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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 105591 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #225 on: November 30, 2019, 07:31:27 pm »



A new tool to help one billion people at risk due to lack of access to cooling

Movement rather than shape of wings determines flight

A new type of hybrid colloidal quantum dot/organic solar cells

Report shows high injury rate at Amazon warehouses

Team develops satellites that fix other satellites

New type of transistor designed by engineering professor

Nuclear reactors with a newly proposed barrier could have withstood Chernobyl and Fukushima

New big data algorithms improve earthquake detection; monitor livestock health and agricultural pests

Research highlights need to safeguard drones and robotic cars against cyber attacks

A new model to retrieve images based on sketches

In New York, grocery deliveries go high-tech

Team makes materials that water, heat, or mechanical forces can alter into new shapes

Flexoskeleton printing: Fabricating flexible exoskeletons for insect-inspired robots

Researchers set new upper limit on neutrino mass

Facial recognition "Robocops" see through our clothes and listen to our phone calls

20 Ingenious inventions in 2019

25 Insanely Cool Products That You Probably Haven’t Heard About


China surveillance tech seeks to go global

Kids may need more help finding answers to their questions in the information age

New Facebook app pays people to take part in surveys

Novel tactile display using computer-controlled surface adhesion

Human-machine interaction enables development of highly accurate decision-making systems

Mystery blurs dump of over 1 billion people's personal data

Artificial intelligence underlying mechanisms

Virtual reality becomes more real

How smartphones can verify your identity

New device enables battery-free computer input at the tip of your finger

Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves

Superconductivity theory under attack


Astronomers locate a galaxy containing three supermassive black holes [i.e. quasar clusters] at the center

Carbon soccer ball with extra proton probably most abundant form in space

Study sheds more light on the properties of a Type Ia supernova discovered very young

Mapping our galaxy's magnetic field

Ultraluminous X-ray source UGC 6456 ULX investigated in detail

Global storms on Mars launch dust towers into the sky

New image offers close-up view of interstellar comet

Titan Anomalies

Effects of the solar wind


Ice fossils found in meteorite

Sugars in Meteorites

Meteor Bombardment to Plate Tectonics

What are lost continents and why are we discovering so many?

'Insect apocalypse' and light pollution

Mysterious protein central to the functioning of DNA

Amazonian tree with human-sized leaves finally Identified as new species

Draconian Climate Change Agenda: Back to The Medieval Green World

How the sun affects temperatures on Earth

2019 AGU abstract supports Younger Dryas "exacerbated" by cosmic impact

Genetic effects of the Flood bottleneck

African evidence support Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

5,000-Year-Old Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

The story of the ancient underground precision granite box of Mastaba 17, at Meidum, Egypt

Origin Of The Tiwanaku Culture In Bolivia? The Obscure Site Called Konko Wankane

Was There One Ancient Global Megalithic Culture Or Many?



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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #226 on: December 07, 2019, 08:35:03 pm »



Five key opportunities identified for hydrogen industry growth

Researchers develop generator that uses substance to convert waste heat into clean electricity

Bending an organic semiconductor can boost electrical flow

Car batteries can be frozen for safer transportation

Tracking power generation and use in the U.S. on an hourly basis

How to build a smart city: Innovation diplomacy, transparency, trust and... conflict?

Robotics researchers have a duty to prevent autonomous weapons

New 'hyper glue' formula developed

Remove car lanes, restrict vehicles and improve transit to reduce traffic congestion

Molecular vibrations lead to high performance laser

Novel material switches between electrically conducting and insulating states

A momentous view on the birth of photoelectrons

Simple experiment explains magnetic resonance

Study shows electric cars become practically useless in cold weather


New streaming technology will change computer gaming

Can anyone be completely anonymous?

Tips to help small business owners avoid phishing scam

Growth in data breaches shows need for government regulations (Comment: Duh, the govt is probably behind the breaches)

Deployable human-scale immersive virtual environments?


Stars seen slinging comets at Earth for the first time

Black hole or newborn stars? SOFIA finds galactic puzzle

Researchers identify a minimoon fireball

Gas giant composition not determined by host star

Gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 contains a pulsar, study suggests

Astronomers propose a novel method of finding atmospheres on rocky worlds

Unusual X-ray spectral variability observed in NGC 1313 X-1

Astronomers probe the nature of a peculiar pulsar wind nebula

New clues about the origin of stellar masses

Solar Wind Around Pluto instrument confirms solar wind slows farther away from the sun

Mars: We may have solved the mystery of how its landslides form

NASA's exoplanet-hunting mission catches a natural comet outburst in unprecedented detail

Sun's close-up reveals atmosphere hopping with highly energetic particles

Parker Solar Probe traces solar wind to its source on sun's surface: coronal holes

OSIRIS-REx mission explains Bennu's mysterious particle events


New software aims to make science more replicable

Standard compression algorithm could revolutionize physical and biological computations

Climate change delusions are undermining science

4 Renowned scientists expose major IPCC shortcomings: "Models Clearly Erroneous"

Climate Models Have Not Improved in 50 Years

'Deliberate falsehood': Scientists shred Chinese CRISPR babies experiment after leak of unpublished research

Scientists are playing sounds underwater to bring dead coral reefs back to life

Two of the biggest US earthquake faults might be linked

Peer review working? YDIH dominates science community readership stats

“Fossil dinosaur feathers found near the South Pole”

How much genetic diversity did humanity lose because of Noah’s Flood?

