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Author Topic: Did Union Leader quash redress committee story?  (Read 1767 times)


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Did Union Leader quash redress committee story?
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:28:29 pm »

Sponsor: - I've made two attempts to contact editors at the Union Leader...over a period of ten days.   This regarding a story they were reportedly working on, about Arthur Ginsberg.  He's a New Hampshire resident who has a complaint before the Petition for Redress Committee.  He says UL reporters spent hours with him at the paper's Manchester headquarters...interviewing him for a story about his allegations.  Then, he says, they told him the story was mostly written, then that they were not going to pursue it.  

Ginsberg has concerns about misconduct in the NH legal system.  By way of full disclosure, I should also mention that he hired me to do work for him last month; videotaping his response to the DOJ’s statements about his case.  That's how I wound up finding out about this.

I sent this e-mail below to the paper, then re-sent it one of their alternate addies a few days later.  So far no response.

<< Dear folks at the Union Leader:

I wasn't sure which address to send this to, so can you pass it to the right folks for me?

NH redress committee petitioner Arthur Ginsburg told me yesterday that you folks spent a couple hours interviewing him at your HQ recently....and that you basically completed writing a story about his case.  Then he says you killed the story.   Is this true?   If so, what were the reasons for deep-sixing it?  Was your paper subjected to any pressure from authorities, to not run the story?


Dave Ridley
New Hampshire's second-most-popular YouTube channel  >>

By the way, I have a redress committee story of my own which *I* have been sluggish in completing - though in my case I'm not killing the story.  Part one is mostly edited, but the series has been slow going for various reasons.  At least the committee, created partly to hold judges accountable, is starting to make enough waves to generate news bulletins!

Regarding the sponsor link at the top of this bulletin... I'm still teaching videography classes.  These can occur most any time.  But they most commonly occur in connection with big events like the Liberty Forum and PorcFest. See the link for details, or e-mail me through
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