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Author Topic: Police State : NYC  (Read 2313 times)


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Police State : NYC
« on: July 21, 2003, 02:34:42 am »

Hello All,

I have been reading the forum and following the movement for some time now, and am strongly considering joining.  I am involved with anti police state activism and protests in New York, and it is really starting to get out of control.  We have 18 year old m-16 toting National Guardsmen babies teeming through our subway stations, who have no idea what this city is about.  And, 40,000 violently scared cops trying to maintain order in a city where they are constantly violating people is not good.

While protesting a month ago, i was attacked and assaulted by NYPD officers who were screaming " I am going to f***ing kill you"...  I have heard through lawyers they want to charge me with FELONY Assault on an officer!.. and a whole list of other things, and all i was doing was standing on a sidewalk speaking out.  Saturday I was arrested again.  I had been at a protest earlier in the day.  Some people were arrested(and one was thrown through a plate glass window by the cops) and I went to go to the police station to see if i could pick up their belongings and hold them for them, because the police always "lose" your things.  As i stood outside the police station on the corner  with some others and spoke with them, a police officer came over and ordered us to disperse.  I asked him what we should do and they locked me up.  I got charged with Unlawful Assembly!  However preposterous it may sound, I guess there is really a violation on the books with that title.  If you stand in one place with more than 3 people, you can go to jail in new york.  

This is really frustrating, because spending time in jail is detrimental to my life and my business(i operate a small isp), but at the same time it would be more difficult for me to shut my mouth and accept this slavery than to deal with going against this system.  

Additionally the idea of moving to the free state also comes with having to leave New York behind.  And giving up on the fierce battles that are going on right here in the spirit of our founding fathers.  NH or WY may be a more winnable battle immediately, but i would also feel like I am betraying the people i am fighting with here in NY.  So i guess this became more of a rant, but maybe some of you have feedback for these predicaments.

Oh yeah,  many of the people i fight with are of very different political ideologies than me, socialists, anarchists, everything under the sun besides democrats and republicans basically, but the one thing i know all the people that i am with are doing is fighting to bring power back to the people.  Once the tyrants of this era are gone, THEN we can discuss how to maintain that.  I am of the belief that the founding fathers, and a libertarian with emphasis on complete natural freedom of the individual is the only way. I often try to describe to my friends that all of these other ideologies can work underneath libertarianism on small scales, but it does not go the other way around.  For now, we are fighting the same battle.  To see some photos and videos  of what is going on in New York, you can check out or



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Re:Police State : NYC
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2003, 06:15:02 am »

Between the police and public worker unions, the politicians who fight hardest for power and the incredible number of people living off the dole and dependent on Government programs,  Most cities, large and small in this country are DOOMED and not worth fightimg for.
Even in the Freestate, it will be cities like Manchester, Chyenne, Burlington and Portland wher we will get the least help and most resistance.


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Re:Police State : NYC
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2003, 06:17:13 am »

I think you're probably not alone in feeling like you're "giving up" on your current home state or town.  However, I think the general consensus is that we're fighting a losing battle.  Once we establish the free state, it will server as an example to rally the dormant freedom lovers everywhere.  You can do more for NYC (yes in the long run) by helping with the FSP.
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