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Author Topic: 15) Internet Freedom  (Read 12368 times)


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #30 on: May 01, 2017, 11:00:00 pm »

Banks scramble to fix old COBOL systems

Smartphone fingerprint sensors can be hacked using fake fingerprints

Thousands of Fake Google Maps Listings Redirect Users to Fraudulent Sites Each Month

Microsoft replaces the password with a phone-based log-in

9 USB Hubs for Enhanced Computer Connectivity

Why Hidden 'Darknets' Are More Resilient to Attacks Than the Internet

FCC Falsely Claims Net Neutrality Took Away Your Freedom

'Dark web' is incredibly antisocial corner of the internet

Telecom lobbying muscle kills privacy rules

Internet of the future via massive mobile antennae technology

Virtual reality's cousin generating lots of buzz as Facebook, Apple, others focus on it

Cyber attacks 10 years on—from disruption to disinformation

Police around the world learn to fight global-scale cybercrime

Researcher says customized content on political websites hurts democracy

Internet firms winding up for a fight on 'net neutrality'

Romanian Police Join Forces With Domestic Internet Security Company To Fight Cybercrime

TrueBit and Golem – The Future of Computation Outsourcing

Tax Fraud Up 6,000 Percent as W-2s Fill Darknet Markets [Tax Is Theft]

Facebook Loses Appeal Against Bulk Warrant

How Companies are Deanonymizing Bitcoin

95,000 Job Applicant Data of McDonald’s Canada Hacked, Likely Being Sold on Dark Web

Tutorial – Altcoin Flipping : Making Money Online Via Trading Cryptocurrencies

Examining the Bitcoin Address Graph

Anomalous RSA Keys In Tor Relays Can Undermine Your Privacy

Outlaw Marketplace Prepares Scam-Deterring Revamp

A Novel System for Secure Offline Bitcoin Payments

The bitcoin blockchain and truly trusted computing

Malware Bricking Insecure IoT Devices Could Be a Vigilante Tool Against Botnets

Identity Based Onion Routing – A Secure and Efficient New Scheme for Tor

Botnets for Discovering and Monitoring Terrorism Related Content on the Dark Web

What is a Bitcoin User Activated Soft Fork?

Tutorial – Altcoin Flipping (Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies That Always Win)


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #31 on: May 15, 2017, 06:02:56 pm »

Court Upholds Enforceability of Open Source Licenses

Study highlights growing significance of cryptocurrencies

Windows 10 S  will not allow you to change the default browser or search engine

Chinese professor defends criminal facial-recognition study after Google scoffing

Ransomware virus infests 75,000 computers across 99 countries

Cybersecurity researcher sidelines a global malware attack using a $10.69 domain name

Vendor Lists for Sale 100 Million Youku Accounts on Hansa darknet

Customs Searching of Electronics Increases

How To Minimize Bitcoin Transaction Confirmation Delays Via Adjusting Miners’ Fees?

Botnets and the Deep Web

What is Augur? (A Search Engine for the Future)

Personal Data Of 3.7 Million Voters Stolen In Hong Kong

Hotel Card Data Breach Hits 1,200 US Locations, Sold on Dark Web

How To Start a Full Bitcoin Node On Windows

US Judge says “Actual Location” of Electronic Data Does Not Matter

Russian MP’s Son Jailed Making Millions Selling Credit Card Data on Dark Web

Almost 40% of Consumers Pay Ransomware Fees

End-to-End Encrypted Calls Rise in Popularity, Increased Privacy for Dark Web Users

Europol: The Dark Web Is The Heaven For Organized Criminals In The EU

New Dead Man Switch’s Network That Utilizes The Tor Network

How to Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Investments

How To Store Your Bitcoins Securely Using Cold Storage

New OSX Malware Uses Tor and a MITM Proxy

NSA Claims To Curtail Upstream Surveillance

Newly Stolen Medical Records Auctioned on Darknet Site

Australia Considers Forcing ISPs to Block Digital Threats

China compiles its own Wikipedia, but public can't edit it

Google Docs phishing scam doused

Internet of the future via massive mobile antennae technology

Researchers unveil new password meter that will change how users make passwords

Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware

SpaceX details plans to launch thousands of internet satellites

Dozens of countries hit by huge cyberextortion attack (X22 Report said it was on behalf of central banks)

