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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 109738 times)


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #45 on: May 31, 2016, 12:46:58 pm »

In modern automobile tests, an ultrasonic reactor attached to the carburetor almost doubled gas mileage (Dead Men’s Secrets e-book, page 303).
-sound wave technology in the ancient world was used to lift massive weights from Greece (4th century BC), Egypt (400 AD), Syria (2nd century), Asia Minor (5th century), Tibet, Arabia and Ethiopia, like native tradition in South America, Ponape, Easter Island and India.
-A bird in the Andes turns hard rock soft like putty.

Discovery could open the door to cellphone and car batteries that last five times longer

System converts solar heat into usable light, increasing solar cell's overall efficiency

Debugging system for complex analysis of programs that import huge swaths of commonly used code

Force-feeling phone: Software lets mobile devices sense pressure: (Share affection by phone?)

Fast, Stretchy Circuits Could Yield New Wave of Wearable Electronics

New Compound Switches Between Liquid, Solid States When Exposed to Light or Heat

In a new method for searching image databases, a hand-drawn sketch is all it takes

What Makes Spider Silk Tougher Than Steel?

Flying Cars: The Future Is Now
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #46 on: June 14, 2016, 01:28:58 pm »

Coming Soon to France: Hundreds of Miles of Solar-Powered Roads

Edible Six-Pack Rings Feed, Rather Than Strangle, Wildlife
2016-05-18, Discover Magazine

A plan for an underground city beneath Chicago (Video)

World's First Passenger Drone to Begin Testing

Too Soon to Release GM Mosquitoes to Fight Zika

Glass Speakers Create Beams of Sound

Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone

Our Power Grid Is Failing. What We Can Do About It?

Perovskite Solar Cells Surpass 20 Percent Efficiency

How solar brought Muslims and Jews together in one West Bank village
2016-05-16, Christian Science Monitor

Massive Trove of Battery and Molecule Data Released to Public

Why Hierarchy Exists in Biological Networks: New Insight Will Aid Development of Artificial Intelligence

Generating Unclonable Patterns to Fight Counterfeiting

Storage Technologies for Renewable Energy Can Pay Off

New Approach to Microlasers


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #47 on: June 24, 2016, 07:13:24 pm »

Electric Vehicle Rally Zips Across Europe

Why You Should Always Unplug Your Electronics

Sim City Created for Self-Driving Cars

Proposal would erect a 1,200-foot drop tower amusement ride atop Penn Station in downtown New York City

Fiber-fast wireless will make video chatting buffering-free and advance self-driving car technologies

Magnets Could Clean Up Oil Spills

U.S. Skies Now Open for Commercial Drones

Robots vs Monsoons!

First Ocean Plastic Cleaning Barrier Gets Tested

California's Last Nuke Plant Will Shut Down

10 cool drones for our 21st century skies

Russia Wants Teleportation in 20 Years

China Officials reveal plans for a deep-sea "space station" and a fleet of underwater drones.

Cheap gas, coal won't hobble renewables: energy report

Startup looking to make car rental as easy as using Uber

Electric cars and home solar storage capacity increased with simple pre-treatment

Aggressive, sparkplug-free gasoline auto engines with high efficiency

Energy-efficient web

Convert harmful algal blooms into high-performance battery electrodes

Perovskite solar cells surpass 20 percent efficiency

First 1,000-processor chip

Next version of Leaf will go 200 miles on a charge

Ultra-thin solar cells can bend around a pencil

Borophene could be an extraordinary sodium anode material for sodium-based batteries

New 3-D Printed Polymer Can Convert Methane to Methanol


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #48 on: July 17, 2016, 10:49:31 am »

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries & Have Free Batteries for Life

Reducing Water Pollution with Microbes and Wood Chips

Problem-solving insights enable new technologies


New Technology Could Improve Use of Small-Scale Hydropower in Developing


Shape-Changing 'Smart' Material

3-D paper-based microbial fuel cell

Mini ‘wind farm’ could capture energy from microbes in motion

Grade-School Students Teach a Robot to Help Themselves Learn Geometry

Electronic Nose Smells Pesticides, Nerve Gas

Rechargeable batteries that last longer and re-charge more rapidly

Pedal Powered Cinema

From Super to Ultra-Resolution Microscopy

Theoretical Climbing Rope Could Brake Falls

Replacing Oil With Wood for the Production of Chemicals

Public Urinal Generates Electricity from Urine

Flipping Crystals Triples Solar-Cell Performance

How Solar Energy Can Be Transformed Into Fuel

Recycled Plastic Lumber Invented

Tiny Bacteria-Powered 'Windfarm' for Your Phone?

