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Author Topic: The FEB 2011 edition of is up!  (Read 1232 times)


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The FEB 2011 edition of is up!
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:35:13 pm »

Check it out, and feel free to leave comments and feedback for the authors:

Also, there is a FaceBook group, where one can get updates and news on the site and the authors:!/home.php?sk=group_124479794291420&ap=1

One of the previous authors is Darren Tapp, this time submitting a poem. Not that I know poetry (at all), but it seemed kind of cool...powerful...something like that. You'll find this and so much more on the site.  Here it is, for your perusal:

"I'll Take Your Tears"

I expressed joy.
You treated this as vain.
I wanted to stay.
You were never sure.
I wanted more.
You never said so.

I was direct.
You were behind a screen.
I was worried about next year.
You never spoke up.
You treated me the same.
I treated you special.
You never noticed,
until I stopped.

You said slow down back up.
You said speed up, undo.
All I could think of was a trap,
that I sprang twice, and I would not redo.

You lay on your bed, after we looked at my rose.
Your eyes closed, as if you were waiting.
For what, I'll never know.
I did think that it was the right time for a kiss,
but with all trouble words caused,
I didn't want the trouble of your lips.

You took up a lot of time,
more time than just a friend.
Of course, I wasn't happy,
but I couldn't bring myself to end,
the friendship that you wanted,
and I accepted without much thought.

I expected friendship would be less demanding,
We'd see each other now and then.
I accepted because I thought it was closer to what I wanted,
but felt empty in the end.
A void that I had to fill,
Since your words I could not trust,
and not enough hugs, and no lust,
I took your tears, to calm my fears.

Your tears meant you cared.
Your tears were all you would share.
Your tears made me important,
when your words were impotent
Your tears literally made me smile,
after I had been though this for a while.

My smile was because there was an end,
a chance to be free and love again.
I didn't care what it was but I wanted out.
You really cared, but couldn't say.
It was always going to be that way.
I'll take your tears, and I'll leave,
with the intention of bringing both minds relief.

(See this and others at 
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