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Author Topic: (30) PREP FOR HARD TIMES  (Read 138280 times)

John Edward Mercier

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
« Reply #165 on: February 27, 2014, 02:18:34 am »

You might want to read the treaty for your self...



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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
« Reply #166 on: February 27, 2014, 05:12:47 am »

You're free to post a link to the treaty. If the vote was not traitorous, I'll post a revision, if someone else doesn't do so first.
To see the Amendment click here:
To see the official vote click here:
Thanks to Conway.
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John Edward Mercier

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
« Reply #167 on: February 27, 2014, 12:32:31 pm »

Treason has a specific definition within the US Constitution.
As for the ATT it covers international trade of firearms; not exactly a violation of the right to keep and bear arms.
Its wording could at most be described as anti-competitive.

Your link to the Amendment doesn't seem to go to anything...

Sam Adams

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
« Reply #168 on: February 27, 2014, 01:26:19 pm »

          I will forward this to the Union Leader, and we will see if they publish it. I suspect they will.


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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #169 on: February 28, 2014, 11:30:54 am »

Treason has a specific definition within the US Constitution.
As for the ATT it covers international trade of firearms; not exactly a violation of the right to keep and bear arms.
Its wording could at most be described as anti-competitive.

Your link to the Amendment doesn't seem to go to anything...
I don't understand why the Amendment link doesn't work right, but at the other link, , you can click on the Amendment Number:    S.Amdt. 139 to see the Amendment.

What you say sounds plausible, that there's no threat to the 2nd Amendment from the treaty, but the wording of the Amendment says it's to prevent any such threat anyway, so I don't see it as harmful. Here's a quote:
To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty."

I hope there's not a bad ulterior motive for not wanting to enter into the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It's plausible that the Senators who voted against Amendment 139 are not traitors, but I'd have to know their reasons in order to judge better.

John Edward Mercier

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #170 on: February 28, 2014, 03:53:24 pm »


The ATT would definitely have an effect on arms manufacturers in the US that wish to sell their product in certain other countries; as those other countries would now have a system that is more like the US in scope.

It creates a anti-competitiveness to homegrown arms... or even to a black market.
So its not like the treaty would actually achieve its goal.



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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #171 on: March 02, 2014, 03:47:08 pm »

Do you have reason to believe the Senators who voted against the amendment did so because they wanted to help protect small businesses selling arms abroad from monopolies? It sounds like the yea voters are likely as dirty as the no voters at any rate.

John Edward Mercier

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #172 on: March 02, 2014, 06:11:51 pm »

Not really. But I'm sure that lobbyist pointed it out.
Like most things, it will have a lot bigger impact on some rather than many - and in this specific case is more of political statement rather than something that could be effectively enforced.

Sam Adams

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #173 on: March 02, 2014, 11:01:23 pm »

 The UN also has this UNODA  which is office for disarmament affairs. Under the ATT as far as I see and read, the UN will regulate Global arms trade, and put limitations and penalties on abusive govts or arm companies. This sounds like licensing and tracking Gun dealers, or if you would say Arms dealers, and checking their registry of gun purchases. Kind of like Global gun registration. Don,t trust them. But who is to pay for this, maybe a UN Global ammo and Gun tax?

John Edward Mercier

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
« Reply #174 on: March 03, 2014, 02:39:33 am »

UN doesn't have the authority to tax. So it would need to be sovereign countries taxing for them and transferring the money - which is highly unlikely.


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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CT Trampling 2nd Amendment after Sandy Hook)
« Reply #175 on: March 13, 2014, 08:26:39 am »

[Sam sent this interesting item.]

Gun Law Chaos: Failing Connecticut Blows Up
By Staff Report - March 11, 2014

A showdown is developing between a sizable number of Connecticut state police officers and the politicians who passed into law highly restrictive gun control, gun bans, and bans on high capacity magazines. Gun rights legal expert and activist David Hardy reported Friday that 250 law enforcement officers in Connecticut have signed an open letter stating that they will not enforce the new anti-gun and magazine laws, which they consider to be a violation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A major news story on these developments is due to be published soon, but Hardy received an advanced notice via email from Tyler Jackson, the head of the Connecticut Peace Officers Association, the organization that sent the open letter. –

Dominant Social [Major Media Inspired Misconception]: Guns are dangerous and courageous state representatives are voting to take them away.

