independent Campaign

- The Federal Do Not Fly List Is Unconstitutional

- Trump Tentatively Supports Obama's No Fly List Gun Ban: Fake Two Party System Lies Again

- DNC Spars With Bernie Sanders Over Voter List Breach

- Hillary Clinton Schlonged/ Gets Attacked by Pissed Off Hispanics

- Donald Trump Surges Again: Jeb Sinks to Sixth, Rubio Stagnates

- Jim Webb Attacks Hillary, Rumors of Independent Campaign

- Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault

- The NSA Got Caught Spying on Congress

- 2015 In Review: Last Video For the Year!

- Donald Trump Destroys Hillary Clinton's Hypocritical, Repugnant Zionism

- Militia In Oregon Takes Over Federal Building: Ammon Bundy Declares Intent to Occupy It

- Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran: Shiites Protest Saudi Beheadings

- Obama Announces Intent To Ignore Second Amendment/ Separation of Powers

- North Korea Conducts Atomic Test, Prepares Major Announcement (NORK TV Currently Live)

- Spirited North Korean National-Communist Pop Music

- Famous North Korea News Lady Announces Hydrogen Bomb Test

- California Methane Leak Declared a Disaster: Porter Ranch

- Obama's Crocodile Tears: He Never Cries For the Kids Killed by His Drones

- Germans Protest Over Cologne Islamic Rape Gang: Police Beat Them Down

- Predicting the Republican Primary Results

- Raising Your Child the Satanic Way

- #NewYorkValues Ted Cruz Just Destroyed Himself

- Social Alienation: Five Truths, The Coming Struggle

- Democratic Debate Reaction/ Primary Predictions

- Sarah Palin Endorses Trump/ Iowa Governor Lambastes Ted Cruz: Cruz' Terrible Day

- Thoughts on Animal Activism/ Animal Rights/ Etc

- My Enemies Motivate Me More Than my Allies Do

- Trump Will Skip GOP Debate on FOX: It's a Trap!

- FOX Caught Shilling for Jeb Bush the Failed Candidate

- WHO Fearmongers About Zika Virus, Ignores Ebola Resurgence

- Final Iowa Prediction: Trump 31, Cruz 23, Rubio 19, Carson 9, Rand 4

- Cruz Wins Iowa: But I Was Right About Rand and Rubio

- Jeb Bush Begs Audience to Clap; The Most Retarded Bush

- New Hampshire Debate Pre-Video/ New Hampshire Primary Predictions


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #47 on: November 21, 2016, 07:20:18 pm »

(Part 10 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- New Hampshire Primary Live Stream

- Justice Antonin Scalia Dead: New Election Issue?

- Reaction to South Carolina Republican Debate

- Venezuela Begins Collapsing: Food Shortages and Coup Threats

- South Carolina Predictions/Rant

- The Pope and his Theocratic Bullshit Regarding Trump and Walls

- South Carolina Primary Live Stream

- No, Trump Doesn't Have A Low Ceiling- And We Can Prove It

- No, I'm Not Feeling the Bern: And I'm A Vermonter

- Carpet Bag Corporate Plutocracy is Not Capitalism

- Super Tuesday Predictions: Trump and Hillary Dominate

- Super Tuesday Analysis and Predictions For the Race

- Major Political Developments: Carson Out/ Ailes Disowns Rubio/ Leaked Rubio Campaign Audio/More

- 11th Republican Debate Reaction/ March 5th Race Predictions

- March 5th Analysis: Rubio Is Doomed/ The Day the RNC Died

- March 8th Analysis: Rubio Will Lose Florida/ Trump Gains Hawaii in Closed Caucus

- GOP Debate Analysis/ March 15th Predictions/ Carson Endorsement

- Trump Rally in Chicago Shut Down by Protesters/ Ted Cruz Applauds Them

- March 15th Primary Live Stream

- Putin Withdraws Russian Troops from Syria: DPRK Worries?

- Brazil In Chaos: Protests Swell to Millions of People

- AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck: SJWs are Just Morally Outraged Retards

- Why Pundits Have Failed so Miserably, and Why the Internet Hasn't

- Capitalist Army: Ghost Returns to Blogtalk Radio

- More Muslim Terrorism in Belgium: Brussels Bombings

- Libertarianism Rising: Johnson Polls at Double Digits

- Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Cruz Allegedly Had Five Affairs

- Grimoire of Pope Leo III Now Available!

- Organized Religion Is A Cancer: Spirituality is Not

- Cruz Scandal, Hillary on Debating, Trump on Abortion: Two Party System Declines Further

- Wisconsin GOP Primary: A Must-Win for Cruz That He Might "Luze"

- Panama Papers: The Greatest Scandal of the Modern Age

- Jury Nullification: The Last Line of Defense Against Injustice

- Wisconsin Exit Poll Analysis (NO Live Stream Tonight- Important Update!)

- Colorado Primary: Crooked Politics on Full Display

- Paul Ryan Denies Intention of a Presidential Bid: Told Ya So

- Saudis Threaten United States Over 9/11 Bill, Shame On Them

- Shoshone River Boiling Near Yellowstone

- New York Primary Predictions: Trump and Clinton Dominate

- Harriet Tubman on 20 Dollar Bill? Who Friggin' Cares?

- April 26th Primary Predictions: Trump and Clinton Seal the Deal

- Trump and the Transgendered Bathroom "Controversy"

- Brexit: I Say Vote Leave/ The Mayor of London Is A Genius

- Marco Rubio (Mostly) Endorses Trump

- What I Really Think of Hillary Clinton

- Obama Claims He'll Release the 28 Pages: I Doubt It

- My Thoughts on Peak Oil/ Oil Use/ Green Energy

- Sargon of Akkad Makes Petition to Ban Social Justice: Why I Disagree With This

- British Media Encourages USA To Go Hillary: My Response? No, lol

- Ted Cruz and John Kasich Collude to Deny Trump the Nomination

- Occult/Politics Update: Blog/New Playlist/Livestream Tonight!

- Virginia Governor And the Former Felon Voting Bloc: My Take

- April 26th Primary Live Feed: PA, RI, MD, CT, DE

- Ted Cruz Picks Carly Fiorina: Desperate, Retarded Nonsense

- 100 Syrians To Arrive in Rutland Vermont: My Town and My Thoughts

- Anti-Defamation League Calls on Trump to Scrap "America First" Slogan

- Violent Protests at Costa Mesa Trump Rally: Mexican Flags A-Wavin'

- Trigglypuff: The New Face of Social Justice Warriors

- Jeb Bush Supports Brokered Convention, Slips Into Insanity

- Venezuela: Hyperinflation/Two Day Work Week/Ends Beer Production/Maduro Recall

- Belgium Hands Out Iodine Pills Over Atomic Fears

- Iraq In Chaos: Protestors Storm Green Zone/Parliament

- Cruz Is Stricken With Madness Over Transgendered Bathroom Stuff

- Trump Is Inevitable and the Indiana Primary Barely Matters

- Indiana Primary Prediction: Trump and Clinton Advantage

- Julius Malema Promises to Confiscate White South Africans' Farms


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #48 on: November 21, 2016, 07:22:09 pm »

(Part 11 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck Go Insane Over Trump Winning Indiana

- Cruz Suspends Campaign: Trump Is Now the Republican Nominee

- Trump Wins: VP Rant/ I Was Right, Almost Everyone Else Was Wrong

- Memetic Warfare: Fort McMurray Burns as Cruz' Homeland is Destroyed

- Ron Paul as Secretary of State? Jennifer Rubin Worries, I Don't

- San Andreas Fault Locked, Ready to Blow?