Neanderthal Extinction Caused by Inbreeding and Smallness of Their Populations

3,500-year-old skull and femur found in Hittite city of Sapinuwa in breakthrough discovery

Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

Denisovans, A Mysterious Kind Of Ancient Humans, Are Traced To Tibet

Early humans domesticated themselves, new genetic evidence suggests

Cataclysm, Mass Extinctions, and the Consequent Myths

Older than Machu Picchu: Pre-Inca Mountaintop Settlement Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

Revealing The Anomalies Of Ancient Egyptian History


Richat Dome Formation / Impact Proxies Defined
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #227 on: December 14, 2019, 07:27:26 pm »



Building with algorithms: Looking for the optimal design

Research draws on Formula 1 technology for the construction of skyscrapers

Used electric vehicle batteries charge up the grid

Perovskite solar cell method to make solar energy more affordable

Bridge protection during catastrophic earthquakes
Intelligent camera automatically detects roadside bombs

Self-driving microrobots

What can drones do to protect civilians in armed conflict?

We calculated emissions due to electricity loss on the power grid – globally, it's a lot

Nvidia works out speedy process to turn out 3-D models from 2-D images

Punching holes in opaque solar cells turns them transparent

A self-driving truck delivered butter from California to Pennsylvania in three days

Ultrafast stimulated emission microscopy of single nanocrystals

Ghost imaging speeds up super-resolution microscopy

20 Ingenious inventions in 2019

Electrons flowing like water imaged for the first time


Storing data in everyday objects

Reorganizing a computer chip: Transistors can now both process and store information

Coding booms among Chinese children

Your data has been sold to websites like MyLife and WhitePages. Here's how to remove it

YouTube bans so-called 'implied' threats

Locking down your smart home with blockchain

Family says Ring camera in 8-year-old daughter's room accessed by hacker


NASA's NICER delivers precise pulsar measurements and first surface map

A neutron star with an unusual magnetic field structure

IRAS 18379–1707 is a metal-poor high-velocity star

How planets may form after dust sticks together

Astronomers discover two new galaxy protoclusters

A ring of gas and stars is said to be orbiting the Milky Way

Asteroid Bennu is shooting out rocks - and NASA isn't sure why

NASA's Juno spacecraft captures stunning photos of newly discovered Jovian tempest

NASA spacecraft spies huge new storm on Jupiter

Revealing the physics of the Sun with NASA's Parker Solar Probe

NRL-camera aboard NASA spacecraft confirms asteroid phenomenon

The Sun Close Up


Thousands of holes discovered on seafloor off California coast

1,000 mile long "Dark River" may be flowing beneath Greenland's ice

High-precision map reveals Antarctica's ice sheet bed topography

Plants thrive when climate warms, study of last ice age shows

Non-coding 'junk' DNA continues to show function

Dinosaur tail found preserved in amber

Comet Research Group successfully defends pointed attack from longtime foes

Submarine canyons bigger than Grand Canyon Carved as Noah’s Floodwaters receded

European Stratigraphy Supports a Global Flood

Found a unique statuette of Venus age 23 thousand years

A ‘meteor hurricane’ caused civilisation to collapse and another could wipe out humanity, scientists warn

Earliest known hunting scene uncovered in cave painting

The Worzel Deep Sea Ash

Niagara Escarpment

The Cave of Hathor, the Historical Moses, Monatomic Gold & Egyptian Alchemy | Ancient Architects

44,000-Year-Old Cave Painting From Indonesia is the Oldest Human Art Ever Found | Ancient Architects

12,500-Year-Old Site Discovered in USA - The Date of the Younger Dryas | Ancient Architects

Evidence Of Predynastic Machining Technology At Abu Ghurob In Egypt

Ancient Pyramids In Egypt You Have Likely Never Heard Of

Impossible Ancient Ruins From Around The World


Richat and Atlantis City Plan / Don't Deviate from Plato

Mind Blowing Ancient Technology - Preah Vihear Temple, Cambodia

What They Found Hidden Beneath the Waves…Lost Ancient Underwater Ruins, Cities & Civilizations
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #228 on: December 21, 2019, 09:48:53 pm »



Tungsten disulfide flakes improve the performance of organic solar cells

Researchers make robots from self-folding kirigami materials

Engineer discovers mighty power in small solar energy invention

Smart new facade to improve air quality in older buildings, energy efficiency etc

New coating hides temperature change from infrared cameras

Solar power from 'the dark side' unlocked by a new formula

Study highlights the potential of nanotube digital electronics

New heat model may help electronic devices last longer

Tractionless motion is possible

Researchers reveal a wide band gap topological insulator

First intrinsic magnetic topological insulator discovered

Ultrashort X-ray technique to probe conditions found at the heart of planets

New method captures real-time movement of millions of molecules in 3-D

Study suggests universal method for measuring light power

Researchers produce first laser ultrasound images of humans


Smart holiday shopping: Avoiding fake reviews and tricky ads

Latest ransomware victim, New Orleans crippled by attack

New system transmits high-speed unrepeated signal over 520 kilometers

How to secure your home surveillance cameras from getting hacked

The dark side of Alexa, Siri and other personal digital assistants

Canadian lab test provider pays ransom to secure hacked data

Why some cities and states balk at face recognition tech

How vulnerable is your car to cyberattacks?

German crossbow YouTuber fights video giant for rights

How the price of bandwidth can be cut in African countries

Email users should have 'more control' over post-mortem message transmission

Facebook says it can locate users who opt out of tracking

Open-source system securing software updates 'graduates' to protect leading cloud services

Eight-year-old is highest paid YouTuber, earns $26 million in year

Brainwave devices can leak sensitive medical conditions and personal information

These apps were the most-downloaded of the decade

Massive errors found in facial recognition tech

New security system to revolutionize communications privacy


A billion Years Ago, the Milky Way's heart mysteriously erupted in 100,000 Supernovae

100 previously catalogued stars just vanished!

