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Author Topic: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long  (Read 194153 times)


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #600 on: October 27, 2018, 11:09:37 pm »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (POLITICS & Statist News below)

Social media data used to predict retail failure

Redirect2Own: A new approach to protect the intellectual property of user-uploaded content

Turning 'big brother' surveillance into a helping hand to the homeless

Professional, not personal, familiarity works for virtual teams

US tech giants split over corporate tax to help homeless

POLITICS & Statist News

Scientists successfully breed mice with same-sex parents using stem cells and a DNA editor

Scientists worried that new technology will enable smallpox to be weaponized

Another NASA space telescope shuts down in orbit

Digitising social services could further exclude people already on the margins

Herbicides cause bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance 100,000 times faster

A Chat With VA Shiva opposing Liz Warren (Cutting Edge Revising Politics & Prepping to Save the Internet)

US marines reveal plans for plasma 'crowd control' weapon that screams, burns, blinds and kills from 3,000 feet away

Robotic security force on patrol in NYC prompts privacy concerns for some

In Defense of Libertarianism [Excellent video]

ECHR Says Being Imprisoned for Blasphemy against Islam is OK in Europe

Right on schedule: Gunman opens fire at synagogue leaving 'multiple dead'

Jewpedia alleges VOAT is an anti-Semitic news aggregator

NY Synagogue shooter says he believes Donald Trump is controlled by Jews

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

UK Cucks Will Destroy 67,000 Acres of Countryside to Give Muzzies and Africans Free Homes

Gab has been banned from PayPal and is currently glitchy

British couple who died in Egypt sent back with missing organs

AMERICA'S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT Comes To Detroit Begs Mostly Black Crowd To Vote For White Democrat Over Successful Black Businessman

Amazon is providing Police with your Facial Recognition Pattern in Florida

FakeNewsBomb: Note how they are tying free speech to crazy mass shooters

UK Bans the Term 'Fake News' in Official Documents

Germany: Seven Syrians Arrested After 18-year-old Gang-Raped

Parents Outraged After School Shaved Large Patches of Hair from Kids' Heads to Drug Test Them

Migrant caravan members turn down Mexico offer to stay, push toward US

Nation Horrified by Toy Bombs Sent to Democrats As Their Gov't Blows Up Kids With Real Ones

Demoncraps mailing voter registrations and BALLOTS to DECEASED people

Some Texas voters are complaining that machines flipped their straight-ticket selections to the other party

How to Spot a False Flag >> Massive Police Presence, All Standing Around, Looking Unconcerned

The FBI is 'manufacturing terrorism cases' on a greater scale than ever before

Walkaway march happening now - That's why the shooting

Khazaria [Israel] pummels Gaza with airstrikes through night

Jackass Facebook closes pages & accounts that support sensible Brazil presidential candidate
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #601 on: November 03, 2018, 07:37:29 pm »



Rise, fall and suspense: bitcoin's wild first decade

The internet has done a lot, but so far little for economic growth

Alt-labor filling in where unions can't

From streaming TV to Gmail, it's all about the cloud

European tech leaders warn against EU digital services tax

Higher income linked with less concern about social problems over time, new research shows

Cost-effective marketing campaigns on social media

How a small change will reduce distortion in measuring innovation

UT students' [Mormon BS?] startups land share of $50,000 entrepreneurship cash

Resilience of supply chain networks to major disruptions can now be measured

POLITICS & Statist News

AI systems shed light on root cause of religious conflict

The US Shot Down a Fake Nuclear Missile in Space with Another Missile (Video)

Chinese-style 'digital authoritarianism' grows globally: study

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Hoax

New York synagogue vandal is not only black, he's a LGBTQ Democrat activist

One of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers admits to fabricating her sexual-assault claim

Seventy 'desperate' asylum seekers REJECT chance to move to the US when they're told they'll have to work and won't get free welfare