Engineered 'Sand' May Help Cool Electronic Devices

Graphene-Infused Packaging Is a Million Times Better at Blocking Moisture

Electricity Generated With Water, Salt and a 3-Atoms-Thick Membrane

Indestructible Bridges Could Be Reality, Thanks to Nature-Inspired 'Form-Finding'


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #49 on: August 08, 2016, 10:02:33 am »

Japan is about to test out plans for a real-life space elevator

New high-temperature device captures a broader solar wavelength spectrum, improves solar cell efficiency

Lab-Grown Meat

Solar-powered desalination device for rural India (with electrodialysis reversal which uses 25 to 70 percent less energy than RO)

Drone can detect and detonate land mines

Trucks Can Make Delivery Drones a Reality

Tiny ‘Atomic Memory’ Device Could Store All Books Ever Written

The sounds of dead languages brought to life using statistics in a revolutionary new way

Harvesting water from air with less energy (uses a liquid desiccant to first separate the vapor from air and then cool only the vapor)

Could vertical take-off electric planes replace cars?

A crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body

New way of deriving hydrogen from grass for green energy

Super-hard metal ‘four times tougher than titanium’ (by melting together titanium and gold)

Snowden Designs a Device to Warn if Your iPhone’s Radios Are Snitching

Has Beijing found a solution to smog?

Solar plane makes history after completing round-the-world trip

Bacteria made to turn sewage into clean water – and electricity

Norway to build world’s first floating underwater traffic tunnels

World’s First Electric Highway in Sweden

China built elevated bus that straddles traffic

Batteries: organic molecules that can store energy in flow batteries

Earthquake-resilient pipeline

Solar powered device that extracts water and fertilizer from urine used to make beer

Molten storage and thermophotovoltaics offer new solar power pathway

Students build the world's lightest electric paraglider trike

New age for airships calls for new age in repairs

New method for making green LEDs enhances their efficiency and brightness


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #50 on: August 22, 2016, 11:51:58 pm »

13-Year-Old Creates Cheap Energy Harvesting Device for free electricity
2016-02-18, KTVN News

Videos show Gerard Morin Unlocked Tesla's RF Secret on Free Energy

The Thai village using poop to power homes

To Clean Up An Oil Spill, Light a Fire Tornado

A new wireless hack can unlock 100 million Volkswagens by keyless entry system

China is developing hypersonic spaceplane

Someone Invented This Head Hammock So We Can Finally Fall Asleep On Planes [or trains or buses]

Traveling to Mars with immortal plasma rockets

New “Bionic” Leaf Is Roughly 10 Times More Efficient Than Natural Photosynthesis

New method for generating superstrong magnetic fields

19 Year Old Creator of chatbot that beat 160,000 parking fines now tackling homelessness

Improved Perovskite Solar Cells

Cheaper, More Powerful Electric Car Batteries Are on the Horizon

Offshore wind may be even more powerful than expected in the Northeast

Material for Polymer Solar Cells May Lend Itself to Large-Area Processing

Gadget Grabs More Solar Energy to Disinfect Water Faster

Solid Batteries Improve Safety

Researchers Resolve a Problem That Has Been Holding Back a Technological Revolution with Nanotubes

New Bendable Concrete Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and More Durable

Faster Method of Rebuilding Destroyed Homes

Fungus Charges Lithium-Ion Batteries

Low-power always-on camera with gesture recognition

Giant helium-filled airship Airlander takes off for first time

Self-driving Uber cars to carry passenger soon in Pittsburgh, PA

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

China receives first data batch from unique 'hack-proof' quantum satellite

China opens world's highest and longest glass bottomed bridge

See-through wood stronger than glass
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #51 on: September 09, 2016, 09:50:05 pm »

