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Author Topic: Internet Freedom & Computers (See Tech & Sci News)  (Read 38146 times)


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #75 on: March 15, 2019, 02:05:00 pm »


Most laptops vulnerable to attack via peripheral devices, say researchers

New AI approach bridges the 'slim-data gap' that can stymie deep learning approaches

Exposing flaws in metrics for user login systems

An architecture to enable the collaborative coexistence of cognitive radio networks in TVWS

Facial recognition software to identify Civil War soldiers

Flaws in 4G & 5G networks could let hackers intercept calls, track location

Researchers safeguard hardware from cyberattack

Five creepy things AI has started doing all on its own

The first look at how hacked self-driving cars would affect New York City traffic

Breakthrough research using quantum cryptography addresses security in 5G networks

New exploitation techniques and defenses for DOP attacks

An all-in-one cyber toolkit for criminal investigations

Cybersecurity study of the dark web exposes vulnerability to machine identities

France tries to set trend with internet tax bill

The mind distracted: technology's battle for our attention

Role-playing game for international personnel deployed in conflict zones provides soft skills training

Mobile devices don't reduce shared family time

Web inventor urges users to seek 'complete control' of data

At age 30, World Wide Web is 'not the web we wanted'

Web 3.0: The decentralised web promises to make the internet free again

Touchscreens go 3-D with buttons that pulsate and vibrate under your fingertips

Rise and fall of the landline: 143 years of telephones becoming more accessible – and smart

Protection against digital gold diggers—software blocks crypto mining

Positivity, objectivity are key for online petitions


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #76 on: March 30, 2019, 09:07:56 pm »


Your body has internet—and now it can't be hacked

More than two thirds of all Android antivirus apps are ineffective and many don't even do anything at all

First reputation-based blockchain guarantees security against 51 percent attacks

Hackers are making personalised ransomware to target the most profitable and vulnerable

New app can secure all your saved emails

ASUS acknowledges computers infected by auto-update virus

Android: Researchers tell troubling findings of pre-installed software

Nevada considers technology to scan cellphones after crashes

FSU researcher developing world's first online polygraph

A parent's guide to protecting your kids from online hoaxes

US lawmaker sues Twitter, alleging anti-conservative bias

Study analyzes pre-installed software on Android devices and its privacy risks for users

Protesters rally against EU internet copyright reform

Spotting hacks automatically, before the hackers do

How social media dethroned Hollywood

Researcher reveals harm in humiliating others


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #77 on: April 15, 2019, 02:16:51 pm »


Efficiently dismantling networks and stopping viruses

Newly devised static negative capacitor could improve computing

Fiber for Internet: When Small Cells are Added, It’s Not Safe At All

New tools in the battle against online data misuse

Scam ads promoting fake tax breaks prosper on Facebook

Crowdsourcing speeds up earthquake monitoring

Streaming to subscriptions: Video games enter new frontiers

Unraveling the tangled web of online television

India weighs ban on popular online game after deaths

Social media gets thumbs-down in new US poll

A picture worth a thousand words—examining the research on selfie marketing

Facebook user data reportedly at risk again

Investment firm buys Gizmodo sites and The Onion

Backpackers are worried about using mobile devices in Ghana

How artificial intelligence can help in the fight against human trafficking

Transforming the art industry with Blockchain

Where's the bus? UW student's new web tool tracks transit through the Seattle region

Texts as networks: How many words are sufficient to identify an author?

FCC to hold big 5G auction, spend $20B for rural internet


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #78 on: April 30, 2019, 09:54:53 pm »


Researchers transmit data via a semiconductor laser, opening the door to ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi

Breakthrough research to revolutionise internet communication

Health care industry worst at protecting consumer data, federal government is best

Project Sidewalk helps users map accessibility around Seattle and other cities

Creating a cloak for grid data in the cloud

Talos reports on new, sophisticated hacking group manipulating DNS systems

Smart cities: The promises and failures of utopian technological planning

How artificial intelligence systems could threaten democracy

Can a Wi-Fi network ever be completely secure?

Security researcher discovers hotspot finder app with leaks

Improving security as artificial intelligence moves to smartphones

Online retailer tactics and impulse buying: Consumers welcome tools to avoid it

New technique uses power anomalies to ID malware in embedded systems

California governor signs internet sales tax law

Blogs must adapt or die

Smart cities aim to make urban life more efficient—but for citizens' sake they need to slow down

Researchers develop secure method for sending sensitive personal data from wearable tech

Shutting down social media does not reduce violence, but rather fuels it

Team develops system to legally test GPS spoofing vulnerabilities in automated vehicles

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs

Optimizing network software to advance scientific discovery

A neural network can read scientific papers and render a plain-English summary

Talos reports on new, sophisticated hacking group manipulating DNS systems

Computer scientists design way to close 'backdoors' in AI-based security systems

Key-guessing blockchain banditry is discovered in security research

Privacy settings can help ease suspicion of recommendation-making sites and apps


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #79 on: May 15, 2019, 08:24:49 am »


Stolen NSA hacking tools were used by other hacker groups 14 months before Shadow Brokers leak

Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone

Smart software tool could pave the way for changing how things get designed, made, and supplied

Move over, silicon switches: There's a new way to compute

New space race to bring satellite internet to the world

US shuts down illegal web marketplace; 2 Israelis charged

Singapore passes 'fake news' law despite fierce criticism

A growing number of states call porn a public health crisis

Millions of cryptocurrency investors have been scammed out of massive sums of real money

Facebook to curb livestreaming amid pressure over Christchurch massacre

Self-powered wearable tech

New chip stops attacks before they start

Design flaws create security vulnerabilities for 'smart home' internet-of-things devices

