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Author Topic: Libertarian Views (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 47301 times)


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left-Libertarianism)
« Reply #30 on: November 29, 2014, 01:06:23 pm »

Center for a Stateless Society

Alliance of the Libertarian Left

What is Left-Libertarianism?
The oldest and broadest usage of “left-libertarian,” and perhaps most familiar to those in the anarchist movement at large, dates back to the late nineteenth century, and includes pretty much the whole non-statist, horizontalist or decentralist Left — everybody but Social Democrats and Leninists, basically. It was originally used as a synonym for “libertarian socialist” or “anarchist,” and also commonly included syndicalists, council communists, followers of Rosa Luxemburg and Daniel DeLeon, etc. Many of us at C4SS would consider ourselves part of this broader left-libertarian community, although what we mean when we call our position “left-libertarian” is more specific.
- [] We are a multi-tendency coalition that includes left-Rothbardians, classic 19th century individualist anarchists, Georgists, and many other traditions.
- [] We call ourselves left-libertarians, first, because we want to recuperate the left-wing roots of free market libertarianism, and second because we want to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of free market thought for addressing the concerns of today’s Left.
- [] We on the Libertarian Left consider it utterly perverse that free market libertarianism, a doctrine which had its origins as an attack on the economic privilege of landlords and merchants, should ever have been coopted in defense of the entrenched power of the plutocracy and big business.
- [] The industrial capitalist system that the libertarian mainstream has been defending since the mid-19th century has never even remotely approximated a free market. Capitalism, as the historic system that emerged in early modern times, is in many ways a direct outgrowth of the bastard feudalism of the late Middle Ages. It was founded on the dissolution of the open fields, enclosure of the commons and other massive expropriations of the peasantry.
- [] In not only colonial but post-colonial times, the land and natural resources of the Third World have been enclosed, stolen and plundered by Western business interests. The current concentration of Third World land in the hands of landed elites producing in collusion with Western agribusiness interests, and of oil and mineral resources in the hands of Western corporations, is a direct legacy of four hundred years of colonial and neo-colonial robbery.
- [] The title to vacant and unimproved land in the United States and other settler societies that has been enclosed and held out of use by absentee landlords should be voided.
- [] The minimum list of demands of left-libertarianism should include abolition of all artificial property rights, artificial scarcities, monopolies, entry barriers, regulatory cartels and subsidies, by which virtually the entire Fortune 500 gets the bulk of its profits.

Communal Property: A Libertarian Analysis
By Kevin Carson

Right-wing libertarian and Objectivist forums are full of statements that ‘there’s no such thing as collective property,’ ‘all property rights are individual,” and the like. But as Karl Hess argued, libertarian property can take on a wide variety of legitimate forms. Communal ownership of land is a legitimate and plausible model for property rights in a stateless society based on free association. Historically, the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that the first appropriation of land for agriculture was almost universally by peasant villages working as a social unit. The village commune and open field system were, almost universally, the dominant property model in societies which, so far in human history, came closest to approximating the libertarian ideal of statelessness and voluntary association: the neolithic village societies between the agricultural revolution and the rise of the state.”



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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left-Libertarianism)
« Reply #31 on: December 01, 2014, 09:58:41 pm »

Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools
Are "Behavior Problems" More Accurately Rebellion Against Authoritarianism?


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Reid Sneaking Internet Tax Bill into Congress)
« Reply #32 on: December 03, 2014, 08:31:15 pm »

A slippery slope toward Internet tyranny

Ron Paul says:
Harry Reid is scheming to ram the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” (S. 2159/H.R. 4301) into law during Congress’ lame-duck session.

Using the justification of banning Internet gambling, this act would give federal bureaucrats a new excuse to spy on your Internet activities – while setting a dangerous precedent for further erosions of Internet freedom.

Your senators could be key to defeating this bill, so please sign the below petition urging your senators to oppose the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” (S. 2159/H.R. 4301) at every opportunity.

After you sign your petition, I hope you'll chip in $10 or more to help Campaign for Liberty defeat this and other assaults on Internet freedom!

Sign petition here:


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left Libertarianism)
« Reply #33 on: March 02, 2015, 12:00:10 am »

Bow Ties and Slam Poetry: This Is Libertarianism in 2015
Petchenik was getting worked up, but just a few paces away, she and the other Stateless students found a booth of left-libertarian, anti-capitalist ...

Greens parties in Europe: rivals or partners to the centre left?
Policy Network
Green parties are best described as left-libertarian. They have adopted liberal policies on social issues such as immigration, same-sex marriage, ...

The bankruptcy of Syriza and of the globalist 'Left'
In fact, Varoufakis theory and practice has nothing to do with either Marxist or left libertarian theory and practice, as one could easily conclude from his ...
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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left Libertarianism)
« Reply #34 on: August 03, 2016, 05:02:18 pm »


WELCOME TO THE RESERVATION – A Warning to America from Russell Means
As a spokesman for the American Indian Movement,  Russell Means burst on the national scene during the A.I.M. protest at Wounded Knee in 1973.  For 71 days the Indians were surrounded by and exchanged gun fire with militarized police forces for the crime of “occupying” a portion of their own reservation.  Means later used his charismatic personality and media attention to land roles in movies such as “Last of the Mohicans”, “The Pathfinder”, and “Natural Born Killers.” ...
- Activist, Libertarian, and Constitutionalist, Russell Means was never one to shy away from a fight.  Not just a powerful spokesman for the civil rights of the Indian people, Means championed liberty for all men.  While bemoaning the fact that every American is responsible for allowing the government to usurp our freedom, he also tells us what kind of people we must be in order to live free.  In short, every citizen of these not so United States can benefit from Means’ ability to see beyond cultural boundaries and provide a perspective that slices through the shroud of disinformation cast by the dominant culture.  Consider these quotes:
- On freedom and corruption:
“Anybody born in the Western Hemisphere is a native American.”
“If you have local control of the economics, local control of the food stuffs, local control of transportation, you have freedom.”
“The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it.
“I fault the American people for not being alert to [guard] their own freedom…and to value those freedoms.”
“To wrest control of the Federal Reserve will take, I’m sorry to say, a revolution.”
“Culture is about values.  Anybody who says anything different is a Democrat.  Or a Republican.”
- On our education system and mass media:
“They’re not educating anybody now. They’re dumbing-down.  It’s Indian education now.”
“Information deprivation has led to the dumbing-down of America.”
“Television is the training ground for subsequent generations to have the attention span of a gnat.”
It [television] is like mass hypnosis.”
- On pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and the food supply:
“They advertize these drugs as lethal, and people still buy them.  What happened to their brains?”
“America is becoming one huge sick society.”
“They are destroying the food supply.  How does it feel?”
- On Natural Law:
“We human beings don’t want to be eaten.  That’s natural law!”
- His final words are directed to every citizen of this once proud, but seriously declining nation:
“America is no different than this Indian reservation [Pine Ridge].  You’re dependent on the Government now, and you’re getting what you deserve. But this land is beautiful.  It’s worth fighting for.”