Huge cyberattack forces Microsoft to offer free tech fix

US regulator website hacked after TV host comments

Social, computer scientists want to share data [probably not with us] on group behavior

Net neutrality grabs spotlight again as FCC chief seeks to rescind the tough regulations

Harnessing the potential of big data to improve the security of Internet of Things devices


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #32 on: May 31, 2017, 11:15:44 pm »

Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

Watch out in a world of connected objects, cyber specialists warn

The difficulty of determining which internet apps track personal data

China shuts some live streaming sites, punishes companies

How to protect your data from cyberattacks

China to launch cybersecurity law despite concerns

Nest security camera knows who's home with Google face tech

Ensuring the security of digital information

New uses for RFID and security for the internet of things

Data of 500,000 Children Stolen from Pediatricians, Sold on Dark Web

Cybercrime On The Rise In Germany

Indian Government Leaking 130m Financial Records

US Law Enforcement in Investigation of Thieves Stealing & Selling Tax Information on Dark Web

Law Enforcement Arrested 900 PlayPen Users Worldwide

Leaked UK Privacy Law Requires ISP Spying and Hacking

Intel chips from last 7 years can be hacked remotely

Generalized Proof-of-Activity (PoA) With a Forking Free Hybrid Consensus

Over 200 Android Apps Are Tracking Users with Ultrasonic Beacons

Darknet Vendor Lists One Billion Anti-Public Accounts

“Going Dark” is an FBI Lie

The Largest Botnet is Nearly Dormant

NYU Accidentally Exposed Secret NSA Encryption Cracking Project

Using Tor’s Hidden Services To Maximize the Security of Push Notification Services

Types of Cyberattacks Hitting the Dark Web – A Research Paper

50% of German Dark web Traffic is Illegal

Germany Facing Record Levels of Internet Fraud

What CIA does on target’s Local Area Network

Three More Reasons to Keep JavaScript off in Tor

Blockstack – A Blockchain Based Trust-to-Trust Internet Architecture


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #33 on: June 15, 2017, 11:49:52 pm »

Delta and JetBlue will test replacing boarding passes with facial and fingerprint recognition technology

CMU's interactive tool helps novices and experts make custom robots

Nest security camera knows who's home with Google face tech

Research identifies methods to protect against online privacy attacks

Hackers break into centralized password manager OneLogin

HandBrake malware attack led to theft of Panic apps' source code

Germany train station to test face recognition software to target terrorist suspects

App uses smartphone compass to stop voice hacking

New computing system takes its cues from human brain

European mobile operators brace for end of roaming charges

Trends of Cyberattacks in 2016

Alphabay Hacker “Cipher0007” Takes Down Sanctuary Market

Study Suggests “Organized Crime” Evolved With Cybercrime

Stolen NSA Tools to Come in a Monthly Subscription

Man Charged for Refusing to Give Authorities His Passwords

How Dark Web Evolved Into a Well-Structured Global Criminal Network

Another Spy Program Leaked onto the Dark Web, Second Web Attack Imminent

Court Ruled German Government May Save IP Address In Interest Of Cybersecurity

UK “Absolutely” Focused on Hunting the WannaCry Hackers

Zomato App – 17 Million User Records Stolen, Listed on Dark Web

Demand For Ethical Hackers Rise as Corporations Look to Combat Dark Web Criminals

Former Tor Director: Drug Markets Have Taken Over

CIA Worked With Private Corporation to Hack Windows Users

Bitcoin Brain Wallets : Hackers’ Heaven!

Alphabay to Support Yet Another Payment Method: Zcash

Prison Time for Father and Son Caught Selling Bitcoin

Active Cyber Defense Bill Would Allow Cybercrime Victims to Hack Back

Austria One Step Closer to Mass Surveillance

Research identifies methods to protect against online privacy attacks

Six things every consumer should know about the 'Internet of Things'

Team creates high-speed internet lane for emergency situations

New system to restore communications in the wake of a disaster

Egyptian watchdog says authorities blocking more websites

Internet-in-a-box—connectivity for the rest of the world

Modern computing power may help mitigate future flood disasters

EU ends mobile travel fees

Researcher finds Georgia voter records exposed on internet


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #34 on: June 30, 2017, 04:12:55 pm »

Automatic sign language translators turn signing into text

Spintronics aims to use magnetic properties of electrons to store and transmit information

