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Author Topic: County Owned Dairy Farms in New Hampshire  (Read 5873 times)


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County Owned Dairy Farms in New Hampshire
« on: December 16, 2010, 04:58:57 pm »

There was an article in the Union Leader today about a vote to close the Coos county owned dairy farm.  The farm lost $200,000 of tax payer money last year.

There are only two remaining county owned dairy farms in New Hampshire.  They are in Grafton county and Cheshire county.  I know there's a large number of Freestaters in both of those counties.  Perhaps, some of you would be willing to attempt to get your local county government out of the dairy business?

If the Coos county farm is losing that much money, I would be surprised if the other county farms are profitable.  If they are also losing huge amounts of money, a little light research (maybe a few phone calls) should uncover the financial details on these farms.  Then, a well crafted letter to the editor send to a few papers in the counties should hopefully be enough to shut them down.  The sale of the Coos county dairy farm, at 500+ acres, along with the end of $200,000 year losses should be significant enough to impact future property tax rates in the county.

I think we can all agree that un-profitable tax payer funded dairy farming is not something New Hampshire should be doing.

Link for reference:

      - anon
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