Russell Means Articles,Talks

*Russell Means Assassinated (via Cancer, as were other leaders too)

Witnesses to Murder in Catholic Indian schools to Protest at the Vatican, Testify before Italian Parliamentarians

Matriarchy Part II

Uranium & Arsenic in the Water: In-Situ Leach Mining Contamination on Indian Lands

Crap & Betrayed – Sam Kephart Exposes Obama, Gore and the Truth of Carbon Credits

Initiatives to Address Ongoing State of Disaster on the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation

South Dakota Seizes 5000 Lakota Children

Russell Means talks about how matriarchal systems are in balance with natural law

Site Archives
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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Russia's Not Enemy; Enemy's Within)
« Reply #35 on: August 28, 2016, 12:30:59 pm »

Assessing the Russian Military as an Instrument of Power

[For a detailed review of Russia's power see the complete article at: .]

... [T]he single most important factor here is this: the overwhelming majority of Russians are tired and fed up with being an empire. From Peter I to Gorbachev, the Russian people have paid a horrific price in sweat, tears, blood and Rubles to maintain an empire which did absolutely nothing for the Russian people except impoverish them and make them hated in much of the world. More than anything else, the Russians want their country to be a “normal” country. Yes, safe, powerful, wealthy and respected, but still a normal country and not a global superpower. ...

The real meaning of A2AD [National Self-Defense]

... According to US strategists, Russia, China and even Iran are plotting to use A2AD strategies against the USA. What this means in plain English is simple, of course: some countries out there actually can fight back and defend themselves (hence the burning aircraft carrier on the cover of this book). The arrogance of it all is simply amazing: it is not like the USA is concerned about Iranian A2AD in Paraguay, Russia A2AD in Africa or even Chinese A2AD in the Gulf of Mexico. No, the USA is concerned about these countries defending their own borders. Indeed, how dare they?!

Fortunately for the world, Uncle Sam only gets to whine here, but cannot do much about it except conceal these realities from the general public in the West and obfuscate the dangers of messing with the wrong countries under bizarre acronyms like A2AD. And that brings me to the Ukraine.

A quick look at 1000km map will immediately show that the Ukraine is also well within the conceptual “Russkie-land” zone (again, don’t take 1000km literally, and remember that this is a maximum, a couple of hundred kilometers are much more realistic). This does not at all mean that Russia would want, or should, attack or invade the Ukraine ([or] the Baltic states and Poland, for that matter), but it does mean that such an operation is well within the Russian capabilities (at least if we forget about public opinion in Russia) and that to try to counter that would take a truly immense effort, something nobody in the West has the means to undertake.

In truth, those kinds of scenarios only exist in the demented minds of western propagandists and in the artifical world of US think tanks which make providing the politicians with frightening fairy tales their daily bread (...). To be sure, the fact that both sides have long-range standoff weapons, including nuclear ones, makes such a scenario even less likely unless we assume that the Russians have gone insane and are trying to force the US to resort to nuclear weapons. The opposite scenario – the US taking the risk of forcing Russia to use her nukes – is, alas, not quite as unlikely, especially if the Neocons take full control of the White House [under Hilary]. The difference? The Russians know that they are neither invulnerable nor invincible; the Americans don’t. This is why the latter are far more likely to trigger any conflict than the former.

A full-scale war between the USA and Russia would be far different from anything described here: it would last a week, maybe two, it would involve conventional and nuclear strikes on both the USA and Russia, and it would be fought primarily with standoff weapons; “boots on the ground” or armored warfare would matter very little in such a scenario.

The Ukraine is located well inside Russkie-land

So if in Syria the “Russians are not coming”, then in the Ukraine they are already there. I am not referring to the sending of equipment (the voentorg) or volunteers (the “northern wind”) but to the fact that the Ukraine and, especially, the Donbass are so close to the Russian border as being basically undeniable to the Russians should they decide to take it. Again, I am not suggesting that they will, or even that this should happen, but only that all the hot air from the regime in Kiev about “defending Europe against the Russian hordes” or “teaching NATO on how to fight the Russians” is absolute nonsense. Ditto for the talk about supplying “lethal weapons” to the Ukronazis. Why? Because the situation in the Donbass is extremely simple: it is highly unlikely that the Ukronazis would succeed in taking over the Donbass but if, by some miracle, they did, they would be destroyed by the Russian armed forces. Putin has made it abundantly clear that while he will not intervene militarily in the Ukraine, he will not allow a genocide to take place in Novorussia. Just the Russian artillery deployed along the border has the means to destroy any Ukrainian force invading Novorussia. In fact, that is exactly what happened in July of 2014 when in a single cross-border 2 minutes long fire strike by Russian multiple rocket launchers and long range artillery guns completely destroyed two Ukrainian mechanized battalions (a first in the history of warfare).

As I wrote many times, all parties to the conflict know that, and the only real goal of the Ukronazis is to trigger a Russian intervention in the Donbass, while the Russians are trying to avoid it by covertly supporting the Novorussians. That’s it. It is that simple. But the notion of the Ukronazis ever getting their hands on the Donbass or, even less so, Crimea is absolutely ridiculous as even the combined power of the US and NATO could not make that happen.


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Russia's Not Enemy; Enemy's Within)
« Reply #36 on: August 28, 2016, 12:33:08 pm »

(Continued from previous post)

Conclusion: Russia ain’t the Soviet Union and it ain’t the USA

It is absolutely amazing how hard it is for so many people to understand the seemingly simple fact that Russia is not a USSR v2 nor an anti-USA. It is therefore absolutely essential to repeat over and over again that the Russia of 2016 has no aspirations to become an empire and no means to become a global challenger to the AngloZionist hegemony over our planet. So what does Russia want? It is simple: Russia simply wants to be a sovereign and free country. That’s it. But in a world ruled by the AngloZionist Empire this is also a lot. In fact, I would say that for the international plutocracy ruling the Empire, this Russian aspiration is completely and categorically unacceptable as it sees this Russian desire as an existential threat to the ... entire New World Order the Empire is trying to impose upon all of us. They are absolutely correct, by the way.