Italy's League blocks Muslims from buying and converting chapel

Marriage Up, Abortion and Divorce Down as Hungary Chooses Family Support Over Mass Migration

America is being INVADED! Former Marine Says Muslims Are Coming

University of Wisconsin Hands Out Voter ID's to Foreign Nationals So They Can Vote

Countdown to be called an antisemitic attack: Al Jazeera's Documentary about the Israel Lobby has been leaked

UN, EU and Soros provide migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to and through Europe

CNN Refuses to Air Latest President Trump Campaign Ad with Caravan Pics -- IT'S TOO EFFECTIVE!

Male Teacher Disciplined for Refusing to Watch Teen Girl Shower

Beto O'Rourke Campaign Giving Funds to Members of Migrant Caravan

Duck Duck Go is very fucking Leftwing, people

Complete list of JIDF tactics to disrupt conversations

Pakis riot over acquittal of Christian woman on death row for blasphemy against Islam

Shekel n... admits he lied about being in Auschwitz

Dindu woman drives a stolen car, without a license, and then steals a police car while handcuffed [impressive]

Newscast calls 'It's okay to be white' signs unsettling

35-40% Of DC Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking - Says Ex NYPD Officer

Is it time to ban & exile the Vatican from the USA and Europe over its inability to deal with child abuse?

"Your Pet Will Be Confiscated!": A Shocking Glimpse Inside China's New Social Credit System

San Francisco Treats Illegals, Tricks Citizens - California's "motor voter" scheme may be sending one million illegals to the polls

Battered Women's Shelter Investigated for Turning Away Man Who "Identifies" as a Woman

Land O' Lakes Offers Health Plans Nearly 50% Cheaper than Obamacare

Does it feel like 80 percent of voat is low level trolls?
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #602 on: November 11, 2018, 07:33:04 pm »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

Extracting a dollar's worth of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin from the deep Web consumes three times more energy than digging up a dollar's worth of gold

When corporate insiders sell stock at a loss, watch out

Unclear whether digital revolution lowers prices - survey

Autonomous vehicles could shape the future of urban tourism

'Bargaining while black' may lead to lower salaries

Advance pay service may reduce use of payday loans

Pilot-scale plant to extract rare earth elements in heart of coal country

Will new tech taxes in Mountain View, San Francisco, East Palo Alto be contagious?

POLITICS & Statist News

The wizard war against humanity and the threat of hidden science

Man Murdered by Maryland Police for Resisting Unlawful Gun Confiscation

If it Happened in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, Who's to say it didn't Happen in every District Across the Nation?

Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and won't allow a single mosque

Italy agrees to pull out of UN migration pact

Q laid to rest

Here We Go--> Georgia Democrat Party Says Thousands of New "Absentee, Early, and Election Day Votes" Were Just Discovered in Several Counties

Democrats are now violently attacking Tucker's teenage daughter in public

PewDiePie Is Right: Youtube is Censoring Whites

'Europe will be white': Polish leaders sanction massive far-right march in Warsaw

California Republicans Face More Losses as Late Votes for Democrats Continue to Trickle In

Evidence Suggests It Wasn't Roman Emperor Domitian Who Persecuted Early Christians (But Rather the Jews)

Anybody else feels like VOAT is being heavily manipulated by Jewish shills since the electoral fraud?

Florida Recount Finally Wraps Up, Al Gore Declared President

Hollywood "Stars" Raise Record $60 Million for the Israeli Army

Hey flat-Earthers, why don't you just create a reality show where teams of you go searching for the edge of the world?

