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Author Topic: 7) FSP/Libertarian News Blog: Prosper & Live Long  (Read 289185 times)


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #525 on: July 16, 2017, 09:27:47 pm »

GOP Official Who Sought Clinton's Missing Emails Commits Suicide

Visa paying restaurants to stop accepting cash, pushing for cashless society

MSM Still going on with the Don Jr. non-story while ignoring all the crimes the democrats committed

Saudi Arabia has been funding mosques throughout Europe that have become hotbeds of extremism

Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Summit For Breakthrough Cure For Cancer

Husband blindfolds his wife.... and then chops off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree

German police raid Holocaust revisionists house on orders of powerful Jewish organization

Obama had Trump Wiretapped even before he announced his run for President

Fusion GPS, the company behind the fake Trump pee dossier, linked to Goldstone, the man behind Don Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer

According to Wikipedia, if you're right-wing you're racist (or vice-versa)

Michigan Passes Law Sending Female Genital Mutilators to Jail for 15 Years

Six major US airports now scan Americans' faces when they leave the country

Donald Trump's Aides Develop Plans to Halve Legal Immigration

Damning New Report Shows How Oakland Cops Covered Up Their Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

The Bankers Use the Left Right Paradigm to Limit Political Parties To Something They Can Easily Control

NEOLIB NIGHTMARE! HUNDREDS OF VOTERS WITHDRAW Registrations As States Comply With Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

U.S. Charges More Than 400 People In Health Fraud Schemes and Opioid Scams Worth $1.3 Billion

Army prepares women to shower with men as part of ‘transgender’ training

White House Spokeswoman: Democrats Are The Real Colluders

Russian Lawyer Who Met Don Jr. Was OPENLY ANTI-TRUMP, Ally of Mccain

Moroccan asylum seeker rapes a 22 y/o woman heavily pregnant with twins, now stands trial

In Germany Sharia Police Using Violence, Intimidation to Enforce Sharia Law

Minnesota man, 98, wanted for Nazi war crimes in Poland but son decries 'charade'

Trigger Warning, Democrats: Your Path To Political Revival Is Through Trump Voters

The crisis in America's crime labs & wrongful convictions

Leaked Documents Show Democrats Plotted to Blame Russia For Hacking

While The Dems Begin Impeachment Proceedings, Chuck Grassley Demands To Know If Donald Trump Jr. Was Setup Under The Obama Administration

Documents Show Saudi, UAE Back Al-Qaeda, ISIS

Why Did Loretta Lynch Grant Trump Jr's Russian Lawyer A Special Visa To Enter America?

Alleged Alphabay Admin Found Dead in Bangkok Jail

Politicians jeopardise the safety of whistleblowers with bad technology

Americans more likely to vote in times of uncertainty

What to know about the net neutrality 'day of action' internet protest

The robot lawyer that overturned 160,000 parking tickets can now help you in 1,000  legal areas for free

Robots and AI are going to make social inequality even worse

Google's life science division to release 20 million infected male mosquitoes in  California

NASA plans to test asteroid deflection technique

"Detroit Doctors" Charged In Medicare Fraud Are Almost All Arabs

MILO Hits #2 on NYT Nonfiction Best Seller List; Media Tries to Downplay Sales

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead --MSM silent

Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data

The Way Chicago "Works": Graft, Corruption, Political Connections, Bribes, Unions

London accuses France of plot to wreck Britain

Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine

PR Firm Explained How To Create Viral Buzz FakeNews of Huffman's reddit

Suicide rate for middle schoolers doubles, now kills more children than car crashes

U.S. Officials Withdraw From Australian Refugee Resettlement/Relocation Scheme

Clinton Deleted-Emails Researcher Allegedly Kills Self with Belabored Note: "NO FOUL PLAY"

Is Trump’s Laptop Ban for International Flights to US Raising the Bar for Aviation Security?

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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #526 on: July 23, 2017, 09:46:53 pm »

Coming soon! Facial recognition software for police body cameras

Exposing the booming genetic pseudoscience market

The biotech industry is taking over the regulation of GMOs from the inside

Detailed maps of Indian Ocean bottom reveal deep canyons but no wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing in 2014

Turin Shroud is stained with the blood of a torture victim, new research shows

Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite

Censorship and tyranny over the mind: The failure of peer-review

There's not enough talk on how Obama committed actual treason by selling weapons to drug lords and terrorists who then used them to kill Americans in the Fast & Furious and Benghazi scandals


Russian TV begins to redpill its citizens about the political power of the Rothschilds

Vice President Mike Pence: Trump's triumphs are many after only six months and he's just getting started

Schumer Comes Clean: Democrats - Not Russia - Are To Blame For Hillary's Loss

AIPAC Seeks To Destroy Free Speech, Wants To Outlaw Right To Boycott Israel

Ugandan Jews are Starving to Death Why Wont Israel Bring Them Home?

