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I was wondering if anyone had any real life info (not an .gov report) on gangs in NH.  Are there any areas that have major gang activity?

Yes, there are gangs in NH.  The 2 gangs I know of in Keene are the Juggalos and the Free Staters.  The only gang I know of in Manchester is the Free Staters.  I'm not familiar with gangs in the rest of the state.  I'm not sure if either of these groups are technically gangs because I don't know the legal definitions but the cops claim they are gangs.

As for street gangs, that's a much larger problem on the West Coast than the East Coast.  There are certainly mafia issues on the East Coast but that seems to be a minimal to nonexistent problem in NH.  We don't have a lot of strip clubs in NH.  There doesn't appear to be a large sex trade in NH.  Much of the Hispanic population isn't associated with Mexico where the gangs and the government are at war.  The casinos/card rooms are for charity.  The animal races are simulcast.  In most towns, trash pick up is done by the individual or a small company.  There aren't a lot of ocean fisherman in NH and it tends to be small time stuff.  Union membership, especially among private sector workers, is low in NH.

I am curious as to your question?  NH has the lowest crime in the US most years.  2 of the 3 border states are usually in the bottom 3 when it comes to crime rates.  NH only has 1 city with around 110,000 people and another with around 90,000 and the cities are separated by mostly rural, often wealthy, people.

There are definitely some problems in the cities and towns near the MA border where criminals with long rap sheets or gang members visit NH and sometimes cause problems.


--- Quote from: LoveAndPeace on May 18, 2012, 01:35:43 pm ---I am curious as to your question? 
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Just wondering.  I grew up in a place with a lot of gang activity and while I figured it was a lot less of a problem up there, I had to ask since we're making the move shortly.

The Blue Light Gang is, by far, the most dangerous street gang around.


--- Quote from: Jeff LaGrange on May 21, 2012, 08:52:29 pm ---I believe you are overlooking the abundance of Motorcycle Club (MC) activity in the state.  Not all clubs are 1% 'ers - however there are criminal clubs and feeder clubs in NH that are engaged in illegal activity and frequent shootouts.  Hells Angels, Diablos and Outlaws to name a few.

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Thanks for the info, that's what I was talking about.


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