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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 52015 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #180 on: February 17, 2019, 01:33:18 pm »



Breakthrough in photonics—data-transmitting light signal gets power boost from nanosized amplifier

Physicists take big step in nanolaser design

Aerial Cell Tower Successfully Tested in Southern N.H.

Using laser beams for communication and coordination of spacecraft swarms

Google Maps AR navigation will help city pedestrians

Wave device could deliver clean energy to thousands of homes

Study unfolds a new class of mechanical devices

Flexible, solar-powered supercapacitors could underpin new generation of wearable electronics

Global energy demand to soar one third by 2040

Shape-morphing joints allow these small robots to ace obstacles

First direct view of an electron's short, speedy trip across a border

Researchers examine puzzling sizes of extremely light calcium isotopes

How to move electrons with light

Hyperbolic metamaterials enable nanoscale 'fingerprinting'

Running an LED in reverse could cool future computers

Environmental noise found to enhance the transport of energy across a line of ions


A river of stars in the solar neighborhood

Flare 10 billion times more powerful than those on the sun

Giant flare detected on an L dwarf

Insulating crust kept cryomagma liquid for millions of years on nearby dwarf planet

NASA baffled by Ultima Thule, the most distant world ever visited

Possibility of recent underground volcanism on Mars

Spacecraft measurements reveal mechanism of solar wind heating

NASA heading back to Moon soon, and this time to stay

Muons reveal the whopping voltages inside a thunderstorm

1000+ scientists challenge Darwin's theory

Darwin Devolves

Why Darwin Is More Dangerous Than You Think

*NASA data shows world is literally greener than it was 20 years ago

Climate hypochondria and tribalism vs. ‘winning’

Sea level rise whiplash

Hydrogen peroxide may have played critical role in origin of life

Can DNA be hacked? Yep!

NASA finds possible second impact crater under Greenland ice

Mountains buried 400 miles underground 'could be bigger than Everest'

Megaliths in Europe can be traced back to a single hunter-gatherer culture that started nearly 7000 years ago

A concise but comprehensive bibliography of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

*Ghost Carolina Bays | Antonio Zamora
This nearly 5-month old video says that, besides the still visible Carolina Bays, there are many ghost bays in the area, almost invisible now. Quote: "In this image we can see the [hurricane flood] water flowing over the landscape. Many such floods must have occurred during the 13 millennia since the formation of the bays, and it is amazing that these sandy structures have endured for so long." Since there are many other indications of major cataclysms about 5,000 years ago and of inaccurate dates assigned to many ancient phenomena, it's very possible that the Younger Dryas impact that formed the bays and other things occurred about 5,000 years ago as well. So the endurance of the sandy ghost bays would be much less amazing and more to be expected in that case.

Books about the Carolina Bays | Antonio Zamora

The Younger Dryas cooling event -- Why 1300 years? | Antonio Zamora

NASA Discovers Second Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice Sheet

The Mystery of Bent Pyramid of Egypt - Part 1 | Ancient Architects

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #181 on: February 23, 2019, 03:04:08 pm »



Robots track moving objects using RFID tags

New residential solar panels deliver record-breaking efficiency

Fibers from old tires can improve fire resistance of concrete

Expanding the use of silicon in batteries, by preventing electrodes from expanding

Finding keyholes [flaws] in metals 3-D printing

Physicists explain fireballs erupting from grapes in microwave oven

New imaging technology captures movement of quantum particles with unprecedented resolution

Researchers find an unusual way in which a material conducts heat when it is compressed

Single-laser techniques make reproducible artwork on metal without dye or paint

Physicists 'flash-freeze' crystal of 150 ions

Possible to create excellent thermal insulators which conduct electricity

Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids

Physicists calculate proton's pressure distribution for first time

New fabrics grown in fermenting tanks could stop tiny plastic fibres polluting the world's oceans

Exotic spiraling electrons discovered


Confirming a source of the process behind auroras and the formation of stars

New map of the Universe

Ghostly planetary nebula glows in stunning new VLT image

Cosmic dust forms in supernovae blasts

LMC S154 is a symbiotic recurrent nova, study suggests

SolSys: New Horizons spacecraft returns its sharpest views of Ultima Thule

Sun: High-energy X-ray bursts from low-energy plasma

New 'shape' for coronal mass ejections revealed

LOFAR radio telescope reveals secrets of solar storms

Solar tadpole-like jets seen with NASA'S IRIS add new clue to age-old mystery

Mars: After a reset, Сuriosity is operating normally

Earth: 20-year-old SOHO data suggests Earth's atmosphere stretches out beyond the MOON

Entirely new form of communication observed in the brain: non-linear information transfer via self-propagating electric fields

Grasses are 'stealing' genes from neighbors, apparently

A T. rex Swimming with Sharks?