Carbon cocoons surround growing galaxies

WISE1013+6112 is one of the most luminous infrared galaxies

Spitzer studies a stellar playground with a long history, the Perseus Molecular Cloud

Scientists map Mars' global wind patterns for the first time

Russia to track EARTH-THREATENING asteroids from robot-inhabited nuclear-powered polar Moon base

Escaping water creates ultra-violet proton 'auroras' in Martian skies

NASA detects new kind of magnetic explosion on the Sun

2017 meteor was a 'grazing fireball'

Asteroid collisions trigger cascading formation of subfamilies


Earth enters unknown as magnetic north pole continues push toward Russia, crosses Greenwich meridian

Discovering a new fundamental underwater force

Stars Slinging Comets

The Sun Close Up

Tropical Ice Striation

Sticking to the Comet theme

Comets and X-rays

Thousands of artifacts are discovered at a 12,500-year-old Native American site in Connecticut

Hundreds of mysterious historic earthworks discovered within the Amazon

Earth’s Atmosphere Had Terrifying Mercury Pollution Even Before The Killer Asteroid

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Royal Tombs Dating Back 3,500 Years

Rare granite statue for King Ramesses II uncovered in Giza

The Worzel Deep Sea Ash

Lightning Cosmogony

Niagara Escarpment

Lost Ancient Technology: Drill Holes And Saw Marks In Ancient Egypt



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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #229 on: December 28, 2019, 08:29:27 pm »



Drones need huge tracking network for expanded flights

New Russian weapon can travel at 27 times the speed of sound

Super-resolution at all scales with active thermal detection

Buckyballs release electron-positron pairs in forward directions

New rules illuminate how objects absorb and emit light

Large-area and flexible near-infrared light-emitting diodes

Device splits and recombines superconducting electron pairs

Paving the way for spintronic RAMs: A deeper look into a powerful spin phenomenon


New way to solve quadratic equations

Brain-like functions emerging in a metallic nanowire network


NASA detects new kind of magnetic explosion on the Sun

Betelgeuse is "fainting" but it's not about to go supernova - probably

Russian astrophysicists claim there's NO DARK ENERGY in bold new theory

Powder, not gas: A safer, more effective way to create a star on Earth


'Iron Snow' detected by soundwaves in Earth's Core

Unique interaction in Earth's magnetosphere causes new type of auroras

Forces from Earth's spin may spark earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

'Impossible to open by itself': Display dome covering Chelyabinsk meteorite mysteriously lifts up

Despite biotech firm's assurances genetically modified mosquitoes are breeding in Brazil

Low magnetic field strength linked to both extinctions and evolution

Hexagon Cyclones & Bermuda Triangle solved

End of Permian mass extinction event 250 million years ago

Sea Level Changes - submerged 7000 year old village and sea wall

Deep Earth Microbes

Massive lightning strike at the center of a hidden stone circle

Black mat becoming a thang

Y-Chromosome Study Confirms Genesis Flood Timeline

Biblical home of the Ark of the Covenant is ‘discovered’ in a 3,000-year-old temple in Israel

Archaeologists Find Massive Ancient Egyptian Statue of the God Horus

Laurentide Ice Sheet Energy Paradox

10 Biggest Archaeology Discoveries of 2019

Sarcophagus of Pharaoh Seti I of the 19th Dynasty | Ancient Architects

British Neolithic Stone Circle Marks an Ancient Lightning Strike | Ancient Architects

Evidence Of Ancient Egyptians In Eastern Australia? The Gosford Glyphs Enigma

The Inca Discovered An Ancient Megalithic Complex At Samaipata In The Bolivian Jungle


Grail-Plate-Bowl-Crater / Alchemy & PGMs -Cosmic Grail Revealed

Time Travel Temple Shows Past & Future? Dinosaur at Ta Prohm, Cambodia

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #230 on: January 04, 2020, 10:17:57 pm »



Engineers create drones based on digital twins

Physicists create highly efficient rocket fuel

3-D printing chocolate

Team develops world's most efficient lithium-sulfur battery

Radiophysicists study the properties of composites for 5G devices

Researchers build a particle accelerator that fits on a chip


Calif. vastly expands digital privacy. Will people use it?

Bot or not? Mystery over anonymous user retweeted by Trump

This simple trick stops Google, Amazon and Facebook from listening to you all the time

People are too trusting of virtual assistants

Researchers develop new open-source system to manage and share complex datasets


Powerful magnetic 'ropes' observed surrounding the Whale galaxy

Blazar variability

GMRT discovers a gigantic ring of hydrogen gas around a distant galaxy

Study unveils the nature of young stars near the cometary globule CG 30

Planetary nebula WR 72 has hydrogen-poor knots, study finds

Infrared All Over The Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex

Our solar system may have captured 'alien' comets

Both US and Russia have developed plans to deal with incoming asteroids

NASA detects FOUR more asteroids headed our way

Research sheds light on the moon's dark craters

Scientists pin down timing of lunar dynamo's demise

Scientists find evidence that Venus has active volcanoes


10 things we learned about human beings in 2019

2019 science: Absolutely no climate alarm

A warning from ancient tree rings: The Americas are prone to catastrophic, simultaneous droughts

Why random processes cannot produce information

Rewriting Human History

Fossil Shells

The Most Important Ancient Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2019

Denisovan Research Reveals That Early Humans Were More Complex Than We Thought

4,000-Year-Old Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Underworld May Be Oldest Illustrated ‘Book’

The Balochistan Temple Complex Part One

British Neolithic Stone Circle Marks an Ancient Lightning Strike | Ancient Architects

Talking with Randall Carlson! UnchartedX Podcast - Megafloods, Younger Dryas, the sun, and more!

