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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 109409 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #270 on: September 26, 2020, 09:35:02 am »



Oceanbird cargo ship relies on wind to transport autos

In California, Wi-fi minivans help disadvantaged students

Five things to know about: making self-driving cars safe

An algorithm for problem solving in cars and the human brain

Researchers analyze the use of solar energy at US airports

New discovery to have huge impact on development of future battery cathodes

Mirror-like photovoltaics get more electricity out of heat

PufferBot: A flying robot with an expandable body

How adopting new tech could drive Australia's economic recovery

Evaluating battery revenues for offshore wind farms using advanced modeling

Thin and ultra-fast photodetector sees the full spectrum

New research says sodium-ion batteries are a valid alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Why electric vehicle ranges vary from EPA estimate

Small drone to light-paint patterns or letters through hand gestures

California is ready to pull the plug on gas vehicles

Researchers combine CAT scans and advanced computing to fight wildfires

This tiny device can scavenge wind energy from the breeze you make when you walk

Study compares benefits of scooter-sharing vs. bike-sharing

New storage battery more efficient and heat-resistant


A computer predicts your thoughts, creating images based on them

An acoustically actuated microscopic device

Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerful

Optical Wi-Fi allows for ultrafast underwater communications

A language generation program's ability to write articles, produce code and compose poetry

What's the best camera for video meetings?

Why social media has changed the world—and how to fix it

Promising computer simulations for stellarator plasmas

Researchers identify new type of superconductor

No speed limit in the superfluid universe says new research


Almost a dozen new variable stars detected in the open cluster NGC 1912 and its surroundings

Pair of massive baby stars swaddled in salty water vapor

At least 5 space rocks headed towards Earth this week, as Japan extends its Hayabusa2 asteroid-hunter mission

New Comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus)

Strange, glowing ultraviolet aurora detected around a comet

Asteroid fly by Earth closer than our satellites - 9/23

The strange storms on Jupiter

Rock types on Ryugu provide clues to the asteroid's turbulent history

Design for a space habitat with artificial gravity that could be enlarged over time to fit more people

NASA's IRIS spots nanojets: solar corona

New chronology of the Saturn system


Sea ice has much greater impact on climate, triggered last Little Ice Age

Newly identified 'landfalling droughts' originate over ocean, grow faster, have more severe impact

100 million-year-old meteorite crater discovered Down Under

Mini ice age is accelerating

Ancient Human Footprints

The River Monster, Spirosaurus

New evidence for rapid Ice Age deposition on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia: How Noah’s Flood formed this fascinating feature

Chromium steel was first made in ancient Persia

Sunspot Cycle 25 is beginning

Machu Picchu, the Legend of Tampu Tocco & the Origins of the Inca | Ancient Architects

Andrew Hall: Scars of Plasma Dragons

Andrew Hall: Electric Earth & the Cosmic Dragon

Megalithic Remains In The Nile Delta Of Egypt

Largest Ruins On Earth Unearthed In Peru?

"Baffling Ancient Ruins" Found In France?




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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #271 on: October 03, 2020, 11:44:06 am »



How waste CO2 is helping to turn renewable energy into liquid fuel

Researchers create fly-catching robots

Commercial battery cells that can monitor their own chemical and thermal state

Preheating gelatin as a facile approach to increase 3-D printing duration

Smart cruise control steers drivers toward better decisions

Untapped potential exists for blending hydropower, floating PV [solar]

Lithium-rich materials could be key to more sustainable cost-effective batteries

Development of highly compact radar sensors for industry

How green hydrogen can become cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels

3-D printed 'invisible' fibers can sense breath, sound, and biological cells

Flexible power consumption for production facilities

Two groups demonstrate designs for electrocaloric cooling that change temperature under an electric field

Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene


Get a smartphone for under $300

Cyberattack hobbles major hospital chain's US facilities

Our actual attention is now measurable

Tool helps clear biases from computer vision

Researchers spot origins of stereotyping in AI language technologies

Radiation-immune and repairable chips to fabricate durable electronics

Memristor - First single device to act like a neuron


Astronomers find the first galaxy whose ultraviolet luminosity is comparable to that of a quasar

Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe

Fast-rotating stars at the centre of the Milky Way could have migrated from the outskirts of the galaxy

Very Large Telescope spots galaxies trapped in the web of a supermassive black hole [or something else]

'Echo mapping' in faraway galaxies could measure vast cosmic distances

Revealing the lonely origin of Cassiopeia A, one of the most famous supernova remnants

Rogue Earth-mass planet discovered freely floating in the Milky Way without a star

Moon has hazardous radiation levels, new measurements from China probe show

Network of hidden lakes detected under surface of Mars

Solar system has two planes of orbital alignment, radical new discovery suggests

Study describes discovery of close binary trans-Neptunian object

Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter

Comet Aurora


An object known as 2020 SO is heading towards Earth, and from October, it will be a ‘mini-moon’, which could stay in orbit of our planet until May next year. While we have The Moon, Earth regularly gets many small asteroids and meteors [get] caught in its orbit, which astronomers call ‘mini-moons’.

New research finds [biological] molecular machines are even amazing

Evidence of a supernova near Earth 2.5 million years ago

New insights into the origin of diamonds in meteorites

Excellent content piling up on the Younger Dryas Impact Event

Ora Bada Crater of September

ICR Paleoclimate Research Continues

Lava Flows Disqualify Lake Spillover Canyon Theory

Richest harvest of anthropological discoveries at the world-famous Denisova Cave in the south of Siberia

Search For The Megalithic Temple Of The Pyramid Near Cusco Peru

Soğmatar & The Lost Aliens of Malta

Nimrods Fortress ~ Prediluvian Relic?

Ancient "Vimana-Launchpad" In Bolivia?

"Post-Cataclysmic-Homes" Found In Russia?

"Utterly Baffling" Ancient Quarry Found In Italy?