Now That Jeff Sessions is Under Legal Scrutiny, Its Time To Start Seizing His Assets

Armies of Cyber-Troops Manipulating Public Opinion

Critics of U.S. Israel Anti-Boycott Act say even requests for information could expose citizens to penalties

Rape in Islam, Over 70% Of Pakistani Women Are Sexually Abused

Jackass Koch Brothers Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution

A Complete History Of John McCain Calling For War Around The World

Jeb Bush is the CNN of politicians - Russia, Russia, Russia

How an Iranian front group infiltrated 41 US universities [What about AIPAC?]

The Democrats' performance as an opposition party? Pathetic

Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire

Women burn burqas and men shave beards to celebrate liberation from Isis in Syria

Tucker Carlson: Is It Possible To Get Control Of Our Intelligence Agencies?

Assange: 'CIA Not Only Armed Syria's Insurgents--It Paid Their Salaries'

USA authorities robbing more people than burglars

Europe must regain sovereignty from the Soros empire, build border wall

British Council Fine Five-Year-Old Child for Selling Lemonade Without a Permit

Harvard mandates 'implicit-bias training' for faculty hiring

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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #527 on: July 30, 2017, 11:21:07 pm »

Declassified Docs Show That Obama Admin Created ISIS In 2012 To Use As A 'Tool'

Assange believes Trump's Trans Ban is to "bait 'liberals' into campaigning for more people to join the US military psychologically endorsing its growth"

Anonymous WH Insider posts on 4chan, stating mass arrests will happen on the 27th; Anon also called Awan's arrest before it happened (posted on 26th)

White House Anon strikes again; events of the 27th called out on July 12th - 4chan

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney confirms the DNC files were transferred by a DNC insider

Russia to Supply Largest Ever Number of Space Rocket Engines to US This Year...But "Muh Russia"

In 1862, Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, wrote a book exposing the Civil War as a British (Rothschild) plot

Anti-Assad Propagandists Use 7-Year-Old Girl As Propaganda Tool Narrative Proven False

Matt Bracken On The Machinery Behind The Migrant Invasion in Europe

Whistleblowers on Savile Pedophilia Punished At BBC

Health Care Bill's Senate Defeat Paves Way For Rand Paul's 'Clean Repeal' Bill; Vote Expected Soon

The Devils Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of the American Secret Government

Trump pulls plug on CIAs Syrian "revolution"

For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An Abuse Victim

Meet "Red Pill Phil," who shut down Antifa in UK viral video

Twitter Is Losing Nearly $40 Million a Month, and Still Banning Conservatives

Who Paid for the Trump Dossier? - Democrats dont want you to find out. This ought to be a scandal of its own

Awan was with Seth Rich the night of his murder at the IT party...Pic Inside

Late-Night Comedy Writers Frustrated They Aren't Persuading Voters to Hate Trump

Kid Rock To Register Voters At His Concerts

The Southern Poverty Law Center demonizes respectable political opponents as "hate groups"

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And The Media Cover Up: The True Origin Of PizzaGate

EU tightens grip on disobedient states over migration

Boston Marathon Bomber Tsarnaev Severely Injured In Prison, May Never Walk Or Talk Again

Tel Aviv Diary: Why Is Israel So Corrupt?

Here's Why Obamacare Is STILL On Its Way Down, Despite GOP Failure

How click farms have inflated social media currency (2015)

Top 4 Large-scale Click Farm Projects Around the World

China developing 'pre-crime' artificial intelligence

High-intensity x-ray imaging reveals medieval manuscript hidden in book binding

How scientists are now using virtual reality technology to manipulate the mind

People with higher cognitive abilities are more likely to learn and apply social stereotypes

Hackers use cheap robot to crack open leading-brand combination safe

Geert Wilders on Twitter: This terror will never stop Unless we stop islam

ICE chief just put mayors of sanctuary cities on notice

California Lawmakers Passes 400% Gas Tax Increase then Give Themselves FREE Gasoline and Cars!

Obama Holdovers in DC Are Scrubbing Evidence of ISIS Genocide Against Christians

RINOs have just committed suicide by not repealing Obamacare

WSJ Asks "Who Paid For The 'Trump Dossier'?"

Trump's 'America First' vs. McCain's 'America Last'

Obama Operating Secret War Room 2 Miles From WH To Destroy POTUS Trump

"US economic woes is rooted in wasteful spending on war"

This Democrat Thinks Killing Jobs And Making Us Less Safe Will Win Him The White House In 2020

The Pentagon Is Actively Poisoning Americans Across The US And Its 100% "Legal"

Witnessing the 'Biological Extinction' of Europeans

Democrats, Republicans face realignment under Trump

Half truths and falsehoods in pbs series on Russia

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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #528 on: August 06, 2017, 02:43:18 pm »

How click farms have inflated social media currency (2015)