- Muslim Radical, Sadiq Khan, Now Mayor of London

- Hanford Site Leaking, Workers Sickened, America's Fukushima

- Rand Paul Endorses Donald Trump

- US Senate Votes To Send 3.1 Billion Aid Package to Israel

- Libertarianism: Some Varied Thoughts

- EU to Fine Nations for Rejecting Refugee Quotas: Social Alienation

- Saudis Beg US to Reject Trump: Oh the Irony!

- Hypocrite Gated Community Dweller John Kerry Wants "Borderless World"

- Mount Saint Helens Quake Swarms: Eruption Imminent?

- London Buses to Declare Fealty of UK to Allah

- Brazil's Lower House Annuls Rousseff Impeachment

- Philippine Election: Duterte Appears to be Winning

- Lukewarm Globalist Austrian Chancellor Resigns in Disgrace

- North Carolina/ Feds Spar on Transgendered Bathrooms

- Terrorist Attacks Grafing, German Police Call it Mental Illness

- Hillary Clinton Loses West Virginia to Socialist: Abandon the Democratic Party!

- Hindus Pray to Shiva and Hanuman for Trump to Win

- Media Blames Doctors for Opiate Mess - Blame the Government Too!

- Why the DNC Should Panic: Trump Already Neck and Neck With Clinton

- Commie Dilma Rousseff Impeached, Calls Impeachment a "Coup"

- Science Considers Artificial Human Genome

- TV News Is Stupid, So Is TV As A Whole

- Trump Pretended to be his Own Publicist... So?

- Obama Commands Schools to Desegregate Bathrooms

- 2,500 Economic Migrants Loose in Finland

- North Korea Grabs the Bears' Tail/ Siezes Russian Yacht

- TSA Stupidity: As Lines Grow, So Do Budgets

- Maduro Goes Nuts, Declares State of Emergency, Fears "Coup"

- Stockholm: Sweden Not Even Trying to Exist Anymore: Social Alienation

- Brexit Polling Neck and Neck... Vote Leave You Fools!

- Trump Apparently Ahead with Hispanic Voters

- Maduro Sinks Deeper Into Madness, Threatens to Seize Factories

- Donald Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"

- Why I Choose Libertarianism And Not The Two Party System

- NATO and Russia Trade Jabs: Satan II/ Aegis System

- "Holy" (Accursed) Jordan River Site to be Cleared of Land Mines

- Colombia Seizes More Cocaine than the CIA Snorts In a Week

- Half Baked Justin Trudeau Refuses to Share His Stash With the Masses

- Trump Pessimistic About Fart-Holding Cretin Neocon David Cameron

- Make the First Lady Great Again: Ben Garrison Attacked By Clueless Liberal Media

- We Must Reject Socialism: Yes, That Includes "Democratic Socialism"

- Zimbabwe Politician Calls For Evicting Chinese Nationals

- 9/11 Bill Passes Senate: Obama and the Saudis Whine Like Babies

- Psilocybin Mushrooms Effectively Treat Depression?... No Shit!

- Hillary Clinton, Corporate Messiah, Fails To Dominate Geriatric Socialist

- Henrique Capriles Calls on Venezuelan Military to Oust Maduro

- Trump Calls Bill Clinton What He Is: A Rapist: But I'll Go Further Than That

- The Banning of Evalion: My Two Main Thoughts

- Bill DeBlasio Goes Insane, Intends to Fine Businesses for Pronoun Usage

- Egypt Air Paris to Cairo Flight Probably Downed by Terrorists

- "Elbowgate": Trudeau and his Parliament are All Weak Minded Babies

- Netanyahu Proposes Genocidal Maniac Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister

- German Government to Monitor Mosques: Stupidity At Its Finest

- Venezuela Rapidly Collapsing Due to Socialism

- Koch Brothers to Poison Libertarian Party with Tainted Donations?

- Modernity is the Result of the Atomic Arms Race

- Brexit Odds Rise to 83%: Britain, Liberate Your Brothers Again!

- Retarded Bill Clinton Attacks Poland and Hungary

- Hillary Clinton is Objectively Wrong on Guns and Gun Rights

- Russian Schools Consider Training Kids in Combat... So Should We!

- Elijah Wood Proclaims Hollywood Overrun With Perverts


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #49 on: November 21, 2016, 07:25:29 pm »

(Part 12 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Sanders Vows Bloody Purge of Bourgeois Democrats

- Trump Leads Clinton Nationally in RCP Aggregate

- Obama Visits Hiroshima: Should We Apologize? My Thoughts

- Basic Income/Guaranteed Income: My Take

- Snowden Was Right: Government Ignores and Attacks Whistleblowers

- United States Lifts Vietnam Arms Embargo

- Austrian Election: Green Party Edges Center Right Party

- Trumps Support Surges Among Millennials

- Crooked Hillary Faulted by State Department Over Email Fiasco

- Young Americans Abandon Debt and Usury for Family Living

- Swedes Blame Their "Alcohol Culture" For Skyrocketing Rape and Assault Rates

- Retarded Mor(m)on Glenn Beck Suggests Assassinating Trump

- Trump and Sanders Will Debate Before California: It Begins

- Trump Clinches Nomination, Now Over 1237 Delegates

- Sanders' Socialist Paradise Venezuela Sells Off Gold/ People Loot Openly

- Scientists Suggest Moving Rio Olympics Due to Contagion

- Retarded Senators Trying to Expand Warrantless Surveillance Again

- Bernie Sanders Is Nuts: Praised Bread Lines in 1985/ Ignores Venezuela

- Pakistani Islamic Council: Wife Beating is OK, But Only Light Wife Beating

- Gary Johnson Nominated As Official Libertarian Party Candidate

- ISIS Threatens Ramadan Attacks on Belgium, UK, France, USA

- Trump is Both Right and Wrong on the California Water Crisis

- Bill Weld Chosen as Libertarian VP Candidate: Libertarians, Awake!