Floating forest hypothesis fails to explain later and larger coal beds

Pluto: another young planet

Boulders moved over 500km


*Geology and the Biblical Flood

Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years

The Secret Pattern That Connects ALL the Great Ancient Megalithic Sites of Antiquity

New Ancient Megaliths Documentary 2019 [Ancient Architects recently showed that strong acids were used to shape smoothly fitting stones]

The Excavator Machines of Ancient Etruria - part 1 of the 2018 Italy Expedition

Secret Ancient technology 2000 Years ago

Advanced Ancient Technology That Modern Science Still Can’t Replicate

8 Artifacts Proving ADVANCED Ancient Civilizations Existed

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #182 on: March 02, 2019, 02:05:34 pm »



Utilities are starting to invest in big batteries instead of building new power plants

High-powered fuel cell boosts electric-powered submersibles & drones

Business analysts suggest that renewable hydrogen is already cost competitive in niche applications

Signals from distant lightning could help secure electric substations

Fast, flexible ionic transistors for bioelectronic devices

How machine learning can boost the value of wind power

Engineers' printed transistor unlocks potential for portable real-time sensing

Researchers create fireproof, self powered sensor

Emotive, life-like digital human beings

When a superconductor truly becomes super

Electrically-heated silicate glass appears to defy Joule's first law

Exotic 'topological' materials are surprisingly common

Scientists measure exact edge between superconducting and magnetic states

Putting photons in jail

New form of self-healing material discovered

Physicists may have solved a 35 year old quantum mystery [if they'd stop imagining quarks exist]

Human super-vision using nanoparticles maybe an option soon

DIY Soda-Lime Glass


Simultaneous X-ray and infrared observations of the galactic center

Astronomers investigate extreme variability of the 'Big Dipper' active galactic nucleus

Anemic galaxy reveals deficiencies in ultra-diffuse galaxy formation theory

High-resolution observations uncover detailed structure of blazar's jet

Stellar wind of old stars reveals existence of a partner

Astronomers have unveiled the enigmatic origins of two different gas streams from a baby star

Silicon carbide 'stardust' in meteorites leads to understanding of erupting stars

Our Sun's 'near miss' with Scholz's star [in ancient times]

Mars had a 'planet-wide groundwater system'

New map reveals geology and history of Pluto's moon Charon

More support for Planet Nine

New Horizons research indicates small Kuiper Belt objects are surprisingly rare

Cluster spacecraft reveals inner workings of earth's cosmic particle accelerator

The unsolved mystery of the Earth blobs

NASA study reproduces origins of life on ocean floor

*Sumerian & Occam are the same language

The skeleton of Dushan 1 offers new perspectives on the settlement of Homo sapiens in China

Siberia’s ancient ghost clan starts to surrender its secrets

Humans Made Tools Atop the Tibetan Plateau More than 30,000 Years Ago

Australian Aboriginal link to Göbekli Tepe?

Climate Etc: Week in review – science edition

“Dragon glass” in the territories of present-day Poland was already known over 20 thousand years ago

Mini-tornadoes of spores illuminated during raindrop impact

How our tissues manage mechanical stress

Researchers discover every species has backup plans in network of protein interactions

Re YDI, Vance Holliday disguises rant as lecture

Ancient tree and plant parts found in Greenland's youthful Hiawatha Crater

Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History - Brien Foerster

Extraterrestrial Impact Evidence - Antonio Zamora

World Events Academia Cannot Explain - Mystery History

The Blazing Electric Skies of Our Ancestors (Well Documented EU Discussion)

The Secret Pattern That Connects ALL the Great Ancient Megalithic Sites of Antiquity

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #183 on: March 10, 2019, 08:11:09 am »



Lasers to be used against mini-drones in future claims military expert

Bacteria that 'eat and breathe' electricity in Yellowstone

Unprecedented images of supersonic shockwaves captured by NASA

Researchers turn liquid metal into a plasma

Volvo unveils driverless electric bus in Singapore

Engineers develop inexpensive, smart stop sign to improve driver safety

Improving solar cell efficiency with a bucket of water

Ultra-low power chips help make small robots more capable

World's first graffiti-busting laser helps Florence's 'Angels'

