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Author Topic: Ghost #000001 of Andvari's "Warning: Nazi-style Censorship at FSP" thread  (Read 24186 times)

Alex Libman

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Moving related conversation from the Ron Paul thread to here:

Ron Paul would be appalled at how the dictators here are censoring me.  He is heroic and is a man of Liberty, he doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with these Stalinites running this place.

Actually, he respects private property and leaving rules up to property owners instead of government mandated smoking bans etc.

This is another elementary failure to distinguish legal vs ethical questions.  Legally the owners of any server can do whatever the heck they want to the 1's and 0's coming out of their TCP/IP ports, if any, like fake / alter my posts to implicate me in raping kittens.  What Andvari is alleging here is unethical conduct, like bias, hypocrisy, or misuse of trust.

He is doing that in a particularly counter-constructive tone sometimes, but human beings are emotional creatures and one's position within a cultural environment as awesome as the FSP is definitely worth being emotional about (I've done a lot worse)...  All angry words, especially those posted online, should be taken with some amount of salt (or soy sauce - more flavor per amount of sodium).

I think we can all be adults about this and make renewed efforts to achieve reconciliation and understanding.  Rational people can disagree on issues like abortion.  Deleting threads is never a step in the right direction (though better ignore features, which I as a developer have been pitching for years, are definitely a good idea).  In the meantime... can't we all just get along?   :)
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Alex Libman

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I hear Andvari was banned then unbanned - what's the story here?

Ranting and raving on the Internets is a good thing - if not for advancing substantive debate on any level, well, then at least for the therapeutic value of getting it out of one's system and not doing anything stupid IRL.

Mods ought to be more tolerant.  FSP Inc ain't no monopoly y'know!  For years now I've been just itching to set up my own Libman State Project with a genuine free speech forum (very powerful ignore features and the like).  >:D
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