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Author Topic: Paul Craig Roberts: St. Paul FBI Raids Are Illegal Fishing Expeditions  (Read 1043 times)


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Former Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts, on Friday's FBI raids under the guise of fighting terrorism, says that this is the tipping point, speak now or forever hold your peace. Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and is an editor of the Wall Street Journal and Business Week. He hints that the true target down the road is 911 Truth.

Robert writes:

Almost every Republican and conservative and, indeed, the majority of Americans will fall for this, only to find, later, that it is subversive to complain that their Social Security was cut in the interest of the war against Iran or some other demonized entity, or that they couldn’t have a Medicare operation because the wars in Central Asia and South America required the money.

In other words, the military-industrial complex, which has cost the average American family an additional $30,000 to $40,000 in debt to China for its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be able to silence any quarrel with how that money is being spent at the point of a gun now.

If you don't think Halliburton should have that money, you had better keep your mouth shut. (Economist Joe Stiglitz, "The $3 Trillion War.")

Throwing the notion of probable cause out the window, the FBI confirmed that it conducted a number of raids against the homes of antiwar activists in Illinois, Minneapolis, Michigan, and North Carolina, claiming that they are "seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism."

In the absence of probable cause, that is admitting to a crime: an illegal search amounting to what the law calls "fishing expeditions". In order to "seek" evidence, you have to have evidence in the first place. Roberts says:

Under the practices put in place by the Bush and Obama regimes, and approved by corrupt federal judges, protesters who have been compromised by fake terrorist groups can be declared “enemy combatants” and sent off to Egypt, Poland, or some other corrupt American puppet state...

But we have seen that through the application of Special Administrative Measures they can keep you in solitary for a few years before your trial and destroy your mind. They don't need to ship you to Egypt. They can torture you right here.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution (the Bill of Rights) states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause..."

"Probable cause" means probable cause of a crime having been committed. Marijuana smoke wafting out your car's window in a parking lot is probable cause for a cop to search it. A bank robber saying you can find the guns in my robbery partner's bedroom closet is probable cause for a search. The idea of probable cause and its explicit detailing occupies shelves and shelves of law books and court cases, and is the subject of law classes all by itself. In the present predicament, all this has been chucked out the window and the "cause" taken to mean the one thing it cannot mean in America: what you think.

Roberts says:

"Anti-war activist Mick Kelly whose home was raided, sees the FBI raids as harassment to intimidate those who organize war protests. I wonder if Kelly is under-estimating the threat. The FBI’s own words clearly indicate that the federal police agency and the judges who signed the warrants do not regard antiwar protesters as Americans exercising their Constitutional rights, but as unpatriotic elements offering material support to terrorism.

    “Material support” is another of those undefined police state terms. In this context the term means that Americans who fail to believe their government’s lies and instead protest its policies, are supporting their government’s declared enemies and, thus, are not exercising their civil liberties but committing treason."

Roberts opines that this is a trial balloon:

As this initial FBI foray is a softening up move to get the public accustomed to the idea that the real terrorists are their fellow citizens here at home, Kelly will get off this time. But next time the FBI will find emails on his computer from a “terrorist group” set up by the CIA that will incriminate him.

Every congressman who does not stand up on the House floor in defense of your rights is participating in a treasonous overthrow of a basic part of the Constitution. Roberts sounds uncharacteristically curmudgeonly and pessimistic in his article, saying for the first time I have heard, that Americans are "too gullible, too uneducated, and too jingoistic to remain a free people."

Video of FBI raid:

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