Lightning and Megaliths – The Connection

Lucky strike? How lightning inspired builders of Callanish

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #272 on: October 10, 2020, 10:53:28 am »



How "Gravity" Built the World's Fastest Jet Suit
But Drones are probably a lot better and cheaper

The best of both worlds: A new take on metal-plastic hybrid 3-D printing

Novel laser-thermal mechanism realizes ultra-fast construction of PDMS devices
- Novel laser-thermal mechanism realizes ultra-fast construction of PDMS devices

Blocking vibrations that remove heat could boost efficiency of next-gen solar cells

Offshore turbines to power post-virus UK recovery plan

How 10 billion people could live well by 2050 – using as much energy as we did 60 years ago

Safeguarding iconic buildings from bomb explosions

Team extracts more energy from sunlight with advanced solar panels

Carbon-based materials that can be used as electrodes compatible with CMOS circuitry

This 'squidbot' jets around and takes pics of coral and fish

World's largest experiment shows shack fires move with devastating speed

Beirut explosion was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history

New measurement of nucleus of thorium-229 moves scientists step closer to a nuclear clock

Researchers design the world's fastest ultraviolet camera

Nanoscale machines convert light into work

An electrical trigger fires single, identical photons

Support film makes cryo-electron microscopy sharper

Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound

Scientists create 'super enzyme' that eats plastic bottles six times faster


How mobile apps grab attention

Hospitals hit hardest by ransomware attacks

New method enables automated protections for sensitive data

Squeezing light inside memory devices could help improve performance

Printing high-speed low-power organic transistors

Global Privacy Control initiative seeks to give users control over their Internet privacy wishes


Carbon creation finding set to rock astrophysics

Planetary nebula IPHASX J191104.8+060845 explored in detail

The origin of Type Ia supernovae revealed by manganese abundances

Astronomers find evidence planets start to form while infant stars are still growing

Astronomers produce largest 3-D catalog of galaxies

Hubble sees swirls of forming stars

Galactic filaments are not kinetic phenomena

Scientists study the rugged surface of near-Earth asteroid Bennu - evidence of carbonate compounds found

Solar storm: Huge flare bursts from the Sun - Watch NASA video

Preserved dune fields offer insights into Martian history

Looking for pieces of Venus? Try the moon

Was the moon magnetized by impact plasmas?

New 3-D model could explain the formation of a hexagon storm on Saturn

A new look at sunspots

Second moon for Earth coming

Hexagon on Ceres


OUROBOROS __NS (Newborn Star) p.190
_Van der Sluijs informs us that "cosmogonic myths from Egypt as well as Oceania" quite often substitute a "surrounding serpent" for the [cosmic] egg....3
_[Ref 1 R. K. G. Temple, The Sirius Mystery (N. Y., 1976), p. 49. 2 Ibid. 3 Ibid., p. 37.]

ICE AGE __FS (Flare Star) p.79
_The conclusion reached in the present study is that these behemoths were catastrophically eradicated when the present polar ice caps were formed, long after the Pleistocene Ice Age had come to an end.1
_[Ref 1 See here D. Cardona. "The Demands of the Satumian Configuration Theory," Chronology & Catastrophism Review (2000: I). pp. 73-74.

Study claims massive stellar blast capable of wiping out life occurred near Earth 2.4 million years ago

How fire works in Wildfires

Could megatesla magnetic fields be realized on Earth?

2,000 year old 'exceptionally preserved' brain material found in Vesuvius victim

Tunguska explosion in 1908 caused by asteroid grazing Earth says new theory

Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems


Warm Antarctica?

Sea level change 40,000 years ago

Early Europeans

Covid from Space Retraction?

Manatees Lived in Texas During the Last Ice Age

6,500-year-old copper workshop uncovered in the Negev Desert’s Beer Sheva

Megafauna struggled in the rainforest

Was This Cave Bear Really “Prehistoric”?

12,000-Year-Old Temple Discovered at Kahin Tepe in Turkey | Ancient Architects

Gornaya Shoria [in Siberia] Proof It Was Man-Made?

HUNDREDWEIGHT: The Original unit of Megalithic Measure?


World's Oldest Artificial Island? The Mystery of Angkor Wat

Archeologists Unearthed this Stone Turtle! What's Inside is An Ancient Machine?
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #273 on: October 17, 2020, 11:54:13 am »



Lightweight, bendy, cheaper – the promise of organic solar panels

Advanced driver-assistance systems found to be susceptible to split-second flash phantoms

Integrated hydrogen sensor/separation module boosts long-term efficiency and revenue in solar power plants

Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from 'dry' air

We're more likely to ride bikes if we can carry more on them

The threat of 'killer robots' is real and closer than you might think

GM to run robot cars in San Francisco without human backups

Designing off-grid refrigeration technologies for crop storage in Kenya

Significant improvements in perovskite-based solar cell

Stretching makes the superconductor

Imaging light waveforms in air plasma

Researchers synthesize room temperature superconducting material

A single-shot miniature three-dimensional fluorescence microscope

Ultrafast camera films 3-D movies at 100 billion frames per second

Layer-cake 2-D superconductivity

In specially coated tubes, the more viscous a liquid is, the faster it flows


Software spots and fixes hang bugs in seconds, rather than weeks - Hang bugs are when software gets stuck, but doesn't crash

New virtual reality software allows scientists to roam inside biological cells

Easy-to-make, ultra-low power electronics could charge out of thin air

Working from home globally is increasing vulnerability to cyber attacks

What is an algorithm? How computers know what to do with data

A virtual reality game that integrates tactile experiences using biometric feedback

A new ultrafast control scheme of ferromagnet for energy-efficient data storage

Do algorithms erode our ability to think?


Researchers obtain special photometric behaviors of novae-like system and confirm evidence of disk wind

Astronomers determine distances to 18 dwarf galaxies

Densest star systems in the Universe

Radio observations detect new brown dwarf

Webb Telescope can reveal distant galaxies hidden in quasars' glare

Upgraded GMRT measures the mass of hydrogen in distant galaxies

Star clusters are only the tip of the iceberg

New M92 galaxy stellar stream discovered

The recipe for powerful quasar jets

Astronomers discover metal-poor globular cluster by chance

Supergiant star Betelgeuse smaller, closer than first thought

Two planets found orbiting a red dwarf

Source of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

NASA asteroid hunters spot flurry of new space rocks headed towards Earth, after identifying mysterious new 'minimoon'

Fake asteroid? NASA expert IDs mystery object as old rocket

Studying the sun as a star to understand stellar flares and exoplanets

Life on earth thanks to the Moon?