Top 4 Large-scale Click Farm Projects Around the World

China developing 'pre-crime' artificial intelligence

How scientists are now using virtual reality technology to manipulate the mind

Hackers use cheap robot to crack open leading-brand combination safe

UK Might Use Drones in Retaliation to Cyberattacks [What a scheme: they'll initiate cyberattacks and then pretend another country did it and then they'll drone attack that country or some of its people]

UN Says the Darknet Threatens WMD Proliferation

WikiLeaks has released new documents in their Vault 7 series of leaks exposing the CIA’s hacking tools

Restricting Illegal Cryptocurrency Transactions Via An Ethereum Token

Hackers Demand Over $250,000 for Ransomware Decryption Keys

EU Report: Criminals Lack the Skill to Use Cryptocurrencies

Russians march against state internet crackdown

Iran's tech sector blooms under shield of sanctions

Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes

Google Manipulates Search Results To Conceal Criticism of Islam and Jihad

Paul Nehlen (Challenger to Paul Ryan in 2018 Midterms) asked about PizzaGate said he believes it is real

End Jewish #AffirmativeAction

FBI Arrests Researcher Who Found 'Kill-Switch' to Stop Wannacry Ransomware (They arrested the good guy?)

Jackass Google Puts Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the European Union In Charge of Regulating Youtube

Forget facistube [Youtube] start uploading and sharing videos via these guys

DHS Waives Environmental Laws To Get The Wall Completed Faster

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are "Delusional" And "Mooching" Off "Civil Society"

Rejoice: National Whistleblower Day is now official

Police planned to sell crime victim's car at auction instead of returning it

CIA's project 'Dumbo' to switch off security webcams and corrupt recordings to conceal physical intrusions

British couple live-streamed themselves raping 5 yr old girl to a female pedophile in California

Officer who beat woman with baton had 14 previous use of force incidents

Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 116th time

Ongoing & historical Islamic slave trade & human trafficking

College Removes 9/11 Memorial of American Flags For Fear of Offending Muslims

This is How CIA Disables Security Cameras During Hollywood-Style Operations

Comcast Argues Charging Customers More Than Advertised Price Isn't False Advertising

Transcript of the Seymour Hersh audio where Hersh reveals Seth Rich (not Russia) leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks

Justin Bieber: Pedophiles run the evil music industry

Migrant Rescue NGOs Refuse to Sign Code of Conduct as Rome Threatens to Blockade Italian Ports

Obama State Dept. Spent Tax Dollars To Translate Alinskys Rules for Radicals Abroad

Trump says he wants to listen to low-ranking soldiers instead of 'lousy' advice from generals for Afghan war strategy

Renowned Forensic Investigator Reveals Famous Musicians’ Deaths Were Because of ‘Black Book’ One Had Of Hillary’s

Jury Nullification Used To Free Libertarian Activist In Maryland

GOP Elites Plot To Remove POTUS TRUMP From 2020 Ticket

No money no problems: Syrian terrorists surrender to legitimate authorities after CIA cash curbed

FBI, Comey and Clinton Colluded with the Media - Meeting on the Tarmac Lies

Is Youtube intentionally fucking with the audio sync on the videos of right leaning Youtube creators? (I think so.)

Take note of all these snakes: Senators tout bill to protect Mueller from Trump Firing

Shortage Of Illegal Labor Caused Construction Worker Wages To Rise Up To 30%

Netanyahu's Top Aide Turning State's Witness Leaves Little Doubt: The PM Will Be Indicted

Former Icelandic minister claims US sent 'planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange' during mission to the country in 2011

Mueller needs to come to Dep. A.G. if he wants to chase any crime outside scope of Russia probe

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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #529 on: August 13, 2017, 11:50:33 pm »

A pirating service for academic journal articles could bring down the whole establishment

Geneticist warns 'superior designer babies' born into the upper class could be just years away after DNA breakthrough

Crime scene evidence scientifically flawed

ISIS Gets Up to $100 Million a Year Smuggling Ancient Artifacts From Iraq and Syria

Like the Election Meme War, This Tactic is Soros' Worst Nightmare

Charlottesville Mayor worked with John Podesta on Barack Obama's State Department Transition Team

Mayor Of Charlottesville declared his city a capital of the resistance in defiance of Trump's immigration orders

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Began: 'We're Leaving, Its Too Dangerous'


Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

Bill Removing Statute of Limitations On Child Sex Cases Signed into Law

Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism


Conservative Lee Stranahan Has YouTube Account Taken Down for Discussing Radical Islam

"100% Believe PizzaGate After Watching This PedoGate Update Video"

Just what the fuck is wrong with programmers and their awful, usless and kludgy shit?


Charlottesville Aftermath: The Truth on What Happened

Hannity Exposes Assassination Threat Against President Trump

Rebels of Google: Imagine Your Google Account Frozen on Purpose

Pocahontas Urges Howling Hordes to Embrace Extreme Leftism

MSF suspends Mediterranean rescues as migrant dispute mounts

The Coming Violence of the Left

Global Research Recent Articles Links
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog: 8/14 UPDATE
« Reply #530 on: August 14, 2017, 01:20:15 pm »

(See previous post for yesterday's weekly news list.)