- Even Lufthansa Is Abandoning Bernie Sanders Utopia Venezuela Now

- Austrians Catch Neonazi Militant, But Continue to Ignore Jihadists

- Putin Unhappy with NATO Antimissile Systems in Poland/Romania

- Retarded Tayyip Erdogan Chastises Birth Control, Continues Police State Moves

- Netanyahu's Wife Might be Charged With Fraud for Personal Expenses

- Web Firms Partner with Europe to Attack Free Speech

- Vote Leave: Brexit Takes Lead in New Polling

- Maduro Whines About Fraud in Referendum in Bernie Sanders' Utopian Venezuela

- New Jersey Apparently a Swing State Now/ Trump and Clinton Tied in New Hampshire

- Glenn Beck Suspended from SiriusXM: Good Riddance to a Whining Retard

- Thoughts on the Fat Acceptance Movement

- Never Try to Change Me: Cosmic Rebellion/ Libertarianism

- National Review (Cuckservatives) Draft David French For Independent Campaign

- Obama Stammers His Way Through Diatribe Against Trump

- A Sanders Loss Is No Victory For Clinton as California Primary Approaches

- I Stand With Hate Speech: Because Censorship Is Worse

- Cameron Claims Turkey Will Not Get Into EU, To Prevent Brexit

- Thor Attacks Germans For Weakness, Strikes Rock Concert With Lightning

- Socialism Is Killing Venezuela: And Yes, Venezuela Is Socialism

- Important Literary Update: Upcoming Playlist, Book Blog, Two New Editions

- JK Rowling Presumes That Most Harry Potter Fans Are Racists

- The Privatization of Abuse: Corporate Authoritarianism Violates Libertarianism

- The Trump University Fraud Case Is A Sideshow

- The New Retarded #NeverTrump Mythlogy: A Vote To Release Delegates

- Fort McMurray Fire Updates: South African Pay Strike/Still Burning

- French Bartender Gets Culturally Enriched For Selling Alcohol On Ramadan

- Obama Endorses Fellow Warmongering Globalist Hillary Clinton

- Elizabeth Warren Abandons Principles For Job Opportunities

- Trump Decimates Clinton With A Single Tweet

- Maduro's Cronies Invalidate Referendum, Vow To Cling to Ever Declining Power

- Mitt Romney Declares Donald Trump A Trickle Down Racist

- Brexit Surge: Polls Show Massive And Growing Lead for "Leave"

- Orlando Pulse Terrorist Attack: Omar Saddiqui Mateen Kills Homosexuals- Who Will SJWs Blame?

- Obama Blames Guns for Orlando Attack/ Second Attacker in LA?/ Orlando Cleric Says Kill Gays

- Shooting/ Hostage Situation/ Possible Terrorist Attack in Amarillo Texas Walmart

- Gary Johnson is Not A Libertarian, And We're Under Attack By Zealots, So I Will Support Donald Trump

- Trump Is Wrong On Banning Guns For Those on Terror Watch List

- Obama Wants A Female President: So Do I, but Not Hillary

- NRA Statement on Terror Watch List Gun Sales- I Support This Effort

- Swiss Realize European Union Is Doomed, Cancel Application

- "Remain" Supporters Exploit Jo Cox Murder To Destroy Brexit Supporters

- Venezuela's Schools Are Now Failing

- The Left Can Support Gay Rights Or Islamic Religiosity, Not Both


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #50 on: November 21, 2016, 07:27:00 pm »

(Part 13 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- 10,000,000 Views Achieved: The Styx Of The Union Address

- Loretta Lynch Censors Orlando Transcript, Scrubs All Mention of Islam

- Europe's Future: Turkish LGBT Rally Attacked By Erdogan's Gestapo

- Sanders' Revenge: Horde Of Protesters To Converge on Dem Convention in Philly

- Michael Steven Sandford Tries To Assassinate Donald Trump, Fails Miserably

- Kentucky Government Helps Fund Noah's Ark Replica: Load That Ship With Predatory Animals

- Senate Blocks Gun Control, Obama Whines Like A Little Baby

- Trump Raises Less Than Clinton; People Ignore Why

- All of Europe Looks to the UK To Liberate Them: Vote Leave!

- Brexit Succeeds/ Cameron Resigns/ The UK Cuts the Head Off the Snake

- Brexit Analysis: Second Referendum? Other States To Leave?

- Going Nine Days Without Food on the Oregon Trail, Then Starving To Death

- Leaked EU Superstate Plans Fan the Flames of Pro-Sovereignty Movements

- Supreme Court Finally Makes a Good Decision, Strikes Down Texas Abortion Nonsense

- Europe Will Respect the UK's Leave Vote

- Signatures Validated to Remove Nicolas Maduro From Power

- Trump's Fans Need To Realize that Yes, He's Behind Clinton - But Don't Worry, It's Expected

- Retarded Establishment Now Openly Calling Us All Ignorant

- Istanbul Airport Attack: Some Thoughts on Tayyip and the West

- Brentrance: The Half-Joking Suggestion for the USA to Annex the UK

- Single Trusted Traveler Program: US, Canada, Mexico to Simplify Travel

- Nicolas Maduro Might Dissolve Congress Instead of Risking Removal

- Trump Rises In Polls, Clinton Stalls Out, Johnson Near 10 Points

- Austrian Election Will Be Held Again Due to Fraud

- Lynch To Accept FBI Findings in Clinton Email Scandal

- FTSE Recovers Fully, Brexit Didn't Cause Economic Doomsday as Cameron Warned

- Brave TSA Agents Beat 19 Year Old Cancer Patient Nearly to Death In Memphis

- Three Things I Don't Understand About Hillary Clinton's Fans

- FBI Doesn't Indict Hillary Clinton, But Destroys Her Campaign Anyways

- #TooBigToJail ? Yes, Unfortunately; But It Matters Very Little

- Trump VP Options Update

- 30,000 Subscribers Achieved

- Philandro Castile Had Every Right To Carry A Concealed Firearm

- Dallas Erupts Into Chaos: 4 Dead, 7 Injured/ Bomb Threat

- Micah Xavier Johnson Was An Anti-white Racial Nationalist, and the Media and Government Are to Blame

- Globalism Is a Retarded Cancer But Was Dreamed Up by Well Meaning Morons

- It is Unlikely That the Clinton Foundation Investigation Will Destroy Shillary's Campaign

- Ball Busters! Ghostbusters Remake Is Just Recycled Hollywood Crap

- No Lives Matter

- Majority of Americans Think Hillary Should Have Been Charged by FBI

- Bernie Sanders Sells Out: Endorses Clinton and Ends Campaign

- Pokemon Go! Is the First Step Into Modern Gaming: But Be Cautious

- Jason Chaffetz Recommends Hillary Clinton Perjury Investigation

- Possible Ebola Case in Delhi, India

- Trump VP Update: And Then There Were Five? (PS... Choose Michael Flynn!)

