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Author Topic: New Event Organizer for PorcFest 2012  (Read 23504 times)


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Re: New Event Organizer for PorcFest 2012
« Reply #75 on: July 05, 2011, 12:59:51 am »

Why can't the FSP have a headquarters? Surely PF does more toward "getting folks to move to New Hampshire" than any other single effort...

Because the FSP works outside of NH, to get folks to move here.  They have no need of a headquarters in NH.  What would they do with it?  Almost all work is done online, these days.

Spending millions of dollars buying a campground to host a once-yearly event would not be an effective use of funds.  Sure, PorcFest does a great deal for the FSP, but if the FSP had millions of dollars sitting around, there are much better uses to which that money could be put, which would deliver more bang for the buck than PorcFest.  It's not that PorcFest isn't valuable, but just that it's not valued in the millions of dollars.


Fair enough about ROI. I think we could benefit from more meeting places in meatspace, though. Shouldn't every town in NH have a voluntarist clubhouse?

Regarding the OP, I thought Curtis did a fine job and it seems that most attendees had a blast. Just because we want to smash the state doesn't mean we need to smash anyone who tries to accomplish anything, anywhere. He worked hard for us and if he's up for it, I'd be happy to have that same PF experience again.

Thank you for your kind words. Were I to take part again, however, it wouldn't be the same experience. It'd be better ;-)

He's throwin' down the gauntlet y'all...
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