Plumes on Bennu


Crystal gems found in extreme igneous rocks could form within hours, study suggests

The Peruvian and Northern Bolivian Subandean Fold and Thrust Belt
Presenter’s notes: ... Gondwanide orogeny shows Pangaea's Antarctica between Africa and Australia. MF's model may be correct though.

Older than Machu Picchu: Pre-Inca Mountaintop Settlement Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

Gigantic Ancient Ruins In Bosnia?

Volcanic eruptions may explain Denmark's giant mystery crystals says new research

Solar Minimum increases atmospheric radiation [from cosmic rays] by +15%, reaching a 5-year high

The Bright Angel Trail ancient tracks

South American Plant Fossils Confirm Flood Boundary

Secular Science Struggles to Explain Origin of Earth’s Water

Sea levels 32m higher 13,800 years ago in southern Greenland

Central Asian horse riders played ball games 3,000 years ago

Incredible details of 10,000-year-old trek revealed in fossil footprints

An investigation into the origins of the Sphinx

Exploring Puma Punku In Bolivia With Physicist Ken Bryant

Mysterious Ancient Naupa Huaca In The Highlands Of Peru

Surreal Megalithic Site Of Tanis In The Nile Delta Of Egypt

Aswan Granite Links Baalbek To The Pyramids?

"Pre Ice-Age Labyrinth" Beneath Edinburgh, Scotland?

Why Are Puma-Punku's Stones Magnetised?

"Gigantic Megaliths" Hidden On Orkney?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #274 on: October 24, 2020, 10:20:45 am »



Studying new solar tracking strategies to maximize electric production

Colorful perovskites [solar panels]

'Digit' robot for sale and ready to perform manual labor

New combustion models improve efficiency and accuracy

Wind energy and wildlife share future in the skies and seas

Radiative cooler that cools down even under sunlight

A gecko-adhesive gripper for the Astrobee free-flying robot

Fiat Chrysler expanding online shopping options to include used cars

The environmental impacts of a new solar cell technology

OPD optical sensors that reproduce any color

Robots deciding their next move need help prioritizing

Simple software creates complex wooden joints

Energy efficient heat pump technology increases the value of homes in the U.S.

This beetle can survive getting run over by a car. Engineers are figuring out how.

How algorithms can help the clothing industry

A roadmap for making critical infrastructure safer as natural disasters increase

Charging electric cars up to 90% in six minutes

Moving microscopy beyond the resolution limit

This white paint keeps surfaces cooler than surroundings, even under direct sunlight

Scientist creates camera that films in 3D at 100B frames per second, fast enough to capture light traveling

Simple patterns on solar panels boosts light absorption by 125%

NASA's Perseverance rover bringing 3-D-printed metal parts to Mars


AI reduces 'communication gap' for nonverbal people by as much as half

Detecting early-stage failure in electric power conversion devices

The real promise of synthetic data

Artificial intelligence provides students more individualized teaching

An integrated circuit of pure magnons

Future wearable electronic clothing could be charged by our own body heat

Usable and secure password policy backed by science

Artificial intelligence can predict students' educational outcomes based on tweets

Researchers find huge, sophisticated black market for trade in online 'fingerprints'

A math idea that may dramatically reduce the dataset size needed to train AI systems


Astronomers unveil first direct image of young exoplanet just 63 light-years away

Messier 85 has a peculiar globular cluster system, study finds

The Milky Way galaxy has a clumpy halo

Clouds of gas that "rain down" upon the Milky Way

NASA just successfully touched down on an asteroid

The implications of signs of life on Venus?

Plumes on Bennu


Researchers develop simple way to capture high quality 3-D images of live cells and organisms

Microscopy breakthrough reveals how proteins behave in 3-D

Lava lake rises at dangerous African volcano

Morphogenesis: How Nature codes for shape

Over a BILLION trees spotted throughout West African desert and Sahel regions

'Lost' tectonic plate discovered under the Pacific

Gobekli Tepe's pillars: new developments

Leviathan: Legend, Croc, or Something Else?

Stone doodles reveal glimpses of Ice-Age life.

Melting Alpine glaciers yield archaeologic troves

Turbulent environment set the stage for leaps in human evolution 320,000 years ago

12,000-Year-Old Ancient Human Trackway Discovered in North America | Ancient Architects

A Complete exploration Of Megalithic Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia

Italy Built On Gigantic Advanced Ruin?

Advanced Lost Civilization Found In Turkey?

"Ancient Laser-Cut" Temple In India?

EVERY INCH of Angkor Wat has a SECRET | Evidence of Ancient Technology | Part III


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #275 on: October 31, 2020, 07:10:20 pm »



Karnataka Farmer develops 'Bike' to climb arecanut trees

How alkali-metal doped flexible solar cells work

Bridges with limb-inspired architecture can withstand earthquakes, cut repair costs

Treating silicon with carbon dioxide gas in plasma processing for better solar cells

Researchers create robots that can transform their wheels into legs

Versatile Fabric can be 3-D printed with no custom software or hardware

Intelligent maintenance: Improved maintenance management for train tracks

Soil-powered fuel cell promises cheap, sustainable water purification

Advanced facade material for urban heat island mitigation

Infrared light antenna powers molecular motor

Physicists circumvent centuries-old theory to cancel magnetic fields

Identifying biomolecule fragments in ionising radiation

Researchers form ultra-strong coupling between photons and atoms [[Seems dubious]]

Assessing the viability of small modular nuclear reactors

A world record in detecting extremely low levels of gas impurities

'Super White' paint that reflects 95.5% of sunlight created


New control architecture defends complex interconnected systems against cyberattacks

Motorists' smartphones may help keep highways safe

Lobe aims to make it easy for anyone to train machine learning models

Sorry, but you need to upgrade your phone every year now

Cloud-based framework leads to improved efficiency in disaster-area management

Users don't understand computer explanations for image labeling errors

Stressed on the job? An AI teammate may know how to help

Hackers can steal sensitive user data over the phone using smart speakers

Behind the fight over the rule that made the modern internet

Cellular networks vulnerable to wildfires across U.S.