Supply-chain hack attacks are worrying investigators

Person re-identification entails the automated identification of the same person in multiple images from different cameras

Tester eyes unhackable claim on USB flash drive

WhatsApp flaw let spies take control with calls alone


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #80 on: May 31, 2019, 12:48:38 pm »


WhatsApp discloses vulnerability that allowed Israeli spyware to be installed on iPhones

New secret-spilling flaw affects almost every Intel chip since 2011

Tester eyes unhackable claim on USB flash drive

Artificial intelligence shines light on the dark web

Here's why your internet may be delivered by a drone someday soon

Researchers imagine a cheaper, fairer marketplace for digital goods

Energy-free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses

Meet TOR Browser 8.5 now usable on Android

How to Find Broken Links Online

Protecting children's data privacy in the smart city

Wanted: Digital whizzes to work in agriculture

How young people really feel about digital technology

Living smarter: The interconnected home

You could be unknowingly loading malicious content from 'trusted' sites [esp. via Javascript]

Immersive ethics tool helps developers avoid Internet of Things dystopia

Baltimore says it will not pay ransom after cyberattack

Super-fast broadband may have negative side effects for companies

Influencing energy use behavior through training and gamification

Vulnerability of cloud service hardware uncovered


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #81 on: June 16, 2019, 10:09:37 am »


A deep neural network that can maximize or minimize coloring to blend into or stand out against a background

New algorithm may help people store more pictures, share videos faster

Researchers add 'time-travel' feature to drives to fight ransomware attacks

Record-breaking chaotic data transmission

Your iPhone's secret life: While you snooze, apps are beaming out personal information to data guzzlers

Google confirms some Android smartphones had pre-installed backdoors right out of the box

Security and privacy rarely considered before buying IoT devices

Protecting our energy infrastructure from cyberattack

New computer attack mimics user's keystroke characteristics and evades detection

3-D magnetic interactions could lead to new forms of computing

Russia requires Tinder to provide data on its users

'Law as Data' explores radical leap for legal analysis

Big tech surveillance could damage democracy

4 in 10 dark net cybercriminals are selling targeted FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 hacking services

How streaming media could change our minds on cultural differences

US moves to tackle scourge of 'robocalls'

3 million US students don't have home internet

How cryptocurrency discussions spread

Beekee box: A network without the internet or electricity

Online gambling: Children among easy prey for advertisers who face few sanctions

Creatives in the country? Blockchain and agtech can create unexpected jobs in regional Australia

How trustworthy is that website?

How a cyber attack hampered Hong Kong protesters

What it takes for green businesses to advertise online


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #82 on: June 30, 2019, 07:11:36 pm »


'Universal computer memory' with ultra-low energy consumption invented by scientist

Researchers develop 'vaccine' against attacks on machine learning

Apple voluntarily recalling batteries on MacBook Pro notebooks due to safety risk. What to do

Automated cryptocode generator is helping secure the web

National emergency alerts potentially vulnerable to attack

Google's Chrome web browser "has become spy software"

The 5G Dragnet: Backbone of Totalitarian Surveillance

Hackers using telecoms like 'global spy system'

Hacker used Raspberry Pi computer to steal restricted NASA data

How you charge your mobile phone could compromise its battery lifespan

Why do we need a free an open internet?

Taking On The Lefty Valley Social Censors: A New "Free Speech Web"

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids

Engineer's 'Smart Speaker Firewall' isolates Alexa devices in a snap

New Yolo anonymous Q&A app attracts millions of teenage users, has parents wary

UK makes 'first' conviction over 3-D printed gun

In Sudan, internet users find ways to beat blackout

Keeping children safe in the 'Internet of Things' age

Identifying a fake picture online is harder than you might think

Internet perpetuates job market inequality

Amazon is watching, listening and tracking you. Here's how to stop it

SimBlock: A simulator for testing improvements to real-world blockchain networks

What journalism professors are teaching students about their job prospects

Criminal cybersquatters



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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #83 on: July 15, 2019, 03:47:06 pm »


A new, more user-friendly language for programming supercomputers

With little training, machine-learning algorithms can uncover hidden scientific knowledge

Apps help visually impaired navigate airport

The End of the Free Internet Is Near

If you're traveling July 4th, be careful with free Wi-Fi and protect your data

Facing fury over 'fake websites,' Grubhub says restaurants have it wrong

Tech jobs soar to all-time record heights in Bay Area

Secure data protection in the new internet of things

First all-digital nuclear reactor system in the US installed at Purdue University

Cyber attacks cost $45 bn in 2018 as ransomware hits hard

Japan firm says $32 mn missing in cryptocurrency hack

How digital technologies can help Africa's smallholder farmers

Four ways blockchain could make the internet safer, fairer and more creative

Internet communities can teach amateurs to build personalized governments

New election systems use vulnerable software


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #84 on: July 31, 2019, 07:08:24 pm »


A new tool for data scientists and biologists and more

First programmable memristor computer

Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer

Europe: Galileo GPS system is back online after a six-day outage failure

How tech firms make us feel like we own their apps—and how that benefits them

The internet is surprisingly fragile, crashes thousands of times a year, and no one is making it stronger

It takes more than mass protests to drive change

Ultrathin transistors for faster computer chips

Valleytronics core theory for future high-efficiency semiconductor technology

Molecular mayhem at root of battery breakdown

Learning in virtual spaces


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #85 on: August 17, 2019, 10:29:32 pm »

This topic will be combined with Tech and Sci News henceforth.
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