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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 56088 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #195 on: May 25, 2019, 02:18:18 pm »



Researchers develop new flying / driving robot

Driverless cars working together can speed up traffic by 35%

LG will smarten home appliances with eyes and ears

High-flying robot leaps over obstacles with ease

A hybrid, green media wall for existing high-rise buildings

Researchers gain key insight into solar material's soaring efficiency

'Neural Lander' uses AI to land drones smoothly

Hyperspectral camera captures wealth of data in an instant

Iron selenide revealed as 'garden-variety iron-based superconductor'

New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number

Electrons can become heavier


The [possible] Decay in the Speed of Light and the [partial] truth about Red Shift

Astronomers think the universe may be a 'billion years younger' than they thought

Constants are neither fundamental nor constant says new paper

We Are Going (to the Moon in 2024)

New Comet C/2019 J1 (Lemmon)

Immense punch from dwarf planet may explain why our moon is so strange looking

Oumuamua was a fragment from a disintegrated comet

Asteroid with its own moon is set for a close pass

The largest meteorite ever found in North America

New study gives more detailed picture of Earth's mantle [assumes subduction nonsense]

Do tiny tremblors on the West Coast signal a major earthquake?

Taurid comet debris may raise chances of impacts on Earth in June

No Hockey Sticks: Studies Reveal Long-Term Lack of Warming
- More than a dozen independent observations

New video series will strip away materialist dogma and share the truths being uncovered by real science

Scientists predict that babies will be grown in artificial wombs within ten years [cost effective?]

Evidence found of continuous phase transition when rats move from sleep to awake

New study confirms Libyan Desert Glass formed by airburst

Planation surfaces formed by river piracy?

The case for re-writing history! New evidence, an introduction to UnchartedX

I'll add that channel to this list:
Catastrophist Video Channels

Here are two relevant recent videos from the same channel.
Cataclysms of the Ice Age - Younger Dryas, Bolling Allerod. Part 1: Introduction

Evidence of Ancient High Technology - Liquid Polishing at the Serapeum of Saqqara - Chapter 4

What are we missing?: 6 Ancient artifacts that suggests there was a 'Lost Civilization'

Science Confirms Great Pyramid Secret Main Entrance | Ancient Architects

Huge Statues Near Luxor In Egypt: Show Signs Of Cataclysmic Damage

10,800 BC Mega Tsunami Discovery (My Own Hypothesis)
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #196 on: June 02, 2019, 06:20:47 pm »



New power supply unit lets electrical devices live longer

Release of solar panel dataset helps cities make power grids more safe, reliable

New aqueous electrochemical energy storage battery could pave the way for grid-scale energy storage

New organic flow battery brings decomposing molecules back to life

Winter could pose solar farm 'ramping' snag for power grid

New traffic light system automatically recognizes pedestrians' intent to cross the road

Team develops highly flexible high-energy textile lithium battery for wearable electronics

Army project develops agile scouting robots

Replacing diesel with liquefied natural leads to a fuel economy of up to 60%

Fieldwork Robotics completes initial field trials of raspberry harvesting robot system

Chicago winter without a furnace or gas bill: Passive houses

Desalinating water in a greener and more economical way

Direct measurement of the cosmic-ray proton spectrum with the CALET on the ISS

Electric-field-controlled superconductor-ferromagnetic insulator transition

Physicists create stable, strongly magnetized plasma jet in laboratory


The Present Phase of Stagnation in the Foundations of Physics Is Not Normal

Spiral galaxy, Messier 90, is heading our way

Scientists spot 1,800 new supernovae in remarkable discovery using the Subaru Telescope

Astronomers investigate pulsar wind nebula DA 495

Giant planets and comets battling in the circumstellar disk [or planetary disruption debris?] around HD 163296

Evidence of new magnetic transitions in late-type dwarf stars from Gaia DR2

Messier 59 is an elliptical galaxy & does show signs of star formation

Study provides new insights into stellar population and gas outflow in the central region of NGC 1068

NICER's night moves trace the X-ray sky

What's happening to Jupiter's Great Red Spot? Astronomers see unravelling of 400-year-old storm

'Fettuccine' may be most obvious sign of life on Mars, researchers report

First ever solar eclipse film brought back to life

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover finds a clay cache

Ammonia detected on the surface of Pluto, hints at subterranean water

SpaceX satellites could blight the night sky, warn astronomers

Stolen comets and free-floating objects

Peter Brown publishes Taurid threat paper, dusts The Bos

Scientists caught 'adjusting' sea level data to create false impression of rising oceans

how planet’s climate fared when the it was warmer than today

Judith Curry Climate Science Weekly

Pocket of ancient seawater discovered in core samples drilled off Maldives (India)

Could 'soil-free farms' be the solution to the planet's soil crisis?