US authorities warn of 'imminent' cyber threat to hospitals

Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics

Basic cybersecurity precautions against ransomware are key to minimizing the damage


Study debunks claim galaxy is made of 98% dark matter

Discovery of a new nova in M31

New sub-Saturn-mass exoplanet discovered

Surprisingly mature galaxies in the early universe

New survey finds that single burst of star formation created Milky Way's central bulge

An Earth-sized rogue planet discovered in the Milky Way

Most isolated massive stars are kicked out of their clusters

NASA's SOFIA observatory discovers water spread out across Moon's sunlit surface

Sprites and elves discovered in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter

'Weird little molecule' detected on Titan - never been found in any atmosphere before

Study offers more complete view of massive asteroid Psyche

Studying craters on asteroid Bennu shows how long it has been orbiting near Earth

Astronomers discover activity on distant planetary object

4.5-bil­lion-year-old ice on comet 'fluffi­er than cap­puc­ci­no froth'

Deep-learning algorithms helping to clear space junk from our skies

An ancient crater triplet on Mars

Asteroid's scars tell stories of its past

New evidence our neighborhood in space is stuffed with hydrogen


New study says 'exosomes' can't be distinguished from viruses

Professional Research concludes Tiwanaku / Pumapunku Megaliths are Artificial Geopolymers

See the Pattern (Video Channel)

'Fireball' meteorite contains pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds

Japanese scientists publish most detailed and complete record yet of Earth's last magnetic reversal

Where are the fossils of buildings and artifacts from pre-Flood civilizations?

*Tools made by some of North America’s earliest inhabitants were made only during a 300-year period [Probably the 300 years between the Great Flood and the Younger Dryas event of 4300 BP?]

Bison engravings in Spanish caves reveal a common art culture across ancient Europe

Erratic boulder in the Deccan Traps

Proving the Passage of the Dragon (Mountain & River Formation)

The Curious Ancient Site Of Wari In The Highlands Of Peru

Mysterious Ancient Portal Of Amaru Muru Near Lake Titicaca In Peru

Harihar Fort ~ Proof Of Two Lost Civilizations?

"Impossible Megalithic Ruin" In Siberia?

Was Angkor Wat Built 1 MILLION YEARS Ago? Proof Of Older Civilization


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #276 on: November 07, 2020, 10:13:19 pm »



Transparent Aluminum - Star Trek Technology is now Real

Using radar to detect foreign objects in foods

Rapid prototyping: Testing heavy equipment in software

An underwater navigation system powered by sound

Boosting the capacity of supercapacitors

Walmart abandons shelf-scanning robots, lets humans do work

Tunisian startup 3-D prints solar-powered bionic hands

Drones that patrol forests could monitor environmental and ecological changes

Transparent solar cells could bring a new era of personalized energy

Where are our self-driving cars?

Sensor technology aims to help US cities extend the life of aging pipelines

Water-energy nanogrid provides solution for rural communities lacking basic amenities

New technique extends next-generation lithium metal batteries

Researchers discover a new way to produce hydrogen using microwaves

Scientists develop energy-saving 'liquid window'

New insights into 3-D printing of spacers and membranes for water treatment

Australia constructing giant 300-megawatt battery

How a semiconductor becomes a metal

Researchers demonstrate a superconductor previously thought impossible

New technique to observe atoms

DNA-based tagging technology coming soon


Why robots and artificial intelligence creep us out

Flexible and transparent electronics fabricated using a two-dimensional semiconductor

Why employees fall for scams and what companies can do about it

Computer scientist researches interpretable machine learning, develops AI to explain its discoveries


Mysterious radio signal is coming from inside our galaxy

Astronomers find cosmic radio burst source

Study investigates dual nuclei in the galaxy merger remnant Mrk 212

Analysis of a Martian meteorite reveals evidence of water 4.4 billion years ago

Mars Hand Lens Imager instrument acquires image

Hot Neptune Exoplanet Atmosphere "Shouldn't Exist"

The Local Intergalactic Void


The Sleeping Beauty of instant fossilization

Were the Dinosaurs of Mongolia rapidly buried by Extraterrestrial Sands?

Many Ancient Mythic Images

Ancient dog DNA traces canine diversity to the Ice Age

Stone Mountain, Georgia (USA) An underground ocean of molten magma

Göbekli Tepe shows evidence of geometric planning

Paleontology Confirms a Late Cenozoic N-Q Flood Boundary

Discovery of female hunter remains challenges ideas of ancient gender roles

Ancient skeleton find in Germany

Debunking Kaczorowski 1977 re Carolina Bays

Formation of the Carolina Bays in a nutshell

Doggerland and Ancient Britain: The Story So Far

Ancient Olmec Site Of Chalcatzingo In Mexico

An Exploration Of Underground Megalithic Complexes At Dashur And Saqqara In Egypt

"60,000 Ton-Anomaly" At Bottom of Sea of Galilee?

Microscopic Gold Jewels Beneath Stonehenge?

Citadel of Erbil ~ An Impossible Relic?