- George Dubya Begins Dancing at Dallas Officers' Funeral Service

- Terrorist Plows Into People in Nice, France: Kills 80+

- Hillary's Campaign Is Probably Doomed

- Trump Might Be Trolling The RNC Rules Committee with Mike Pence

- Trump Officially Chooses Mike Pence as Running Mate: I Re-endorse Gary Johnson

- Turkish Military Apparently Has Overthrown Tayyip: Good! Screw Traitor Erdogan

- Tayyip Has Reportedly Fled Turkey to Germanistan to Go Kiss Angela Merkel's Ass

- Possible Situation at Incirlik AFB in Turkey/ Coup Update

- Hillary Clinton Claims She Wants Citizens United Overturned: Her Biggest Lie Yet

- Aragorn Endorses Jill Stein, Declares Clinton to be an Agent of Sauron

- A Response to Eternal Life Fan (Refuting Transhumanism)

- Thoughts on the RNC so Far and Upcoming DNC

- Cruz Booed At RNC, Refuses to Endorse Trump: Three Possible Reasons

- Alex Jones and Roger Stone Troll Cenk Uygur at RNC

- There are No Good Candidates for the Vermont Gubernatorial Election

- 28 Pages of the 9-11 Report Released: Told you the Saudis Did It

- Trumps RNC Speech Seals the Deal

- Milo Yiannopolous Banned From Twitter: Twitter Is Useless Anyways

- Supreme Court of Virginia Strikes Down Felon Voting Executive Order

- Hillary Clinton Chooses Tim Kaine as Running Mate (Hillary's Epic Mistake)

- DNC Leaks: Democratic Party Corporatists Colluded with Clinton to Destroy Sanders


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #51 on: November 21, 2016, 07:28:29 pm »

(Part 14 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Trump Intends to Crush Cruz and Kasich as Punishment Using His Own Money

- Gary Johnson Is Approaching Debate-Enabling Polling Numbers

- Erdogan Expands His Power, Becomes De Facto Dictator of Turkey

- Ghosts of Elections Past: Why I Believe Trump is Very Likely to Win in November

- It's Hysterical to see Clinton Blame A Russian Conspiracy for the DNC Leaks

- It's Not That I'm A Trump Fan, But His Campaign Is Honestly Better than Clinton's

- Crazy Christians Say World Ends on July 29th Due to Pole Reversal

- The DNC is Already A Symbol of Disunity and It's Just the First Day

- Terrorists Behead a Priest in France

- Ghostbusters Has Become a Box Office Flop

- New Democratic Party Slogan: "Blame Russia!"

- Turkish Government Raping and Torturing Detainees

- Wikileaks Will Release More Materials Related to US Election

- A Breaking Clinton Scandal: IRS Will Investigate Clinton Foundation for Pay to Play System

- Martin Bush Endorses Gary Johnson; My Thoughts

- Nancy Pelosi Is Hillary's Own Worst Enemy: Blames Guns, God, and Gays for her Poor Performance

- Fake Twitter Account Isn't Mine: It Has Already Been Reported

- Hillary Clinton's DNC Acceptance Speech: Mediocre and Mechanical

- Zika Panic Sets In, and It's Hilarious to Me: Just Abort the Gollum Babies!

- North Korea Declares War for the Zillionth Time; but One Thing they Said is Mostly True

- Clinton Campaign Computers Were Hacked, Not Just the DNC

- Venezuela Becomes New Pol Pot Cambodia, Introduces Forced Labor

- Majority of Germans Reject Merkel's Immigration Policies

- Obama Continues To Push TPP; So Will Hillary If Elected

- Anthrax Epidemic In Siberia

- Clinton Lied About Helping A Disabled Girl Get to School at the DNC: What A Wicked Old Witch

- I Was Correct About Why the RNC's Viewership Was Low: The DNC Suffered the Same "Problem"

- "Muh SCOTUS"- Lamestream Parties Browbeat Independent Voters with Constant Fear

- Melania Trump's Nudes Leaked... So? They're Pretty Hot

- Hillary Took Cash From, Directed ISIS- Associated Company; The Ultimate Betrayal

- New End Times Theory: Georgia Guidestones/Remote Viewers and August 14th, 2016

- Trump Might Have Inside Knowledge of the Forthcoming Clinton Campaign Email Leaks

- "Black Lives Matter" Has Become Useless: End the Drug War To Save Black Lives

- The Rio Olympics Are Already A Disaster and They Haven't Technically Even Begun

- Clinton's Bizarre Response to Protest at Rally

- Entheogens Video 13: The Folly of the Drug War; a Libertarian Perspective

- Trump and Clinton are Destroying their Own Parties

- Islamic Terrorist Attacks Police with Machete in Charleroi, Belgium

- No, Snowden Isn't Dead: His Hexadecimal Tweet Is Probably an Encryption Key

- The Futility of Trying to Unskew Polls

- Entheogens Video 15: Marijuana (Disclaimer; Decriminalized in Vermont)

- General Update: Literature, SIH, Video Topics, etc

- Retarded Floridian Government Releases GMO Mosquitoes then Sprays Zika Zone with Toxins

- No, Trump Didn't Suggest People Should Harm Clinton, He was Making a Point About Activism

- Julian Assange Insinuates that Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker and Was Murdered For This

- Trump Tower Climber is A Trump Fan Apparently Trying to Deliver Papers

- Malia Obama Smokes Marijuana at Lollapalooza... So What?

- Remember the Time Hillary Invoked RFK's Assassination in 2008? Neither Does the Media

- Clinton Foundation Under Several Investigations/ Clinton's "Charitable" Giving

- The Stupidity of the CERN Sacrifice Video

- Crazy Old Nancy Pelosi Goes Hypocrite Mode Regarding Colleague's Private Numbers

- DEA Retardedly Keeps Marijuana on Schedule 1

- Soros Hacked, A New Major Leak: How We Should Respond to Cultural Malaise

- Clinton's People Even Referred to CF Donations as "Pay to Play" in Email (Wikileaks)

- The New Rise of Occultism: Three Reasons We're Winning Again

- Shadow Brokers Claim to have Hacked the NSA, Want to be Paid in Bitcoins

- BLM Mobs Attack Whites in Milwaukee/ Rioters Burn their Own Communities

- Obama Plans To Give Control of the Internet to the World at Large: Why We Must Stop Him

- State Department Throws Obama Under the Bus, Admits Iran Payment was A Ransom

- Obama Abandons Flooded Louisiana just like Dubya Bush Did: Trump Chooses to Visit

- Clinton's Lead Has Declined back to Just 3 or 4 Points

- In This Election, Remember; Perception Matters and Truth Is Meaningless

- Analyzing Clinton and Trump's Strengths and Weaknesses


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #52 on: November 21, 2016, 07:30:04 pm »

(Part 15 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- The Most Ominous Thing Said In Decades

- Cult Leader Doyle Davidson Opens Youtube Channel... It's Predictably Warped

- The Maverick Myth: Trump's Proposals Aren't Severe or Insane

- TIME Whines about Trolls, Utterly Fails To Grasp the Irony

- Yet Another Clinton Scandal: Her Foundation Sought Access to the State Department

- The USDA Lesbian Farmer Summit That Limbaugh Is Irate Over

- Lamestream Media Attacks Wikileaks to Save Hillary's Candidacy

- Texas Teacher Abandons Homework: I Hope All Other Teachers Follow

- I Told you the Mainstream Media Was Dying: NPR Shuts Down Comments

- Hillary Clinton Is About to Poke the Hornet's Nest with An Alt-Right Speech

- Clinton Attacks Russia, UKIP, Infowars/ Praises George W Bush in Alt-Right Reno Speech

- Neoliberalism is Identical to Moral Traditionalism and the Two Party System is a Scam

- Hillary Clinton's Shill The Record Front Lines Have Already Collapsed

- Texas Dildo Protests: Why Not Protest for Sexual Rights Instead of Against the 2nd Amendment?

