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Author Topic: (30) PREP FOR HARD TIMES  (Read 117865 times)


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« Reply #255 on: March 17, 2018, 07:47:01 pm »


Prepping by South Africans

Traveler's or Hobo signs

Silicon Valley's Doomsday: Prepping For An Economic Apocalypse

Basic Emergency Supply Checklist

48 Survival Skills for Kids

"Survival Russia" a Dane living in Russia makes great Youtube videos

Cool flint napping video

72 hour bug out bag, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments

Bugging Out in an RV

Basic Strategies And Gear For Operating In Cold Weather

The Brutal Truth About Violence When the SHTF

How to Make Campfire Last All Night

Land Navigation - Lensatic Compass and Map Use

Survival and Austere Medicine Manual


A sleeping bag in a can

How to Not Be Seen

Previous page for more prepper tips

10 Countries It’s Super Easy to EMIGRATE To
Get citizenship in:
Seychelles for $12,500
Ecuador if $800/mo income
Austria if ?
Belgium if get local job
Paraguay if deposit $4500 or more in local bank
Canada if educated/skilled + then pay $500 Canadian
Belize if renew visa for year + then pay $1000
Nicauraqua if $600/mo income
Panama if $1000/mo income
Mexico if renew FMM visa every 6 mo at $42/yr
Svalbard, Norway if have enough resources to survive
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« Reply #256 on: March 23, 2018, 09:04:57 am »


Trump is supposedly going to start taking down the deep state this weekend, according to Dauntless Dialogue channel. But it looks like it's connected with UFO Aliens etc, so now I think it's BS.

Instead of that crap above, here's an eye-opener on govt promoting registering the mentally ill and making it illegal for the mentally ill to own guns:
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« Reply #257 on: April 30, 2018, 11:29:02 pm »


How To Identify Real Mil-spec 550lb Paracord

If Yellowstone goes off, how can one prepare for the oncoming global volcanic winter?

How many days of food and water do you have if you lost all gas and electric?

4 Ways To Heat Your Home Off The Grid

Burying shipping containers

Lifeboat ethics

How To Can Cheese And Butter

How to Make Hardtack (The Bread that Lasts Forever)

Truck update

Bugout Trailer Project

How To Build, Plan and Bury A Survival Cache

Cornish Room Heater heat your house for pennies

Surviving The Next Great Depression

Lessons from Venezuela: 5 Things You Must Learn to DIY Before a Collapse

Homemade emergency rations idea

Kevlar helmet mods, the guy is made of edge and cringe, but does this work?

Uzbekistan proposes tripling property tax for people who don't keep enough chickens. Prepper Nation?

Oilskin Tarp out of a Cotton Bed Sheet

Will Liberals Survive World War 3?

Suggestions where to live

My 56 yrs old mother is turning to prepping. She wants to stock up on a supply of MORE'S. What do you recommend?

How to preserve meat

Making jerky in the wild, I like this way better

Be a gray man, keeping a low profile

Ever wondered what happens to electronics when exposed to an EMP?

Things you should do to prepare for the collapse

Heading out on a day job

Primitive technology/ bow and arrow

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center [shows U.S. radiation levels]

Primitive technology/ forge blower
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« Reply #258 on: June 02, 2018, 04:49:40 pm »


Let's Play Bayonetta: Part 51 - Prepping For The Worst

The Car-A-Van

A hike with rambling thoughts on prepping and the world in general

Prepping, Primal Living and Anarchy

Homemade emergency rations idea

Turns Out, Math Supports Gun Preppers

Interview with Ed Corcoran - Survivalist Magazine

Make your own flint tools and weapons like ancient peoples once did

Your essential guide to building a basic wilderness survival shelter

Here’s why you should start using D size batteries again

Items that you should carry with you every day… for the ultimate prepper

Sports gear that can be repurposed into protective gear in an emergency

Can you survive a gunshot wound? Ten things you need to know

Here are 4 self-defense tips for the urban environment

Cheese is a great survival food to keep in your cache

7 Reasons why you should start building an aquaponics garden now

A sneaky guide to building a panic room without your neighbors knowing

Here’s how to stock your “food pharmacy” and use food as medicine

Egg carton fire starters are robust enough to start even in the worst weather

Here is a list of discreet (and LEGAL) weapons that you can carry almost anywhere

