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Author Topic: Internet Freedom & Computers (See Tech & Sci News)  (Read 37180 times)


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Re: Internet Freedom
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2016, 04:45:54 pm »

Tech Pimp: Searx - a powerful, open source, meta-search engine that respects your privacy

Welcome to searx

Why open source matters to the IoT market

Meet ORWL. The first open source, physically secure computer

A Second Internet, Coming Soon, Courtesy of the Blockchain (Bitcoin?)

Security blogger Brian Krebs is back online after sustaining one of the largest distributed denial of service attacks in Internet history; garbage traffic assaulted Krebs' site at 620 gigabits per second

Secure passwords can be sent through your body, instead of air

Hackers Get Up Close and Personal With the White House

Those who share even the simplest identifying details about themselves on social media are vulnerable to being exposed by trolls

UK Fears the Sale of Fake Documents on Dark Net Could Aid Terror in the Country

IoT [online products] Could Become Playground for Botnets Gone Wild

Yahoo Makes It Harder for Email Users to Jump Ship

Unbreakable Encryption is One Step Closer to Becoming Usable Technology

A Noob’s Guide to Mesh Networking

Quantum Computing Could Cripple Encryption; Bitcoin’s Role

Cryptocurrency hacks: The Biggest Heists In Blockchain History

Europol Report: Ransomware Presenting The Biggest Cyber Threat

Tor Users May Soon Be Able To Circumvent Endless CAPTCHAs

Man In The Middle Attacks

House Party Protocol – remote evidence wiper program

Connecticut Man Arrested For Phishing Deepweb Logins And Stealing Bitcoins

UMBRA: The Ultimate Privacy Platform
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Re: Internet Freedom
« Reply #16 on: October 24, 2016, 10:22:42 pm »

Traditional keyboard sounds can be decoded, compromising privacy

Indoor mobile locator ensures user privacy

First complete sabotage attack demonstrated on a 3-D printed drone prop

Ongoing cyber attack hits Twitter, Amazon, other top websites

Big Brother: Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

Maui Linux is a replacement for the Netrunner project

New Tag Helps Google News Readers Unearth Facts

Microsoft AI Beats Humans at Speech Recognition

Linux Foundation Spurs JavaScript Development

DDoS Attack Causes Waves of Internet Outages

FCC proposal that internet providers must ask to share your data

Internet security bill may aid small businesses

Researchers discover clues for identifying Yik Yak users on college campuses

Bitcoin Blockchain’s High Security Will Lead Blockchain Startups to Pivot Back to Bitcoin

HTML5 Introduces New Security Threats!

Tutorial: How To Buy From the Hansa Market?

Research: Top 10 Cities Hosting Botnets

Yahoo Secretly Scanning User Emails On Behalf Of US Government

6 More Linux Distros for the Truly Paranoid

Introduction to Freenet: A Censorship-Resistant Network

Bitcoin community’s most widely used wallet platform Blockchain fell victim to a Domain Name System (DNS) hijack

German Police Call the Deepweb an Interface for Terrorism, Promise to Crack down Harder

How to use a Bitcoin Mixer for privacy: Helix

Tor And Mozilla Working Together For More Protection Against Malware

Tor’s Biggest Threat – government Correlation Attack exploiting human errors & software flaws


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Re: Internet Freedom
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2016, 01:10:42 pm »

Could Gab Finally Be the Free Speech Twitter  Alternative?