Younger-Dryas Catastrophe/Boundary Events Introduction

Younger-Dryas Catastrophe Monstrous Extinction

Beavers and Carolina Bays

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #231 on: January 11, 2020, 10:32:00 pm »



Ring-shaped container for better canned food

Engineers design on-skin electronic device providing a personal air conditioner without needing electricity

A communal energy hub

Geothermal energy storage system to reduce peak electricity demand

A greener, simpler way to create syngas

Algorithms help to find minimum energy paths and saddle points more effectively

Batteries made with sulfur could be cheaper, greener and hold more energy

Growing strained crystals could improve performance of perovskite electronics

Pure water is refrigerant to help cool homes

The Pentagon lusts for killer robots

Scientists accurately measure the probability of electron capture by the neon-20 isotope nuclei for the first time

Randomness opens the gates to the land of attophotography

Satellite constellations harvest energy for near-total global coverage


Fully exploiting the potential of supercomputers

Building a digital archive for decaying paper documents

Why Amazon, Google and Apple want to record you

Bosch unveils smart virtual sun visor for cars

Improving online video watching on cellular networks

Ransomware [probably created by intelligence agencies] takes down online currency exchange

The future of social media: What we can learn from why people leave Facebook

A simplified way to turn food waste into hydrogen energy

Training algorithms to spot online trolls

Microsoft looks [or pretends to look] to detect sex predators in video game chats

Facebook again refuses to ban political ads, even false ones [That's good]

Winning at social media is probably simpler than you think

Connected cars could be moving targets for hackers

YouTube's new ad policy is designed to protect kids. Will it drive them away instead?


Mysterious repeating fast radio burst traced to nearby galaxy similar to our own

Second, epic [imaginary] neutron star collision detected by astronomers

SOFIA Telescope captures detailed images of the center of the Milky Way

Mysterious 'wave' of star-forming gas may be the largest structure in the galaxy

Stellar heavy metals can trace history of galaxies

Jupiter not a shield but is flinging comets toward Earth

Mars' most shattering quakes finally revealed

Water could disappear from Mars faster than expected


Researchers track the creation of giant underwater volcano in the Indian Ocean

Scientists uncover new neural activity suggesting our brains are even more powerful than we think

Bizarre phenomenon of light flashing from human eyes caught on camera for first time

Russian science journals retract more than 800 papers

Ancient impact crater discovered in Southern Laos

Earth's Rotational Quirks

Soft Tissue Fossils

Mercury Stripped

Crater in Laos

Changing paradigms in stratigraphy: part 2
"Our research offers significant evidence for a single rise in global sea level, not the multiple rises and falls taught for decades."

Widmanstätten patterns in meteorites - Not a problem for the biblical timescale (ätten-patterns-in-meteorites )

More Incredible Dinosaur Soft Tissue Results

How the extinction of Ice Age mammals may have forced humans to invent civilization

Fossilized seashells show signs of ocean acidification before dinosaur-annihilating asteroid

140,000-Year-Old Human Occupation in America: The Cerutti Mastodon Site | Ancient Architects

Australian Bushfire Destroys 8,000-Year-Old Aboriginal Rock Art | Ancient Architects

Ray Gallucci: Electric Gravity – A Mathematical Analysis

Younger-Dryas Boundary Intro: Ice Sheets/Humans/Floods

Younger-Dryas Extinction by Catastrophic Floods

A HINDU PYRAMID in Cambodia proves Origin of Mayan Civilization? Baksei Chamkrong & Tikal Temple

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #232 on: January 18, 2020, 05:11:04 pm »



A green battery for home use in rural Africa

Team builds the first living robots

Clearing the air (inside your car)

Breakthrough results with high-power laser technology to transform electric vehicles

A smart way to predict building energy consumption
How we consume electricity has changed dramatically in the past 20 years

The paints that eat pollutants and heat homes

Filipinos turn volcano's ash, plastic trash into bricks

Could your car seat trick brain with walk feels?

Researchers demonstrate first stable semiconductor neutron detector

Transparency discovered in crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity

Deep learning enables real-time imaging around corners

How biology creates networks that are cheap, robust, and efficient

Chemical bond making and breaking recorded in action


Cybercriminals: Things are about to get a lot more confusing for you

Cyberspace is the next front in Iran-US conflict – and private companies may bear the brunt

Cutting the cord: As prices go up, here's how you can still save money streaming

Panasonic charms VR fans with aviator-style glasses

Tech firms are winning the AI race because they understand data better than other sectors

Software detects backdoor attacks on facial recognition

Detecting and mitigating network attacks with a multi-prong approach

Conclusions about the effects of digital media are often incomplete, irrelevant or wrong

A technology for embedding data in printed objects

Homomorphic encryption for cloud users

Thin-film identification tags for transferring data to touchscreen devices

Memory storage for super cold computing


Galactic gamma-ray sources reveal birthplaces of high-energy particles

Hot gas feeds spiral arms of the Milky Way

'Giant, shape-shifting stars' spotted near Milky Way's black hole

Scientists detect unusual burst of gravitational waves in space: Is Betelgeuse going supernova?