If Russia is allowed to break free from the Empire, then this means the end for the Empire’s global domination project as other countries will inevitably follow suit. Not only that, but this would deprive the Empire [of] the immense Russian resources in energy, potable water, strategic metals, etc. If Russia is allowed to break free and succeed, then Europe will inevitably gravitate towards Russia due to objective economic and political factors. Losing Europe would mean the end of the AngloZionist Empire. Everybody understands that and this is why the ruling 1%ers have unleashed [the] most hysterical full-spectrum russophobic propaganda campaign in western history. So yes, Russia and the Empire are already at war, a war for survival from which only one side will walk away while the other will be eliminated, at least in its current political form. This war is a new type of war, however, one which is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military. This is why the ban on the Russian paralympic team is every bit as important as the delivery of US and British counter-battery radars to the Nazi junta in Kiev [Ukraine].

If militarily and economically Russia is dramatically weaker than the US led block of all the countries forming the Empire, on the informational front Russia is doing much better. It is enough to see all the hysterics of western politicians about RT [RT = Russian threat?] to see that they are most definitely feeling threatened in an area which they used to completely dominate: information operations (aka propaganda).

The goals of Russia are quite simple:
a) military: to survive (defensive military doctrine)
b) economic: to become truly sovereign (to remove the 5th columnists from power)
c) informational: to discredit and de-legitimize the Empire political and economic basis

That’s it. Unlike the grandiose hopes of those who wish to see the Russian military intervene everywhere, these 3 goals are commensurate with the actual capabilities/means of Russia.

One cannot win a war by engaging in the kind of warfare the enemy excels at. You have to impose upon him the kind of warfare you excel at. If Russia tried to “out-USA the USA” she would inevitably lose, she therefore chose to be different in order to prevail.

There are still many out there who are nostalgic for the “good old days” of the Cold War when any anti-US movement, party, regime or insurgency would automatically get the support of the USSR. These are the folks who deeply regret that Russia did not liberate the Ukraine from the Nazi junta, who fault Russia for not standing up to the USA in Syria and who are baffled, if not disgusted, by the apparently cozy relationship between Moscow and Tel Aviv. I understand these people, at least to some degree, but I also see what they plainly fail to realize: Russia is still much weaker than the AngloZionist Empire and because of that Russia will always prefer a bad peace to a good war. Besides, it is not like there was a long line of countries waiting to defend Russia when her interests were affected. Does anybody know which countries, besides Russia, have recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia? Answer: Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru! Yep, not even Kazakhstan or Syria… Isn’t friendship and partnership a two-way street?

The truth is that Russia does not owe anything to anybody. But even more importantly, Russia does simply not have the means to engage in a planetary zero-sum game against the AngloZionist Empire. Since Vladimir Putin came to power he achieved a quasi-miracle: he made Russia into a semi-sovereign state. Yes, I wrote semi-sovereign because while Russia is militarily safe she remains economically subservient to the AngloZionist Empire. Compared to the Empire, her economy is tiny and her armed forces only capable of defending the Russian homeland. And yet, just as the tiny Russian contingent in Khmeimim [air base in Syria] achieved results way superior to anything which could have been expected from it, Russia is still the only power on the planet who dares to openly say “niet” to the AngloZionist Hegemon and ... to even openly challenge and ... ridicule its legitimacy and so-called ‘values’.

The war between the Empire and Russia will be a long one, and its outcome will remain uncertain for many years but, as the Russian saying goes, “Russia does not start wars, she ends them”. The Papacy fought against Russia for 1000 years. The Crusaders for roughly a century. The Swedish Empire for 21 years. Napoleon for just a few months. Queen Victoria, Napoleon III and Abdülmecid I (what I call the “Ecumenical Coalition against Russia) for about 3 years. The Kaiser Wilhelm II also for 3 years. The Trotskysts for a decade. Hitler for 4 years. The Jewish mobsters (aka “oligarchs”) for 9 years. And yes, they all eventually were defeated, even after a temporary victory, but each time Russia paid a huge price in blood and suffering. This time around, the Russian leaders have chosen a different strategy, they try as hard as possible not to give the West a pretext for a full-scale military confrontation. So far, this strategy has been successful and besides ... two terrorist attacks (in Egypt and Syria) and a two-year long recession (apparently ending soon), Russia did not have [to] pay the horrendous price countries at war with the West typically have had to pay. It would be delusional to expect the Russians to change course at this time, especially since time is now clearly on the Russian side. Just look at all the problems all the enemies of Russia have to which she does not have to contribute at all: the US and EU are both in a deep and potentially devastating political crisis, the US is sitting on an economic time-bomb while the EU is quite literally imploding. The Ukraine has turned into a textbook example of a failed state and is likely to break apart, while Turkey is undergoing the worst crisis since its foundation. And each passing day just makes things worse and worse for the [U.S.] Empire. ... [Every day] the walls of [their] Empire are moving in a little tighter while the AngloZionists are completely clueless as to what to do to stop this.


In international affairs, as in many other areas, it is better to never say never. So I will only say that to see the Russian armed forces going into an offensive operation remains exceedingly unlikely. Nor will Russia defend even an important partner at “any cost”. The primar[]y mission and military posture of the Russian armed forces will remain fundamentally defensive and while Russia might use her armed forces in support of a political goal or to help an ally, she will do that with extreme caution, not to allow that engagement to escalate into a regional war or, even less so, a direct war against the Empire.

Unlike the West where a possible war with Russia is almost never discussed (and, when it is, it is done in an absolutely ridiculous manner), the prospects of war with the West are discussed in the Russian media on an almost daily basis, including on the main, state-funded, TV stations. As for the Russian armed forces, they are engaged in huge rearmament and force-training program which, so far, has been roughly 50% completed. These are all clear signs that Russia is preparing, very intensively, for war. Should the Neocon “crazies in [Hilary's] basement” trigger a war they will find Russia ready, militarily and psychologically, to fight and to win, no matter what the costs. But Russia will never again volunteer for the role of global anti-US agent or engage her armed forces if there is a viable alternative to such an engagement. So no, most definitely not; the Russians are not coming.

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Re: Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #37 on: November 14, 2016, 07:51:10 am »

Gifted Political Analyst
Styxhexenhammer666 of Vermont appears to be a very gifted, young political analyst with some background in psychology and anthropology, which probably helps him a lot with analyses. I joined Reddit in August, looking for a good forum, but didn't like it, then heard about and joined it too and I have enjoyed their political discussions a lot, especially in the past few weeks. Someone there posted a link to one of StyxHH's recent videos a few days ago and I'm now a fan of StyxHH. It's amazing to me how good a grasp of world politics he seems to have, along with a rather sensible moral perspective. He's kind of a leftist and libertarian, like me. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't say he's a leftist, but more a capitalist and not a corporatist. I'm fairly in agreement. I oppose austerity.