Search Risk – How Google Almost Killed ProtonMail  Intentionally

New code injection method exposes all versions of  Windows to cyberattack and there is no fix

“MPAA and RIAA’s Anti-Piracy Plans Harm The Internet”

Facebook Faces High Profile Lawsuit Over Facial  Recognition Technology "DeepFace"

NSA Chief Has A Phone For Top-Secret Messaging. Here’s  How It Works

Security measures to protect yourself from being tracked  and/or exploited on the internet

Unsealed Warrant Shows FBI Malware Affected Innocent Tor  Users While Agency Ran More Than 20 Child Porn Sites

Linux security vulnerability

Social Media Analytics, Meet Big Brother

Google's Policy Endangers Windows Users

Ubuntu Core 16 IoT Platform to provide enhanced security  and app store support for connected devices

Finding patterns in corrupted data: New model-fitting  technique efficient even for data sets with hundreds of  variables

Making it easier to collaborate on code

You are less anonymous on the web than you think — much  less

New tool (Predator) detects malicious websites before  they cause harm

Firefox users can plan on seeing web engine leap next  year

Debunking the myth of password security

Tor’s Biggest Threat – Correlation Attack
Austrian Government Wants A Federal Trojan To Patrol The  Dark Web

How to use a Bitcoin Mixer: BitCloak

VPN Tor vs Proxy Tor

Battle of the Secure Smartphones

Apple to FBI, Spying Possible Even With Encryption

New Internet Privacy Laws Go Into Effect Next Year

Swedish Police Claim to Have De-Anonymised 3,000 Darknet  Buyers

Israeli Security Company Can Crack IPhone Encryption and  Works with the FBI

Recent DDoS Attack Sparks Consumer Need for IoT  Protection

Researchers Claim the Darknet Has More Legal Sites Than Illegal Ones
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Re: Internet Freedom
« Reply #18 on: November 20, 2016, 06:01:39 pm »

Google Pixel hacked in under 60 seconds by Chinese team

20% of All Election Related Tweets Came From Non-Humans

Method to detect dishonesty online

Facebook lets Messenger 'bots' tap analytic smarts

Google teaches machines to become more fluent translators

China launches world's longest super-secure quantum communication line

Google Clamps Down on Sneaky Malicious Sites

US Comptroller Gears Up for Blockchain and Internet Finance

Twitter Cracks Down on what it terms Cyber Hate [disagreeing with liberal media is called hate]

Defeating Malware With Its Own "DNA"

iPhone Call Logs ARE Easy Pickings on iCloud, Says Russian Security Firm

Berlin Police Arrest 33-Year-Old for Buying a Shotgun and Ammunition on the Darknet

DOJ Assistant Attorney said: US Government Realized They Can’t Shut Down Bitcoin

All You Need To Know About Passwords

The Growing Use of Blockchain Technology Outside of Bitcoin
Steganography: Hiding Data in Images

ChaosVPN: The Hackers’ VPN!

The UK Wants to Re-Route Malicious Traffic

FBI May Have Hacked Every TorMail User Illegally

Tor Releases another Snapshot on the Road to Major Onion Router Updates


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Re: Internet Freedom
« Reply #19 on: November 30, 2016, 10:17:24 pm »

Note to Tech Companies: Fix These Technical Issues Before It’s Too Late

Zuckerberg Just Revealed Facebooks 7-Point Plan to Censor Fake News and Its Chilling

Tor phone is antidote to Google “hostility” over Android, says developer

Hospital info thief malware puts itself into a coma to avoid IT bods

Microsoft gives third parties access to Windows 10 telemetry data

The 'internet of things' is a security nightmare, but Google and others have a plan to fix it [you can trust them]

UK to censor online videos of 'non-conventional' sex acts

Telegram launches Telegraph, an anonymous blogging platform
Tens of thousands of broadband modems wide open to hijacking

Coinbase Promises to Fight the IRS in Court Over Data on All Active US Bitcoin Traders

Let's Encrypt Everything (with https)

(Since Facebook is becoming the new MSM with likely the same neoliberal/neocon bias, it seems important to consider how to stop or prevent such a monopoly on info. So see articles on that in this post:)

Swedish developers offer a way to delete yourself off the internet

Elon Musk wants to cover the world with internet from space

Google's AI translation tool created its own secret language?