- Venezuela Hyperinflation/ Gun Grab/ Bullet Registry

- 4.8 Magnitude Quake 85 Miles South of Yellowstone Has Some Rattled

- Clinton Team Begins Using the Same Encryption they Want to Ban

- Typhoon Lionrock Headed Straight at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

- Social Media Dope Pope Denounces Transgendered People but Loves Islam and Globalism

- "Russians" Hack US Election System

- Many of Today's Democrats Are a Lot Like Bush Era Republicans

- Colin Kaepernick Sits During National Anthem: My Thoughts

- DHS Wants to Control the Election Directly Because Muh Hackers

- Trumps Mexico Visit Was A Massive Success; He Might have Just Won the Election

- The Contradicting Short and Long Term Action of a Globalized Economy

- Youtube's Content Policy Isn't Changing, So Don't Worry

- Clinton Literally Threatens War with Russia/ China Over Hacking and Leaks

- I Know Why Johnson is Pandering to the Left, but I Can't Support it: I Endorse Trump

- Hillary Clinton Just Proved She's Unfit in the FBI Release

- Clinton Has Become the Cackling Old Woman who Sits on her Porch and Yells at the Neighbors

- DEA Unilaterally Decides to Ban Kratom for No Reason

- Do You Love War and Violence? Vote Clinton! (Clinton's Leftist Fans Are Being Fooled)

- In Keeping With State Department Rules, Clinton Had Two Devices Destroyed By Hammer

- Why I am Mostly Attacking the "Liberals" (Hint; it Isn't Because I Moved Right)

- The Cleveland Cough: Hillary Clinton has begun to Degrade in Health due to Our Magick

- Duterte Calls Obama What He Is, Obama Whines and Cancels Meeting

- Nicolas Maduro Chased by Hundreds of Protestors

- Trump About Tied With Clinton in Rasmussen/CNN/IBD Polls

- Federal Government Shuts Down ITT Tech, Ignores "Public" Higher Education Issues

- Thoughts on The Tribes Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

- Government Puts Out Arrest Warrant for Jill Stein, Ignores Clinton's Crimes

- Wikileaks Is Preparing to Release Teasers for their Big Leak

- Gary Johnson Didn't Even Know What Aleppo Was

- North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test

- The United States Cannot Afford Clinton's Warmongering

- Clinton Doubles Down, Calls 25% of Electorate "Basket of Deplorables"

- Trump Retweets 2012 Obama Tweet, Devastates Deplorable Hillary

- 15 Years Since 9/11, And Things are Worse than Ever

- Our Occultism Causes Clinton to Suffer "Medical Episode" at 9/11 Memorial/ She Faints

- Your Subconscious Says Hillary Clinton is Basically Dolores Umbridge

- Five Strange Facts about Me

- Media/Hillary Declare Pepe the Frog a "White Nationalist" Symbol

- New DNC Leaks: Colin Powell, Clown Donors, Twitter Censorship

- Bill Clinton Calls Hillary a Demon, Says She Collapsed Frequently in Past

- It's Hilarious To See FOX Claim Not to Be In the Mainstream Media

- Bennet Omalu Claims Clinton Poisoned by Putin and/or Trump

- Trump Didn't Start the Birther Movement, Clinton's Fans Did

- CNN Investigates Why Democrats are Nervous, Ignores Real Reasons

- New Faultline Discovered in Oklahoma, Activated by Fracking

- Explosion in Chelsea New York (And Pipe Bomb in New Jersey Earlier)

- Islamic Terrorist Attacks Mall in Minnesota, Stabs 8, ISIS Claims Responsibility

- Clinton Leads Trump by only 3 Points in Rhode Island: Trump Ahead of Romney's Levels Everywhere

- Breaking: Multiple Arrests in NYC Bombing, Elizabeth NJ Explosives


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #53 on: November 21, 2016, 07:31:48 pm »

(Part 16 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Obama Gives Israel 38 Billion of our Tax Dollars, Ignores US Affairs

- Former President of Haitian Senate Accuses Clinton of Drug Running and Fraud

- In Moment of Surprising Honesty, Huffpost Writes Clinton Campaign Obituary

- HW Bush Supports Hillary Clinton: Not a Surprise!

- Clinton's IT Guy is Fucked; Asked Reddit for Email Advice

- Charlotte Explodes Into Race Riots Due to Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

- Clinton Oddly Postpones Fundraiser in Key Swing State of North Carolina

- Another Phony Baloney Asteroid End Times for September 23-25

- Racist Black Rioters Attacking White Journalists/Photographers in Charlotte

- Hillary Clinton Goes Nuts, Rants About Not Being Ahead 50 Points

- A Hit for Trump on the Internet, a Miss on Stop and Frisk

- The More Popular You Get, the More People Try to Convert You to their Religion

- Shame on the University of Vermont for Raising BLM's Flag

- Ted Cruz Bows Before Trump as a Defeated and Subjugated Minion

- Clinton Proposes Massive Estate Tax ... Fuck Small Businesses and Farmers

- RFK Speechwriter Abandons Clinton as Warmonger, Endorses Trump

- First Presidential Debate Tomorrow; Pre-Debate Analysis etc

- Yours Truly on Red Ice Radio (Synchronicity and Memetics) Link to RIR

- First Presidential Debate Post Show Analysis/Banter/Reaction

- I Was Correct: Trump Wins Every Poll, But MSM Only Reports CNN Snap Poll

- The Fifth Epoch of American Politics: And a Little About Rigged Online Polls

- Why My Election Predictions are So Accurate: The Triple Paradigm Shift

- Anti Defamation League Declares Smug Pepe a Bigoted, Skinhead Cartoon

- Senate Stands Up to Obamas Saudi Pandering, Overrides His 9-11 Bill Veto

- James O'Keefe (of ACORN fame) Says He Has Video of the Clintons Demeaning Black Voters

- India and Pakistan Exchange War Rhetoric, India Claims Surgical Strikes

- Thoughts on "Youtube Heroes": A Well Meaning, but Doomed, Venture

- Chelsea Clinton Hilariously Suggests that Marijuana Can Kill People

- Mainstream Culture Enters the Second Stage of Grief Regarding the Alt-Right

- His Majesty Grant Strobl Destroys the Special Snowflake Movement

- Clinton's Campaign Probably Just Ended: Leaked Audio Bashing Sanders Supporters

- Forthcoming Interview with the Unbelievable Podcast

- 1995 Trump Tax Returns Leaked: My Thoughts

- Assange Cancels Balcony Announcement; That Doesn't Mean the Clinton Leaks Have Been Cancelled

- I May Need Help Building a Website or Two Next Year

- I Hold Organized Religion in Contempt

- Hillary Clinton/ New York Times, Both used Same tax Loopholes as Trump

- Martin Shkreli Suggests He Might Bankroll/Buy/Support 4chan

- Don't Mistake My Disdain for Clinton as a Worship of Trump

- Interview on Episode 181 of the Unbelievable Podcast

- Clinton Unironically Suggested A Drone Strike on Julian Assange

- Reminder: Live Analysis Tonight After VP Debate

- October Surprise! Clinton Foundation Involved in TARP Fund Embezzlement by Congressional Democrats