Here are some recent videos of his that I think everyone here will enjoy, even if you're not at all a leftist.
- My Message to Those so Mad About A Trump Presidency
- Now We Liberate France: Le Pen Boosted by Trump/Pepe/Alt-Right
- The Legacy Media is Dying, The Decentralized, International Press Is Rising
- The Drug War Is Dying: Good Riddance
- Trump Plans to Deport 2-3 Million Illegal Immigrants

I've listened to a lot more of his videos since yesterday and in one, I don't remember which one, he strongly criticized Gary Johnson briefly. I haven't been following much of what Johnson has been doing, so I don't know what the specific problem was with Johnson. Some of you probably know or can guess.

StyxHH has a whole bunch of videos going back a few years I think and he says he plans to keep at it double full-steam ahead. Notice the video above titled The Legacy Media is Dying. He means the mainstream major media. And he's saying the internet social media is replacing it, although the radio media is not dying, just tv, newspapers and similar media. He said online that he wants to help free humanity, which I take it he's doing via the videos and some books he's written, which he's converting to ebooks.

He calls himself an independent Satanist and an occultist, or something like that. Correction: in the most recent of his occult videos from today or yesterday he says he's a former Satanist. I guess he's still an occultist, but not certain. Yesterday, I left a comment under one of his latest videos saying it's as irrational for a Satanist to publicly identify as a Satanist as it is for an antiauthoritarian anarchist to publicly identify as an anarchist, because the public mind is not going to understand that their stance is moral, but will think instead that it's highly immoral and threatening to civilization. He has quite a few videos on occult subjects and some that combine recent politics and the occult. I've only listened to 3 or 4 so far. One discusses the 11 principles of satanism, which may be a bit reminiscent of SNAP, the so-called Sacred Non-Aggression Principle. I studied occultism a little back in the 1970s and I read a little about satanism thereafter, but I only heard of one other person who referred to satanism as a good thing. She's someone I knew back in 1977 when she taught me astrology. I found her online within the past 20 years and that's when I read her definition of satanism, which she said meant freedom to do what you want and not interfering with others' freedom.

StyxHH seems to believe it's important to get revenge against abusers. In one video he said someone abused him by poisoning him and interfering in his relationship with someone. So he used an occult curse against that person, which evidently caused that person to suffer the same kind of poisoning that he caused in StyxHH. Occultism seems implausible to me, but I'm fairly open-minded anyway, but very skeptical too, and cautious. He seems to credit psychology as being the real force behind occultism, but I need to listen to more before I can judge his claims better.

I'm Christian in the sense that I believe in the principle of loving everyone, where love means care about. StyxHH criticizes Christianity and the notions of God and Jesus etc, which I don't mind, but I believe Jesus' message was distorted by the Roman Church over 300 years after Jesus' time. I've read evidence that Jesus was born on about September 11, which is the time when the Sun is in the constellation Virgo, the virgin, and I think that's what the virgin birth referred to. Jesus said the Bible was misunderstood due to the traditions of men that were not from the Bible and he came to teach the Bible correctly. The Roman Church again distorted his message, but since then it's been getting gradually revived. The Christian view would be that when we are abused we wish them well and we seek to persuade them to give up abusing, but we also protect ourselves, if they continue abuse, such as by locking up the abuser or banishing him or her, instead of seeking to harm the abuser.

The StyxHH political videos are very encouraging, showing that society is likely to improve a lot in the coming years. Populism seems likely to sweep across Europe. U.S. relations with most nations will improve a lot. He seems to be aware that Saudi Arabia is the primary source of terrorism. Hopefully, the U.S. will soon realize that and will stop supporting it and maybe will even punish it somehow and help end the scourge of major terrorism for good.
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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #38 on: November 21, 2016, 07:01:03 pm »

(I decided to copy the titles and links for most of StyxHexenHammer's videos, which started about 6 years ago and continue up to the present. This will require several posts.)

- The Bock Saga

- The Bible is Full of Mistranslations and Wrongly Canonized Texts

- The Book of Revelations Is Not True Literally

- Henry Makow Is Insane

- Charles Manson is Innocent and it's Time to Free Him

- American Misconceptions about Drugs

- Sarah Palin is Responsible for the Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Lee Loughner

- The Top Ten Lies of Christianity

- Rick Santorum - The Biggest Ignorant Bigot in History

- Why I Left Christianity and Became a Satanist

- Another Rant on Christianity

- Wealth Inequality and Political Stupidity in America

- Legal Weed is not Safe

- Jesus Was not the Son of God

- Satanic Ritual Abuse

- The Sounds of Hell Hoax

- Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 2

- Proving the Bible is a Fraud!

- The World Ends May 21st 2011?

- Henry Makow Is A Fool

- San Francisco Circumcision Ban

- Mormonism

- The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth Explained

- Mitt Romney Is An Idiot (RON PAUL 2012!)

- My Explanation of the Paranormal

- Casey Anthony Acquitted, Found Not Guilty

- GPA redistribution: The smearing of higher education, and a major logical fallacy

- Rick Perry (2012 Follies)

- Mitt Romney (2012 Follies)

- Michele Bachmann (2012 Follies)

- Ron Paul Meets Thomas Jefferson (Mirror of PatriotGoUSA)

- Rick Perry Part 2 (2012 Follies)

- Rick Perry Debates Thomas Jefferson (2012 Follies)

- Sarah Palin Debates Teddy Roosevelt (2012 follies)

- Proof The Illuminati Use Ferns for Mind Control


- Capitalism versus Corporatism (And the Occupy Protests)

- Alcohol as an Entheogen?

- Tobacco As an Entheogen?

- Entheogens, Ritualized Behavior, Social Interaction

- Ron Paul Racist Newsletter?

- Styxhexenhammer666's Fundamentalist Story

- Conspiracy Theories

- Explaining Satanism to Christians

- Rick Santorum Stupid Quotes (Spread it around!)

- The Dark Ages of the Internet

- Top Ten Lies about Satanism

- The Truth About Satan and God

- The War Against Christianity?

- Rick Santorum... Really?

- Christian Pastor In Iran to be Executed

- The Manson File - Book Review

- Jesus Was a Communist

- Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

- I Can Prove God does not Exist

- Atheist Evangelism: Why Atheists Care about your Faith

- The Truth of Charles Manson Part 1 of 2

- The Truth of Charles Manson Part 2 of 2

- A Message to all Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, and Jehovah's Witnesses

- Fire and Brimstone Fundamentalists!

- Support for Ted Nugent

- Newt Gingrich Drops Out of Presidential Race (Ron Paul 2012!)

- Operation Helter Skeptic

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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #39 on: November 21, 2016, 07:04:11 pm »

(Part 2 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Zeus the One True God

- Refuting Common Fundamentalist Arguments

- Theist Philosophy Versus Atheist Philosophy

- Homosexuality is Normal and not a Sin

- Screw Obomney Ron Paul 2012 ftw!