Firefox 0-day in the wild is being used to attack Tor users

Tor releases urgent update for Firefox 0-day thats under active attack

AT&T just declared war on an open internet (and us)

Cyber Grinches Could Disrupt Holidays' Biggest Shopping Weekend

$5 PoisonTap Tool Easily Breaks Into Locked PCs

SF Muni Hack a Wake-Up Call for Public Transit Systems

Facebook Denies Ransomware Infiltration

The Komodo cryptocurrency project Platform: Security and Privacy

German Justice Minister Wants Stricter Laws For Illegal Dark Net Activity

State Department Fails at Cybersecurity Again, New Report Reveals

Companies Required to Give Customer Data to Authorities in China’s New Cybersecurity Law

Interview: Monero’s fluffypony talks about current developments and the future of cryptocurrency

An interview with Ex-NSA Agent and New Cybersecurity Comic Author

IRS Demands Entire Coinbase User Database For Tax Purposes
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Re: 10 Internet Freedom
« Reply #20 on: December 10, 2016, 12:38:17 pm »

US Court orders Bitcoin exchange to hand over identity of every US customer for the last 3 years on behalf of the IRS

Organisations like the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions will be able to see UK citizens’ entire internet browsing history soon

Israeli firm can steal phone data in seconds
How to protect your laptop—even when it's asleep

After split from US, internet gatekeeper is 'grassroots'

Android malware steals million Google accounts

Here's how to check if your Google account is one of the 1 million infected with malware [danger for androids]

Legal raids in five countries seize botnet servers, sinkhole 800,000+ domains

Bombshell: UN Orders Immediate Release Of Julian Assange

Lenovo: If you value your server, block Microsoft's November security update

USB Killer, yours for $50, lets you easily fry almost every device

Server company pulls the plug on a conservative website promoting a Target boycott in the name of "diversity"

Gooligan Ransacks More Than 1M Android Accounts

Apple Drone Fleet to Gather Maps Data

Isn't Fake News Propaganda?

Multinational Effort Halts Malware Avalanche

Ransomware Fighters Get New Free Tool: MBRFilter to the Rescue

Propaganda: Tech Giants Team to Battle Terrorism Online

Traversing the Social Media Minefield

10 Ways Your Privacy is at Risk

Golem Network: Decentralized Computing [like Cloud]

Hackers Left 900,000 Germans Without Internet for Two Days

Feds Give Security Researchers Two Years to Hack Almost Anything

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – Poloniex Lending

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – Magnr Lending

26,500 UK National Lottery Accounts Hacked

How Maliciously Crafted Images Spread Malware

What You Need to Know About the U.K. Investigatory Powers Bill

Dutch Hospitals Report a Data Breach Almost Every Day

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Re: 10) Internet Freedom
« Reply #21 on: December 20, 2016, 07:48:23 pm »

Google is not just a platform. It frames, shapes and distorts how we see the world

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline regardless of IS

Docker Delivers Containerd to Open Source Community

A unique moving target technique combats information leakage attacks

How blockchain will transform our cities

Thai junta passes controversial cyber-crime law

Cuba slashes internet costs

Maker of Signal says app is being blocked in Egypt

China clamps down on popular online video-streaming services

Colorado internet-tax case could change online shopping

Blocking access to illegal file-share websites won't stop illegal downloading

How news sites' online comments helped build our hateful electorate

Google globalist Zionist eyes fix after snafu on "Holocaust denial"

Firefox Zero-Day Can Be Used To Deanonymize Tor Users

Chinese Electricity Companies Are Using Surplus Energy to Mine Bitcoin

Researchers Develop Automated Facial Scanner for the Internet and the Darknet Is Next

DARPA’s Deepweb Search Engine Just Got a Lot Smarter

Darknet Vendors Flood the UK with Counterfeit Supermarket Savings Vouchers

Blockchain Will Help 40% of the Unbanked

Mozilla Vows to Keep up the Fight for Online Rights

Dangers of .doc – MS Word Documents

Belarussian Government Started Blocking Tor

Social Networking & The Blockchain Technology – A Brand New Era

Are Cryptocurrency Social Media Tipbots (digital money tip exchanges) Dead?