Costa Rica celebrates 113 days of 100-percent renewable energy (and counting)

SpaceX gets taker for 1st flight of recycled rocket

Explosion at SpaceX launch pad destroys rocket & Facebook Africa satellite

World's highest and longest glass bridge closes indefinitely 2 weeks after grand opening in China

What a tiny sun-powered water purifier could mean for developing countries

Mind-controlled nanobots could release drugs inside your brain

Solar-powered Pipe desalinizes 1.5 billion gallons of drinking water for California

Blood Left at Scene Can Indicate Criminal’s Age

A Way To Lessen Pollution From Pesticides

Self-driving buses are now on the road in Helsinki

Fish ‘biowaste’ converted to piezoelectric energy harvesters

Can the open hardware revolution help to democratise technology?

An effective and low-cost solution for storing solar energy

World's first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore

Chemists develop promising cheap, sustainable battery for grid energy storage

Hybrid system designed to harvest 'full spectrum' of solar energy

New solar cell is more efficient, costs less than its counterparts

Dubai debuts driverless minibus

New applications for ultracapacitors

Three-wheeled electric vehicle set to go on sale this year

China says it has stealth-defeating quantum radar with single photon detection technology
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #52 on: September 24, 2016, 10:42:53 am »

Solar Powered Weed Eaters
Brush cutting attachments could probably do some tilling as well

How shipping containers are changing infrastructure

Bloostar: Launching Satellites via Balloon

Amazon's chief Jeff Bezos unveils new rocket design

China launches second space station, Tiangong 2

FAA sees possibility of millions of drones crowding U.S. skies

Expert claims bioenhancements will lead to 'superhumans' in less than 100 years

Stealthy underwater sensor drone for nuclear submarines tested in Russia

This Battery-Free Generator Is Made From Fish Scales

22-year-old student invented mobile fridge

Drones for butterfly conservation

Monkeys can now type at a rate of 12 words per minute on a computer using only their minds

Floating farm could grow food on empty cargo ships

Australians embracing super-human microchip technology

Wireless signals can detect your feelings with new device

The FBI has released their files on Tesla - info on his death ray, ball lightning, and much more

Elon Musk for Tube Travel, L.A. to Frisco in 30 minutes (750 mph)

How China Could Take Over the World's Tech and Automotive Markets
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #53 on: October 14, 2016, 01:08:46 pm »

Making space rocket fuel from water could drive a power revolution on Earth

13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence
2016-07-15, Popular Science

Japanese engineer creates turbine that harnesses the power of typhoons

Electricity-Generating Windows Could Turn Skyscrapers into Solar Farms

Singapore’s self-driving cars can now be hailed with a smartphone

This AI-written pop song is almost certainly a dire warning for humanity

Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water

California eyes unusual power source: its gridlocked roads

New “Skinterface” Suit Lets Your Body Feel VR Objects

Beijing’s latest answer to pollution: the Smog Free Tower

New Google Translate tool algorithm reduces errors by 60%

Lightsabers A Reality

how drones will change cities with 30-minute deliveries

Holland’s drone-hunting eagles

Mini companion robot goes on sale for $400 next year

Robot Schoolgirl Becomes Rebelious and Depressed

‘supramolecule’ that could help reduce nuclear, agricultural waste

Silkworms fed carbon nanotubes or graphene produce stronger silk

BMW presents its self-balancing motorcycle of the future

Spacecraft 'nuclear batteries' could get a boost from new materials

Next-generation navigation system uses existing cellular signals, not GPS, will support autonomous vehicle development


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Re: Technology News
« Reply #54 on: October 24, 2016, 09:32:53 pm »

Augmented-Reality Helmet Could Give Cyclists 360-degree view of the road

South Africa basks in continent’s first solar-powered airport

Terahertz radiation will ‘speed up’ computer memory by a factor of 1000

One-time pollutant, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, may make a better battery to aid wind & solar energy