UPDATE on Charlottesville Riot

Here is a white nationalist's report in print (plus videos) on the event:

ANARCHY: The Truth About Charlottesville

Here is a patriot group's video report, which is also included in the above link, and is among the list of articles in my post above of yesterday (this group says they were there to defend all people's right to free speech):

Charlottesville Aftermath: The Truth on What Happened

If I find other sources that seem to report accurately on the event, I'll add them here, if I have time. Dave of X22 report on Youtube had been saying for weeks or months that the deep state would likely try to stage one or more false flag events in August when Congress is on vacation and it looks like this may be such an event, if the VA governnor and Charlottesville mayor were influenced by the deep state, or by Soros or other major globalists. Certainly Antifa is likely greatly influenced and funded by Soros at least and Antifa and maybe BLM were the primary rioters, it appears. Yet the MSM is blaming the so-called alt right and even Trump. That's why I think it can be called a false flag event. The media can blame whoever it wants to, since they don't have to provide any evidence for their claims.

Here's video evidence on the car driver:

Protesters Attacked Charlottesville Driver’s Car With Baseball Bat


Anarchists, #Antifa, #BLM Caused Charlottesville Violence and Terrorism

Random Man at Protests Interviewed By MSNBC, NY Times Is Deep State Shill Linked to George Soros

State Dept contractor Brennan Gilmore at Charlottesville, is proof it was Smith-Mundt "Modernization" Act of 2012 propaganda

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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #531 on: August 20, 2017, 09:14:02 pm »

P2 Rome - how satanism infiltrated the Vatican and controls the world through blackmail ie pedophilia

Voters have a golden opportunity to take down Mitch McConnell and his establishment forces

'Afghan heroin funded US political campaigns and black ops'

British Model Supposedly Kidnapped for Darknet Auction

More Legally Obtained Voter Records for Sale Online

Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

Silicon Valley's accidental war with the so-called far right

How tolerance for incivility affects political participation

Brain Scanning Technology May Threaten Our Right to Cognitive Liberty

Russia goes crazy for cryptocurrency

Mexico City Fishermen Fight to Save Aztec Floating Gardens

Starbucks CEO Faces Backlash After Suggesting Violence and Hatred Towards Whites is Acceptable

Organizer of the 'Unite the Right' rally is punched and tackled to the ground as he gives a press conference

Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' Organizer Was Occupy Wall St. Activist and Obama Supporter

Shaming & Shunning: The People Who Do It, & Its Likely Effects

Connection Between Charlottesville, Soros, and CIA

Oregon becomes first state to offer free abortions for all [pregnant women/girls]

Julian Assange asks why the US [MSM] said nothing when Obama supported Ukrainian neo-Nazis

California Bill: 1 Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun

Settlement Reached in C.I.A. Torture Case

Sandy Hook Parents Want to See Evidence

Why Did a State Trooper Try to Stop Medics From Performing CPR on Heather Heyer?

White House Petition Calls for ANTIFA to be Recognized as Domestic Terrorist Organization [Indeed]

With Internet Censorship becoming absolute, where websites with anti-establishment sentiments can't even get a domain, we need a decentralized and untraceable internet

Spotify blocks "hate speech" songs

Jackass Marco Rubio Says Its OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts

Israel Lobby's Attempt To Make Valid Criticism of Israel Illegal

Trump is mulling cutting off all military aid to Pakistan

Tenet Healthcare, a Clinton Foundation partner, has a history of medically abducting kids

State Sen. Refuses To Resign After 'I Hope Trump Is Assassinated' Facebook Post

Cop Fired for Exposing Massive Police Sex Ring Including Children

Top .1% are capturing more of the US Pre-Tax Income than at Any Time in History

"Slate: Stop Equating Science with Truth" [Indeed, it's only half-truths]

Virginia Governor Issues Executive Order That Violates First Amendment

Is a Tolerant Culture Being Replaced by an Intolerant One?

Bannon: 'Washington Swamp Have Taken Control of the White House'

The truth about Charlottesville they don't want you to know

TIL there was an Association of German National Jews in the early years of Nazi Germany that came out in support of Hitler

When Feminists Join Islamist Terrorists [they become anti-feminists]

President Trump never projects his military strategy

The right is now more colourblind than the left

Unite the Right Did Nothing Wrong (But There's Still Room for Improvement)
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #532 on: August 27, 2017, 10:13:17 pm »

Facebook Outage in Europe Causes Thousands to Panic

Scientists successfully hack into brain remotely, allowing them to control body movements

Scanning your brain can predict what will happen in the future

Most authoritative gender-difference review paper tackles the controversy

Musk 'lines up $100m' to fund Neuralink brain-computer interface

Man stabbed after haircut gets him mistaken for a neo-Nazi

Five sailors injured, 10 missing after U.S. Navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship

Texas university removes 'white supremacy' statues from campus

Kendall Jenner is accused of 'cultural appropriation' on Twitter simply for using a TAN EMOJI

US man charged with plotting to bomb Texas Confederate statue

Trump says US troops will remain in Afghanistan as rapid exit would leave 'vacuum' for terrorists

Were they hacked? US Navy to investigate whether BOTH warships that crashed were victims of cyber attack [by the CIA?]