New way to map distant galaxies

TESS dates an ancient collision with our galaxy

Astronomers reveal interstellar source of Phosphorus

Sun swallows newly discovered comet

Rippling ice and storms at Mars' north pole

First asteroid found to move entirely inside the orbit of Venus

Active asteroid unveils fireball identity

Scientists measure the evolving energy of a solar flare's explosive first minutes


The 'desert' in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Chromatin organizes itself into 3D 'forests' in single cells

An ant colony has memories that its individual members don't have

Ex-judge to investigate controversial marine research as whistleblowers refute ocean acidification theory

Asteroid, not volcanoes, led to death of the dinosaurs - Yale study

Phosphorus and Life

Horses, Volcanoes & Fossilization

Ancient Sea Levels

Whither Hiawatha [Crater]?

15 Buried Archaeological Sites That Were Only Discovered Recently

6 Incredible Facts About the Prehistoric Altamira Cave Paintings

800,000 Years Ago, a Meteor Slammed Into Earth - Scientists Just Found the Crater

New Discovery In Ancient Egyptian Art Reveals a Sophisticated Understanding of the Brain and its Role in Consciousness

The Dendera Zodiac of Egypt: An Ancient Babylonian Copy? | Ancient Architects

Ancient Electricity Made in the Serapeum of Saqqara in Egypt | Ancient Architects

Solving the Mysteries of the Osireion in Egypt: The Tomb of Osiris? | Ancient Ancient

Ancient Astronomers & the Great Serpent Mound of North America | Ancient Architects [[The serpent trying to bite a ball probably portrays the Venus comet tail following the planet/comet Venus]]

Evidence for Ancient High Technology - Part 1: Machining

Impossible Ancient Artifacts ⁓ Of A Lost Civiization?

The Sirius Mystery Can be Solved Using the Great Pyramid!

Younger-Dryas Impact Hypothesis News / Carolina Bays Enigma
Younger-Dryas Fossils Catastrophic Burial in Muck/Peat/Gravel

Strange Indian Carvings Reveal Advanced Ancient Technology


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #233 on: January 25, 2020, 07:57:27 pm »



Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power

Why tech has been slow to fight wildfires, extreme weather

Protecting wideband RF systems in congested electromagnetic environments

Designing a puncture-free tire

Researchers expand microchip capability with new 3-D inductor technology

Stability assessment and reporting for perovskite photovoltaics

New facility to produce oxygen from Moon dust at unprecedented scale

Platelets instead of spheres make screens more economical

Laser diode emits deep UV light

Physicists trap light in nanoresonators for record time

A crystal with a 3-D photonic band gap is a powerful tool to control light, with applications for new types of solar cells, sensors and miniature lasers


What will it take for the government to protect your privacy?

New computer system will detect bad ballot design before it reaches the voting booth

How blockchain could prevent future data breaches

Dating apps: How to protect your personal data from hackers, advertisers

Researchers propose solutions for networking lag in massive IoT devices

Some hackers take the ransom and run

New chip calculates the shortest distance in an instant

Open source is coming to the chip business

Predictive touch response mechanism is a step toward a tactile internet

Bosses using tech to spy on staff is becoming the norm, so here's a realistic way of handling it

How to prevent car break-ins: Turn off your Bluetooth


New high-energy gamma-ray sources found in the galaxy

Light from Betelgeuse faintest ever recorded, temperature way down in just 4 months, yet star has 'swollen' by 9%

Heat wave signals the growth of a stellar embryo

BSNIP project releases spectra of more than 200 Type Ia supernovae

New models reveal inner complexity of Saturn moon

Astronomers investigate physical properties of the galaxy PGC 26218 and the origin of starbursts

New insights about the brightest explosions in the Universe

NASA's Kepler witnesses vampire star system undergoing super-outburst

NASA warns of TWO huge cosmic flybys in a single day following a busy period of NEO approaches to earth

Earth's early magnetic field came earlier, stronger and was powered differently than previously believed

China releases huge batch of amazing Chang'e-4 images from moon's far side

OSIRIS-REx completes closest flyover of sample site nightingale

Solar Flares and Scorching Gases


Scientists discovered a rat that had basically no brain but functioned normally

Borexino experiment releases new data on geoneutrinos

New phase diagrams of superfluid helium under varying degrees of confinement

Gravity: We might have been getting it wrong this whole time

Solar Minimum Electric Consequences

Death of the Dinosaurs

Biggie Crater

What can oceans tell us about the end of the dinosaurs?


First ancient genomes from West Africa reveal complexity of human ancestry


Carolina Bays from New York to Florida

The God Enki, the Sumerian Great Flood and the Origins of Noah’s Ark | Ancient Architects

FOUND: The Lost Pyramids of Lake Moeris in Egypt | Ancient Architects

Ev Cochrane: Memories of an "Alien" Sun

Does Osiris originate in Russia?! (Solving the Conical Hat of Witches and Wizards!?)


Carolina Bays Review / Trail of Research / Ice Projectiles?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #234 on: February 01, 2020, 03:48:45 pm »



New standard allows stacked dies in 3-D integrated circuits to connect with test equipment

Thin radio-frequency detector monitors capacity of commercial lithium-ion battery

Researchers advance solar material production

For cheaper solar cells, thinner really is better

Through-the-wall radar on tiny chip has a single transmitter, three receivers

How sensors and big data can help cut food waste

Instant hydrogen production for powering fuel cells

Soon your Cadillac will change lanes hands-free with upgraded Super Cruise system

Team develops revolutionary reversible 4-D printing

Researchers develop new bio-inspired wing design for small drones


Novel approach allows 3-D printing of finer, more complex microfluidic networks

Haptic helmet for firefighters

Self-learning heat­ing control system saves energy

Efficiency of perovskite silicon tandem solar cell jumps to 29.15%

Sun, wind, and hydrogen: New Arctic station will do without diesel fuel

Four-dimensional micro-building blocks: Printable, time-related, programmable tools