NASA to form artificial night-time clouds over Marshall Islands to study atmosphere

Scientists detect an ancient rock structure hidden beneath Antartica, shifting the ice

Scientists uncover a trove of genes that behave differently in humans

Trace amounts of extraterrestrial organic matter detected in South African mountain range

Mind-Blowing Marine Ammonite in Tree Resin

"Fast Evolution" in the Duck-Billed Hadrosaur

*Evidence for deposition of 10 million tonnes of impact spherules across four continents 12,800 y ago

Younger Dryas Forensic analysis of ejecta blanket

Ancient Architects recent videos

The Egyptian Links to Electric Catastrophe

Mercury, Son of Jupiter

Brien Foerster


Ice Age Cycles Contradictions - Milankovich? -

Catastrophist Video Channels
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #197 on: June 12, 2019, 07:32:46 am »

I got behind schedule this week. I hope to catch up today. Okay, I'm caught up now below.
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #198 on: June 12, 2019, 09:24:08 am »



World's Lightest Solid!

Russian MoD publishes test launch video of impossibly fast missile (supersonic at launch?)

'Flying-V' plane: Potential to revolutionise air travel

DARPA developing tech that 'taps into human brain' with mind-controlling drones

New approach optimizes use of future wave electricity generators during natural disasters

Floating power plants

Everything will connect to the internet someday, and this biobattery could help

A 3-D printer powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence

Autonomous boats can target and latch onto each other

Pioneering 3-D printed device sets new record for efficiency

300-year-old piston design reinvented with soft flexible materials

How to speed up the discovery of new solar cell materials

Light energy and biomass can be converted to diesel fuel and hydrogen

Novel denoising method generates sharper photorealistic images faster

Researchers develop superconducting quantum refrigerator

Scientists create plasma using nanowires and long-wavelength, ultrashort-pulse laser

A novel microscopic approach to amorphous solids

Direct observation of giant molecules

Fiber-optic probe can see molecular bonds

Space Rider: Europe's reusable space transport system


Two newborn exoplanets caught sucking in matter from distant star

First known 'intergalactic bridge' discovered 10 million light-years away

Three ancient globular clusters found in the galactic bulge

Gamma-ray pulsations detected from the pulsar J0952−0607

Astronomers take a closer look at emission from the supernova remnant MSH 15−56

Cool, nebulous ring around Milky Way's supermassive [bulge]

Detection of powerful winds driven by a supermassive something from La Palma

Giant stellar eruption detected for the first time

The tell-tale clue to how meteorites were made, at the birth of the solar system [or some other time]

Hayabusa2 drops target marker at asteroid Ryugu

Study of mesosiderite zircons suggests Vesta was struck by a very large rock

Gravitational data from Dawn suggests dome on Ceres is made of volcanic mud

Saturn's moon Mimas, a snowplow in the planet's rings

NASA to open International Space Station to tourists from 2020

John Christy: Climate Models Have Been Predicting Too Much Warming

How simulation neurons help us understand the minds of others

Genetic discovery surprises support the validity of Intelligent Design

Ball lightning phenomenon theorized to be 'photon bubble' by Russian scientist

Scientists warn Russian volcano could cause destruction on scale of Pompeii

Rainforest once covered the plains of Patagonia where the fossils were found

Ancient Siberia was home to previously unknown humans - Theory of Native American ancestors rewritten

Slim Chance: Football field-sized asteroid could hit Earth this year

Beta Taurid meteor shower may pack an unexpected punch

Site of biggest ever meteorite collision in the UK discovered

Monkey Fossil Reveals Diversity and Flood Boundary

Moon Is Unexpectedly Still Cooling and Shrinking

At least some ‘tillites’ may be impact debri

The Vredefort Dome, South Africa
Formed by an enormous asteroid impact during a global watery catastrophe