How the CIA can hack into your internet router

Altered E-cigs can allow hackers to attack computers when charged by USB port

Root out identity thieves by analyzing their mouse movements with AI

Data firm working for Trump exposed 198 mn voter files

Dutch bike lock blocks rider's phone

Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting

EU leaders urge Internet giants to fight [free speech] online extremism

Inflight internet ready to take off

US tech giants join forces against [pretended] terror content

New highly virulent strain of ransomware cripples networks [Thank the NSA]

Facebook now deleting 66K posts a week in anti-hate [i.e. anti-free-speech] campaign

Why it's important to understand social media's dark history

Canada [scam]: Top court orders Google to block website search results

Instagram enlists AI to filter nasty comments

Is Amazon getting too big?

Chinese authorities put the brakes on a surge in live streaming

Corrupt Fed’s “Frivolous” Appeal Denied in Silk Road Case

An Overview of Peer-to-peer (P2P) Botnets

Setting Up Your Own VPN

Lelantos – The First Blockchain Based Anonymous Package Delivery System

Bitcoin Price Manipulation – Now and Then!

What’s the Future of Ethereum [cryptocurrency]?

Brave: Changing the Online Advertisement Industry

Fundamental security flaws in USB

UK Government to Spy on Users by Asking Messaging Apps to Weaken Encryption

Researchers Suggest a Ban on Encryption Will Drive Darknet Use

Local Police Contract the Same Hacking Firms as the FBI

Wikipedia May Be Coming to the Darknet

Former Apple Employees Arrested For Selling Customer Data on Dark Web


Primalbase: Shared workspace for the tokenized economy

ZombieCoin – Using Bitcoin’s Network To Create Next Generation Botnets

A Self-replicating Code That Earns You Bitcoin On Autopilot!

Crypviser: Blockchain-based IM encryption


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #35 on: July 15, 2017, 02:09:23 pm »

‘Mind reading’ technology decodes complex thoughts

Hackers can target EEG headsets

New highly virulent strain of ransomware cripples networks

How artificial intelligence is taking on ransomware

Study finds hackers could use brainwaves to steal passwords

Generic, situation-aware guidelines to help robots co-exist successfully alongside humans

Advanced AI Has Been Deployed to Fight Against Hackers

New system greatly speeds common parallel-computing algorithms

Online chat webcam: Facebook wants to spy on you through webcam and smartphones

50 US cities pen letter to FCC demanding net neutrality, democracy

Meet Noodle Pi, a Raspberry Pi-Based DIY Pocket Computer Powered by GNU/Linux

Messages with moral-emotional words are more likely to go viral on social media

ASUS Launches Chromebook Flip C213 as Ultimate Future-Proof Education Computer

Don't forget that the very fabric of the internet is being threatened right now

Opposition Leader Wants to Track Terrorist Bitcoin Use

Millionaire Alphabay Vendor Willingly Gave His Account to Feds

Australia Gets Gun Amnesty, Better Mail Screening in July


CP Forum in Spain Taken Down by Reverse Image Searches

Abusing Bitcoin Blockchain for Fun and Profit

Swiss Government Starts Investigation Against Pedophiles Uncovered In Anonymous Hack

Visiting The Darkweb is a Sign of Terrorism, Warns U.K Police

Using Bitcoin To Incentivize Users Of Distributed P2P Applications


Darknet Market on the Ethereum Blockchain

UN Official Says Gangs are Globalizing via the Darknet

UK Targets Dark Web Users in Anti-Terrorism Pamphlet

Wondering which market is Headed to the Top? Here is some insider info!

Interview with a Top Alphabay Accounts Phisher

Comparing the Security of Bitcoin to That of Common Online Payment Systems


How internet routers work, and why you should keep them secure

Personal computer market continues to slump

Bitcoin's possible financial panic

Five tech tips for unplugging on vacation

US newspaper group assails Google-Facebook online 'duopoly'

The end of sneakernet?

Australia to compel chat apps to hand over encrypted messages

ISPs surprise net neutrality fans on protest day

Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets—even over the internet

The maths behind memes—why numbers could help us predict an internet sensation

Microsoft eyes buffer zone in TV airwaves for rural internet

Somalia's internet outage costing country $10 million a day

Indonesia limits access to Telegram app, readies total ban
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