- Vice Presidential Debate Analysis Live Stream

- NSA Contractor Stole Intelligence; Would-be Whistleblower Proves NSA is Inept

- Coming Soon: Victoria II Campaigns

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 1/10: The Early Years (1836-1846)

- Clinton Rallygoers Both Bored and Few in Number

- Irrelevant Legacy Media Deludes Itself Into Thinking It's Relevant

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 2/10: Lothringen and Bohemia Are Ours (1846-1856)

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 3/10: Frances' Epic Mistake and Prepping for War (1856-1866)

- Trump Exposed as Womanizer... Surprising Nobody

- Obama Lied: Clinton's Campaign Directly Coordinated with Him on Emails (FOIA Release)

- Podestagate: Wikileaks Releases Tens of Thousands of Clinton Campaign Chair Emails

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 4/10 Supergermany! (1866-1876)

- Clinton's Wall Street Speech Highlights Disclosed via Podesta Leak

- We're Closer to Atomic Midnight These Days

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 5/10: Invading Egypt and Venezuela (1876-1886)

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 6/10: Staving Off the Socialists (1886-1896)

- Trump Also Said Sexual Things on Howard Stern's Show; CNN Acts Surprised

- Clinton and DNC Colluded to "Elevate" Trump in Hopes of Destroying GOP; They Failed

- Reminder: Analysis Live Tonight After Second Presidential Debate

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 7/10: Panama and Success at Forcing Out Socialism (1896-1906)

- Second Presidential Debate Reaction: Live Analysis and Banter


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #54 on: November 21, 2016, 07:33:15 pm »

(Part 17 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- CNN Possibly Caught Coaching its "Unbiased" Snap Poll Audience

- Another Wikileaks Dump: Bill Clinton Almost Caused a Suicide, Chelsea the Brat, and More

- James O'Keefe Proclaims He Will Release a Tape Tomorrow, More to Come

- The Death of Legacy Media and the Rise of the Press as It was Meant to Be

- If Clinton Does Win it will Be a Busy Four Years for People Like Me

- Trump, Now Free of his Shackles, Launches Scorched Earth Campaign Against GOP Defectors

- Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics and Evangelicals... Oops

- Mike Cernovich Confirms 33,000 Missing Clinton Emails Have Been Obtained

- Clinton Obtained Debate Question In Advance/ Colludes with Entire Media

- James O'Keefe Locked Out of Twitter for Possibly Political Reasons

- Hillary's Campaign Manager Referred to Hispanics as "Needy Latinos", Bill Richardson a "Dick"

- Trump Will Probably Win if the Clinton Leaks Continue (Not A Final Prediction)

- The Clintons got a $1,000,000 Donation in 2012 from Qatar as a Birthday Present to Bill

- Clinton Campaign Wants a "Compliant, Unaware" Citizenry, Exploits the Legacy Media

- Wikileaks Is Correct: Media Reporting is Vastly Uncoupled from Public Interest

- Clinton Campaign Considered Fake Craigslist Ads to Smear Trump

- Breaking: Clinton Confirms Saudi Arabia is Attempting to Obtain Nuclear Weapons (Wikileaks)

- Breaking: Clinton Applauded Billionaires in Office (Wikileaks)

- I'm A Critic of Russian Policy: The Claim that Wikileaks is Working for them is Rubbish

- Clinton Suggests Possibility of claiming Entire Pacific Ocean

- Trump is Rising In the Polls Again, Rapidly

- CNN Tries to Scare Its Viewers into Not Reading Wikileaks Material

- Orange County GOP Headquarters Firebombed, Hypocrite Legacy Media Attacks Trump

- O'Keefe Drops First Major Video: It's a Half-Doozie

- Podesta and Other Clinton Staffers Lamented that the San Bernardino Shooter was a Muslim

- Legacy Media's Demographics versus Mine... I Win

- Government of Ecuador Cuts Off Julian Assanges Internet; Internet Condemns the Act

- For Those Who Wanted Me to Write a Political Work... I Already Did (After the Ashes)

- Trumps Ethics Reform Outline is Actually Very Good

- Rigging the Election Part 2 is Out... A True Doozie! (O'Keefe, Veritas)

- Bob Creamer (Seen in the O'Keefe Tapes) Visited Obama 36 Times in the White House/ Iran Deal

- Clinton et al Are Aware Assange isn't a Russian Agent and Now Frame him as a Pervert

- Third Presidential Debate Live Stream and Analysis

- Donna Brazile Deflects on O'Keefe Investigation

- Hillary Clinton Wants War in Syria and Possibly a Nuclear Standoff

- Clinton's Worst Nightmare: Wikileaks Promises a Surprise for Kaine and Brazile

- 50,000 Subscribers: The New, True Press Is Rising: I Renew my No ads Pledge

- Anarchy on the Net: Shilling, Damage Control, Twitter Blackout, Ecuadorian Embassy etc

- Hillary Clinton's Provable Quid Pro Quo in Morocco

- Clinton is a Red Scare Cold Warrior Chickenhawk

- O'Keefe: Clinton Personally Involved in Infiltration of Trump Rallies

- Confirmed: 4chan Has Begun Banning Anyone Who Mentions Ben Fischbein

- Clinton Staffer Called Sanders Advisor a "Fucker" by Email

- Clinton Again Uses "Russia" Excuse to Avoid Answering Press on Moroccan Quid Pro Quo

- Rigging the Election III: Another Doozie (O'Keefe, Project Veritas)

- My Preliminary Presidential Election Prediction

- Clinton Camp takes Dubious Saudi Money from Tony Podesta

- Clinton Camp has been Using Media to Oversample and Push-Poll Since 2008

- Scott Adams (Dilbert!) Tires of Being Harassed, Endorses Trump

- A New Egyptian God Has Joined the Fight Against Clinton: Geb (Occult Synchronicity)

- Former Clinton Foundation Head May Be Wikileaks Source, Not Russian Hackers

- Obama Lied Regarding Clinton's Personal Server; He Knew About It All Along

- Dilbert Unleashes Insane Attack on Clinton Campaign, Rallies His Soldiers for Memetic War

- Rigging the Election Part IV: A Double Doozie! (O'keefe, Project Veritas)

- The Death of my Grandfather/Legal Crap: A Message to my Subscribers

- I'm Not Going to Slow Down... I'm With the High Command

- New Clinton Emails Being Probed by FBI

- Severely Retarded Clinton Camp Wanted to Exploit Eric Garner's Death, Garner's Daughter Reacts

- Clinton Sure Liked the Idea of Rigging the Elections in Palestine

- Obese People Try to get Eugenia Cooney Banned to Thin Shame and Censor Youtube

- Clinton Is Probably Doomed Because of the FBI Probe


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #55 on: November 21, 2016, 07:34:54 pm »

(Here is the Introductory post on StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos:

Videos List: Here's the first post listing his Political Analysis videos & links:

Youtube Channel List: Bookmark this to see his newest videos daily:

End of Videos List: Below is the last post for his list so far.)