- North Carolina Wants to Ban Gay Marriage and Other Unions

- The Destruction of Earth

- "God Will Punish the Gays and Atheists and Liberals."

- "Traditional Marriage"

- Abstinence Only Sex Education: The Real Facts

- The Truth about December 21st 2012 the Mayan "Doomsday"

- Atheism: The Silent Majority

- Atheism On the Internet

- An All Knowing God versus Free Will

- Religious Claims of Self Evidence

- The 15 Minute Jesus Challenge

- Styxhexenhammer666 on Conspiracy Corner

- Styxhexenhammer666 on "No Free Will"

- Read The Bible and Become A Better Atheist

- Refuting Pascal's Wager: Fundamentalist Fallacy

- True Enlightenment

- Hell, Sheol, Gehenna, Tartarus, Hades, etc

- Censored in Germany, Italy, and Israel! (Deutschland, Italia, ?????)

- The Truth About Abortion

- Styxhexenhammer666: Censored in Five Countries for Political and Religious Reasons

- The Truth about Illuminati, Masons, the New World Order (Fourth of July Message!)

- I Can Help You Convert to Satanism

- Free Yourself of False Guilt

- A Message to South Africa

- The Truth about Near Death Experiences (NDE's)

- Christian Morality is a Joke

- The Truth About Demonic Possession

- The Origins of Christianity

- The Ancient Alien Hypothesis

- My Thoughts on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinean Conflict

- My Message for ATWA and Charles Manson

- In the UK Schools have secret cameras in student bathrooms and locker rooms

- Exciting New News

- The Truth About Convert Seeking Christians and Muslims

- California Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

- Satanism is Not Evil, and is Compatible with other Faiths and Philosophies

- Society is Bullshit (New and Improved)

- Guilt Within Theism: Christianity, Islam, Judaism

- Richard Mourdock and Rape as the Will of god

- Obama Wins

- Re Re I can Prove God does not Exist

- The Death of the Republican Party

- The Truth about Organized Religion, New Age Morality, and New Religious Movements

- Evil Tyrant Jehovah, White Witches, New Agers


- The War on Christians?

- Sanal Edamaruku and the Indian Blasphemy Law

- South Pasadena High School Modesty Club

- Sandy Hook School Shooting: Some Common Sense

- Jesus Is NOT The Reason For the Season

- Jesus Probably Didn't Exist

- My Prediction Comes True: Bill O'Reilly and Christianity as a Philosophy

- Spirituality Vs Religion: My Thoughts.

- The Republicans Have a Problem... The Internet

- The Sumerian Origins of Judaism and Christianity

- Cathrynn Brown House Bill 206 New Mexico Abortion Law Insanity

- Christopher Dorner and LAPD Corruption (Blog Link in Description)

- Christopher Dorner Shootout Update

- Christopher Dorner, Constitutional Rights, Domestic Terrorism

- Pope Rat Zinger Resigning, Priest Sex Abuse, Etc

- Economic Suggestions for the Deficit

- Change We Can Believe In - The Evolution of Religion and the End of Religion
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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #40 on: November 21, 2016, 07:06:24 pm »

(Part 3 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- The Pope Supported Civil Unions in Argentina

- Racism, Reverse Racism, White Privilege, Sexism, Feminism, etc

- CIA Arming and Training Syrian Rebels: Mujahideen 2.0

- The Amazing Atheist Does it Again (Oilgate 2013)

- Thoughts On North Korea

- Something's Fishy- Shortwave Radio, North Korea, and Russians using American Military Frequencies

- Boston Marathon Bombings: My Take

- Boston and Watertown Massachusetts Martial Law: The Hideous Face of Statism

- Protect the Constitution as it Protects You

- JohnLennon on ICQ: Barbarian or Crusader?

- Bailout For Student Debt

- Israel Attacks Syria... Syria Declares War?

- I Want to Believe: Extra Terrestrials, UFOs, Alien Life

- Churchianity Versus Followers of Jesus

- Support the Turkish Revolution Against Tayyip

- Verizon Phone Scandal, Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Impeach Obama

- Impeach Barack Obama

- Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor? Impeach Obama, Impeach Feinstein

- Syria and the Crossing of the Red Line: Bad News for All Americans

- I Support the Brazilian Protests #ChangeBrazil

- Representative Michael Burgess (R Texas) and his Fetus Comments (Complete Lunacy)

- Most Religious Folks are Shaken in Faith

- Russ Tice: The NSA Spied on Barack Obama

- Supreme Court Strikes down DOMA and Proposition 8: Evangelicals Cry

- The George Zimmerman Trial: My Take

- George Zimmerman: Justified

- Fruity Theists Praying for (Preying upon?) my Soul

- Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

- Support the Surveillance State Repeal Act

- The Origins of the Human Race: Ancient Aliens, the Annunaki, Ahura Mazda, Enki, Alien DNA

- Underwater Cities and Ancient Mythology: Mainstream Archaeology is Probably Wrong

- Keyscore: The NSA and Congress Betray Us All

- Reuters: US Directs Agents to Cover Up Program Used to Investigate Americans

- Election Morphing

- The NSA, and More Attacks on Freedom

- Michael Hastings and the John Brennan Expose: San Diego 6 Defies the MSM

- Egyptian Revolution 2.0: Kick out the Islamists

- Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, the 2016 Election

- Styxhexenhammer666 Interview on Culture Collision

- The NSA Illegally Spied on Citizens and Broke it's own Privacy Rules

- Fukishima Apocalypse?

- Guardian Offices Raided: Snowden Material Destroyed, David Miranda Detained

- Chemical Weapons Used in Syria: Assad or the Rebels?

- War With Syria May Be Inevitable

- Watergate 2.0: The NSA Bugged the United Nations Headquarters in New York

- John Kerry's Hypocritical Warmongering Press Conference: Oppose War in Syria

- Chickenhawks in the Media (Ian Hurd, Bret Stephens, The Economist)

- British House of Commons Shows Restraint and Intelligence on Syria: Galloway Leads the Charge

- Israeli Eugenics: Israel Plans to Deport 50,000 Africans to Uganda

- Fukushima: Radiation Levels 18 Times Higher than Previously Thought (And More!)