Assembly in the air: Using sound to defy gravity

New shapes of laser beam 'sneak' through opaque media

One device, many frequencies: Researchers create a unique, tiny resonator

More evidence of sound waves carrying mass

Controlling light with vibrating nanoparticles

Controlling pressure-driven ionic flow by voltage at molecular scale

Researchers develop 'acoustic metamaterial' that cancels sound

New photography approach gives traditional cameras ultra-high imaging speeds

Breakthrough could enable cheaper infrared cameras


Researchers detect giant cosmic bubbles emitting shockwaves through galaxy

Galactic wind provides clues to evolution of galaxies

Physicists analyze rotational dynamics of galaxies and influence of the photon mass

Millisecond pulsar PSR J0740+6620 has a white dwarf companion with helium atmosphere, study suggests

Hubble and Gaia accurately weigh the Milky Way

Stars exploding as supernovae lose their mass to companion stars during their lives

Asteroid much harder to destroy than previously thought

New insights into coronal mass ejections

Juno and Cassini missions bring new surprises from Jupiter and Saturn

Scientists puzzled as atmospheric methane levels continue increasing

Climate Etc Week in review

Lessons from polar bear studies on how Darwinism devolves

Another Huge Advance Against Darwinism and for Intelligent Design

"Wireless" brain communication discovered by neurologists

Why Are There So Many Marsupials in Australia? The oldest known marsupials are actually from North America

Land plants escaped the mass extinction 251 million years ago

6th mass extinction and the 'Shiva hypothesis'

Two previously unknown massive impact craters discovered in Oz & CenAm

Is this the oldest Stone Mason work in the world? [Dating methods are inaccurate]

Would dinosaurs have died without an asteroid strike?

Scientific Evidence that the Puma Punku H-Blocks Are Artificial Geopolymer | Ancient Architects

Millions of Years: The Idea's Unscientific Origin & Catastrophic Consequences

Bosnian Pyramids Documentary 2019 Archaeology's Most Controversial Discovery - ZEG TV

High Tech Devices in Ancient Times, such as Electricity, Heavy Machinery and Flight - ZEG TV

New Lost Civilizations Documentary 2019 Cities Beneath the Jungles, Deserts and Seas - Disclosed TruthTV

THE SKY IS FALLING?! Explaining an Ancient Catastrophe? (Bonus: Vortex Opening!?)

Gorge ‘looks thousands of years old’, but created in months

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #184 on: March 16, 2019, 10:27:55 pm »



Robot 3-D prints replacement bracket on headlamp

Light from an exotic crystal semiconductor could lead to better solar cells

Movie technology inspires wearable liquid unit that aims to harvest energy

Researchers discover the key to safer batteries lies on the surface

How to train your robot (to feed you dinner)

Powering devices — with a desk lamp?

Cities of the future could be built by robots mimicking nature

Giving drones better feet so they can 'rest' atop nearby structures

Clock that could replace GPS and Galileo

New light-activated micro pump

New insights into plasma behavior focus on twists and turns

Virtual time-lapse photos can capture ultrafast phenomena with any camera

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

Wind turbines provide ZERO global energy


New 3-D map will help solve long-standing cosmic mysteries

Massive twin star discovered snuggling close to its stellar sibling in its cradle

Insights about the nature of the ultraviolet-bright star Barnard 29

Astronomers detect X-ray emitting clumps ejected from the binary PSR ...

Massive hyper-runaway star ejected from the Milky Way Disk

ALMA observes the formation sites of solar-system-like planets

A recently reactivated radio magnetar

A NASA spacecraft may have explored the edges of an early Mars sea in 1997

'Radiance Light Trends' shows changes in Earth's light emissions

Dust ring discovered in Mercury's orbit

Several dust rings circle the Sun, tracing the orbits of planets

Volcano in Iceland Is one of the largest sources of volcanic CO2, 'rarely included in calculations'

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #351

What the world's oldest eggs are revealing about dinosaur evolution

Researchers 'surprised' to find viruses evolve by... devolving!

YDB team publishes evidence from Chile for global climate cataclysm

*Continental margins formed rapidly during Flood runoff

Does the Toast Model Explain Fossil Protein Persistence?

Top 10 Ancient Cave Paintings That Shocked The World

Compilation of Impossible Ancient Artifacts - Mystery History

Are There Ancient Ruins On Mars? - Mystery History

William Armand Sosa - The Dendera Light (of ancient Egypt) and The Electric Universe

Cities Beneath the Jungles, Deserts and Seas - Disclosed TruthTV

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