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – P2P Lending with Bitbond

Yahoo Helped the FBI Catch a Pedophile in France and Identified a CP Network Online

Like India, China has begun to impose some serious capital controls and restrictions on cash -Bitcoin may offer Solution

Department of Justice Plans New Laws “Just Like Rule 41” For International Cybersecurity

Singapore has Friendly Bitcoin & Blockchain Regulations
Mirai Hacker Infects 3.2 Million Routers in Asia With Unremovable Malware

Evil Ransomware

The Best Altcoins To Mine Using a Laptop or a PC in 2017

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – P2P Lending with BTCJam


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Re: 10) Internet Freedom
« Reply #22 on: December 30, 2016, 12:52:45 pm »

A Google employee is suing the company for operating an internal spying program

Alternatives to Google, Facebook and reclaiming privacy

Fact-Checking the President-Elect's Tweets

2017: More Security Flaws (Apple), Cyberattacks, Hacktivisim

Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

System filters the arguments in texts and checks their quality

New data-mining strategy that offers unprecedented pattern search speed could glean new insights from massive datasets

Network traffic anomaly detection

Israel ministers approve bill to remove online 'incitement'

Zeus Botnet Successor “Floki Bot” Available on Alphabay

Pluggable Transports for Tor: Dodging Censorship

Eurakos Next: A New Complementary Cryptocurrency Based On the Ethereum Blockchain

Famously Anonymous: Tor Social Networks

ZeroNet Vastly Improves Internet Freedom

Phishing Attacks on Bitcoin Wallets Surge as Bitcoin Price Skyrockets

Financial Data of 200 Million Sold on the Darknet For $600

How Can The Blockchain Technology Take The Security of IoT (Internet of Things) To A Whole New Level?

How to Compromise a PC with PDF Document

Can A Locality Based Approach Improve The Delay in Confirmation of Transactions Along Bitcoin’s Blockahin?

Solidus: A New Cryptocurrency That Promotes Permissionless Byzantine Consensus

Canada sets universal broadband goal of 50Mbps and unlimited data for all

Twitter unveils 360-degree live video
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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #23 on: January 16, 2017, 08:01:49 pm »

Cyber hacker breaches FBI for the second time, calls their security 'lazy'

Surging Bitcoin breaks through $1,000 barrier

Why 2017 Will Prove 'Blockchain' Was a Bad Idea [& Bitcoin will prevail]

Japan researchers warn of fingerprint theft from giving ‘peace’ sign

The Facebook-owned mobile messaging service WhatsApp is vulnerable to interception

Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

Las Vegas Captures Ransomware Crown

New Facebook Project Aims to Strengthen Journalism [with Fake News]

Alphabet Google parent opting for balloons instead of drones to deliver internet service

Turkish Government Permanently Bans Tor and VPN Services

Two New Models For Double Spending Attacks On Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Steganalysis: finding hidden data in Images

The Bayesian Method For Deanonymising A Large Percentage of Bitcoin Transactions

Utilizing The Blockchain & Smart Contract Technologies To Create a Decentralized Government

Secure Multi-party Computing Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain

BIX Certificates – Cryptographic Tokens Promoting Anonymity For Blockchain Transactions

Totalitarian EU Council Requests The Registration Of Bitcoin Users

Nigeria Faces Most Cybercrime Ever Seen

Combining Bitcoin’s Zero Knowledge Proof ZKP Protocol With Graph Isomerism’s Problem

Staying Safe on the Deep Web with "TAILS"

The Onion Router and the Darkweb – An Overview of Current State and Vulnerabilities

LKA Warns Of “Invoice Fraud” Emails That Deploy Ransomware When Opened

A new proof-of-work mechanism that can shield bitcoin’s blockchain against the 51% attack

Countries in Africa Started Internet Blackouts After Encrypted Messenger Use Increased

Teechan : Improving Bitcoin’s Scalability Via Creation Of Off-Chain Payment Channels