ESPN removes broadcaster Robert Lee from covering UVA game because of his name

'Deplorable NYU Professor' Slams Peers' Embrace of Antifa Violence

13 Countries Where John McCain Has Demanded War - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Dutch concert cancelled after terror tip-off from Spanish police

'Social Justice Committee' to train faculty on 'microaggressions'

ACLU hammered for tweeting photo of a white baby holding an American flag

Japan's Tepco gets slapped with new U.S. lawsuit over Fukushima

Saudi-led airstrikes kill up to 14 civilians, including children

US navy to relieve 7th Fleet commander of duty after series of collisions

Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits

Canada Introduces 'X' as a Third Sex Category for Passport Holders

Trump pardons ex-Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

U.S. Black Hawk helicopter crashes off Yemen coast

Memphis theater removes Gone with the Wind after complaints that the Civil War classic is 'racially insensitive'

California first-grader sent to principal's office for misgendering classmate

IT'S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation

After Charlottesville Schumer Wants Trump to Shut Down Voter Fraud Commission=>Democrats Need Their Dead Voters

Charlottesville Mayor Flees As Protesters Storm Town Hall Shouting "Blood On Your Hands" [for telling cops to stand down, leading to car accident]

YouTube Demonitized Senator Ron Paul's Videos, Labels Videos "Not Suitable" For All Advertisers

New Video Platform Bitchute runs P2P decentralized Avoid Youtube Censorship

Appears to be a coordinated effort to tie Trump to pizzagate via Sheriff Joe pardon. Are they indirectly admitting pizzagate is real?

Several Obama Pardoned Felons Went Back to Life of Crime But Liberal Media and RINOs Worried about Joe Arpaio

Defection rates show Clinton lost Democrats who were already soured on Obama

Zionist Reagan Battalion Unmasked: Leaders Of Anonymous Anti-Trump Activist Group Exposed!

The 12 deadliest racially motivated spree shooters in recent US history. Why does the media only ever mention two of them?

Silent Sisterhood Revisited: Another Vibrant Rape-Gang, Another Liberal Lie-Fest

Jackass Google brings back 1984

Researchers Built an Invisible Backdoor to Hack AIs Decisions

Pardoned Sheriff Arpaio failed to investigate 400 sex crimes
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #533 on: September 03, 2017, 11:35:12 pm »

Ranked Choice Voting To End the major political parties' stranglehold

Your Weekly Corruption Rundown

Hidden Provisions, Secret Clients, and Super PACs Getting Ready for 2020

Secret meetings, redistricting goes global, and two big corruption cases

Meet the lobbyists who run the government

Charlottesville didn’t stop the corruption circus

Bribery, Taxpayer-Funded Travel, and Exploited Children

The model kidnapped and auctioned speaks up

CIA sneak undetectable malicious implants onto Windows OS - WikiLeaks

White House petition to officially declare George Soros a Terrorist is ON FIRE!

Lawsuit to be filed over alleged 'stand down' order at Aug. 12 rally

Attempted Trump Assassination Caught On Video?

Muslim "cultural mediator" says rape "can be enjoyed like normal intercourse" once the woman calms down

The Website Lets You Upload Malware Using Its Own Public API Key

Trolls Across America: Mapping Where so-called Toxic Comments Come From

Spambot Leaks More Than 700 Million Email Addresses in Massive Data Breach

465K US Pacemaker Patients Need Firmware Patch to Prevent Hacking

Russia's state-run bank to hire computer savvy teens to develop blockchain technology

Air pollution throws shade on India's solar success

Black-clad anarchists storm Berkeley rally, assaulting 5

Hillary Clinton Allies Are Working From Within White House to Ruin Trump

Bill de Blasio may remove statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City

Pentagon awards $727mn contract to support Afghan Air Force

American Red Cross collected $500M in Haiti earthquake donations, built just six homes

Houston under curfew: Residents banned from the streets between midnight and 5am

Federal judge again throws out Texas voter ID law

Shaming & Shunning, Part II

Before-and-after images show WAVES rolling across a Texas highway

Mattis begins sending additional troops to Afghanistan

Syrian rebel defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS

North Korea Says It Has Developed Hydrogen Bomb to Suit ICBM [to prevent CIA takeover]

Dozens of Al-Nusra, ISIS-affiliated jihadists entered Germany posing as refugees

Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay [may be inhumane for many]