Catastrophist Video Channels

The Egyptian Links to Electric Catastrophe

Jacob Gable - Recreating Myth and Disaster

An Electric View Review - Godzilla and Plasma Mythology

Discourses on an Alien Sky #41 | The Labyrinth and the Gordian Knot


Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology Around The World: Update

Hudson Bay Isostatic Rebound / LIA Glaciers

The Day The Earth Burned our History

Madagascars Underwater Volcano
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #199 on: June 15, 2019, 08:24:24 am »



New quantum dot microscope shows electric potentials of individual atoms

Light can be used not only to measure materials' properties, but also to change them

Matter can exist in many different phases

Using carbon nanotubes to strengthen graphene-based membranes used for desalination

National MagLab creates world-record magnetic field with small, compact coil

A new method for the generation of intense X-ray and gamma-ray radiation


Earth's heavy metals result of supernova explosion
CC's Model is better

Charles is working on his Black Holes model at

Why do massive (and not-so-massive) stars form?
(Charles' explanation is probably much better:)

Fermi mission reveals its highest-energy gamma-ray bursts

Hubble observes tiny galaxy with big heart

Cassini reveals new sculpting in Saturn rings

Life on Jupiter's moon Europa? Discovery of table salt on the surface boosts hopes

Researchers gathering clues to mysterious, gaping holes in Antarctic ice

Scientists find the weirdest magma on the planet below Bermuda

New discovery about origins of multi-celled animals

"Genes Out of Nothing"? Two Studies Demonstrate the Power of Mind

Politics versus science in attributing extreme weather events to manmade global warming

Planation surfaces below the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Four Geological Evidences for a Young Earth

25 Mysterious Facts about Ancient Cities

Ancient Stone Carvings Depict A Cataclysmic Impact Event

Holocene Climate & Bronze Age Warming

Catastrophist Video Channels

Hidden Chambers Filled with Sand + The Hill Under the Great Pyramid | Ancient Architects


Younger-Dryas Impact in BC Rockies Proposed -Cosmography101-17.3 w/ Randall Carlson (March '08)
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #200 on: June 22, 2019, 11:22:04 am »



Why is Project HAARP so controversial?

Russia's next-gen MiG-35 fighters superior to F-35, half the price

'Universal computer memory' with ultra-low energy consumption invented by scientist

Rooftop solar panels get boost from tool that previews a year on grid in minutes

Record efficiency for a gas engine

New strategy for stably storing hydrogen

Comcast remote lets people with physical disabilities control the TV with their eyes

Perovskite solar cells tested for real-world performance—in the lab


ALMA finds earliest example of merging galaxies

Closer look at supernova dust suggests there's more of it than previously assumed

Observations reveal gas stripping and enhanced star formation in the galaxy JO206

Astronomers make first detection of polarised radio waves in Gamma Ray Burst jets

Cool halo gas caught spinning like galactic disks

Poll: Asteroid watch more urgent than Mars trip

Massive brown dwarf detected by astronomers

Hubble captures elusive, irregular galaxy

What causes flashes on the moon?

NASA predicts weakest solar activity in last 200 years

Mars has a dust cycle just like Earth has a water cycle

Meteors help Martian clouds form

Scientists find sun's history buried in moon's crust

Astronomers see 'warm' glow of Uranus' rings

Earth is moving toward the same meteor swarm that scientists think caused the Tunguska explosion in 1908 [We do that twice a year, i.e. re the Taurids]

Is a long-dormant Russian volcano waking up?

Climate science’s ‘masking bias’ problem

Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning

Climate Science Week in review

Instead of inundation from rising seas, 12 of 15 Florida Bay islands GREW in size during 1953-2014. Zhai et al., 2019

The secret life of viruses: Communication, cooperation

'Cat-fox' identified as new species

Aquaterra: Rising seas swallowed countless archaeological sites now being refound

The first people to arrive in Australia came in a planned mass migration

Ancient High Technology in the Resonance Chambers of the Giza Plateau

Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology Around The World

Ancient Anomalies Academia Cannot Explain

Astonishing Ancient Enigmas


Hudson Bay Isostatic Rebound

Younger-Dryas Impact in BC Rockies Proposed

Ancients constructed an entire riverbed and connected it to Bosnian structures, creating a megastructure impermeable to erosion

Catastrophist Video Channels etc
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