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Author Topic: Keene Housing available  (Read 3803 times)


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Keene Housing available
« on: December 02, 2010, 05:22:39 pm »

3 BR, 2 bath house on Washington St, Keene for rent, $1,000/mo + utilities.  PM me.


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Re: Keene Housing available
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2013, 10:25:18 pm »

Not sure how to PM on here, but i would definitely be interested!


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Re: Keene Housing available
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2013, 05:32:57 am »

The post was from 2010 and the person closed the account (likely because the person was just a spammer). If someone isn't currently living there, the place might be open but you cannot on tact the person is this forum. The price sounds like a good deal as it it a home with 2 bedrooms for the usual price of a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Keene. Although prices vary.  I remember seeing a 3 bedroom apartment for under $900 a couple years ago NDAA I've seen some 3 bedroom apartments for $1200. I've also seen 3 bedrooms for under or over $1000 in Manchester. For example,
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