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Author Topic: "Peace Plate" of Food, Available Soon  (Read 1390 times)


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"Peace Plate" of Food, Available Soon
« on: September 14, 2010, 09:52:21 am »

Peace Plate
(Plate 4 Peace)

Don't like to cook?  Then this is Select Plate of Food, featuring delicious fantastic foods, all prepared and donated by other extreme Liberty Lovers, will soon be available on a weekly basis, may be just up your alley!

Cost to be around $10 (suggested donation).

To be produced on a weekly basis, with pre order by Thurs. AM  and/ PU Fridays in Manchester (or delivery via the
PeaceXpress, an unnoficial network of friends traveling by friends).

100% Voluntarily supported with a % going towards the support of more Peace.

Here's how the First Peace Plate is looking so far (and of course we are always looking for new items for variety so if you'd like to be on the plate sometime, please let us know!)

Peace Plate

*Deviled Eggs                                           (K's)
*Potato Salad                                           (B's)
*Humus /w dipping bread                           (M's)
*Pulled Pork                                              (T's)
*Pasta Salad                                             (L's)
*Pizza Slices                                              (L's)
*Spinach n Cheese snack                           (C's)
*Rice Krispie Treat w/ Chocolate Icing           (J's)
*Brownie (Sugar Free)                               (M's)

Still hammering out details but just wanted to get the word out so we can begin to get more items for future plates.

*If you're interested in being on the Peace Plate, what we need to know is how much of a suggested donation you would need for your item and course details about it!

Thanks and Peace!
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