Why super glue is an essential survival supply item

The budget prepper: You need these 10 multipurpose items in your bug-out bag

3 Emergency first aid skills you need to know

How to quickly pickle a variety of veggies

How to survive a tornado

Absolutely crucial items to have during a blackout

System that can extract clean drinking water from air

Survival materials from trees also include sap, resin, and pitch


How to make your own Freeze Dried food for SHTF

Other sites
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« Reply #259 on: July 31, 2018, 07:25:18 pm »


Here are some great tips for hiding your guns in your home

Why you should begin homesteading today

A handy tip sheet on the best way to store fuel…just in case

Essential pioneer skills you need to know today

How to grow potatoes in a bucket

The versatile safety pin: 17 reasons you should have some

A guide to preserving food in lard

How to identify and treat spider bites

5 Preps that you need to master to be the ultimate survivor

Essential gear you need for shelter, fire, water, and survival

10 ways to recycle leftovers and scraps

Bushcraft survival skills to teach your kids or grandkids

What emergency communication tools do you need when SHTF?

Hardtack bread is a staple survival food with a long shelf-life

How to set up and use a terrarium garden

A guide to camouflaging your property

How to SWAT-proof your security door

How to avoid an approaching attacker

Why log cabins are ideal bug-out locations

How to keep your survival shelter location secret: 5 tips to keep it undetectable

Bandages soaked in vinegar can heal burns

A basic guide to sanitation and cleanliness

How to prevent pests in your pantry

always have a multi-tool with you

A look at the foods that helped people survive famine

Can you make a water filter when you’re off grid?

Training your family to survive without power

Invaluable survival tips and tricks from the homeless

making your own wind turbine

build a survival stove out of easily found items

Stay warm outdoors all night: Useful tips for building a self-feeding camp fire

Choosing your survival shoes

Basic mechanical skills every survivalist should have

how to preserve food without electricity

What you need to know about home invasions

Tourniquet practice proven to improve survival in civilian trauma victims

starting a fire with a water bottle

How to start and grow plants in a jar of water, like your grandmother used to

How to seal a Mason jar without an electric vacuum sealer

How to survive, evade, resist and escape danger

10 North American trees every survivalist should know

Learn these rules before you begin to forage

Primitive technologies you can make without tools

How to build a fire AND remain hidden in the wild

Cattails are a wonderful survival resource

how to sew

How to locate resources when the grid is down

DIY solutions to modern-day appliances that you could build from scratch if you lost everything

Fire, water, food, shelter: Tips for how to survive in the woods

How to make survival tools out of scrap

How to harvest rainwater

19 Common plants that are edible and can help you survive in the wild

How to get your friends and family to start prepping

How to find a sense of direction without GPS

25 different kinds of root cellars

Hypothermia: How to identify, treat, and avoid it

build simple machines in the event of a collapse

Immobilizing broken bones when you’re off-grid: How to make a cast with mud

How to easily give yourself the Heimlich maneuver and possibly save your life

Avoid these common mistakes when growing potatoes

Other sites


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« Reply #260 on: August 31, 2018, 11:16:50 pm »


How to avoid unexpected animal attacks

Camping basics: Tips for surviving a thunderstorm

Old school navigating: Knowing how to use a compass

How to keep your feet dry when hiking in wet weather

How to make a formidable temporary shelter when SHTF

Why written emergency plans are better than just having them on your mind

The 5 types of alternative energy that help you survive

Prepping video library

DIY mosquito traps

New smartwatch is powered by body heat alone

Five websites you need to be checking daily: (herbal medicine),,, (conspiracy),,

How to cook indoors without electricity

Off-grid waste management

Tips for how to build a fire in any weather

Learn these basic medical conditions that need to identified first BEFORE administering first aid