SPECTER : A New Scalable and Fast Cryptocurrency Protocol

Atomic Verification Via Private Key Locked Bitcoin Transactions

Cryptocurrencies – Financial Systems With The Highest Cybersecurity Standards On The Planet

External Verification of Oblivious RAM Using Ethereum’s Smart Contracts

A new technique utilizing sub-chains to improve bitcoin’s scalability

Firefox 52 Adds a Tor-Like Font Whitelist to Prevent Fingerprinting through OS Fonts

Signal for Android Updated to Bypass Censorship in Cuba and Oman

GoldenEye ransomware is sending companies fake job applications

An Overview Of Smart Contract Scripting For Cryptocurrency Blockchains

Patent – A System For Exchanging Value Across Various Cryptocurrency Blockchains


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #24 on: February 01, 2017, 08:46:03 pm »

[Very Important!] It's time for the distributed, permanent web

Apple will not let Gab on its App Store unless it imposes aggressive Censorship

Facebook seeks to read your mind

Soros & CIA Foxes Guard Facebook Henhouse

System finds and links related data scattered across digital files, for easy querying and filtering

China announces mass shutdown of VPNs that bypass Great Firewall; says all VPN providers must get permission from government to operate

Big Brother gets bigger. Google launches root certificate authority

New FCC Chair Ajit Pai Vows to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

China announced new measures to further restrict its citizens' access to the Internet, VPNs etc

Trump's FCC may try to roll back net neutrality. Here's why that matters

What does Trump's election mean for digital freedom of speech?

China's online population reaches 731 million

App stores must register with state in China

Rethinking general-purpose computing—toward an internet of secure things

French internet censorship rose sharply in 2016

Cuba sees explosion in internet access

AI Software Learns to Make AI Software

Darknets are key strongholds of freedom of expression online

Lack of cyber security poses threat to modern cars

Aviation Industry Under Attack By Chinese Hackers

Using Keyless Signatures To Promote Immutability of Permissioned Blockchains

No ban for Bitcoin in Russia

Comprehensive Guide to Backdoors

ValueShuffle – Comprehensive Transaction Privacy For Bitcoin Users

Risk of Using Browser Autofill Feature

QuickNet – A Faster, More Efficient Deep Web Network Architecture

A New Concept For Deep Web Crawlers


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #25 on: February 16, 2017, 09:34:35 pm »

How Linux Helped Me Become an Empowered Computer User

Mass Surveillance and Britain’s Legal “Dark Web”: “The Pick ‘n’ Mix Law”

New system makes it harder to track Bitcoin transactions

Google's new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces

Online “Digital Democracy” at Risk: Trump’s FCC Chairman Threatens “Net Neutrality”

Anonymous Hacker Pulls Plug on Thousands of Dark Net Sites

Dozens of iOS Apps Vulnerable to WiFi Snooping

Capsule8 Launches Linux-Based Container Security Platform

Donald Trump might end net neutrality

Rethinking general-purpose computing—toward an internet of secure things

Mexican activists suffer spyware hack attempt

Wikipedia readers get shortchanged by copyrighted material

The cybersecurity risk of self-driving cars

Cyber warriors see politics muddying security efforts

Open Source Intelligence OSINT and the Dark Web

Judge Rules That Unlocking Cellphones via Fingerprint Does Not Violate Constitutional Rights

Lavabit Relaunches Encrypted E-mail Service

A Security Evaluation of Public and Private Tor Bridges

Dandelion – Turning Bitcoin Into A Fully Anonymous Financial System

Anonymous Hacks Freedom Hosting II, Bringing Down Almost 20% of Active Darknet Sites

Teenager Spends $18K on Marijuana from Darknet Markets, Gets Sentenced to Community Service

Major Tor & Darknet Major Privacy Update, Gov’t Investigations Struggle

PascalCoin – A New Cryptocurrency Setting a Record For Daily Trade Volume


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #26 on: February 28, 2017, 10:29:08 pm »