Indian scientists develop 'space bricks' for future construction projects on the moon

New form of gold that weighs about five to ten times less than traditional 18-carat gold


UAE tech ambitions tarnished by internet restrictions

Portugal hacker says he exposed African tycoon

New research exposes security risk for e-scooters and riders

Understanding emerging blockchain identity management systems

Researchers develop first all-optical, stealth encryption technology

Americans are really creeped out by devices tracking and eavesdropping on them

Forensic methods for getting data from damaged mobile phones

What you need to know before clicking 'I agree' on that terms of service agreement

AI could revolutionise DNA evidence – but right now we can't trust the machines

Sheet of glass computer, finger wearables

Dark patterns: The secret sauce behind addictive tech

Using AI, people who are blind are able to find familiar faces in a room

Computer servers now able to retrieve data much faster

Attacking the clones: Dual techniques help reveal malicious image editing

For $10 fee, startup offers unlimited calls and texts


In a rare sighting, astronomers observe burst of activity as a massive star forms

Quasi-periodic variability observed in two blazars

NSF's newest solar telescope produces first images of the sun in never before seen detail

Mystery at Mars pole explained


Ray Gallucci: Electric Gravity – A Mathematical Analysis

The Improbable Timeline of the Old Kingdom Mega-Pyramid Builders

Advanced Ancient Machining That Is Absurdly Difficult To Replicate Even With Today's Technology

Cell codes contain information that goes far beyond DNA

Human mutation rates steady across diverse groups - except the Amish

Bubbling carbon dioxide vent discovered on the seafloor off the Philippines

A mystery predator devoured an alligator corpse at a depth of one and a half miles in the Gulf of Mexico

Texas university researchers engineer bacteria to protect bees from pests and pathogens

Citizen scientists discover a new form of the Northern Lights

Antarctic Geology

Valley of Fire, Nevada: How it is explained by the geological processes of Noah’s Flood

Manganese Nodules Inconsistent with Radiometric Dating

Are the 11,300-Year-Old LSU Mounds the US Göbekli Tepe?

New study debunks myth of Cahokia’s Native American lost civilization

Skulls from ancient North Americans hint at multiple migration waves

Pre-Dynastic Cave Paintings from 10,000 BC Discovered in Egypt | Ancient Architects

The Tomb of an Egyptian God? Mastaba 17 at the Meidum Pyramid | Ancient Architects

17,000-Year-Old Artefacts Discovered in Malaysia Cave | Ancient Architects

Impossible Ancient Relics From A Lost Civilization? + Underground Cities

YDB Extinction by Catastrophe – More Evidence

Cosmic Orientation Device / Sky Simulations & Codifying Myth

Younger-Dryas Impact Hypothesis Background / CosmicTusk

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
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Brainy item-picking robots show up for warehouse duty

Safe and effective shipboard firefighting

Smart water heating could help in South Africa's energy crisis

What if half of Switzerland's rooftops produced electricity?

Enhancing high-nickel layered oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries

How a surface treatment improves the inside of a solar cell
US tests pilotless combat jets controlled from another aircraft

Exploring the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on technological learning rates

How to create smart city technology with connected cars

Circular economy can improve the profitability of wind power—and vice versa

History of fantastic predictions about how technology will revolutionize transportation; Most of them turn out to be myths

New droplet-based electricity generator: A drop of water generates 140V power, lighting up 100 LED bulbs

Inkjet printing technology for battery elements

New production process for perovskite cells: Fast, cheap track to new types of solar cells

Improving pavement networks by predicting the future

Closely spaced hydrogen atoms could facilitate superconductivity in ambient conditions

How iron carbenes store energy from sunlight


Things you can make from old, dead laptops

You weren't the only one who streamed more videos in 2019—the whole world did

How to make the dreaded task of data entry less despised

Should I get a smart lock? The pros and cons of going digital on your door

Why laptops could be facing the end of the line

Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells

Thwarting hacks by thinking like the humans behind them

Controlling light with light: Researchers develop a new platform for all-optical computing

How real-time translation breaks down barriers when you don't speak the language

7 easy steps to stop Facebook and others from spying on you

Simple, solar-powered water desalination

Information theft via manipulating screen brightness in air-gapped computers

New platform of computing using light beams


Scientists perplexed by massive galaxy that mysteriously and suddenly went dark

Observations detect distortion of magnetic fields in the protostellar core Barnard 335

Galaxy formation simulated without dark matter

Pluto's icy 'Heart' formation rules its atmospheric circulation, shapes its surface

New Comet C/2020 B3 (Rankin)

Signals coming from space like clockwork, scientists don't know why

One small grain of moon dust, one giant leap for lunar studies


Living giant trees store millennia of clues to historic climates and societies

According to 'direct atmospheric measurements,' CO2 levels were above 400 PPM in the 1940s

Meteorites from before the Sun came into being

A review of The Lost World of the Flood


Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Was Great for Bacteria

Mud wasps used to date Australia’s aboriginal rock art

Was the Great Pyramid of Egypt Enlarged in the 26th Dynasty? | Ancient Architects

More Lost Pyramids at Giza in Egypt + 1743 Picture Special | Ancient Architects

10,000-Year-Old Skeleton Discovered in Underwater Mexican Cave | Ancient Architects

Precision! - Evidence for Ancient High Technology, part 2

Allende Meteorite Shatters Solar System Myths

Abu Rawash: Mysterious Remains Of An Ancient Pyramid IN Egypt

Even More Evidence Of Ancient Machining On The Giza Plateau Of Egypt

How to Build an INCA Wall Using Nubs! (World 1st!)