Free-Market Analysis: Connecticut politicos have finally hit the proverbial wall. Following the [possible false flag] Sandy Hook shootings of toddlers, Connecticut passed a radical gun-registration law.

- Read the rest at:
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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Gun Entrepreneurs)
« Reply #176 on: March 22, 2014, 05:22:14 pm »

Ares Armor Update: The Skinny on EP Armory Polymer 80% Lower Receivers
By Nick Leghorn on March 17, 2014

Let’s look at the situation surrounding Ares Armor, EP Armory’s lowers, and why the ATF might be interested.

Ares Armor is a distributor of EP Armory’s polymer 80% lower receivers. The claim to fame for these models is that the lower receivers are two different colors — one color for the receiver itself, and a completely different color for the parts that need to be milled out to complete the gun. It’s the equivalent of a “paint by numbers” approach to firearms manufacturing, making the process nearly idiot-proof.

The problem is the definition of an “80% lower.” The appeal of the 80% lower receiver is that it is legally just a chunk of metal and not a firearm, so it skirts nearly all of the gun laws in the United States right up until the point where someone drills out all the required parts and assembles their own gun. In order to maintain that status, the lower needs to be like a block of marble in an artists’ studio: just raw material with the finished product still needing to be chiseled out. According to the ATF’s “once a gun always a gun” doctrine, the instant the lower is milled out and completed it’s officially a firearm and subject to all of the applicable laws. Even if you go back and fill in the relevant sections, it’s still a gun that you just manufactured and must be treated as such.


Ares Armor vs. Illegal ATF Raid
UPDATE: Stewart Rhodes interviews CEO Dimitrios Karras - March 18, 2014 [on Youtube]

Last week the BATFE Raided EP Armory based on a determination letter that had deemed the 80% Polymer product to be a firearm. The determination letter that the BATFE used to obtain warrants against EP Armory is based on incorrect information about the manufacturing process. The BATFE has been notified of their error and the incorrectness of their determination based on this error.

This week on Monday, March 10th the BATFE threatened to raid us even though they are fully aware that their determination letter is factually incorrect. They requested that we turn over a list of every customer that had purchased a polymer lower from us and turn over the remaining inventory that we have.

Our customer's privacy is of the utmost importance to us. I cannot in good moral conscience turn over a list of names to the BATFE just because they unduly threaten us with an unjust raid based on information they KNOW TO BE FALSE!

For the time we are SAFE! We were granted a Temporary Restraining Order against the BATFE on March 11th. The following is the declaration that I made during the process of obtaining this TRO:

Declaration of Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

In regards to the events surrounding Ares Armor's interaction with EP Armory's products and the threats made towards Ares Armor by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE.) The following declarations are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I, Dimitrios Karras, state:

1. During a meeting with the BATFE around the end of 2012 that was unrelated to EP Armory's product, the Agent that was present very strongly requested that I turn over Ares Armor's customer list. He intimidated me with the possibility of criminal charges if he was not satisfied. This was the first attempt the BATFE made to intimidate Ares Armor into turning over private customer information.

7. The BATFE has Raided EP Armory based on incorrect information about EP Armory's manufacturing process. The determination letter written by the BATFE incorrectly classified the EP Armory product as a firearm based on faulty information. The BATFE was under the impression that EP Armory was making a firearm and then reverting back to the 80% stage by filling in the fire-control cavity. At no point during the manufacturing process by EP Armory is a weapon made and then reverted. The solid fire-control cavity is built first and the rest of the 80% casting is made around this "core" specifically so that their product at no time could be considered to be a firearm.