She's gotta go! Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Publicly Recommends Counting ILLEGAL VOTES

Nothing is happening today. Q was fake and a lie. The holocaust was a lie. Q is gay


Latinos Could Turn Texas Blue in 2020 - Urgent change to immigration laws needed NOW

I really don't give a fuck about multi-million dollar homes burning down in Malibu

Video: Riot police remove GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz for filming Florida election officials secretly loading boxes

Ugandan model, 32, arrested for naked selfies under African nation's stupid-ass Anti-Pornography Act

Stacey Abram's own Sister As The Judge Ordering That The Theft of Georgia Gubernortorial Race Can Happen

CNN blames 'Russian Twitter bots' for stoking Florida recount drama

why nobody takes rape claims seriously anymore

Canada: Universities, Media, and Government Cry Hate Speech against "It's OK to be White"

Illinois Woman Catches Democrat Voter Fraud in St. Clair County -- Where They Have a History of Selling Votes for Crack

One Red Pilled German

Vote Rigging in Nevada?

Sarah Silverman Feels 'Very Lucky' Trump Doesn't Make Me Wear Star of David

It's kicking off big time in Gaza, Hamas leader killed

All these previously "missing" votes should completely invalidate the election

Election Time in the Banana Republic of Florida

Hungary wants more info on Soros-UN debit cards as they may finance terrorism
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #603 on: November 17, 2018, 07:44:14 pm »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

The debt lies just keep on coming

Self-immolation by the Dems

The [not a myth] “myth” of Monetary Sovereignty

About not using our Monetary Sovereignty: Postal edition

The uncertain future of U.S. coal communities

'Wise consumers' show the way to better living

Robots in sewers will save society millions

*Intensity of bidding drives desire to win and willingness to pay in auctions

Quality of sellers critical to growth, revenues for online platforms

How do you make data-driven decisions without any sales data?

Minority homebuyers face widespread statistical lending discrimination

POLITICS & Statist News

James Corbett's "The WWI Conspiracy": To Start A War

Britain and France conspired to start World War I

536 AD: Plague, famine, drought, cold, and a mysterious fog that lasted 18 months

Senior Trump administration official, man in charge of getting drug prices lowered for Americans, SUICIDED

Estonia will not sign the U.N. migration pact, joining the U.S. etc

I just redpilled myself with the Talmud! Holy Shit!

Four Identical Mail-In Ballots Discovered in California

Rep. Eric Swalwell Threatens to Nuke US. Citizens If He Can't Use $15 Billion Of Your Tax Money To Buy Back Your Automatic Rifles?

Liberals Triggered By "It's Okay To Be White" Flyers In Portland

Donald Trump says it's 'good time to do a shutdown'


Swedish student who stopped deportation of Afghan asylum seeker to be prosecuted

Trump Calls for Firing of Florida Election Supervisor Who Illegally Destroyed Ballots

I want to report on what happened at the Free Speech Rally in Philadelphia

London High School now banning expensive coats because they might hurt poor kids' feelings

Downsized from a massive rental to an apt

Washington State Police Chief Vows Zero Enforcement of Newly Passed Gun Controls

Pelosi: 'If I Am Not Elected Speaker, Millions Will Die'

British Columbia to provide lower trandgender surgery

Navy Seal charged with war crimes for killing the enemy

Japanese don't want migrants: Fear rise in crime and increased pressure on social security

Cutting razor wire, caravan migrants make a new case for a border wall

Meet the Jewish Gatekeeper Enlisted to Make Sure Europe's "Far-Right" Remains Pro-Jewish

Creepy porn lawyer evicted from law offices

Vimeo Removes Videos Against Safe Schools and Transgender Ideology for Hate Speech

Boston Billboard Honoring Gaza First Responders Removed over Claims of "Anti-Semitism" (Jews didn't like it)

Famous Dutch comedian careful with Muslim jokes: "I don't want to risk my life"

Abrams Tank finally concedes Georgia Governor's race

Migrants getting on 35 school buses a day to make 800 mile journey to Tijuana

How do we get Liberals to Realize that the MSM is the Enemy?
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #604 on: November 24, 2018, 10:29:06 pm »


