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Author Topic: Gas Price rankings  (Read 3905 times)


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Gas Price rankings
« on: July 04, 2003, 06:47:06 pm »

Average gas price rankings.

National Average



State comparisons


1. Delaware - 1.459
2. Maine - 1.463
3. New Hamp. - 1.481
4. Wyoming - 1.483
5. Vermont - 1.484
6. S. Dakota - 1.515
7. N. Dakota - 1.546
8. Idaho - 1.586
9. Montana - 1.639
10. Alaska - 1.761
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Re:Gas Price rankings
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2003, 10:51:32 pm »

Gas prices can be pretty complicated things,  I listened to an oil company rep. explain it on the radio.  Within states, there are regional selling groups that somehow help determine the rate within a region by indirectly participating in the futures market by bidding on options, then there are different rules decided by other regions as to what kind of fuel is required to be refined for local use out of dozens of different actual grade mixes, and of course, the federal octopus has its tentacles in the whole process...  Just to demonstrate, the second week of January, 2002 in Fresno, California; the lowest gas price in the country was found here, something like 98¢/gal. while L.A. was at something like $1.35, no sign of cheap prices now, it was at $1.87 today.

I would imagine that Delaware will continue to be one of the lowest-costing gasoline states among our states because of the abundant refineries located there, while Alaska's average will remain one of the highest because of transportation costs driving up the price in outlying areas around the state.

What would be even more interesting would be to bring out those state gas tax rates already discussed around here, which I seem to recall some Western state having the lowest.

Another thought would be to compare different grades of gasoline used and required among the states.  Hint: mountainous areas require lower octane (cheaper) while lower valleys require higher octane for proper efficiency.
It would also be interesting to see in which states the EPA requires ethanol and other oxygenates and at what times of the year and at what percentages.

...don't look at me, I've got a state statistical report I'm supposed to be writing  ;)

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Re:Gas Price rankings
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2003, 02:49:22 am »

In Anchorage muni you can get gas from 145.9 to 179.9. ANd it pretty much stays at 179.9 out in the little towns too.
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