Impossible Ancient Megalithic Masonry?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #277 on: November 14, 2020, 09:24:09 pm »



Accurate, faster hydraulics models for safer drilling for oil and gas

Solar perovskite production on a roll

Camel-fur-inspired power-free system harnesses insulation and evaporation to keep items cool

Sensor for smart textiles survives washing machine, cars and hammers

US nuclear lab partnering with utility to produce hydrogen

Smart concrete could pave the way for high-tech, cost-effective roads

Environmentally friendly method could lower costs to recycle lithium-ion batteries

New green materials could power smart devices using ambient light

Machine learning for making machines: Applying visual search to mechanical parts

Researchers decode thermal conductivity with light

Improving high-energy lithium-ion batteries with carbon filler

Time for a new state of matter in high-temperature superconductors

Researchers make most precise measurements of deuterium fusing with a proton to form helium-3

New kind of superconductivity discovered


A pre-emptive memory management system can speed up data-intensive simulations by 2.5 times

The study of a cybercrime marketplace in action

New tool detects unsafe security practices in Android apps

Double patterns could advance Android device security

Researchers develop open-source tool to check for data leakage from AI systems

Concurrent sharing of an avatar body by two individuals in virtual reality

New technology exploits fluorescence and machine learning to speedily scan thousands of images

PLATYPUS reveals new vulnerabilities discovered in Intel processors

Cutting-edge computer vision technologies help detect threats

New fiber optic sensors transmit data up to 100 times faster

Electrified magnets: Researchers uncover a new way to handle data

Transmitting data from space to earth with laser filaments


Unexplained brightness from colossal explosion that outshone a kilonova

Study finds stellar flares can lead to the diminishment of a planet's habitability

Faint super-planet discovered by radio telescope

Galaxies in the Perseus Cluster

A cosmic amethyst in a dying star

Three high-redshift quasars detected by Chandra

Cosmic furnace seen by X-ray observatory

New feature of STEVE discovered by scientist

Europa glows

Heat and dust help launch Martian water into space, scientists find

Potential plumes on Europa could come from water in the crust

Surprisingly little water has escaped to space from Venus, study finds


2019 Ridgecrest earthquake reveals unusual surface movement

Two new mammals discovered in Australia

Tree rings may hold clues to impacts of supernovas on Earth

Soft tissue fossils

1. Dust on the Sea Floor; 2. Ice Ages

Rapid Crystal Growth Supports Flood Model

Soft Tissue Fossils Reveal Incriminating Trends

Climate Change May Have Been a Major Driver of Ancient Hominin Extinctions

The fossil of a duckbill dinosaur has been found on the ‘wrong’ continent

Half-billion-year-old microfossils may yield new knowledge of animal origins

Two-million-year-old skull of human ‘cousin’ unearthed

Were there rainforests in Australia’s deserts?

Primeval Greenland lake found buried beneath a mile-thick slab of ice

A recent press release reports detecting a jet of material erupting from a brown dwarf star

Located: The Mysterious Ancient Staircase in the Egyptian Desert | Ancient Architects

The Largest Stone Monolith in the Americas: The Monolith of Tlaloc | Ancient Architects

The Huge Megaliths of Osaka Castle in Japan | Ancient Architects

Interviewing Yousef Awyan - discussing the mystery and technologies of Ancient Egypt!

Venus and Forgotten History

Proto-Saturn & Comet Venus

Evidence Of Ancient Advanced Machining Technology At Giza In Egypt

Decoding Ancient Anomalies In Egypt

Exploration Of Many Ancient Megalithic Sites In Peru And Bolivia

Proof Gonaya Shoria Was Man-Made

"Mega-Metropolis" Found Beneath Japan?




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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #278 on: November 21, 2020, 06:00:07 pm »



Designing layered oxide materials for sodium-ion batteries

NJ commits to wind energy for 3.2M, eyes onshore sites

Protect From EMF Radiation at Home

25 Of The Top Trending Gadgets

Printable, high-performance solid-state electrolyte films for next-generation batteries

Materials extinguish solar panel fires before they ignite

Solar power stations in space could be the answer to our energy needs

A robot that tells growers when to water crops is on the way

Researchers describe previously unknown mechanism for inducing electron emission in highly oriented pyrolitic graphite

Tungsten develops layers under fusion reactor extreme heat conditions

Going beyond the anti-laser may enable long-range wireless power transfer

Study of polycyclic aroma shows molecules following same relaxation pathway and behaving more like solids than molecules


Is your smart watch sharing your data?

VR architecture reveals stunning details, but can't always capture ambience

Computer scientists launch counteroffensive against video game cheaters

Researchers develop machine-learning optimizer to slash product design costs

Why untraceable cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Disaster apps share personal data in violation of their privacy policies

Boom in demand for friendly hackers as deadly 5G approaches

New electronic chip delivers smarter, light-powered AI

New test reveals AI still lacks common sense

Working from home with weak internet? There's a device to fix that

Q&A: Artificial intelligence and the classroom of the future

Efficient light-emitting diodes made by depositing perovskites on a fluoride interface

Researchers develop world's first all-silicon optical transmitter at 100Gbps

With macOS Big Sur, your computer is already hacked


Scientists find unexplained light in space

Astronomers detect complex multi-component outflow of the galaxy NGC 7130

Cosmic flashes come in all different sizes

Five new dwarf galaxies detected around M63

In the mysterious Blue Ring Nebula, scientists see the fate of binary stars

Ten times more hyper-luminous galaxies observed than stars can produce

Machine learning yields a breakthrough in the study of stellar nurseries

Study investigates mode switching phenomenon in the pulsar PSR J1326−6700

Sky survey reveals newborn jets in distant galaxies

Astronomers discover new 'fossil galaxy' buried deep within the Milky Way

Asteroid 2020 VT4 breaks record for the closest asteroid flyby

Follow-up on recent NEO objects

Weather on Jupiter and Saturn may be driven by different forces than on Earth

Ancient zircon minerals from Mars reveal the elusive internal structure of the red planet

Craters and collapse on Mars

Field geology at Mars' equator points to ancient megaflood

What causes waves in Io's lava lakes?

Pyrrhae Regio region on Mars: Water features?