Younger-Dryas Impact Hypothesis Background

YDB Evidence for Catastrophe: Carolina Bays, Glacial Melt

YDB Evidence for Catastrophe: Big Picture / Drumlins / Black Mat


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
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Oblique electrostatic inject-deposited titanium oxide film leads efficient perovskite solar cells

Team develops robot hand capable of handling eggs and cutting paper with scissors

DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors

Inverted perovskite solar cells with a power conversion efficiency of 22.3%

Artificial intelligence for machine tool maintenance

Making 3-D printing smarter with machine learning

New air-pressure sensor could improve everyday devices

New material has highest electron mobility among known layered magnetic materials

Superconductivity will herald the age of electric flight

Scientists develop first electrically-driven 'topological' laser

Producing single photons from a stream of single electrons

Israel's laser weapon capable of blasting UAVs out of the sky


GPS: Why people still love their paper maps

Data compliance could be enforced by AI scan of internet for privacy violations

Smallest all-digital circuit opens doors to 5 nm next-gen semiconductor

Computer scientists design a tool to identify the source of errors caused by software updates

A private messaging system that hides message contents and user communication patterns

Condition monitoring and data analysis in the cloud

Britain starts setting up 'first internet watchdog' [bad censorship probably]

Using waste heat to power electronics

Automated system can rewrite outdated sentences in Wikipedia articles

Why we can't stop binge-watching on Netflix

Facial recognition technology risks

Storytelling can reduce virtual reality cybersickness

Artificial intelligence is becoming sustainable

How social media makes breakups that much worse

Algorithms 'consistently' more accurate than people in predicting recidivism


Betelgeuse dimming, astrophysicists speculate on supernova potential

Molecular oxygen detected in the nearest quasar

Citizen scientists discover rare cosmic pairing of two brown dwarfs

ESO telescope sees surface of dim Betelgeuse

Asteroid Pallas' "curious bright spot" and heavily impacted surface revealed in new study

Supercharged light pulverises asteroids

Astronomers discover potential near earth objects


Solar system processes control Earth's carbon cycle, geologists show Earth has entered an era of cooling

Newly published scientific paper tears global warming and the IPCC to shreds

Scientists discover giant viruses with features only seen before in living cells

Secrets of farthest space object ever visited

Asian Pottery Origins

Australian Rock Art

Horses in Cave Art or Comets

Hiawatha Crater: still smoking?

How did the Fjords form?

Life Through the Ice Age


The necropolis of Asyut as an important element of Egypt’s cultural memory

Is an Aboriginal tale of an ancient volcano the oldest story ever told?

The Diary of Merer: Is this Proof that Khufu Built the Great Pyramid of Egypt? | Ancient Architects

The Amazing Massive Megalithic Boxes In The Serapeum At Saqqara Egypt

Evidence Of Ancient Machining And Cataclysmic Damage At Little Petra In Jordan

YDB Evidence for Catastrophe: Black Mat, Hexa-Nano-diamonds

YDB Evidence for Catastrophe: Hall's Cave TX, Santa Rosa CA

INVISIBLE PYRAMID FOUND? Preah Vihear Temple, Cambodia



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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
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Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough

New bipolar plates from thin metal foils for fuel cells

How hydropower can help get more wind and solar on the grid

Researchers show advance in next-generation lithium metal batteries

Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft

Standalone system produces water from the air, even in desert regions

Recycling concrete with the addition of discarded wood

New study presents all‐solid‐state printed bipolar Li–S batteries

A light-sensitive compound enables heatless membrane modulation in photoswitches

New all-sky search reveals potential neutrino sources

Five millimeter diameter motor is powered directly with light

Researchers turn McDonald's deep fryer oil into high-end 3D printing resin


Cloud computing: invisible, versatile and highly profitable

Death in the 21st century: Our digital afterlife

Researchers develop efficient distributed deep learning

Meet Jaco and Baxter, machine learning robots who cook perfect hot dogs

New chip brings ultra-low power Wi-Fi connectivity to IoT devices

Engineers' custom circuits would make IoT systems 14,000 times harder to crack than current tech

New machine learning method could supercharge battery development for electric vehicles

Scientists develop safer lead-based perovskite solar cell

Laser writing enables practical flat optics and data storage in glass


Astronomers detect strange gas movements near the centre of our galaxy

The plasma universe and Max Planck's musical space-time revisited

A submillimeter survey of protostars

Eighteen-hour-year planet on edge of destruction

Beyond the brim, Sombrero Galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past

Giant flare from a tiny star

Findings from NASA's Juno update Jupiter water mystery

There could be meteors traveling at close to the speed of light when they hit the atmosphere


Miami Beach impact crater totally ignored by mainstream science

Freshly frozen bird dating back 46,000 years discovered in Siberian permafrost

New study finds the Earth formed much faster than previously thought

Methane emitted via human fossil fuel use in the last 200 years 'vastly underestimated', but pre-history levels have been much higher

Grains dating back 5200 years ago (3200BC)

Ice Ages come and Go

Dinosaur Blood Vessels

Pole Shift [to explain mammoths in Siberia, but rapid continental drift is a better explanation, see ]

Recent Bolivian Airburst

Empirical data support seafloor spreading and catastrophic plate tectonics

Ancient game board could be a missing link tied to the Egyptian Book of the Dead

9 Powerful Snakes from History and Mythology

Was Noah's Ark an Egyptian Pyramid + Old Kingdom Climate Catastrophe

Y Chromosome bottleneck and the Younger Dryas cooling event

Impossible OOPArt's & Unexplained Megalithic Ruins

Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Czech Glagolitic have a COMMON ANCESTOR!?