- John Kerry Petitions the Senate: More Lies and Warmongering

- Hope in Syria: Congress May Defeat The Authorization to Strike

- Young Earth Creationism and Evangelism

- Fukushima: Steam Spotted/ Typhoon Man-Yi/ All the Way to China Syndrome

- Fukushima: TEPCO Dumps 1,000 Tons of Water/ New Steam Spotted from Reactor 3

- Fukushima: Crack in Exhaust Pipe at 10 Sv/h Plus Gunderson Says Plant May Slide Into Ocean

- Weird Rain Ring Around Indianapolis? 4:29PM 9/21/2013

- Government Shut Down: What It Means, and Who is Responsible

- 1-800-FUCKYO The Official Healthcare Exchange Number (Not a Joke)

- The Religion Challenge: Give me Evidence I should believe in YOUR god (Rules in description)

- Forbes: Healthcare Exchange Enrollment Exceedingly Low

- Thoughts on Immigration

- Debt Ceiling Approaches: America Marches Towards the Cliff of Default

- Fukushima: Radiation Spikes 6,500 Times in Groundwater

- Fukushima: Typhoon Francisco, 12 New Leaks, Mudslides

- Fukushima: New Earthquake, Worker Exploitation, Typhoons Francisco and Lekima


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #41 on: November 21, 2016, 07:09:23 pm »

(Part 4 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Affordable Care Act Update

- New NSA Revelations: Watergate 2.0: The Call to Action, Abolish the NSA and Impeach Obama

- Revolutionary Fervor: The Media begins Censoring Constitutionalism, LAX Shooter, Self Radicalization

- Comet Ison, Newton's Comet, Plague Comet?

- The Affordable Care Act Has Failed: Obama to Address the ACA

- I Can Prove that the Affordable Care Act will Fail: Simple Mathematics to the Rescue!

- Car Chats with Styxhexenhammer Episode 1: Obamacare, Religion, Ison

- Harry Reid Invokes the Nuclear Option: The Death of the Two Party System: 666

- Ison Pre-Perihelion Update

- Comet Ison Post-Perihelion Update (Confusion Over Whether it Survived)

- Pope Francis: Limbaugh's Remarks, Hecklers, Embracing the Disfigured etc

- CNN: Smoking Pot and Manboobs? Modern Reefer Madness

- Nelson Mandela is Dead December 5th 2013

- Climate Change: Global Warming, New Ice Age, CFC's etc

- North Korea: Jang Executed, Kim Jong Un says "Fuck You" to all of China

- Alert: Plague Outbreak in Madagascar

- Federal Judge Richard Leon: NSA Phone Surveillance is Unconstitutional

- Fukushima Update: Record Radiation Levels, Plankton Die-Off, Starfish Melting, etc

- Breaking News: New Snowden Leak: NSA Spied on Israel

- Gay Marriage Legalized... In Utah (Due to Federal Judge Ruling)

- North Korea: Yongbyon Reactor Restarted, Kim Warns Troops of Imminent War

- Gay Marriage in 2014: And the Libertarian Hegemon

- El Hierro: La Palma Mega Tsunami Impending?

- Possible Meltdown/Fuel Pool Melt at Fukushima

- Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel is Dying of Renal Failure

- Oklahoma Satanist Monument: Pluralism is Inherently Superior to both Secularism and Moralism

- Ariel Sharon is Dead: The Kaduri Prophecy, Settlements, Two State Solution, etc

- Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down in Oklahoma

- Obama's NSA "Fixes" Too little, Too late, Off the Mark

- Sochi Olympics Threats- Chechen Rebels, Saudi Arabian Jihad, and Putin's Balls of Steel

- Urgent: Mainstream Media Shills for War in Syria using False Reports

- Obama Pulls Race Card: Then Blames FOX and Rush for his Problems

- Satanic Versus Christian Perspectives on Abuse, Corporal Punishment, etc

- Operation American Spring: Honeypot or Reactionary Distraction?

- Sinabung Erupts: 14 Dead, Ash a MILE High: Toba may be Waking Up!

- Sochi Olympics: TSA Bans Gels and Liquids on Sochi Flights, Disrepair of Sochi Hotels, Stray Dogs

- Federal Government Legalizes Hemp

- Fukushima Update: TEPCO Underestimates Groundwater Contamination by 1000%: Enenews

- Federal Government Will Give Gay Couples Full Marriage Benefits: Evangelicals Cry and Whine

- Sukhwant Singh's "Oak Island Money Pit Mystery Resolved" Refuted: Not a Viking Ship!

- Miranda Barbour, Craigslist Killer: Satanic Cult? 22 Murders? Satanic Panic 2.0 Begins Today

- Ukrainian Protests Turn to Civil War

- Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down: 14th Amendment Reigns: VICTORY

- Spike Lee is a Racist: His Anti-Gentrification Rant is a Rant Against Whites

- Russia Invades Ukraine: Cold War Reheating

- Crazy Things Christians and Muslims Tell me to Get me to Convert

- War In Ukraine: Landmines on Gas Pipes, Putin Swears Troops aren't His

- Changing the Bible? True Word of God? Nonchristians Can't Interpret Scripture?

- Crazy Bertha and the Fundamentalist Jesus Story

- Fred Phelps, Last True Christian, Dies at 84.

- Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down

- Why I Don't Believe in the Christian God or the Bible

- Jimmy Carter and the NSA/ Clinton and the Internet Domain System

- Grading Obama and Comparing to Bush

- LBC Leaders Debate: Farage versus Clegg: My Reaction as an American

- 8.0 Earthquake Off Coastal Chile 4/1/2014

- U.S. Confirms Warrantless Searches of American Citizens: NSA Goes too Far

- Illinois Gets Concealed Carry... Chicago Crime Drops Significantly

- NASA Picture Shows Artificial Light on Mars?

- The Blood Moon Tetrads: Not the End of the World!

- Cliven Bundy, Nevada Militia, Tortoises?

- 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake: Solomon Islands

- Reuters: Ebola Mutates: Ebola in Italy?


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
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(Part 5 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Upheld by Supreme Court

- Yellowstone Supervolcano: Overdue? Seismic Monitors Turned Off? Catastrophe?

- Big News: New Benghazi Memo is a Whopper: Carney, Obama, Hillary, All Lied!

- Why China Will Collapse: Paper Palace, House of Cards

- USGS Issues Quake Warning for Oklahoma: 5.0+ Imminent

- Yellowstone: Contingency Plan? South Africa? Historical Seismic Norms?

- Ice Cream Truck Song Racist? Turkey in the Straw

- "I Saw A Demon" and Other Paranormal Events

- Operation American Spring Tomorrow May 16th: Zionism, Shills, and Psyops Oh My!

- Camelopardalid Meteor Shower May 23rd

- Another Libyan Embassy Evacuation? Violence Spreads in Libya

- NSA Somalget Spying: Wikileaks to Reveal Second Nation Targeted with Complete Surveillance

- Obama to Justify Drone Strikes on US Citizens

- Elliot Rodger Was A Lunatic and His Parents Failed

- BREAKING NEWS: Greenwald to Release List of US Citizens Targeted by the NSA

- Leaked DOJ Memo: Gun Confiscation Memo Amusingly Destroys Antigun Arguments

- "Sergeant" Bergdahl's Release: Something's Fishy Here

- Bergdahl Release: The Michael Hastings Connection, Biggest Conspiracy Since Watergate?