Survival tips when collecting potable drinking water in the wilderness

Starting your homestead on just a single acre of land

Calcium chloride during survival situations

What to wear in a sleeping bag

How to make your own gypsy well [filter water]

Other sites
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« Reply #261 on: September 29, 2018, 10:01:08 pm »


10 Crucial skills to ensure your survival in a disaster

4 Essential ways to communicate in times of disaster

Survival skills to outlast the wilderness

Prepping items you can get for free

How to make your home self-sufficient

5 Must-have radios for survival in a grid-down situation

A list of medical supplies you need to be stockpiling

Professional gardening tips that even newbies can follow

Regular physical labor improves your health and chances of survival

Amazonian mint can be used to treat cutaneous infections and promote wound healing

The many survival uses of tarps

These maps should always be in your bug-out bag

Hungry in the wild? Take these 15 plants into consideration

9 Ways to prepare for and survive a famine

Emergency preparedness: What you need to know about crush injuries

Video: How to Give Yourself Heimlich Maneuver or save yourself from choking | First Aid Training

Other sites
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« Reply #262 on: November 07, 2018, 09:50:15 am »


Train yourself to be more situationally aware of your surroundings

Those weeds growing in your garden are actually edible (and good for you, too)

Remember these tips to avoid financial ruin

25 Reasons to prep even if DOOMSDAY never arrives

Why government-operated disaster shelters are not as safe as you think

In some cities, police now take FOUR DAYS to respond to a 911 call

Natural remedies for frostbite

How to dry-salt fish

The lone wolf approach to survival never works: Why you should network

Don’t make these 10 mistakes when deciding to live in rural areas

Camping alone? 5 Safety precautions

Journey towards food self-sufficiency

What you need to know about water purification

How to deal with gangs, mobs, and looters

Why you really should plan a mock bug-out trip

Practical life-saving use of a Faraday cage

Other sites


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« Reply #263 on: November 30, 2018, 09:42:07 pm »


A guide to growing potatoes for all situations

How to grow herbs in a jar of water

How to treat minor injuries in the field

Survival superfoods you need to stock up on now

How to make cordage from common plants

A guide to keeping fruits fresh without canning

A survivalist’s guide to water

Debunking some of the most common water survival myths

A guide to preventing and treating snake bites

Natural pain-relieving remedies

How to deal with armed individuals and groups

How to safely forage for food

Simple survival shelters that you can build yourself

5 hygiene survival myths debunked

9 Skills every prepper must master

How to treat burn victims

A medicinal plant map for your survival kit

How to grind grains to make your own flour

Essential survival gear that works as force multipliers

How to set up a functional rainwater irrigation system

How do you treat broken bones, fractures, or joint injuries when you’re out in the wild?

Warning for humanity: The madness is spreading by design as the masses are deliberately poisoned with toxic pharmaceuticals, pesticides, 5G wireless, hormone disruptors and toxic vaccines

How to stop bleeding almost instantly

How to disinfect a wound almost instantly

How to protect your survival cache from mold, spoilage, or pestilence

America will see a resurgence of diseases long thought to have been eradicated… most deaths will happen through sickness, not violence

A guide to preserving food with duct tape and bentonite clay

Natural remedies to have at the ready for an emergency situation

Other sites


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« Reply #264 on: December 31, 2018, 07:14:26 pm »


50 Excellent Ways to Start Becoming More Self-Reliant

The Power Of Dreams, Goals, And A To-Do List. Making Resolutions Stick!