Real holographic displays

Drones equipped with artificial intelligence for koala conservation

Lithium ion battery for electronic textiles grows back together after breaking

Flooring for renewable energy

Ultralow power transistors could function for years without a battery

New type of computer can solve problems other computers can't

Energy-efficient batteries from silicon in diatomaceous earth

Technology that allows delivery drones to interact with bluetooth devices for in-home delivery
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #55 on: November 10, 2016, 05:20:51 pm »

Custom superior magnets made with a 3-D printer

Device helps you Hijack irritating Drones

Diamonds Could Store Huge Amounts of Data

Robo-scavengers to clean up contaminated water

Japanese 'origami' cartography: world map accurate in 2D and 3D

Britain’s First (Ocean) Wave Farm to Provide Energy to 6,000 Homes by 2020

Forget Apple: new $20 Quad-Core Computer "Orange" is here

Microsoft Open Sources AI Toolkit

Visitors can vote on AI-generated horror images

Microsoft Sees 3D Future for Everyone

Making energy-harvesting computers reliable

Scientists Can Now Create Holograms from Neutrons, Too

Dutch unveil giant vacuum to clean outside air

Uber is working on a flying car project

Machines can learn how to protect their messages from prying eyes

Lightbulb made of modified E. coli bacteria

New automatic forest fire detection system by using surveillance drones

Robot arms can prepare over 100 meals for you at home

Glasses fool face recognition tech

Self-healing Battery

Fuel from sewage is the future

Airbus to Manufacture Driverless Flying Taxis in 4 Years

Navdy offers smart way to keep drivers connected and not getting lost along the way

New tech uses electricity to track water, ID potential problems in concrete

Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance

Smart appliances are vulnerable to remote hacking
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Re: Technology News
« Reply #56 on: November 20, 2016, 05:28:58 pm »



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Re: Technology News
« Reply #57 on: December 01, 2016, 10:17:56 pm »

Scotland’s Wind Turbines Could Power Almost Every Household for a Month

This new supercapacitor battery lasts for days, charges in seconds

'Gecko legged' micro robots in development for repair of spacecraft

Phone that charges in seconds: UCF scientists bring it closer to reality with flexible supercapacitors

Power generation with nuclear batteries

The ‘fog catchers’ in the Sahara that can make water out of THIN AIR for hundreds of people

Thermoelectric paint enables walls to convert heat into electricity

Google’s DeepMind AI can lip-read TV shows better than a pro

Speech synthesiser translates mouth movements into speech

Megaphone translates statements into multiple vocal languages

Tesla is Powering an Entire Island With Solar Energy

Self-driving farm implements

UChicago startup turns renewable energy into natural gas

Brazil to launch its first nanosatellite to the Moon
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Re: 10 Technology News
« Reply #58 on: December 10, 2016, 01:19:11 pm »

Russian robot preps for Moon Mission

New technology better than fracking could vastly expand oil  reserves

Humans play computer game using only direct brain stimulation

System lets users design and fabricate drones with a wide range of shapes and structures

Wall-jumping robot is most vertically agile ever built

Swiss unveil stratospheric solar plane

First wave of virtual reality cinemas

Controversial New AI Can Tell Whether or Not You’re A Criminal

Africa’s Gigantic Solar Farm Could Soon Be Powering Europe

Nikola’s Futuristic Hydrogen-Powered Semi Is 100% Emissions Free

Revolutionary waterless toilet

Robot aircraft take to British skies

No Electricity? A Low-Tech System Keeps Things Chilled

Japan tests innovative magnetic tether for slowing space junk

Researchers develop pesticide biosensor


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Re: 10) Technology News
« Reply #59 on: December 20, 2016, 06:34:08 pm »

Scientists have created a tiny crystal that can turn darkness into light

Concrete Canvas Shelters '09

Solar is Officially Becoming the Cheapest Form of New Electricity

Ford studies using drones to guide self-driving cars

Hydroelectric engineers find potential in centuries-old iron mine

Giant manned robot can walk and move hands
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