8. The BATFE has been appropriately informed of their mistake. However, even though they have no determination that is based on fact, they are knowingly using their fiction based determination to intimidate Ares Armor with threats in order to inappropriately gain access to information that is private and should be protected.

In exchange for turning over our customer's private information the BATFE said that they would not "raid" Ares Armor's facilities and would not pursue "criminal" charges. This made me feel as if I was being extorted. I agreed to their terms in order to delay an impending and unjust raid against Ares Armor long enough to obtain legal protection under the law.

10. I have been unjustly threatened with raids and criminal charges in an attempt by the BATFE to obtain information that is private and protected. The BATFE has expressed interest in obtaining Ares Armor's customer list in the past and is now attempting to strong-arm us with undue threats based on information they know to be incorrect.

Dimitrios Karras

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
« Reply #177 on: March 23, 2014, 09:28:40 am »

[Note Gun Entrepreneurs article in previous message.]

CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption

This message is in 4 parts:
Part 1. CSPOA Conference Report
Part 2. CSPOA Resolution vs. Tyranny
Part 3. One Member's Encounter with TSA
Part 4. CSPOA Plan to End Corruption

Part 1. Jan 2014 CSPOA Conference Report

The January 2014 CSPOA conference began with a prayer. Right then, any newcomers could tell there would be something different about this meeting of over 75 sheriffs, police chiefs, peace officers and other elected officials and public servants from 31 different states. As the day progressed, each of the speakers noted God’s role in our task; how could they not? It takes faith to understand freedom; it takes more than courage to stand when the tide is going against you. A self-serving person will go with the flow, but a person of principle – a person of faith – stands even when he or she stands alone against the crashing waves.

The men and women at this conference did not attend out of any desire to make their lives easier or to make themselves more popular. They came because their beliefs demanded that they be there. Every day they pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for a cause they believe in: The Holy Cause of Liberty. The same pledge that guided our Founding Fathers as they wrote The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Indiana acted as master of ceremonies for the event and said a few words by way of introduction. Following his remarks we heard from Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Delaware and Sheriff Nick Finch of Florida, both of whom have recently suffered attacks from their own state governments and who have been assisted financially and personally by the CSPOA through generous member donations. This was the first time most of us had heard Sheriff Finch’s story in his own words and it was really a treat. His wife attended as well and with a little coaxing from the group we got her up to the mic too. Wait until you see the video of this!

Constitutional scholar and director of the Institute On The Constitution Michael Peroutka spoke next, with a rousing reminder of just how heavily dependent the Constitution is on a proper understanding of God’s law.

After a short break, Richard Mack – former Arizona sheriff and founder of the CSPOA – gave a review of important statements from his renown supreme court case. He addressed the oath of office all government officials swear to, the fundamentals of state sovereignty and the duty each local public servant has to protect citizens from abusive and out of control government.

Attorney and constitutional scholar KrisAnne Hall concluded the morning with a powerful presentation on the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure, warrants, etc.), illustrating just how far we have strayed from constitutional practices in recent years.

After lunch our real work began. One of our primary goals was to draft a resolution that would state clearly how we felt about the current abuses raining down from the Federal government, and to establish boundaries and guidelines for federal agents and employees to follow when entering local jurisdictions. We spent the early afternoon discussing this document, and the tone in the room was nothing short of miraculous. There was some discussion about proper wording, but there was no real disagreement on what we wanted to say. There were some who worried that if the document was worded too strongly others would be hesitant to join us, but there were none who said it was too strongly worded for themselves. There were no lost tempers; no heated arguments. Nobody walked out of the room in anger. How is this possible in a room full of strong-willed, independent sheriffs from across the nation? Only one answer to that: They were of one heart and one mind, and they were acting in courage with the strength of faith.

Eventually we selected a small committee headed by Sheriff Joey Kyle of Missouri to take the task of combining all our ideas into a finished resolution. Another committee was given the task of making a plan to raise money for a special fund to be used to defend CSPOA members in the event of legal attacks which will surely come as a result of our stand.

