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Author Topic: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers  (Read 21244 times)


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #60 on: July 31, 2018, 03:05:38 pm »


A new machine learning strategy that could enhance computer vision

Despite digital revolution, distance still matters

Eagle-eyed algorithm outdoes human experts

Team suggests a way to protect autonomous grids from potentially crippling GPS spoofing attacks

Disappearing messages, private phones test open records laws

Analyzing winners and losers can reveal rank within networks

Big tech firms agree on 'data portability' plan

Machine learning experiment can image-match your pose

Google to string trans-Atlantic undersea cable from France to Virginia

New magnetic anomaly map helps reveal Antarctic continent

Intel Management Engine Vulnerability - Remote Exploit Affects All Current Processors goes offline indefinitly, no explaination given

Russian hackers tricked people into giving their passwords

Apps make it easy for domestic abusers to spy

British Columbia Claims Ownership of Bitcoin seized from Alleged Silk Road vendor

US Government Will Now Allow Defense Distributed to Distribute 3D Printed Firearms Software


Do I want an always-on digital assistant listening in all the time?

Disruption tolerant networking to demonstrate internet in space

Decade of research shows little improvement in websites' password guidance

Tempted to buy an Amazon tablet or Fire TV? Read this first

Twitter suspended 58 million accounts in final three months of 2017

Using camera fingerprints to catch cybercriminals

How to protect yourself from 'spear phishing' hacking technique

New malicious email detection method outperforms 60 antivirus engines

New training platform for big data analysis

What Hollywood gets right and wrong about hacking

Kenya to get first deployment of internet balloons from Google parent [to be used for spying?]

WhatsApp curbs India service after lynchings

Social media manipulation rising globally, new report warns

Who bought websites implying US senators 'for sale' [which they are]

US households are dropping their traditional pay TV packages at a faster rate than in the past

Facebook must end discriminatory ad practice under deal with Washington attorney general

Researchers discover 'severe' bluetooth communication breach

New technology helps answer a big question about big data for educators

We asked catfish why they trick people online—it's not about money

Why restricting social media is not a solution to dangerous behaviours in India

Technology is making cities smart, but it's also costing the environment

How radio can empower women in Niger

To repair reputation, Twitter, Facebook incur investor wrath

What if the companies that profit from your data had to pay you?


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #61 on: August 15, 2018, 12:09:20 pm »


A new complex network-based approach to topic modeling

Memory-processing unit could bring memristors to the masses

Research identifies key weakness in modern computer vision systems

A model-free deep reinforcement learning approach to tackle neural control problems

Alternative to blurring faces on news shows for anonymity

New tool helps users decide which countries their internet traffic transits

YourPhone app for Windows 10 phone-PC sync treat coming

Facebook patent reveals plans to use 'Emotion Detection' to spy on users

City of Rome begins switch to open source office default

How a computer learns to simulate

Big Data Analytics to automatically detect events in smart cities

Researchers find flaw in WhatsApp

Evaluating creativity in computational co-creative systems

New modeling mechanism could change the way we view social networks

Researchers help close security hole in popular encryption software

A new defensive technique could hold off attackers by making software buggier

Make Slow Computer Like New Again with Xtra PC

Mobile Screen Cast lets you cast everything on your smartphone directly to your TV

VIZR turns your smartphone into a heads up traffic display on your dashboard

The newest security flaw with Intel processors

Japan website offers anonymity for variety of grievances

Google developing censor-friendly search engine for China

Broadband internet causes sleep deprivation

Googlers bristle at censoring search for China

Facebook's revelations: Real change or window dressing?

Bangladesh shuts down mobile internet to tackle teen protests

Twitter chief defends not booting Infowars

How will AI change us? [It's just computer programming; we already have that]

Turning your health data into a "wellness score" might not be good for you

Digital gig economy is bad for your wellbeing

How new fathers use social media to make sense of their roles

When moral outrage goes viral, it can come across as bullying

Gender differences at work: Relishing competence or seeking a challenge?

How 'story maps' redraw the world using people's real-life experiences

How young people choose their news impacts how they participate in politics

How to find and delete where Google knows you've been

Is social media making us less civil?

Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom

Password managers vulnerable to insider hacking


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #62 on: August 31, 2018, 09:11:27 pm »


Researchers showed remote style hack for new Macs

Google tracks your movements, like it or not

App that will extend your smartphone battery life

Security gaps identified in internet protocol IPsec

ShareBackup could keep data in the fast lane

More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning

Hackers target smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies

Applying deep learning to motion capture with DeepLabCut

Researchers compile a new database of executable Python code snippets on GitHub

Teens today spend more time on digital media, less time reading

Technology hasn't killed public libraries – it's inspired them to transform and stay relevant

As internet 'spoofing' gets better, you may surf into a sea of sharks

Cubans getting early taste of mobile internet in system test

New study reveals why women take sexy selfies

Detecting 'deepfake' videos in the blink of an eye

Novel architecture boosts energy and spectrum efficiency for Internet of Things wireless communication


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom & Computers
« Reply #63 on: September 15, 2018, 10:08:30 am »


Brown University team trying to hack a robot

A new coded caching scheme to improve online video delivery

Public reports will show Firefox user activity, behavior

Useful or creepy? Machines suggest Gmail replies

Microsoft patch awaited for zero-day vulnerability

Lab unveils the world's first rollable touch-screen tablet

Study finds your brain tries to change focus four times per second

Canadian hospital first to treat patients with virtual reality

Announcing quartet of wireless charging products for home, office, car

Identifying deep network generated images using disparities in color components

Neural network to extract knowledgeable snippets and documents

New real-time localization and mapping tools for robotics, VR, and AR

Facial recognition touted as 'user friendly' system for airports

Get ready for the splinternet: The web might not be worldwide much longer

Scientists increase internet speed up to one and a half times

Research takes proactive approach to defending computer systems

The strangest gadgets at Berlin's IFA tech show
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