The Talmud is basically a Jewish guidebook for apartheid and exploitation

Assange Makes Clear Sanders Agreed to Lose Because of Blackmail

DISGUSTING SHARIA-COMPLIANT SWEDEN legalizes child marriage for the Muslims

Tucker Carlson Goes Off On The SPLC

Boy, 7, was tortured to death, State agencies failed him

Abdul El-Sayed, the next Obama, running for Governor of Michigan, assisted by another Soros, and his campaign has already raised over $1M

The case for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton

Standoff brews between Senate, FBI over Trump dossier; FBI blocking testimony that could show them playing politics

U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women [That statement is violence against us]

Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations

The American conservative movement failed to conserve anything

Collusion: Jerry Brown Going to Russia Conference Hosted by Putin
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #534 on: September 10, 2017, 06:00:43 pm »

Forensic Architecture may bring justice to State warfare-wrecked homes and environments, and confused land rights

A study points to potential fraud in online voting registration systems

Nosy-ass US spy agencies put hopes on artificial intelligence

China is joining France and Britain in announcing plans to end sales of gasoline and diesel cars

AI will 'most likely cause' WWIII as computers launch first strike

Facial recognition technology being developed to identify people whose faces are covered

Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos

'Star Trek' actor Shatner sends message to Voyager

AG Sessions announces Trump administration is rescinding DACA because it is 'unconstitutional'

Trump declares emergency in Florida, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico ahead of Category 5 Irma

Belligerent Israeli planes illegally strike Syrian positions in Hama province

Trump strikes 'deal' with Dems on Harvey aid and debt limit, over Neocon Ryan’s objections

Hurricane Irma is size of Texas, shows up on earthquake monitors

At least 60 dead, over 200 injured after magnitude-8.1 earthquake rocks Mexico

Equifax executives very innocently sold $1.8 million in stock after breach

Brother of 9/11 victim claims US orchestrated atrocity as new study shows it was impossible that third tower collapsed from fire

Feds Spend $138,000 Asking Four-Year-Olds About Their 'Internal Sense of Gender Identity'

80% of women are competing for the top 20% of rich men

Massive Fraud Found In DACA Applications, And 5,300 Illegal Votes Cast In NH!

Another Person investigating Hillary Clinton found dead!!

How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality

More High Level Pedophile Busts: New Mexico and Oakland, Ca.

The History of the Khazarian Bankers

"the Dark Files" Montauk Project/MKULTRA Torture of Children for Mind Control

Bound to no stinking party, Trump upends 150 years of two party rule

Sanity on Title IX Betsy DeVos signals that due process will return to campus sexual-assault tribunals

Eric Bolling's 19 yr. old Son DEAD Hours After he is Fired from Fox / Bolling Released Book 'The Swamp' Only Months ago
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #535 on: September 17, 2017, 08:32:00 pm »

Google Apocalypse Looms Large

Australian Authorities: Rise In Organized Crime Is Due To The Increased Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies

Connecticut Medical Examiner Expects another 1,000 Fatal Overdoses in CT by year end

China's ever-tighter web controls jolt companies, scientists

Why many Russians have gladly agreed to online censorship

Chinese video site offers virtual escape from 'boring' reality

Are we missing the warning signs to prevent lone terrorist attacks?

South Dakota court rejects law aimed at online sales taxes

Jackass France slams Silicon Valley for skirting tax in Europe

Walkie-Talkie App Downloads Soar as Hurricanes Loom

Facial recognition algorithm that identifies sexual orientation has LGBT community in uproar over potential uses

The 'electric cars aren't green' myth debunked (sort of)

Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ

National Guardsman is arrested for threatening to kill Vice President Mike Pence at the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania

Disney accused of price-gouging water and food for residents stuck at their hotels while the park is closed

Out-of-staters may have won New Hampshire for Clinton, data suggest

Senate Intel slips sentence into bill that could lead to spying on US citizens

Jackass US Senate votes against amendment to stop 'endless' war in Iraq and Afghanistan

Saudi government allegedly funded a 'dry run' for 9/11

But Israel probably organized and carried out the 9/11 attacks: 9/11 Simplified

Nearly 1 Million Pounds of Seven Deadly Air Pollutants Released by Texas Refineries During Harvey Floods

Antifa: US security agencies label group 'domestic terrorists'

Iowa State University offers scholarships that appear to exclude white applicants

Soldiers on streets, military personnel replacing police at nuclear power plants as UK raises terror level to critical following Tube bucket-bomb attack

Protests in St Louis after former police officer is acquitted of murdering black man

Petition: Require that dual citizen representatives renounce citizenship in another country as a condition of public service

Due to excessive lobbying from FPL, Florida residents without power due to the hurricane are not permitted to use their own solar panels

"Dangerously Vague" - New US Law Blurs The Line Between Hate Speech And Hate Crime

Stupid Trump Administration Orders US Government To Delete All Kaspersky Software

Fake Far Right Label Being Used to Censor Media Critics

DACA Panic, Backstabbing Politics and Betrayal Hysteria - Don't fall for the bullshit

Washington Post: Steve Bannon Waging War Against GOP Establishment with Economic Nationalist Primary Challengers

California School Tapes 8th Grade Students Wrists, Put Them In Dark Room For Slavery Lesson

How a bill requiring Florida nursing homes to have backup generators and AC died - Cause of death: industry opposition and government miserliness

Illegal Immigrants Take Advantage of Americans as Federal Judge Blocks DOJ

Why has Trump been unable to hold the CIA/NSA's "Shadow Government" to account for its many crimes?