After the finished resolution was read back to the group, we felt another prayer was needed. We prayed over this document, that it could touch the hearts and minds of many other sheriffs, peace officers, public officials and citizens across the nation; that it could be an instrument used to restore liberty to countless numbers who are losing it a little more each day. We prayed that it could be taken in the spirit that it was written: Not a spirit of anger or violence, but a spirit of peace and freedom. We prayed that it could be a clarion call to unite the good people across the nation who want to stand but do not want to stand alone.

The conference culminated with a banquet and award presentation. Sheriffs Pam Elliott of Texas and Denny Peyman of Kentucky were among the speakers. Hearing Denny Peyman tell in his own words about the persecution he has suffered and how he is arresting corrupt officials in his own county is another moment you won’t want to miss on video. Finally, Sheriff Nick Finch received the CSPOA Constitutional Sheriff of the Year award for his exemplary defense of the U.S. Constitution. During his trial he said a phrase that may very well ring down through the years, “The Constitution has to mean something at some point.”

The CSPOA has as its primary goal that all sheriffs and peace officers across America will put the constitution and their oaths to defend it first and foremost in the performance of their duties. We hope as you read this document that you will be led to stand with us, that we can move forward in faith to save this nation and people that we love, remembering that faith is a strength our adversary can neither possess nor comprehend.

    Gun Owners of America - - A non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.
    Free & Equal - - A non-profit organization formed to break the stranglehold of the two-party system and reform the electoral system throughout the United States.
    Institute on the Constitution - - To help individuals across America understand their own history by reacquainting them with the worldview and vision of our Founding Fathers.

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
« Reply #178 on: March 23, 2014, 09:34:17 am »

Part 2. CSPOA Resolution vs. Tyranny

CSPOA Jan 2014 Resolution

The following was drafted at a meeting of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) on Jan 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada and approved by the members present.  [] We encourage all sheriffs, peace officers and those in public office to sign with us. We also welcome the signatures of all other U.S. citizens.

What do we plan to do with this resolution? [See Part 4.]

Of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Pursuant to the powers and duties bestowed upon us by our citizens, the undersigned do hereby resolve that any Federal officer, agent, or employee, regardless of supposed congressional authorization, is required to obey and observe limitations consisting of the enumerated powers as detailed within Article 1 Section 8 of the U S Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

The people of these united States are, and have a right to be, free and independent, and these rights are derived from the “Law of Nature and nature’s God.” As such, they must be free from infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, unreasonable searches and seizures, capricious detainments and every other natural right whether enumerated or not, pursuant to the 9th amendment.

We further reaffirm that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” (10th amendment)

Furthermore, we maintain that no agency established by the U S Congress can develop its own policies or regulations which supersede the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, nor does the executive branch have the power to make law, overturn law or set aside law.

Therefore, in order to protect the American people, BE IT RESOLVED THAT,

The following abuses will not be allowed or tolerated:

1) Registration of personal firearms under any circumstances.

2) Confiscation of firearms without probable cause, due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

3) Audits or searches of a citizen’s personal affairs or finances without probable cause, and due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

4) Inspections of person or property without probable cause and constitutionally compliant warrants as required by the 4th Amendment and issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

5) The detainment or search of citizens without probable cause and proper due process compliance, or the informed consent of the citizen.

6) Arrests with continued incarcerations without charges and complete due process, including, but not limited to public and speedy jury trials, in a court of state or local jurisdiction.

7) Domestic utilization of our nation’s military or federal agencies operating under power granted under the laws of war against American citizens.

8) Arrest of citizens or seizure of persons or property without first notifying and obtaining the express consent of the local sheriff.

that the undersigned Sheriffs, Peace Officers, and other Public Servants, do hereby denounce any acts or agencies which promote the aforementioned practices. All actions by the Federal Government and its agents will conform strictly and implicitly with the principles expressed within the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

There is no greater obligation or responsibility of any government officer than to protect the rights of the people. Thus, any conduct contrary to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights will be dealt with as criminal activity.