- Why Barack Obama Should Be Impeached

- Yellowstone: Helium and Temperature Rising, Harmonic Tremors, Monitor Sites Down

- Iraq Has Fallen: Islamic Insurgents Take Over Mosul

- Obama Fails Again: Americans Stranded in Iraq

- Oppose The Syrian War (Iraqi War 2.0) Obama Trying to Manufacture Conflict

- Obama The Warmonger: Liberal Hypocrites and Bush 2.0: OPPOSE THE WAR

- Obama Breaks His Promise, Sends Ground Troops to Iraq

- ISIS Storms Chemical Weapons Facility: Gains Sarin and Mustard Gas

- Pope Francis Condemns Marijuana Legalization, Gives No Alternative Ideas

- Hillary Clinton Jokes About Getting Child Rapist Off the Hook: Shillary Strikes Again

- Tenth Red Heifer: Temple of Jerusalem to be Rebuilt? My Take

- Detroit Cuts Off Water to 150,000 Residents: How to Save Detroit

- Thousands Of Immigrants, Shots Fired in McAllen TX, Obama Ignores the Law

- Mexican Military Helicopter Fires at US Border Patrol

- ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate

- Obama Gay? Michelle Obama a Transvestite? Joan Rivers Joking or Serious? My Take.

- Happy 4th of July Message: Real Patriotism

- Israeli Forces Beat American Citizen in Jerusalem: Time to Boycott Israel

- Hardball: Chris Matthews Hammers Hillary Clinton on Rape Case: Salon's Joan Walsh On Defensive

- Israeli Airstrike On Gaza - Massive Explosions in Civilian Area

- Earthquakes At New Mexico-Arizona Border: 5 in the last 24 Hours

- Road Melts at Yellowstone: Common Occurrence?

- Flight MH17, Cold War, World War Three, Nuclear Holocaust

- Why Humanity is Likely To Wipe Itself Out With Nuclear Weapons

- Israeli Attack on Gaza: Israel as a Legitimate State?

- The Ethics of De-Extinction

- Palestinians Rise Up in West Bank- 50,000 Protestors? Third Intifada?

- Ebola Update: Now In Nigeria

- Israeli Genocide in Gaza: School Bombed, UN Observer Crying, Dead Civilians, War Crime

- ALERT: CDC Bringing Ebola Infected Doctors to Atlanta, Emory University Hospital

- "When Genocide Is Permissible": Yochanan Gordon and the Times of Israel

- My Thoughts on the Holocaust

- Ebolachan Loves You

- ICQ Lesbians Raid 08/25/2014

- Response to WorkHardEnterHeaven: No Jesus for Me, Thanks

- Jesus Is The Devil

- Obama Declares War on ISIS... And the USA Goes to War with Syria

- What Jesus Said About Gay Marriage

- Ferguson Update: KKK Fliers, FBI Warning of Violence, Grand Jury Incoming

- Charles Manson Gets a Marriage License: Media Goes Ballistic

- Obama's Immigration Orders/ Ferguson/ Idiot Populists/ Leftist Race Baiting

- Bill Cosby's Pudding Pop Scandal: Celebrity Worship is Retarded

- Ferguson Update: Black Panthers Arrested by FBI for Explosives Plot

- Ferguson Explodes in Violence: Police Brutality/ Arson/ Looting/ Militarized Police

- The Morning After: Ferguson Smolders as People Ignore the Militarized Police

- Obama Heckled over Immigration: Obama is a Neoconservative!

- I Would Reject the Christian God Even if Believers Could Prove He Existed
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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #43 on: November 21, 2016, 07:13:18 pm »

(Part 6 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Grand Jury on Eric Garner Case: No Indictment

- Explaining the Belief System Trifecta: Theism, Religiosity, Spirituality

- The Cultural Marxism Wikipedia Debacle: Crazed Marxists Strike Again

- Russia Begins to Collapse: Ruble Falls/ Inflation Rises /Recession Predicted

- General Update: Literary Projects, Music, etc

- Obama Gets it Right on Cuba: Cuba-US Relations Thawing?

- Two New York Police Dead: Revenge Shooting for Garner?

- Chicopee Man Charles DiRosa Charged with Making Criminal Threat for Facebook Post

- Merry Yule: Catholic Woman Attacks Florida Satanic Manger

- Ebola: Case in Scotland, Liberia Resurgence, 20,000 Case Threshold Reached

- NYPD Goes on De Facto Strike: Arrests Fall 66%: A Victory for Libertarianism

- The Leelah Alcorn Case: Transgender Rights, Child Abuse, etc... Christianity is a Cancer

- Charlie Hebdo/ Paris Attacks/ Boko Haram Massacre

- Why I Criticize Some Religions More Than Others

- Freedom of Speech: Multiculturalism Failed the Refugees As Much as the Natives

- NOAA Declares 2014 Warmest Year: But the Science Isn't Certain

- People Are Obsessed with Deflated Footballs

- Saudi King Abdullah Dies: Is Replaced by Another Old Generic Tyrant

- Republicans Take Senate; Promptly Fuck Up with Abortion Bill

- Three Minutes to Midnight: Doomsday Clock Moves Ahead 2 Minutes

- Measles Outbreak: Anti-Vaxxers, Naturists, and the Libertarian Perspective

- Oklahoma Now Top for Quakes, Surpasses California

- ISIS Reportedly Attacks Ruins of Nineveh, Destroys Walls

- Randy Quaid And the Rupert Murdoch Video: Quaid is Probably Right

- Iceland to Build First Pagan Temple since Viking Era

- Brian Williams Misremembers

- Pope To Address Congress: My Thoughts

- Chinese Debt Now 282% Of GDP: Russian and Chinese Propagandists Silent

- Charles Manson's Corpse on Display? Daniel Simone says Star Wants his Dead Body

- Obama Asks for War Powers: War with ISIS and Obama the Chicken Hawk

- God Is Evil

- Netanyahu Misused State Funds/ Rabbis Rebuff His Immigration Call/ Citizens Oppose Netanyahu Visit

- White Guilt: Postmodern Racism, Stereotyping, and Collective Guilt

- White Guilt Part 2: Racial Categories as Political Fodder/ Left-statist Straw-manning

- Student Debt Revolt: Corinthian College Students Refuse to Pay... Good.