Ken Shipp, High Ranking ex CIA, describes who runs the Government and it isn't Trump

Video: The Cover-Up of Zionist Organized Crime

State Department Waging Open War on White House


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
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GOP congressman reportedly offered Trump a deal on absolving WikiLeaks' Assange

Cotton centerpieces trigger African-American students; Lipscomb University president issues apology

The 'deplorable professor' is back and going off on one of his [supposed] colleagues

U.S. Navy fires two commanders after 'losing confidence in their abilities to command' as sea accidents leave 17 dead

US government used secret court orders to wiretap former Trump campaign chairman, before and after election

'Assad is Protector of the Christians in the Middle East' - Archbishop Hanna

Over 3,000 new US troops headed to Afghanistan

Utility companies meant to hide report on nuclear project, exposed

Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto's payroll at $400 per hour

Deep State's Zuckerberg says will provide suspected 'Russian-linked' election ads to Congress

Obama's Samantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis

US set to ease curbs on drone strikes [I totally object]

US nuclear carrier conducts naval drills with Japan as N. Korea threatens H-bomb test

Pentagon Caught Falsifying Paperwork on $2.2 Billion Weapons Funnel to Syrian Opposition [i.e. TERRORISTS!]

President Trump's full United Nations speech

Loggers 'Accidentally' Cut Down World's Oldest Tree in Amazon Forest

US special ops forces and hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor

Florida Governor Rick Scott DELETED voicemail cries for help from the nursing home where 11 people died

Not one Shadow Government official has been indicted yet

German voters saying there are only pencils in the voting booths instead of pens and this is unusual - vote fraud prep?

Jew Senator Dianne Feinstein says Christians Cant be Federal Judges

Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama's Illegal Spying Is Uncovered

Facebook Caught Banning News on Haitian Child Trafficking

A recent controversial London satanic fashion show in a church and hey presto, links to Hatton Garden, Tavistock and rumoured pedophilia

Poll: More GOP Voters See Themselves As Trump Supporters Rather Than Republicans [Excellent]

Fox News coordinated with [Obama?] White House on Seth Rich story

Lincoln was assassinated because against Rothschild's cabal

Trump signs proclamation restricting travel from 8 countries

As VOAT's token Jew, I like this site, despite the unhinged fringe lunatics, I like the ability to say what I please; It got me banned on Reddit

George Clooney slams Hillary Clinton's failed campaign

CNN is so corrupt; They obviously have an agenda

US Employers Cut Bonuses For First Time In 7 Years

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted [crooked] U.S. Senator Luther Strange

Men almost twice as likely to vote AfD as women [in Germany] - Radical Right Gender Gap Theory proved correct

How the left created white-identity politics

Antifa Terrorists Declare National Deface Columbus Day

Hillary server details?

"We love genocide": Leftists protesting outside AfD post-election event in Berlin


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
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Researchers Discover Disabling of Intel ME Backdoor Through NSA Hardware Requirement

DHS Says Darknet Criminals Are Switching From Bitcoin to Monero

No Jail Time for Man Caught Ordering 280 Grams of Weed

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Darknet Gun Vendor’s Constitutional Challenge

Expert Blames the Difficulties in Fighting Human Trafficking on the Darkweb

New UK Code Seeks Tighter Security on Ships against Cyber Attacks

Advanced ATM Skimming Tools Circulate Dark Web, Severe Security Issues

Singapore ranks first [after NSA] as launchpad for global cyber attacks

Leaders to tech firms at UN: Remove terror posts in 2 hours [Leaders, you're the terrorists]

Political polarization? Don't blame the web

A pirate site explores a new way of paying for the internet that doesn't involve ads

U.S. does not believe Cuba is behind sonic attacks on American diplomats

Defense Secretary Mattis was the 'target of a Taliban attack' that saw 29 rockets land at Kabul airport

'Malfunctioning' US missile causes 'several casualties' during Mattis's Afghanistan visit

Cops tell activists their 'free speech ball' 'scared' students

What are mysterious $100M metal towers popping up at tunnels and bridges all over New York and why won't MTA say?