Hurricanes or strong storms can trigger seismic events in nearby oceans

Scientists used human genes to make monkey brains bigger

Researchers use MRI technology to show telepathy between people

An old rat with no brain has raised some very interesting questions

Even Sherlock Holmes Can’t Explain African Dinosaurs

The Missoula Flood — analogue for the greatest flood of all

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) — a biblical and scientific approach to climate change

Explains how we know this circle represents the sun, and how to decode Gobekli Tepe with that simple piece of information [I'm sure it means Saturn, not the Sun]

Triassic period ended with ‘lost’ mass extinction and a million-year rain storm, study claims

Dinosaurs were not in decline before the asteroid wiped them out

Younger Dryas Postmortem: Cultural Change; Y-chromosome Bottleneck

The Mysterious Monoliths of Asuka Nara, Japan | Ancient Architects

10,000 Year-Old Star Map In Japan?

Dolmens: Impossible Feats Of Stone-Age Man?

Ruad Wall, Syria ~ A Pre-Flood Ruin?

Ancient Underground City Found In Russia?

Quadcopter Flight Over Megalithic Qenqo Near Cusco In Peru


Could we READ the Polygonal Walls of Cuzco like a Quipu?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #279 on: November 28, 2020, 03:48:24 pm »



Researchers develop more efficient method to recover heavy oil

Strengthening homes against earthquakes

Photovoltatronics: Smart solar cells that talk to each other

Study measures Switzerland's potential geothermal heating capacity

Using fabric to 'listen' to space dust on ISS

Using artificial intelligence to help drones find people lost in the woods

Scientists blast iron with powerful X-rays, then watch its electrons rearrange

Supersized wind turbines generate clean energy—and surprising physics

Progress in electronic structure and topology in nickelates superconductors


Facebook labeled 167 million user posts for COVID-19 misinformation [Mainstream is misinformation - LK]

Electrode defects boost resistive memory efficiency

Optimizing complex modeling processes through machine learning technologies

Convolutional neural networks can be tricked by the same visual illusions as people

Binarized neural networks show promise for fast, accurate machine learning

AI tool summarizes lengthy papers in a sentence

Towards 6G wireless communication networks: Vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts

A photonic crystal coupled to a transmission line via an artificial atom [Obscure wording there]

Solving proton charge radius puzzle


Astronomers accidentally stumble upon the footprints of a “massive monster galaxy”

Neutrinos yield first experimental evidence of catalyzed fusion dominant in many stars

Galaxy encounter violently disturbed Milky Way, study finds

New transient ultraluminous X-ray source detected in the galaxy NGC 7090

Galaxy's brightest gamma-ray binary system may be powered by a magnetar

Scientists have re-analyzed their data and still see a signal of phosphine at Venus—just less of it

Scientists characterize second known minimoon

Scientists claim controversial results of comet observations are consistent

Comet 2019 LD2 (ATLAS) found to be actively transitioning


Underwater cities mean ancient historical timelines are incorrect

The behavior of tiny liquid droplets are forcing a cell biology rethink

Space worms experiment reveals gravity affects genes

Was Noah’s Flood too destructive?

Ancient Egyptian temple reveals previously unknown star constellations

Middle Stone Age populations repeatedly occupied West African coast

Curiosity finds evidence of ancient megaflood on Mars

Impossible Ancient Engineering ~ The Lamassu

Ancient Pisaq In The Sacred Valley Of Peru: Inca And Megalithic Aspects

Ancient Megalithic "Little Qenqo" Above Cusco In Peru

Exploring Many Ancient Sites In Peru And Bolivia

"Eternal Flames" Found In Ancient Tombs?

In The Megalithic Quarry At Aswan In Southern Egypt 2018

(MYTHS) SECRET REASON for Crusades, Totem Poles, Pyramids, FROM STONE AGE WORLD MAPS


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #280 on: December 05, 2020, 06:15:57 am »



Headset over headphone: Canceling unnecessary and unwanted noise

AI-fueled batteries

New system optimizes the shape of robots

Discoveries highlight new possibilities for magnesium batteries

Desktop 3-D printing in metal or ceramics

New generation of solar cells contributes to the Green Revolution [ is full of Global Warming Alarmism]

Engineers combine light and sound to see underwater

Review: Some of the best cars cost less than $399 per month [if you have good credit]

Air taxis could reduce fuel consumption, alleviate traffic congestion

This is how microorganisms can produce renewable energy for us

Oddly satisfying metamaterials store energy in their skin

This 3-D printer doesn't gloss over the details

Study shows promising material can store solar energy for months or years

Improved remote control of robots

3-D-printed magnets help create more efficient electric motors

Thermal stability analysis technique for EV batteries to detect risk of fire or explosion

Scientists figure out how to track what happens inside batteries

Shape-changing robots that adapt to their environments

Copying beetle wings to design MAVs that can recover from midair collisions

Huge drone set to launch satellites in mid-air

A low-cost quadruped robot

Air-filled fiber cables capable of outperforming standard optical fibers

Researchers peer deep inside tissue with new high-resolution techniques

Pumping a nanoparticle to lase at low power

"Critical skin effect" explains how changes between different phases of matter occur

A possible way to measure ancient rate of cosmic ray strikes using 'paleo-detectors'

Supercharge your microscope: Researchers share guide for ultra-precise 3-D imaging

Researchers confront optics and data-transfer challenges with 3D-printed lens

Optimising laser-driven electron acceleration

Lab study of droplet dynamics advances 3-D printing

How to cool more efficiently

New Technology Can Extract Water and Fuel from Salty Water


Accurate and efficient 3-D motion tracking using deep learning

Teaching computers the meaning of sensor names in smart homes

Opening the 'black box' of artificial intelligence

Brain-controlled computers are becoming a reality, but major hurdles remain

Neuroscientists find a way to make object-recognition models perform better

An AR interface to create responsive sketches

New technology allows musicians to perform together in real time and around the globe

Trickbot trojan found to now have the ability to modify a computer's UEFI

AI program capable of predicting protein shapes, could 'revolutionize' medical research


Newly discovered ghostly 'odd radio circles' can't be explained by current theories

Fast-moving gas flowing away from young star caused by icy comet vaporisation

Mapping stellar nurseries in the Milky Way

Hubble captures unprecedented fading of Stingray nebula

Observations unveil dynamic magnetosphere of the magnetar Swift J1818.0−1607

Gaia: Most accurate data ever for nearly two billion stars

Video: Gaia's stellar motion for the next 1.6 million years

Sun ejects biggest solar flare in years - comes ahead of next active cycle

Brightly burning meteor seen across wide areas of Japan

Researchers discover solid phosphorus from a comet

Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst

Solar telescope releases first image of a sunspot


Frozen bird found in Siberia is 46,000 years old

Cluster of Alaskan islands could be super volcano

Greenland Lakebed Fits Flood Narrative

The Fossils Still Say No: The Cambrian Explosion

Sediment cores from Dogger Littoral suggest Dogger Island survived ancient tsunami

Was Earth once a bit more like Venus?