Google's New AI Has Learned to Always Come Out on Top

Samsung confirms smart TV's capture all nearby conversations and transmit to a third party

'Deep Dark Web': Mysterious universe where any information can be found

Federal Judge Says Providing Web Hosting Isn't Even Close To The Same Thing As Contributory Copyright Infringement on Hosted Sites

FCC decided to exempt billion dollar ISP companies from being transparent with consumers

New AI Can Write and Rewrite Its Own Code to Increase Its Intelligence

Cameras can steal data from computer hard drive LED lights

EU data protection authorities concerned over Windows 10 collection of user data

Bug in content delivery network Cloudflare exposes secure data for major websites

Net neutrality should be Silicon Valley's next fight

Germany bans internet-connected 'spying' doll Cayla

New internet security device launched to safeguard schools against child abuse

Here's how to defend net neutrality

Difficult to Stop ISIS Because of Darknet

Darknet Vendors are Flooding the UK with Fraudulent Train Tickets

Coinspermia Unchaining Cryptocurrency to Become User Friendly

Judge Breaks Precedent and Orders Google to Hand Over Foreign Emails

You Don’t Need An Electronic Device To Use The Blockchain!

Survey – Evaluating the Vulnerabilities of Electronic Payment Systems

Arizona Bill Seeks to Update Law to Recognize Smart Contracts

Using Cryptocurrencies To Regulate The Deep Web

Melon Protocol – A Protocol for Managing Digital Assets Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

Æternity Blockchain – A Functional Oracle Machine


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #27 on: March 15, 2017, 10:01:05 pm »

Google just made its troll-detecting software available to developers

Typo caused Amazon's big cloud-computing outage

Microsoft's Software is Malware

What the CIA WikiLeaks dump tells us: Encryption works

Pakistan threatens to block social media over 'blasphemy'

Staying a heartbeat ahead of hackers

The WikiLeaks CIA hacking release

Could an auto logic checker be the solution to the fake news problem?

Nudging consumers into making better purchases online

Are smart buildings safe from hackers and privacy breaches?

New technique completely protects internet pictures and videos from cyberattacks

African governments learn to block the internet, but at cost

Internet-connected 'smart' devices are dunces about security

Researchers develop automatic security tests for complex systems

Researchers present early warning system for mass cyber attacks

How Can Banks Engage With Blockchain’s Radical Innovation?

Tor Project Releases New Mobile App to Measure Censorship and Performance

Turning Ripple Into A Fully Anonymous Cryptocurrency

OpenBazaar Finally Integrates Tor

New Algorithm for Deep Web Data Mining

Cross Browser Tracking Techniques

Concepts of Cryptolaw – How Blockchain Based Legal Applications Are Changing The Law?

µchain – A New Mutable Blockchain That We All Need!

Android Trojan “Marcher” Almost Impossible to Eliminate

In-Depth Correlation Analysis of IDS Alerts for Tracing Potential Attackers on Darknet

Cyber-Crime and Criminal Opportunities Across the Darknet

Mac OS RAT Spotted on the Darknet and Clearnet

International Hacker Pleaded Guilty Hacking 13,000 Computers

How to use Bitmessage (encrypted messaging)

Dutch Researcher says 23,000 Webshops Infected With Malware

UK Gov’t Says Bitcoin Ransomware & Banking Malware Are Top Frauds

The Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Legal Procedures


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #28 on: April 01, 2017, 10:20:33 pm »

Researchers show how to hack a smartphone using sound waves

Flaw that could let hackers break into WhatsApp or Telegram messaging accounts

The Whole POINT of the Internet of Things Is So “Big Brother” Can Spy On You

Microsoft's DRM can expose Windows-on-Tor users' IP address

Congress Is About To Give Away Your Online Privacy

Anon Intel employee leaks Intel's surveillance backdoor

A VPN can stop internet companies from selling your data — but it’s not a magic bullet