Signers are listed alphabetically by state, then by County/Agency. []

STATE   Agency   Title   Name   [Date] Signed
      Citizen   LeRoy Holt   2/10/2014
AZ   Arizona   Senator   Don Shooter   2/22/2014
AZ   State of Arizona   Senator   Judy W Burges   3/22/2014
CA   Los Angeles County   Deputy Sheriff   Paul Schrader   1/24/2014
CA   Trinity County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Mark Potts   1/30/2014
CA   Modoc County   Sheriff   Mike Poindexter   1/24/2014
CA   California   Sheriff/ Coroner   Dean WILSON   2/21/2014
DE   Sussex County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Jeff Christopher   1/24/2014
FL   Liberty County   Sheriff   Nick Finch   1/24/2014
ID   Benewah County   Sheriff   Dave Resser   1/24/2014
ID   Owyhee County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Perry Grant   2/6/2014
ID   Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Tom Carter   2/28/2014
ID   Elmore   Veteran Peace Officer and 2016 Candidate for Elmore Sheriff   Doug Traubel   1/24/2014
IN   Franklin   Indiana Committeeman   Thurman HIATT   2/3/2014
IN   Elkhart County   Sheriff   Bradley Rogers   1/24/2014
KS   Franklin   Sheriff   Jeff Richards   2/5/2014
KS   Sherman County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Burton Pianalto   1/24/2014
KY   Greenup   Sheriff   Keith Cooper   2/5/2014
KY   Jackson County   Sheriff   Denny Peyman   1/24/2014
KY   Kenton County   Sheriff   Charles Lee Korzenborn   1/24/2014
MI   Barry County Sheriffs Department   Barry County Sheriffs Auxillary   Douglas Hull   1/30/2014
MI   Barry County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Darin Leaf   1/24/2014
MI   Benzie County   Sheriff   Ted Schendel   1/24/2014
MO   Old Monroe   Chief of Police   Larry Kirk   1/24/2014
MO   Atchison County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Dennis D Martin   2/11/2014
MO   Christian County   Sheriff   Joey Kyle   1/24/2014
MO   Osage County   Sheriff   Michael Dixon   1/24/2014
NC   Albert J. Ellis Airport Police Agency   Chief of Police   Hans Miller   2/10/2014
NC   Catawba County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Coy Reid   2/5/2014
NE   Burwell Police Dept   Chief of Police   Benjamin Hughes   2/10/2014
NM   Jemez Springs Police   Chief   Shane Harger   1/24/2014
NM   Valencia County   Sheriff   Rene Rivera   1/24/2014
NV   State of Nevada   Representative   Kamau A Bakari   3/22/2014
NY   Saratoga County   Deputy Sheriff   Christopher Lorey   2/19/2014
NY   Fulton County   Sheriff   Thomas Lorey   2/7/2014
OR   Josephine County Sheriffs Office   Sheriff   Gil Gilbertson   2/5/2014
OR   Morrow County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Ken Matlack   1/24/2014
PA   Office of Constable for the 9th Ward   State Constable   Ed Quiggle, Jr.   1/24/2014
TN   Fentress County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Larry Crabtree   1/24/2014
TN   Fentress County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   David Oppenheim   1/24/2014
TX   Austin County Constable's Office Precinct 4   Constable   James Clark   3/11/2014
TX   Ellis County   County Commissioner   Paul Perry   1/24/2014
TX   Shackelford County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Donovon Boyett   1/24/2014
TX   Archer City Police Department   Officer   Terry Madison   1/31/2014
TX   Edwards County   Sheriff   Pamela Elliott   1/24/2014
TX   Shackelford County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Edward Miller   1/24/2014
UT   Beaver County   Sheriff   Cameron Noel   1/24/2014
UT   Garfield County   Sheriff   James D. Perkins   2/22/2014
UT   Iron County   Sheriff   Mark O. Gower   2/22/2014
UT   Tooele County   Sheriff   Frank Park   2/22/2014
UT   Utah County Sheriff Department   Sheriff   James Tracy   1/24/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Curtis Oda   2/28/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Jacob Anderegg   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Jerry Anderson   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Brian Greene   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Richard Greenwood   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Mike Kennedy   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   David Lifferth   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   John Mathis   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Ronda Menlove   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Michael Noel   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Marc Roberts   3/15/2014
VA   Lynchburg   Sheriff   Ron Gillispie   2/21/2014
WA   Cowlitz County   Deputy Sheriff   Nathan Hockett   1/24/2014
WA   26th Legislative District   State Representative    Jesse Young   3/20/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   Jason Overstreet   3/12/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   David Taylor   3/12/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   Matt Shea   3/12/2014