'Sistine Chapel of the ancients' rock art discovered in remote Amazon forest
8-Mile-Long Canvas of 12,600-Year-Old Rock Art Discovered in Amazon Rainforest

Quadcopter Exploration Of The Mysterious "Band of Holes" In Peru

"Alien Life-Form" Found in Sri Lankan Meteorite?

Ancient Pyramid Found Hidden In Australia?

The ACTUAL STAR OF BETHLEHEM will be visible on December 21/2020

Ancient Lingams Are Rotating Machines? Frequency Device Hidden Inside? India's Secrets Revealed


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #281 on: December 12, 2020, 07:41:57 pm »



Smarter traffic signs ahead?

New tool enables economic glass design

Improving 'clean' methanol fuel cells using a protective carbon shell

Drones and AI detect soybean maturity with high accuracy

This flexible and rechargeable battery is 10 times more powerful than state of the art

The world's smallest high-performance magnetic tunnel junction

Drone Circuit board reads 8000 messages per second

*5 Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners 2021

How to save energy in Europe's historic buildings

New blended solar cells yield high power conversion efficiencies

Aquatic robot inspired by sea creatures

Solid-state automotive battery could transform EV industry

New fabrication method for perovskite solar cells promises to break the efficiency limit

Batteries mimic mammal bones for stability



Maximizing wireless charging efficiency with multiple transmitters

New transistor design disguises key computer chip hardware from hackers

Delivering sound to people where they want it for VR, AR

Millions of smart devices are vulnerable to hacking

Making new technology faster and cheaper

New method creates major increase in electrical resistance

Discovery suggests new promise for nonsilicon computer transistors

'Accessible Christmas,' an application that allows blind people to enjoy Christmas lights


Astronomers detect gigantic x-ray bubbles stretching out above and below the Milky Way

Carbon emission from star-forming clouds

eROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in the halo of the Milky Way

*New super highway network discovered in the Solar System [like a jet stream]

New sunspot cycle could be one of the strongest on record, new research predicts

Water on Mars not as widespread as previously thought

Solar Orbiter findings


Scientists developed the world's first mobile genome sequence analyzer, a new iPhone app

Unusual deep space signals in Antarctica defy explanation

New species of whale discovered off the coast of Mexico

Evidence of Ice Age cycles found in tiny ocean fossils

Study finds mass extinctions of Earth's land animals follow a cycle

Last Days of Ugarit

Tectonic uplift of the Andes occurred in rapid pulses

Gobeki Tepe's enclosures are huge!

Did the Exodus lead to the Hyksos Invasion?

Egyptian chronology confusion

Massive flood impacted Caspian Sea and Eurasia

Flood Buried Dinosaurs with a Bang

Archaeologists find vast network of Amazon villages laid out like the cosmo

Spherical Stone Anomalies

Carolina Bays Eureka Moments

Exploring Ancient Megalithic Huaytara In The Highlands Of Peru

The Inca/Megalithic Site Of Inkilltambo Near Cusco Peru

Ancient Megalithic Site Of Wari In The Highland Of Peru

Who Built The Dragon Houses?

Ancient "Monolith Map" Found In Peru?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #282 on: December 19, 2020, 06:24:38 pm »



A cool advance in thermoelectric conversion

An open-source and low-cost robotic arm for online education

Positive messages encourage safer driver behavior than fear tactics

Light sensors to tell whether the wearer is inside or outside

Shorter building construction timelines could be possible with new sensor technology

Semiconductor material analysis made possible with artificial intelligence

Creating the next generation of Li ion batteries

Want cheaper nuclear energy? Turn the design process into a game

New class of cobalt-free cathodes could enhance energy density of next-gen lithium-ion batteries

Quantum wells enable record-efficiency two-junction solar cell



Optical pre-processing makes computer vision more robust and energy efficient

Creating a realistic VR experience using a normal 360-degree camera

Improving portraits by adding light after a picture was taken

An LED that can be integrated directly into computer chips

Accurate "visual" tracking

It takes a lot of energy for machines to learn: Here's Why

Study IDs four things that make people feel good about using chatbots

New, free tool adds layer of security for the software supply chain

Novel device lenses for wireless communications

'How Pac-Man Eats' explores how games work and how they can create meaning

Artificial Intelligence that can run a simulation faithful to physical laws

World's first transmission of 1 Petabit/s using a single-core multimode optical fiber


Direct image of newly discovered brown dwarf captured

A [doubtfully] young but completely evolved entirely self-made galaxy

Study explores a unique [star-forming?] filament of the Cygnus X complex

Large ionized bubble around NGC 5585 X-1 investigated in detail

The farthest galaxy in the universe [doubtful since distances are not accurately measured with wrong theories]

Detailing the formation of distant solar systems with NASA's Webb Telescope

Longest intergalactic gas [plasma?] filament discovered

The SRG/eROSITA all-sky map of the Milky Way

Ryugu asteroid samples prove to be beyond Japan's scientists' expectations

NASA warns FIVE asteroids headed this way

NASA Hubble telescope tracks dark storms on Neptune behaving oddly

Radio emissions may have been detected from exoplanet

Venus was once more Earth-like, but climate change made it uninhabitable [probably global warming bs]

Images reveal where lava broke through the wall of a Martian crater and began filling it up

Ice-rich flow features in Martian southern hemisphere reveal effects of recent climate cycles

Powerful electrical events (Low-strength electrostatic discharge) quickly alter surface chemistry on Mars and other planetary bodies

Juno spacecraft updates quarter-century Jupiter mystery


Child's bones buried 40,000 years ago solve a longstanding Neanderthal mystery

Modern Iceland: Colder, more ice than any other time in the last 8000 years except the 1800s

Playing global warming Games

Greenland Melt warming

Land of Punt

Irish Dinosaur Remains

3300-year-old baboon skull may tell of mysterious ancient kingdom

Ötzi the Iceman may have scaled ice-free Alps

Spherical Stone Anomalies

Great Pyramid wood fragment dates to 3341 to 3094 BC

Andrew Hall: San Andreas Fault – A Dragon in Action?

Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence In Egypt Part 1 Of 2

Lost Ancient High Technology In Egypt Part 2 Of 2

Ancient City "Built Underwater" Found In Cuba?

The Treasury of Atreus ~ Impossible Ruin?

Ancient "Lazer-Cut" Megaliths All Over The World?


Documentary about BAYON Temple, Cambodia


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #283 on: December 26, 2020, 05:19:01 pm »



History of a Lost [Fireproofing] Supermaterial & How To Make It (Starlite Part 2)

New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research

Four ways microbial fuel cells might revolutionize electricity production in the future

Technical roadmap guides research direction for grid-forming inverters

Sustainable biodiesel from neem tree trans-esterification

Putting on the pressure improves glass for fiber optics

Chemists describe a new form of ice

Perfect transmission through barrier using sound

Scientists develop an efficient way to produce low-cost heatsinks

Long-term study of bonded steel reinforcements on a concrete beam

Polymer to capture ammonia pollution

Scientists invent glue activated by magnetic field



Optoelectronic devices that emit warm and cool white light



Pair of brown dwarfs found in the constellation Ophiuchus

Open cluster NGC 2158 investigated in detail

Robust stellar flares might not prevent life on exoplanets

Study sheds more light on the complex morphology of supernova remnant IC 443

If a planet has a lot of methane in its atmosphere, life is the most likely cause

Asteroid chips like charcoal


Pig brains partially revived hours after death, PUBLISHED APRIL 17, 2019 [I missed this story last year]

Ancient wolf pup mummy uncovered in Yukon permafrost reveals surprising findings
"process of muck formation by huge tsunami waves at the end of the last Ice Age. ... the muck [is] a conglomeration of ice, tree branches and mangled trunks, as well as vegetation of all kinds, and animals - in parts rather than as whole specimens."

*Earth's expanding ocean anoxic zones and the correlation with periods of geologic upheaval
Comment: Anoxia shows a very strong correlation[2] with mass extinctions and one of the causes of anoxia is large underwater volcanic eruptions[1] . But what caused those waves of mass eruptions in the first place? It seems that the chain of events is cometary impact -> disruption of Earth E-field -> increased volcanism -> anoxia.
[1] Jenkyns, H. C. (2010). "Geochemistry of oceanic anoxic events". Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11(3)
[2] The seven major periods of widespread anoxia in the oceans of the last 260 million years are significantly correlated (>99.99%) with the ages of the flood-basalt - extinction events. See: Rampino, Michael et al. (2019). "What causes mass extinctions?"

Key mechanism behind biggest earthquakes that can trigger mega-tsunamis discovered

Recent "Greening Earth" has had strong cooling effect on land

The world's oldest story? Astronomers say global myths about 'seven sisters' stars may reach back 100,000 years

*The 3.7kaBP Middle Ghor Event: Catastrophic Termination of a Bronze Age Civilization

Alps of Otzi 3200 BC

Plate Beneath China Verifies Rapid Subduction

10,800 Years Ago, Early Humans Planted Forest Islands in Amazonia’s Grasslands

Ancient DNA sheds light on the peopling of the Mariana Islands 3500 years ago

Andrew Hall: Subsurface Birkeland Currents

300K Year-Old "Nano Technology" Found In Russia

Herodium's Fortress

'Kans Quila' - 5000 Year Old Castle of Kamsa? Evidence of Mahabharata
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #284 on: January 02, 2021, 06:42:40 pm »



Major rail safety technology installed before deadline

Grid or solar: looking for the best energy solution for the rural poor

AI-controlled vertical farms promise revolution in food production

Microsoft hackers tied to a massive intrusion of dozens of U.S. government agencies and private companies

New [so-called] quantum nanodevice can simultaneously act as a heat engine and a refrigerator

Designing Dirac vortex topological photonic crystal fibres

Controlling the nanoscale structure of membranes is key for clean water

Stretching diamond for next-generation microelectronics

Boston Dynamics' advanced dancing robots both amuse & scare



Periodic and phase-locked modulation in the pulsar PSR B1929+10

Chinese astronomers discover 591 high-velocity stars

New supercluster discovered

Observations shed more light on the atmosphere of white dwarf GD 424

The Pleiades cluster

220-meter wide asteroid visitor

NASA Insight lander's first look inside Mars reveals the Red Planet's crust resembles a three-layer cake

Sampling the Solar System


Study suggests the ice age was caused by global cooling after a giant asteroid collision in space

Ancient bones reveal Irish are not Celts after all

DNA on and off functions controlled by using light

10 Climate alarmist predictions for 2020 that went horribly wrong

Extinct woolly rhino found in excellent condition after being frozen in Far Eastern Russian permafrost for at least 20,000 years

Recent dinosaur finds

Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor, Israel

Archaeologists Found 115,000-Year-Old Human Footprints in Saudi Arabia

New media on the Younger Dryas Impact

South Caspian Basin supports a late Cenozoic Flood boundary

How did the earth dry out after the Flood?

Hyperbaric Research and the Pre-Flood Atmosphere

First People to Populate the Caribbean

Does the Great Sphinx 'Water Erosion' Date to the 4th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt? | Ancient Architects

Exploring Ancient Incawasi In The Highlands Of Peru: Inca And Megalithic Aspects

Ancient Lunar Calendar In The Highlands Of Peru?

Patara Pipes ~ Ancient High Technology Hidden In Turkey?
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