- Chicago Police Operating Unconstitutional Black Site at Homan Square

- Affirmative Action is Racist and Allows Legal Discrimination Against Asians

- Leonard Nimoy Dead: "In Search Of" Host/ Sci Fi Legend

- My Take on the Budget Fiasco: Let the DHS Shut Down, and Keep It Shut Down

- Boris Nemtsov Assassinated: Shills Back Putin's Ridiculous Claims

- Netanyahu's Warmongering Speech to Congress Summed Up: "Attack Iran!"

- Netanyahu's Likud Falls Behind: One Chance to Prevent Disaster

- Rand Paul, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Introduce Federal Medical Marijuana Bill

- Planet Fitness Controversy; Everyone is Retarded

- Christians: Sell Everything You Own Before You Pray For Me

- Vladimir Putin Missing: Is Putin Dead?

- Insane Preacher Loses It on Shortwave Broadcast, Asks Jesus for $10,000,000

- Russia Threatens Denmark Over Frigate, Speaks of Nuclear War, Europe Still Clueless

- Ted Cruz (The Canadian Evangelical Teacentrist) Announces Candidacy

- Thoughts on MRAs and MGTOW

- Israel Nuclear Program Revealed in Declassified Pentagon Report (Audio Only)

- Judaism is Just as Senseless and Dishonest as Evangelical Christianity or Extreme Islam

- War in Yemen: Caliphate and USA Versus Persian Diaspora and Russia

- Arizona Mandatory Church Attendance Suggestion... Good!

- Thoughts on the Cult of Scientology

- California Megadrought Gets Worse

- Tentative Nuclear Deal With Iran Reached

- Exopolitics: Why Extra Terrestrials Have Not Paid Us A Visit

- Puerto Rican Statehood: Also Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa

- Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Bill: Libertarianism Won Back in 1972

- Modern Liberals Are Censorship Happy Statists Who Support Police Brutality and Surveillance

- Police Brutality now #1 Problem in USA: Media Tries To Racialize It

- New Book! After the Ashes, Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

- Normalization of Relations With Cuba. Obama To Meet Castro In Panama

- Fukushima: Beached Whales Spark Alarm of New Quake


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Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
« Reply #44 on: November 21, 2016, 07:14:47 pm »

(Part 7 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Redneck Ralph Story 1: Dead Pickup

- Hillary Clinton Announces Candidacy: Left Wing Not Enthusiastic About 90s Era Center Leftism

- Hillary Clinton the Republican Centrist: Gay Marriage/ Iraq/ Rape/ Bosnia/ Slush Funds

- There Is Water on Mars: There Is Probably Microbial Life Elsewhere in Our Solar System Outside Earth

- Redneck Ralph Story 2: Jeb Bush Birthday Party

- South African Xenophobic Attacks: Zulu Nationalists Assault African Immigrants

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 2)

- Walmart Closes Stores Due to "Plumbing Issues"... Their Explanation Is Sketchy

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 3)

- Baltimore In Flames: The Freddy Gray Protests Lead To Looting/ Police Abuse

- Free Range Kids: A Synonym For Normal Healthy Kids

- Bernie Sanders To Announce Candidacy for Presidency

- Supreme Court To Weigh In On Gay Marriage This Summer

- Baltimore Gestapo Public Service Announcement

- Forest Fires Near Chernobyl: Risk of Re-release of Radioactive Particles

- Words Like Islamophobia, Sexism, Racism, and Antisemitism Have Become Newspeak

- Destroying the Fundamentalists And Their Gay Marriage Fears

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 4)

- Failed Terrorist Attack in Garland Texas at Draw Muhammad Event

- Israeli Apartheid State Rocked By Race Riots

- A New, Retarded Style Called "Dad Bod"

- Predictions For The Next Big American Issues

- Thoughts On GMO Products

- Scotland Goes For SNP: Scottish National Party Crushes Labour Utterly

- Free Speech: Chris Cuomo is Wrong; "Hate Speech" is Protected by the First Amendment

- Baltimore Police Hypocrisy; Asking Prosecutor to Recuse Herself

- The Coming Collapse? Maybe- The Grim World Economic Outlook

- The TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership

- Big, Bloated Chris Christie And His Big, Bloated Food Budget: $300,000 For 5 Years

- Organized Religion In Decline: Irreligion Hits 23% Of USA

- Pope Francis Recognizes Palestine As State: Zionists Enraged

- How I View Time: The Mayans Meet the Vedic, And Why I Must Shun Hindu and Buddhist Teachings

- MGTOW and Third Wave Feminism: Identical Branches of One Behavioral Sink

- Morality is Ultimately Subjective; But That Doesn't Make A Moral System "Bad"

- The World Will Probably End: Some Sobering Thoughts On The Fate Of Humanity

- Valencia College Apparently Rapes Medical Students On A Weekly Basis With Transvaginal Probes

- Irish Gay Marriage Referendum: Polls Suggest Ireland Will Legalize Gay Marriage Tonight

- Ministry of Sweden Presents: Cucktainers and Cucksheds

- World War Three Possible With China Over Spratly Islands

- Let the Patriot Act Die Unextended; Don't Even Bother Replacing or "Fixing" It

- My Thoughts On Jade Helm

- Who Gives A Flying Shit About Caitlyn Jenner?

- Vincent Bugliosi Has Died

- Reddit Gets Holocausted By Commie CEO And #RedditRevolt Spreads

- When You're On Your Death Bed Will You Be Satisfied? Ruminations on Human Ambition

- Supreme Court Predictions: Gay Marriage/ ACA Subsidies

- The Far Left Cannibalizes Itself Over Rachel Dolezal and Transracial Stuff

- Glenn Beck's Black Robe Retard Regiment: Theocracy Is Stupid, Glenn

- The Media Is Responsible For Paranoia In The Wake of the Charleston Mass Shooting

- Obama the Hypocrite On Gun Control

- You Should Be Able to Fly the Confederate Flag... But It's Retarded to Do So

- Gay Marriage Legal Nationwide: Supreme Court Upholds 14th Amendment

- Greece Is As Fucked As A Donald Trump Taco Stand

- Redneck Ralph Story 3: The Klan Rally

- Donald Trump's Undeserved Attention and Fake Race Realism

- Mexicans are the New Irish: 2015 is a Lot Like 1850

- NYSE Halted Due to "Technical Glitch"- Probably China Related

- Why I Oppose Communism, Marxism, and All Related Blanket Terms

- Contraception to be Made Available To All

- Texas State Guard and Citizen Militias to Monitor Jade Helm

- Another Little Ice Age Coming? Probably.

- Hillary Clinton's Fans Claim Sanders' Support is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

- Chatanooga Islamic Terrorist Attack: Obama and the PC Crowd Ignore Common Sense
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