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Author Topic: Any Homeschoolers in the Concord Area?  (Read 5256 times)


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Any Homeschoolers in the Concord Area?
« on: September 09, 2010, 01:58:51 pm »

Wondering if there are any homeschoolers or homeschooling groups that meet up in the Concord area?

We used to be a part of a few groups in MI that got together for various events and activities. One group held it's own Art Fair, History Fair and Science Fair each year and even put on a few concerts when there were enough kids in the group that played instruments or sang (choir style). We did plays when there was interest too. Another group got together for field trips to take advantage of group discounts at museums, science centers, etc. Another group rotated carpooling the kids to martial arts, sports or dance classes. (Depended on whether or not enough kids were taking the same classes or at least going to the same building.) Another group met twice a month for PE at the YMCA. (basketball, swimming, weights, aerobics, etc.)

Just curious if there were groups like these in the area or if there is an interest in forming a group.

Also, is there anyone else in the area registered for or is going to register for the National Mythology Exam or the Exploratory Latin Exam? I am registering my daughter for the Mythology Exam by 9/17/2010 and am willing to share study materials and/or split the cost of materials - CD version where available. I am looking to administer the exam either 2/25/2011 or 3/4/2011. If anyone is interested in making it a group project, please let me know before next Friday so I know how many to register. has all the details and costs.  Or email me for more information.



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Re: Any Homeschoolers in the Concord Area?
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 02:23:21 pm »

I was looking for this thread too, maybe someone knows about it...


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Re: Any Homeschoolers in the Concord Area?
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2010, 05:10:48 pm »

From the NHHC site

Concord Catholic Homeschoolers. We are a group of Catholic Home Schooling families who live in the Concord area. This group is for the purpose of supporting eachother in our home schooling endeavor, thru monthly meetings, field trips, Mass, and the like. We have a yahoo group: ConcordCHS . For more information, contact Mary Hope Rennie at or go directly to to join.

Concord Homeschool Group - inclusive homeschool support group for anyone interested in or currently homeschooling Contact Teresa Downey at 435-9981, for information.

Home Schooled Teens Together is a group that focuses on fun social experiences for our home schooled teens, and support for their parents. We have over 60 teens in our club and a portion of them meet one evening a month for an outing of some kind, in the Concord area. Examples are nighttime capture the flag, board game marathon, Christmas Party, Beach Party, and much more. For more info please contact Cheryl & Lauren at
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