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Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
« Reply #179 on: March 23, 2014, 09:36:21 am »

(Part 2, Cont.)

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AL   Elmore   Candidate For Sheriff Of Elmore Co. Alabama   Mark Syck   3/13/2014
AL   Shelby County   Sheriff Candidate   Rick Needham   3/15/2014
CA   Riverside County   Candidate for Governor of California   Robert C. Newman II, PhD   1/24/2014
IL   Menard   Running for sheriff   Stephen Brady   2/2/2014
KY   Floyd   Floyd Co Ky Sheriff Candidate   Joey Collins   2/4/2014
NC   Craven County   Candidate for Sheriff   Chip Hughes   2/20/2014
NV   Dist 40   Assembly Candidate   John H Wagner   3/22/2014
NV   Clark County   Candidate for Sherriff   Gordon Martines   1/24/2014
NV   State of Nevada   Nevada Governor Candidate   David Lory VanDerBeek   3/22/2014
TX   Dallas County   Candidate for Sherriff   Kirk Launius   1/24/2014
WV   Randolph   Chairman & US Senate Candidate-Constitution Party of West Virginia   Phil Hudok   2/11/2014

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AZ   CSPOA   Founder   Richard Mack   1/24/2014
FL   Port Authority of NY&NJ retired   citizen (retired police LT)   James McGovern   2/14/2014

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AZ   Maricopa   USMC (Retired)   Steve Porak   3/22/2014
CA   Los Angeles   Constitution Enforcement Militiaman, USAF Veteran   Milburn Bias   2/4/2014
FL   Okaloosa County   COL, USA, Ret., Op American Spring   Harry Riley   2/26/2014
IA   Muscatine   Citizen, Veteran, Oathkeeper   Shawn Reichert   2/13/2014
ID   ADA   Retired CSRS   Robert Penner Sr   1/31/2014
KS   Franklin   4th Vice Chairman Independent American Party, USAF Veteran   Roger Tucker   2/13/2014
MO   OREGON CTY.   U.S. Naval Veteran Vietnam ERA   Kenneth Thompson   3/22/2014
NV   Washoe   USMC Veteran   David Haskns   2/25/2014
NY   Dutchess   USAF Security Police Veteran   Richard Santoro   3/1/2014
OK   Comanche   Retired Army & Citizen   Stephen Schaefer   2/12/2014
PA   Westmoreland   Navy veteran, member of Pa militia, Westmoreland County 1st Bat.    Corey May   3/21/2014
TX   Dallas Police Department   Sr. Cpl.   Thomas Haney   1/24/2014
TX   Collin County   US Marine / Supporting Citizen   Micah Hurd   2/3/2014