How to Become Self-Sustainable

POD: Family Communications

Bipartisan Support for New Federal Gun Controls Is a Red Flag

Turn Your Yard into a Food Forest with Edible Landscaping

31 Homesteading Skills for Preppers

Soft Skills Preppers Need to Develop

First Aid Kit For Survival

Big Benefits to Small Game

14 DIY Solar Projects for Your Homestead

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…

Electronics for Preppers: Simplicity Is Reliability

24 Ways to Maintain Body Temperature in a Survival Situation

U.S. Stocks Just Had Their Best Day Ever – And Here Is Why That Is A REALLY Bad Sign…

Underdog Guns for Prepping

Alt. News Hub – Because Mainstream Media Sucks

Raising Livestock on a Small Piece of Property

VID: Building a Concealed Fire Pit

Selco on Gun Confiscation: “Here’s How It Might Actually Go Down”

How to Be a Prepper in an Apartment

10 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Happy And Healthy This Winter

4 Knots That May Save Your Life

6 DIY Mosquito Traps That Are Dirt-cheap to Make

Methods of Purifying Water That Are Simple, Effective, and Inexpensive

Satellite Phones: How to Get Reliable Communications from (Almost) Anywhere On Earth

5 Vegetables to Grow Indoors During Winter

Basics of Homeschooling for Preppers

PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics – What is Enough?

The Easy Way To Make Charcoal and Biochar

Worst US Cities to Stay in for Preppers

Cold Climate Gardening – Easiest Crops to Grow (even in small spaces)

PrepperMed 101: Bleeding Control Always At Hand

DIY Greenhouse on the Cheap


What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing?

Grid-Down Communication Methods

Home Remedies For Burns

Why Prepping Should Be Mainstream, And How We Can Make That Happen

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

Survival Hunting Traps

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of Police

Fire Starting Methods: Pros and Cons

Other sites


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« Reply #265 on: January 31, 2019, 11:24:09 pm »


How To Homestead On Less Than An Acre

10 Practical Reasons You Need Tarps

Top 10 Herbs That Every Homesteader Should Grow

6 Paper Products For Survival

10 Good Reasons to Raise Ducks for Eggs

16 Reasons To Stockpile Raw Honey

Training a Dog to Alert Without A Bark

23 Things to Buy RIGHT NOW If You’re Totally Unprepared

Trapping and Snaring for Survival

8 Easy Survival Skills


Preppermed101: Emergency Burn Care

How to Train Your Body To Act Instinctively for Self-Defense

How to Install an Off-Grid Water Well

12 Ways To Upcycle Tin Cans For Survival

How to Spot a Bad Guy

10 Scary Things That Would Happen If The Grid Went Down

VID: 10 Warning Signs That Survival Emergency Is Imminent

Survival Living: Strategy and Logistics to Live Off the Land

2 Guns You Should Take Along When You Bug Out

Five Off The Shelf Foods For The Frugal Prepper

Slingshots for Survival

The Seven Enemies of Wilderness Survival

6 Reasons to Bundle Up and Get Outside During Winter

11 Garden Soil Hacks To Maximize Your Harvest

Other sites
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« Reply #266 on: March 01, 2019, 11:24:49 pm »


Reasons why preppers give up (and how to stop yourself from doing the same)

The best home defense tactics that protect your home from intruders

Unusual foods that you can pickle now, for use in an emergency

Non-lethal but effective weapons for home defense

Why super glue is a crucial survival supply in a first aid kit

Learn about these weeds that can be used to treat disease or provide nutrition when things go sour

Crucial first aid skills you need to learn before going off grid

Everything you need to know about foraging for food in emergency

Here’s what you should do if you wake up and think there’s an intruder in your house

A beginner’s guide to growing grains in your own backyard

5 Everyday items you should always have with you

How to stop a bleeding wound, even in the middle of nowhere

How to plan for and live a low-profile mobile lifestyle

Toothache Tree – Your Roadside Source Of Pain Relief And Other Survival Aids

Other sites

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