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Author Topic: WSJ editorial on New Hampshire political scene  (Read 7804 times)

John Edward Mercier

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Re: WSJ editorial on New Hampshire political scene
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2011, 10:37:37 pm »

If unions are so bad (and they are), then the businesses that don't have compulsory union membership will do better than the ones that don't.  Simple.
Not that simple. What about the businesses that get blocked from government contracts for not being union? A bigger and bigger segment of our economy is government driven even though its officially "private sector".   But try being a non-union affiliiated business associated with construction, building and design and getting a contract from a public entity in Massachusetts.  Its one of the biggest rackets going cloaked under sentimental rhetoric of the "plight of the working man". Do you know how many fat, lazy rich union members made millions, or close to it, off the Big Dig. If you weren't union you could hardly get near that 10+ year boondoogle which was nothing but a giant lottery for Boston unions. All those "working men" have houses in the city, condos and Florida, 40K cars and retirments beyond the average person's imaginations.

By the way, while you were struggling and working, your taxes paid for that. It was funded by both state and federal money, so some sucker in rural South Dakota paid for that bloated piece of crap courtesy of union and Democratic machines.

Which is unrelated to the original topic.

But maybe the folks who are pushing for anti-liberty RTW laws, should instead be pushing for pro-liberty laws that prevent governments from favoring unions, eh?


People object but never answer the questions. RTW is state controlled. Labor law isn't. It's Fed controlled. So what your saying is ---- never mind FSP or local activism, stay home and fight the feds from your hometown and  bedroom, while "libertarians" make it harder for transplants and people who want to work under their own accord to find jobs in NH. Why move to NH for that.?

Brilliant. But its good in "theory".

And for the record, yes, I was corporate counel for two fortune one hundred companies... after I was a commercial fisherman like both my older brothers and my father.
The permutation of leftist rheortic in all corners of society amazes me.
The Feds don't control labor law... not in any constitutional sense anyways.
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