BIZ & ECONOMICS - Statist News below

5 misconceptions about good leaders

How temp workers became the norm in America

You will never again stand in a line without thinking about how to make your wait time shorter

New research suggests language influences how consumers trust a brand

Boost job prospects for blind people

Retailers can manipulate consumer regret to beat competitors

Calls for businesses to better use employee benefits to support low earners

How offline businesses are learning from Google to improve profits

POLITICS & Statist News

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Ruling Foreshadows the NEW (Terrible) AMERICA Emerging

Scanner finger technique could result in fake fingerprints

Researchers investigate state-sponsored trolls

Canadian report reluctantly admits that 'green' energy is a disastrous flop

In historic move, Sen. Rand Paul places hold on $38 billion to Israel

UK MEP Janice Atkinson: "No one asked the people of the UK if we wanted our culture and way of life destroyed"

Why doesn't the History Channel ever translate what Hitler is actually saying?

Bill Gates Admits His $400M Investment In Forcing Common Core On American Schoolchildren Was An Abject Failure

German mother could face prosecution for posting picture of daughter's 'dark skinned' sex attacker on Facebook

In 72.2% White Portland, Oregon, Black People Engaging in "Chronic Fare Evasion" on TriMet is the Fault of White People

Taiwan Voters Reject Same-Sex Marriage in Referendum

UK: Parents called racists for questioning the age of a "child" migrant with a moustache in their daughter's class

Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and Koran to include anti-Semitic warnings

'Angry Goy 2' Neo-Nazi video game lets users kill LGBT people and minorities to save Donald Trump

Angela Merkel Admits End Goal - Nations Must Give Up Sovereignty

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them

When Mexicans Are Doing More To Protect The US Border Than Americans

"Mis-gendering" a mentally ill faggot is now a one-strike-and-you're-out, permanent ban on Twitter

Jordan Peterson has repeatedly betrayed everything he says he believes in

United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018; Sec. 103 (2)(A) REMOVES THE CAP ON THE AMOUNT OF MONEY GIVEN TO ISRAEL ENTIRELY

FRANCE: muslim migrant acquitted of raping high-school girl because he has "different cultural norms"

German police cover up the rape of a blind woman by a Syrian "refugee"

Black men are the leading cause of death of young white women

France and Germany want a new EU army, what could possibly go wrong?

World following Trump lead: Nations abandoning legal 'framework' being constructed for UN migration pact

Russia will check if Americans really went to the Moon

20 civilians killed including 9 children in latest US-led airstrike on Syria - Second in two days

Tulsi Gabbard's blistering criticism of President Trump over his pardon to Saudi Arabia may make her the Dem standard bearer in the 2020 presidential election

Migrant men from repressive societies can't deal with 'free western women' and despise them

Nigeria: muslim youths burn down school because it belonged to a Christian [Homeschool is Best]


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #605 on: December 01, 2018, 10:20:38 pm »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

AARP spreads the usual Social Security myths

Telecommuting saves time and money

How offline businesses are learning from Google to improve profits

Smartphone ad analyzer creates 'individual footprint' for advertising outreach analysis

A dynamic camouflaging approach to prevent intellectual property theft

Microchip implants are threatening workers' rights

Even if doing a good job, women CEOs more likely to be fired

Why companies should help pay for the biodiversity that's good for their bottom line

Green finance blooms as investors look beyond profits

POLITICS & Statist News

China Uncensored [Interesting Channel: some sample videos follow]

Loss of local media worsens political polarization

So if the world is overpopulated and full of pollution, how come europe is so underpopulated that we need more people here to produce more pollution?