(Part 18 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- At Long Last: O'Keefe Promises Clinton Racist Tape "Early Next Week"

- With Obamacare Failing, Gruber Suggests a Bigger Fine to Save It

- Weiner's Computer Had 650,000 Emails On It, Reid Literally Blames Russia

- Donna Brazille Fed Clinton Democratic Debate Questions (Wikileaks) CNN Kicks Brazille Out

- Comey Did Nothing Wrong in Notifying Congress of the New Emails on Weiner's Computer

- Comey Would Have Violated the Hatch Act by Not Telling Congress: Also, H.A. Goodman Shoutout!

- The Tale of Bobby Jones AKA Spudd Croily

- James Comey Is Trying to Warn Us that Clinton Is Corrupt as Hell

- Vermont State Elections: My Endorsements

- James O'Keefe Tape: Hillary Donors Compare Black Republicans to Sonderkommandos

- DOJ's Peter Kadzik is a Clinton Mole (Wikileaks)

- The Pieczenik Crap is a Distraction from Actual Scandal

- New Scandal: Clinton Campaign Returns Donations Gathered from Straw Donor Conspiracy

- Nate Iron Ore's Joking Prophecy Now 50% Fulfilled

- Clinton Foundation Probe "Likely" to Yield Indictments

- The Clintons May Be Involved in Child Trafficking

- Clinton is Probably Going to Land like Santa Claus in a Tropical Jungle

- John Podesta's Nonsensical Spirit Cooking Crap

- Clinton Took a Million from Qatar Without Telling the State Department

-  Occult Literature 60: The Piasa, The Devil Among the Indians

- Explaining CTR's Satanic Panic Tactics and More

- Trump Rushed Off Stage in Reno, Due to Disturbance/Possible Assassination Attempt

- I Predicted Clinton's Rust Belt Panic Months Ago

- Comey Again Refuses to Indict Clinton: I Doubt It Will Save her Campaign

- Final Election Margin Projection

- Final Prediction For the 2016 Election

- Election Live Stream Tomorrow Starting 7:30 EST or 8:30 EST (In the EVENING)

- Live Stream Update (EVENING not MORNING!) GO VOTE!!!

- Final Pre-Livestream Analysis (Turnout, Polls, etc) GO VOTE!!!

- Election Results and Analysis Live Stream

- I Win Everything, All the Pundits Were Wrong

- If Clinton Has Occultists On Her Side, They're Failures

- I Hereby Demote Nate Silver to Nate Metaconglomerate Dust

- Hillary Clinton Got Drunk Last Night and Podesta Had to Cover Her Ass

- The Meme Battle is Over, the Meme Wars Have Just Begun

- The Drug War Is Dying: Good Riddance

- Thousands of Triggered Hypocrites Protest Trump and Riot

- The Legacy Media is Dying, The Decentralized, International Press Is Rising

- Trump Gearing Up to Dismantle Anti-Gun Rules and Regulations

- That Was Fast: Trump's Victory has Destroyed the TPP

- No, Trump Is Not Backpedaling on the Affordable Care Act

- The Legacy Media is Fixated on Trump Talking to Moscow, Ignore Him Talking to Mexico

- My Message to Those so Mad About A Trump Presidency

- The Electoral College Should Not Be Abolished

- No, Clinton Will Not Be Declared President by the Electoral College

- Clinton Refuses to Take Responsibility For Loss, Blames Comey For Defeat

- Now We Liberate France: Le Pen Boosted by Trump/Pepe/Alt-Right

- Trump Plans to Deport 2-3 Million Illegal Immigrants Immediately

- Austrians: Join Us; Vote Hofer and FPO

- 66,666 Subscribers Celebration

- Thoughts on Bannon/ Trump's Cabinet/ ACA/ Border Wall/ Etc

- Spiritual, Memetic Propaganda: An Explanation for the Rationalists

- Yes, Trump Should Pardon Snowden, Manning, and Assange

- The Democrats Aren't Learning Their Lesson, Still

- Jim Webb Is the Last Intelligent Democrat

- Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism are Dying Out (A World Paradigm Shift In Progress)

- No, I Won't Change My Channel Name, Style, or Delivery

- The Legacy Media is Pulling Out All Stops to Monopolize the Web (It Won't Work)

- Oil Boom in Texas: 20,000,000,000 Barrels Found

- The Petrodollar Is Not Real, but the Aircraft Carrier Dollar Is

- Trump Chooses and Options some Cabinet Members and Advisors: 3 Good, 1 Bad

- The Occult: Video 109: Occultism At Odds with Leftism, Especially Fiscally

- The Same Legacy Press that Crucified Trump Now Whines When He Blocks Them Out

- Climate Change is a Non Issue (We're Doomed if It's Man Made)

- Trump Trolls the Media and Leftists with Safe Spaces Tweet

- Suicide Is Regrettable But Should Be Legal (Thoughts on Assisted Suicide etc)

- South Korea's Park Investigated for Corruption/ Cult Ties

- Everyone Is All Funny Over Mainstream Science Embracing the Possibility of Alien Life

- Monkey In Libya Causes 16 Deaths: Thank Goodness Clinton Liberated Their Nation

- The Same Competition Necessary for Advanced Life Also Probably Routinely Destroys It
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Re: 15 Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #56 on: December 07, 2016, 08:52:10 pm »

Tila Tequila Throws Sieg Heil Salute, Outrages Normies

We Must Maximize Domestic Liberty to Defeat Globalism

True Masculinity is Wildly Different from Postmodern "Masculinity"

Trump Rumored to Drop Plans of Clinton Investigation

Why I Often Wear a Coat Indoors

Standing Rock Protestors attacked while Obama Does Nothing

The Neoliberals Are Now Pretending to be Libertarians

Thoughts on Pizzagate

No, Assange Is Not Dead

Another Terror Group Arrested in France: Vote Le Pen

It Would Be a Mistake for Trump To Give Mitt Romney the State Department

100,000,000th Post on /pol/ A Harbinger Of the Coming Era

A Response to Varg (ThuleanPerspective) RE Molyneux, Capitalism, Etc

Fidel Castro Finally Dies

US Arming Yemeni Rebel Groups: Just Like In Syria

No Russian Ever Tried to Screw Me, So Why Would I Fear Russia?

Trump Won: No Recount Will Change That Fact

I Am Censored in Most of Europe; Change Your Location to Subscribe

Trump Attacks Clinton Over Recount Nonsense

I'm A Stereotypical Aquarius

Trump Announces Intent to Redesign Cuba Deal

Australia Is Insane: Their Thunderstorms Also Cause Asthma Attacks

Islamic Migrant Attacks Ohio State Students With Knife

Trump Is Totally Wrong on Flag Burning

Trump Picks Tom Price for Cabinet: Goodbye Obamacare

Trump Chooses Former Goldman Sachs Partner as Treasury Secretary

Legacy Media Damage Control: Calling All Alternative News "Fake"

The Coming Generation Z (Strauss Howe)

WWI Antiseptic (Acriflavine) Might Come Back Into Use

Pelosi Remains In Command of House Minority

The Legacy Media is Very Worried that Trump Will Appoint a White Male to the Supreme Court