Former Memphis police officer with guns(?) arrested near White House

Active shooter alert issued at U.S. Air Force Academy

Canada police investigate deadly attack on cop as terrorism

Puerto Rico Is Getting a Surge of Aid, Governor Says

North Korea and US 'in direct contact', says Tillerson

Watching 'far-right propaganda' or accessing jihadi websites in UK could result in 15-year jail term

Brits going further down the shitter: Just declare any youtuber "right wing terrorist propaganda" and presto! You can now throw anybody you want in jail for 15 years

YouTube is censoring many Las Vegas shooting videos from its search results

White House wants to end Social Security numbers as a national ID

Hungary is pushing a 'conspiracy' that billionaire George Soros wants to bring millions of refugees to Europe

GUN CONTROL? The Las Vegas Death Toll Happens Every MONTH In Chicago

5 years of prison if you break Germany's new 'hate speech' laws

Russia's Putin calls for mutually beneficial relations with US

Vegas Shooter Connection to Orlando

Scott Adams: Why Gun Control Can't Be Solved in the USA

How the Democrats Set Up Puerto Rico for Disaster; What New Orleans, Houston and Puerto Rico have in common


GM Is Going All Electric

"Women we are coming": North Africans posting videos boasting about how easy it is to invade Europe
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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #538 on: October 08, 2017, 10:44:48 pm »

Hamas Levels an Ancient Treasure in Gaza

North Korea and US 'in direct contact', says Tillerson

Marseille suspect had 7 identities, was released by police day before attack

Pentagon chief says US should 'stay with' Iran nuclear deal

Mother is JAILED for a week for not vaccinating her nine-year-old son after agreeing to do so in a custody battle

Panic in Madagascar as bubonic, pneumonic plague death toll rises

Shoelace mistaken for noose causes racial uproar at Michigan State University

Trump administration rolls back ObamaCare contraceptive mandate

Man charged when loaded gun, AR-15 rifle and pressure cooker was found in vehicle leaving O'Hare

Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades

"America's leading fake feminist, @HillaryClinton, still silent on Harvey Weinstein."

Russian defence ministry doubles down, again accuses U.S. of supporting ISIS

Top Democrat admits *Dream Act* a ploy for unlimited amnesty

After decades of false flags, hoax attacks, arming our enemies, gun-running scandals - shouldn't "gun control" REALLY be citizens disarming their government?

James Woods retires from acting after saying he's blacklisted because he's conservative

Russia Promises to Release All Information about Who Ran the Operation on American Soil

SNL stays SILENT on sexual abuse allegations against movie mogul much to the anger of social media who accuse the show of liberal hypocrisy

Latest French Terrorism Law Will Make State of Emergency Permanent, Strips Civil Liberties

Bonnie Warner a Florida DCF Child protection worker involved in pedophile ring

Tonight's 60 Minutes just blew "Russia-gate" out of the water

Muslim woman publicly criticizes Canadian SJWs for rejecting diversity of opinion

Google accused of racketeering in lawsuit claiming pattern of trade secrets theft

Germany's new online 'hate speech' code pushes big fines and debate

General Motors Executive Says Elon Musks Self-Driving Claims Are "Full of Crap"

Top FOUR Floors of MGM-Mandalay are "SAUDI OWNED", are a functional Embassy used by Israel IDF & Saudi Special Forces


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #539 on: October 15, 2017, 09:51:57 pm »

The Pop-Cultural Heritage of Terrorism, Treasure Hunting, and Trafficking

English Cathedrals Hope Apprenticeship Schemes Will Save Ancient Skills

“Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” Will Drive Traffickers Toward the DarkWeb

F-35 stealth fighter data stolen in Australia defence hack

Britain makes battle plans for war with North Korea

Las Vegas shooting eyewitness: There were 'four to five' shooters attacking multiple hotels

Las Vegas Hoax

Professional With Master's Degree in Photography Analyzes Oddities in Las Vegas Shooter's Photo

Hotel Worker Reported Shooting Before Las Vegas [fake] Massacre Started

Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on social media

US 'simulates' anti-ISIS fight in Iraq as terrorists cross into Syria

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case

Police issue warrant for black man beaten at Charlottesville rally

Trump eases ObamaCare rules with executive order

Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, imposes 'tough sanctions' on Revolutionary Guard Corps

George Clooney Accused of Helping Blacklist Actress Who Complained of Sexual Harassment

Facebook already planning to RIG the next election and hand a victory to Democrats, no matter what

The insurance subsidies Trump cancelled were outright illegal; They should never have existed

YouTube Commies Censoring Right Wing Channels Like Crazy

Increased Use Of Machine Learning, Facial Recognition Outs Sex Workers Real Names

Woody Allen Fears Pogrom on Hollywood Pedos

A woman enjoys sex with her man, as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously

Apple diversity chief apologizes for saying that white people contribute to "diversity"

Body cameras, now gun cameras? Some police trying them out

Steve Jobs & everyone at Apple were fake

Trump's Election was Faked

Pro-Trump, Anti-Global Warming Facebook Post Leads to Arizona Restaurant's Closure

In Historic Result, 31-Year-Old Wins Austrian Elections, Bad For Establishment Party

CIA Trying to Stop Investigations into Child Trafficking and Other Criminal Operations
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