Egyptian Hieroglyphics related to other old alphabets


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
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Swarming robots avoid collisions, traffic jams

Device mimics the mangrove's water-purifying power

AFRL creates safer-than-steel synthetic winch cable for cargo aircraft

Turbomachine expander offers efficient, safe strategy for heating, cooling

How heat can be used to store renewable energy

A low-cost aquatic robot with a single motor

New patented invention stabilizes, rotates satellites

Iron powder as the battery of the future

Say goodbye to power outages

Scientists are using nuclear weapons surveillance tech to 'hear' tornadoes

Physicists accidentally discover new way to manipulate electric charge

Pioneering Australian technology holds promise of unlimited, clean and safe energy

A simple retrofit transforms electron microscopes into high-speed atom-scale cameras

CaPtAs: A new noncentrosymmetric superconductor

Breakthrough in analog image processing

A possible new way to cool computer chips

Innovative switching mechanism improves ultrafast control of microlasers


More timely and reliable transmission of wireless sensor networks

A new transverse tunneling field-effect transistor

Cashier-less grocery store

Improves Firefox security

People prefer robots to explain themselves – and a brief summary doesn't cut it

New app takes you out of the picture

Can mobile networks connect first responders in remote areas?

A novel processor that solves notoriously complex mathematical problems

Computer scientists' new tool fools hackers into sharing keys for better cybersecurity

Chip flaw exposes billions of WiFi devices

Team develops optical communications technology to double data transfer speed


Mysterious dimming star Betelgeuse brightens again, dashes hopes of imminent premature death

Scientists studying a distant galaxy cluster say they have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the Universe

Mars is seismically active, NASA's InSight lander reveals

New Mini-Moon seen orbiting around Earth

Jupiter Peering




First animal without mitochondria and that doesn't breathe discovered

Sunspots may cause mass whale strandings, new study suggests

The worlds most consistent thunderstorm

Misconceptions and misinformation surrounding energy solutions


Coronavirus from space


Toba [ancient volcanic eruption] Survival

Giant Armadillos [and gum fossils]

Alarmist Antiscience

Ancient DNA from Sardinia reveals 6,000 years of genetic history

Lost civilization in Turkey that may have defeated King Midas

Conspiracy and Murder in 18th Dynasty Ancient Egypt: Ancient Records Translated | Ancient Architects

Impossible Ancient Artifacts From Around The World

Great Extinction Events Overview and YDB Evidence

E-T Proxies with Black Mat / Critical & Supporting?

YDB in Mexico, Germany & Belgium / Critics get Schooled

YDIH Debunker Deficiencies in Sorting Microspherules

Lost Ancient Technology Discovered? Mysterious Arches of Preah Vihear Temple

What You Will Witness in My Next Coming Video Will Make Your Jaw Drop


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
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DIY Home Security - ON A BUDGET

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Solar energy solutions for facades

Light, efficient, affordable – the shape of things to come in components

A current map for improving circuit design

New tools show a way forward for large-scale storage of renewable energy

Potassium metal battery emerges as a rival to lithium-ion technology

New lithium batteries from used cell phones

Team develops new laser defense system against autonomous drones

Layered solar cell technology boosts efficiency, affordability

Autonomous vehicles can be fooled to 'see' nonexistent obstacles

Scientists created an 'impossible' superconducting compound

Light to electricity: New multi-material solar cells set new efficiency standard

3 companies that ditched regular plastic for hemp plastic


It's not just phishing emails, now we have to worry about fake calls, too


X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions detected in the galaxy RX J1301.9+2747

Two stars merged to form massive white dwarf

New ESO study evaluates impact of satellite constellations on astronomical observations

ALMA spots metamorphosing aged star

Dimming Betelgeuse likely isn't cold, just dusty, new study shows

BLACK HOLES: A Fresh and Sensible Interpretation [I haven't looked at this. Is it truly sensible?]

Organic compounds recently discovered by Curiosity Rover consistent with presence of early life on Mars

Curiosity Mars rover snaps its highest-resolution panorama yet

First direct observation of elusive waves reveals energy channels in solar atmosphere

The dark dunes of Mars: Moreux crater

Comparing mountains on the moon to the Earth's peaks

Thiophenes on Mars

DISCOVERY! Why ANCIENT ASTROLOGY and ELECTRIC UNIVERSE are the SAME?! [Any comments? I don't have time to check this out yet.]



'Rock-breathing' bacteria are electron spin doctors, study shows

Volcanic lightning

Extraterrestrial protein discovered in meteorite for the first time

Researchers find evidence of a cosmic impact that caused destruction of one of the world's earliest human settlements

Older Than Gobekli Tepe

Great Lake Tahoe Comet Tsunami

Post-Flood boundary: Arctic coast of North America

Flood Evidence from Sea Levels and Strontium

Hints of fossil DNA discovered in dinosaur skull

Crater chain with pit "skylight" in Tharsis Montes on Mars

Carolina Bays 90 years of progress

The Pyramid of a Lost Female Pharaoh of Old Kingdom Ancient Egypt? | Ancient Architects

Mysterious Ancient Animal Carvings in the Saudi Arabian Desert | Ancient Architects

The Gosford Glyphs - Ancient Egyptian Connection to Australia, or Elaborate Hoax? NEW EVIDENCE!

Amazing Ancient Olmec Artifacts At La Venta Park In Mexico

NAGA - The Reptilian Secret of Sound & Frequency - Ancient Technology in Cambodia?

Baffling NEW Ancient Technology Discovered? 1000 Year Old Secret Technology Behind Hindu Temples

Proof a Mysterious Lost Ancient GLOBAL Civilization Spanned Virtually the Entire Planet
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