Mad Dog Mattis Now Trump's Secretary Of Defense

Keith Ellison (First Muslim in Congress) Criticizes Israel, Gets Slammed by ADL

Putin Declares Russia Wants to Work with the US To Crush Terrorism

Trump Is Right to Re-affirm Our Commitment to Taiwan

I Oppose Israeli Imperialism, Not Israeli Nationalism

When Leftists Attack Is Even Funnier to Me Than to Any of You

I Believe Jill Stein Is Aiding Trump (Drops Pennsylvania Recount Bid)

Hofer Crushed by Globalists, Italy Holds Referendum on Continuing to Be a Republic

Daughter of Retarded EU Official is Raped and Slaughtered by Islamic Migrant

Italy Rejects EU Globalism, Defeats Referendum to Give Globalists Limitless Power

Trump Hands HUD to Carson, Attacks China Some More

PewDiePie Is Successfully Adopting a Trumpite Propaganda Strategy

Salon Calls for Revival of Communist Red Guard, Vows to Fight All Non Leftists

The Most Important Reason Why the European Union Will Surely Fail

Merkel Tries to Fool Germany By Proposing a Burqa Ban


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #57 on: December 22, 2016, 01:28:25 pm »

Trump Becomes TIME Person of the Year (Everybody I Don't Like Is Hitler)

Suprun Is Correct but Dumb: He Has No Responsibility to Cast His Ballot for Trump

Youtube's New Notification System Explained: Click the Bell for subscription

The Government, Bureaus, and Media, Are Not Acting Normally

Want To Destroy Fake News? Stop Watching the Legacy Media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc)

The Poop Pope: Papa Francis Rambles Incoherently About Fake News

Trump Supposedly Chooses Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

The "Left" Reminds You To Just Trust Uncle Sam and Obey, You Peasant

Trump Correctly Identifies That There Is No "One China"

Some Democrats Finally Realize They Lost As Shock Wears Off

South Korea's "Clinton Clone" Impeached for Corruption (Park Geun-hye)

The GOP Finally Cares About the Debt

Overly Optimistic Professor Too Dumb to Do Basic Math Hopes Trump Will Be Denied Presidency

Trudeau Has a Marco Roboto Moment, Took a Million Dollars from Chinese Communists

FDR Was a Sad, Bitter, Cousin Loving, Crippled Bigot Who Ignored the Constitution

A Refutation of So-called Left Libertarianism

I Have No Interest in Jesus or Allah or Any of That Stuff

Hillary Clinton Goes Insane, Claims Putin Cost Her the Election

California Finally Believes in States Rights, Vows to Fight Trump on Immigration

Trump Picks Mulvaney For Office of Management and Budget

Multiple Media Firms Misconstrue Trump's Words at Victory Rally

4chan Right Wing Safety Squads Get Pink Haired Community College Kids Upset

Retarded DEA Considers "Marihuana" Extract A Drug Even if Sub- Euphoriant

Brazil Wisely Institutes Severe Austerity But Should Go Further [Austerity should only be on the 1%]

Venezuela's Maduro Loses His Mind Again, Lies About Hyperinflation

The Electors Vote Today

The Economist 2017: Some Will-Be Synchronicity

Attacker Shoots Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Turkey

Thoughts About MTV's Poorly Thought Out "New Years Resolutions for White Guys"

Progressive Harassment Backfires and Clinton Loses 5 Electors

Migrant Kills 12 in Berlin With Truck Attack: Blame Merkel for This Crap

Campi Flegrei Volcano Near Naples Acting Funny

One Month Until President Trump is Inaugurated (Yep, He's Your President!)


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #58 on: January 04, 2017, 06:58:09 pm »

Tupac (Who Never Made a Rock Song) Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Romania May Soon Have a Female, Muslim Prime Minister

Let It Be an Arms Race! Trump Declares Intent to Expand US Nuclear Capabilities

The "Left" Now Says Trump Will Start a New Cold War, After Beating Him To It

The Twofold Possible Meaning of Trump's UN Jab

To Those Blaming Capitalism for Our Problems: We Haven't Had Capitalism in a Century

Happy Christmas: The State of the World As It Is

Ever the Opportunist, Glenn Beck Slips Further Into Disrepute and Allies With Neoliberalism

I Hope Clinton Runs Again in 2020

Assange Fires On Clinton Again, Gives Reserved Opinion on Trump

Obama Claims He Could Have Beaten Trump... He's Wrong

Obama Decides to Screw With Russia One Last Time Over Fake Hacking Scandal

Hillary Clinton Hit With Lawsuit Revival by Appeals Court

Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act: The New Patriot Act (And Just As Bad)

Trump Ignores Obama's Obvious Trap, Praises Putin on Sanctions

Russian Malware on Employee Computer at Burlington Electric: WAPO Sensationalizes, Partisans Shill

2016 In Review: And Predictions for 2017

New Years' Day: Istanbul Nightclub Attacked by Man Dressed as Santa: 39 Dead

Trump Criticizes China, Comments About North Koreas Nuclear Threats

Two "Activists" Sell White Privilege Safety Pin Boxes to Dumb People for 100 a Month

CNN Is So Dumb they Used Fallout Footage For a Russian Hacker Story

Assange Confirms Russia Is not the Source of the DNC Leaks (He's Also Not Dead)

Cruz Proposes Congressional Term Limits


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #59 on: January 15, 2017, 07:03:35 pm »

Thugs Abduct, Beat Missing Special Needs Dude On Live Stream While Ranting About Trump

Don't Compare Legacy Media Outlets: They're Just Different Flavors of Turd

Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Audit Fed... Trump Appears to Support It

Actual PBG Member, Higher than Jesus, Denounces Chicago Attackers, Calls them Goofy

Nutjobs at Politico In Awe that Trump Would Ignore Agencies that Sold Us Iraq

Crazed Puerto Rican Military Member Kills 5 in Fort Lauderdale Airport

Trump Calls DNC Negligent in Protecting its Servers: He's Right

China's Pollution Levels Are Approaching Literal Uninhabitability

Clinton for NYC Mayor? She'd be a Good Fit

France: Le Pen Begins to Maneuver for Frexit

Slovakia Moves to Squash Islamofascism, but its Move is Dangerous

Nate Silver Just Barely Admitting What I Said in November about the Rust Belt

Charles Manson Is Probably Dying

Hate Speech Does Not Even Exist: The Definition is Artificial and Malleable

Buzzfeed Reports on Obviously Fake Pissgate/ Trump Scandal Documents

I Foresee Years of Attacks by the Lamestream on the True, Underground Press: It Has Already begun

4chan Might Have Utterly Fooled the Lamestream Media with the Trump Documents

Obamas Real Legacy: Silent War, Mass Surveillance, and A Cult of Personality

NSA Gains New Unconstitutional Data Sharing Powers

The Government of the State of Vermont has Failed In Nearly Every Measure

I Can Remember When the American "Liberals" Mocked the Media

John Lewis Proclaims Trump not to be a "Legitimate" President

Modern Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Identical to the Colonial Era

A Simple Solution to Rioting Thugs Blocking the Streets

The Al Sharptons of the White Race: TDS And Others (Half of them are Commies)

Antifa Is a Cringeworthy Organization of Meaningless Scumbags

Turkey Is Now a Totalitarian State
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