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Author Topic: Information, eventually a map, showing the pro- and anti-liberty state reps  (Read 2452 times)


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My thread over on NHLiberty forum:

My goal is to develop a map that shows each state house district, with color coding to denote the average NHLA liberty rating of the members of that district.

Step 1 is complete - I took the NHLA Liberty Ratings and copied and pasted a lot to re-order the document so that the listings for each town are in order first by county, and then by town (not sure where best to post the document).

Step 2 will be to re-order further, so that each district is together, sorted by both county and district number, in other words.

Step 3 will be to convert the letter grades to numbers, and come up with the average score for each district.
I don't have the raw numbers, was just going to use the A+, A, etc, probably on a scale from 2 to -2 for an F, with CT and Der being -3, C+ would be 0, and not including Inc or Speaker in the average for a district.

Step 4 will be to map the results.

My intention is to have a handy-dandy quick reference source to look up which districts are most liberty-friendly. Unfortunately it won't pinpoint specific towns, which is where my second project comes in - a map based on Ron Paul primary votes, I'll probably also include the total votes of both Democrats and Republicans to get a similar map for the towns in NH. Not sure how I'm going to weight the Democrat numbers, but I'll worry about that when I get to that point.
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This is a good idea.  I'd do it averaged over the last 4 years or something if you want useful results.  Of course, the state Rep. districts will change next year, so that's a problem for maybe 1/4 of the communities.  Once that happens, make a new map and just put N/A for those communities.
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