George H.W. Bush will now vote Democrat every election year

Don't let your daughter go to college

Paris on lockdown as protestors 'steal assault rifle from cops', torch cars and buildings

Bethseda creates post-apocolypic anarchy game, then bans players for role-playing post-apocolypic anarchy

Austrian chapel in Linz will blast the Islamic Call to Prayer throughout December in order to ruin Christmas for everyone

Migrant Caravan Mysteriously Disappears But Leaves Behind Cool Wooden Horse

8-year-old German girl bullied and stabbed by Arab child at migrant majority school - Teacher covers it up

Hard statistics on Jewish over representation in the worlds elite

STOP Transgender "Drag Queen Story Hour" for 3 Year-Olds in Public Libraries

White farmers' legal fight against plans to give their land to black South Africans without compensation is thrown out by country's High Court

Liberals Now Brainwashing Children To Believe Incest Is A Good Thing

When Michael Crichton researched climate change for his book "State of Fear" he uncovered an ocean of bullshit

Media Blackout: 13-Year-Old Girl Was Decapitated By Pair Of Illegal Aliens In Alabama

Boy, 9, found hanged 'was bullied for being white'

White Woman "Randomly" Stabbed to Death in St. Louis Family Dollar by Black Woman

Hungary - Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto: Hungary will not enforce "a single passage" in the United Nations' global migration compact

How China Is “Worse than North Korea”

Bolivia Resists China’s Subversion

5 Ways China Is Subverting the United States

China’s “Terrorist” Concentration Camps

5 Insane Chinese Mega Projects

China's Bike-Sharing Disaster

5 Countries Punished for Angering China

Why US Companies Are Leaving China

I Am Happy That HW Bush Has Died, He Was a Worthless Warmongering Neocon

Petition to Give Alex Jones White House Press Pass Gets 50K Signatures!


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: Politics & Economics to Prosper & Live Long
« Reply #606 on: December 09, 2018, 12:40:41 am »


BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

The tariff nose-cutting, pissing contest

Finally, a faint ray of hope about the federal deficit [big deficits = more money in circulation = very good for the economy]

Trump Just Pretty Much Defeated China on both Tariffs and Drugs

Solving 21st-century problems requires skills that few are trained in, scientists find

Understanding 'green' consumers is key to business success

New global survey highlights bribery and corruption in businesses [what about governments owned by big business?]

Study finds bad bosses could turn you into a great boss

How becoming a manager can be a double-edged sword

UBC economist proposes solution to Vancouver's affordability crisis

China's social credit system

POLITICS & Statist News

Tell Trump to Help South African Whites

10 Reasons Why Trump's Wall Isn't Just Stupid, it's Stooooopid

Microsoft unveils facial recognition principles, urges new laws [for whose benefit?]

Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda

Debunking the 'population bomb'

We should start making fake Twitter accounts for French 7-year-olds begging for air strikes like they did in Syria

Christmas is now called 'winter celebration' in Swedish media and the Swedes are sick of it

20 year old woman has her eye blown out as riot police lob explosives into the crowd of protestors

Did that Cortez bitch just threaten a citizen with trial before Congress for a meme?

More Zuckerberg crimes EXPOSED

A former senior Google employee says a frantic quest to stop internal info getting out is now management's 'number one priority'

Prager U insists USA should give more US tax dollars to Israel

UK police chiefs order officers not to report illegal immigrants as illegal

FBI arrests negro, 34, for 'kidnapping, raping and murdering' missing North Carolina girl, 13

Gay activists got control of American psychology in the 1970s and manipulated it from then on for political gain

Facebook has been fined almost £9m by Italian authorities for misleading users about how it used their data

Google employee, 22, found dead inside NYC headquarters

Watch as Grandfather Lets Loose on Teacher Who Made Grandson Wear Dress

Italy Adopts Hardline Immigration Law

Minds is NOT the free speach platform its owners decree it to be

Russians agitating in favor of Yellow Vests

The lying snake Paul Ryan is trying to pull a fast one in agreeing to an Irish only amnesty

The Absolute State of India

Owning my own business is awesome

Congress Will Likely Legalize Hemp in the Farm Bill


It is not homophobic to call someone a faggot

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claims Stopping Climate Change Will End Racism
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