TOTAL CITIZENS AS OF 3/23/2014: 53
ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AR   Pulaski   Citizen   Keith Cook   2/3/2014
AZ   Maricopa   1st Vice Chairman AZ LD22 Republican Party   Frank Carroll   2/4/2014
AZ   Maricopa   Precinct and State Committeeman   Joel Alcott   2/15/2014
AZ   Arizona   State Committeman   Rick Dalton   1/24/2014
AZ   Maricopa   U. S. Citizen   Jeff Segal   2/22/2014
CA   San Bernadino County   Campaign Manager   Lawrence Hebron   1/24/2014
CA   San Bernardino County   Individual, Republic for the uSA   Daniel Mahnke   2/1/2014
CA   Santa Cruz/Republican Central Committee   Member, SCCRCC   David Harra   2/20/2014
CA   Fresno   Mr.   Steven Rahn   1/30/2014
CA   Fresno   President   Richard Wahl   2/9/2014
CO   Mesa   Administration of Justice Graduate   David Zulian   1/30/2014
CO   Teller   Honorary Mem.County Sheriffs of Colorado   Randy Baringer   2/12/2014
FL   Constitution of the United States   Concerned Citizen   Todd Comber   2/12/2014
FL   Florida   Citizen   Michael Alvarez   1/30/2014
FL   Leon County   Citizen, Veteran, Oath Keeper   Ivan Chiplinsky   3/10/2014
FL   Martin and St. Lucie   Oath Keepers - Martin/St. Lucie County Chapter Leader   Mike Saxton   2/26/2014
FL   Florida Oath Keepers   President   Mike Austell   3/14/2014
FL   Miami-Dade   Private Investigator   Daniel Bernasconi   2/11/2014
IL   Chicago Fire Department.   Lieutenant   Mike Horist   1/31/2014
IN   Franklin   citizen   Carol HIATT   2/3/2014
MD   The Institute on the Constitution   Esquire   Michael Peroutka   1/24/2014
MD   DHS Federal Protective Service   Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)   Christopher Fiora   1/24/2014
MD   Howard   U. S. Citizen   Stanley Howell   2/9/2014
ME   Sagadahoc   Concerned Citizen   Leon Bard   2/22/2014
MI   Macomb   Concerned Citizen   Terry Hilliker   2/20/2014
MN   Sherburne   Citizen of Minnesota   Daniel Larson   2/10/2014
MO   Platte County   Citizen   Timothy Norris   2/1/2014
NC   Yadkin   Mr.   John S Willard, Jr   2/27/2014
NC   Buncombe County   National Liberty Alliance Buncombe County, NC Organizer   Douglas Stehling   2/12/2014
NH   Coos   Citizen   Alvah Brown   1/31/2014
NV   Clarke City   Attorney   Warren Markoutz   3/22/2014
NV   Las Vegas   Attorney   Joel Hansen   3/22/2014
NV   Washoe   Citizen   Justin Edwards   2/20/2014
NV   N.D.O.C.   Correctional Officer   Jonathan Allen-Ricksecker   2/14/2014
NV   unknown   Patriot   Linda Sanders   3/22/2014
NY   Society for the Preservation of our American Reubl   Founder and President   Robert Laity   1/29/2014
OK   Okmulgee County, OK   Citizen and former City Councilman   Jim Lonsdale   1/30/2014
OR   Tillamook   Citizen   David Guthert   2/12/2014
PA   Clymer Law   Attorney   James Clymer   1/24/2014
TX   Tarrant   Citizen   John Viertel   2/6/2014
TX   Tarrant   Citizen   Robert Gustavsen   2/5/2014
TX   Tom Green   Citizen   Nancy Farmer   2/4/2014
TX   Harker Heights Fire Department   Firefighter / Paramedic   Cody Newman   2/26/2014
TX   Texas   SSG   Joel Viertel   1/31/2014
UT   Salt Lake   Citizen   Gary Anderson   3/21/2014
UT   Utah   Citizen   Sam Bushman   3/20/2014
WA   USA   Administrative Assistant II   Joseph Rodriguez   2/6/2014
WA   Washington   Mr   Reginald Jules   3/4/2014
WV   Nicholas   Citizen, Member - Constitution Party WVa   Butch Paugh   2/10/2014
WV   Raleigh   Constitution Party of WVa. Member   L. Gene Stalnaker   2/10/2014
WV   Nicholas   Founder, Nicholas County Tea Party   Tim Clifford   2/10/2014
WV   Berkeley   Secretary, Constitution Party WVa   Jeff Becker   2/7/2014


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