Windows 10 Has Been Logging Everything You Type Here's How To Stop It

Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft Over Windows 10 Update

Here Are the 50 GOP Senators Who Just Sacrificed Your #BroadbandPrivacy to Corporate Profits

New brain-inspired cybersecurity system detects 'bad apples' 100 times faster

Protecting web users' privacy

NASA taking first steps toward high-speed space 'internet'

Why we need to manage the Internet of Toys

UK targets WhatsApp encryption after London attack

What makes a cyberattack? Experts lobby to restrict the term

Desktop scanners can be hijacked to perpetrate cyberattacks

Turkish court blocks travel website

Cloud, backup and storage devices — how best to protect your data

Photonics breakthough paving the way for improved wireless communication systems

Estonia is putting its country in the cloud and offering virtual residency

The dangers of the dark web

Privacy concern raised over search service on Verizon phones

Illinois moves to implement internet privacy safeguards

Research Claims: The Dark Net Is Less Vulnerable To Hacking Attacks

Modular Stacking and Bitcoin’s Evolution

Trust Is Risk – Bitcoin Based Reputation System for Online Decentralized Marketplaces

Internet Traffic Now Halfway To Being Fully Encrypted

A Public Transport Ticketing System That Accepts Bitcoin

Useful Proof of Work (PoW) – Energy Preserving Cryptocurrency PoW Protocols

A brief summary on Bitcoin Unlimited

Blocktix : Decentralized Network for Event Hosting & Ticketing Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

An Application That Converts National Fiat Currencies To Blockchain Based Cryptocurrencies

Fileless Malware Attack Evades Antivirus with DNS

A Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Tor Hidden Services

A Prime Partitioned Blockchain – A Highly Efficient and Scalable Blockchain

Compromised Email Credentials Behind Most Healthcare Breaches

Tutorial – How To Accept Bitcoin Payments On Your Website

Majority of Web Users Not Willing to Trade Privacy For Discounts & Benefits

Is The Tor Browser Fully Anonymous? (The Myth and Reality)

Tutorial – How To Generate Bitcoin Using Your PC On Autopilot Via Gridcoin


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Re: 15) Internet Freedom
« Reply #29 on: April 15, 2017, 05:22:41 pm »

Sock puppet accounts unmasked by the way they write and post

YouTube TV

Antitrust should be used to break up partisan tech giants like Facebook, Google

NSA exploits affecting many fully-patched Windows systems have been released to the wild

Web pioneer slams UK, US calls to weaken encryption

NASA taking first steps toward high-speed space 'internet'

How Facebook – the Wal-Mart of the internet – dismantled online subcultures

Montana joins others in effort to bolster internet privacy

Americans have shallow understanding of cybersecurity

No perfect way to protect privacy

US regulator reverses course on in-flight calling

US takes down huge botnet as Spain arrests notorious Russian hacker (Update)

How criminals can steal your PIN by tracking the motion of your phone

Researchers link robots to surveillance teams

Method improves semiconductor fiber optics, paves way for developing devices

Biased bots: Human prejudices sneak into artificial intelligence systems

Even sex toys can be connected to the internet – and hacked

Microsoft says users are protected from alleged NSA malware [believable?]

Tutorial – How To Generate Bitcoin Using Your PC On Autopilot Via Gridcoin

15 West African Countries To Join The Convention On Cybercrime

Imperfectly Programmed Smart Contracts Will Gobble Your Money

UK Identity Fraud Hit Record Levels in 2016

Alternative Energy Companies Prepare to Prevent Digital Takeovers

Prison for Former Bitcoin Exchange CEO

Wikileaks Releases “Dark Matter” and Identifies Hacking Targets of the CIA

What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ISPs May Start Selling Internet Browsing Histories

Hybrid Consensus and Fair Proof-of-Work (fPoW)

WA State Bill to Ban Bitcoin at Marijuana Shops Dies

FBI Warns That Hackers Target Open FTP Servers

Creator of the Nuke Banking trojan “Leaks” Source Code

Back-to-Back Vulnerabilities Found in LastPass
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